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  1. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    Ok so we will go in on Wed to get the rest of her stitches out!!!! Yay!!! Things look ok to me after the week of Neosporin, I do see a little goo coming out of a couple stitches still. Hopefully it's all ok.
  2. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    Well we went in to get stitches out this morning and they took half of them out but left the bottom half in because they said it didn't look good? I couldn't see anything, but I guess when they started taking them out there was some goo... So we are to put Neosporin on it for a week and then go back again. Otherwise, she is ok!!!
  3. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    Yay!!!! It worked, thank you Dawn!!! Here is my sweet girl!!! Right after surgery and then a few days later looking much better. She is doing very well.....we get her stitches out Wed!!!! She's already jumping on the bed (just not off yet) and back to her sweet self!! Thanks to IMOM!!!!
  4. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    Thank you Dawn....here I go....hopefully the pics will post this time!!
  5. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    Ok Snoball is doing great, but I can't get my pics to post for you all to see her.....I don't have a smart phone but my son in law took pics and emailed them to me. I saved them....now I can't get them to copy here???? Can anyone tell me how to do it?
  6. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    Update on Snoball....I know IMOM is really busy right now....all the angels are working hard for those babies on the PIN. Just to let you all know though....another good day with Snoball....she's recovering well!! Thank you so much for helping me save her.
  7. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    Just wanted to update real quick on my sweet girl.....she's coming along well. No problems today....I didn't even give her any pain meds. Dr. Joyner did leave me a message though letting us know the tumor results came back as positive for cancer. But it's a kind that usually doesn't metastasize and if you get it all the first time doesn't usually return. Our thoughts and prayers are with FriskyOlives mama in this hard time. wish I could give in her memory but I am trying to recover right now. I will definitely be giving back as soon as I can.
  8. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    Just a quick update on Snoball, as I know all our thoughts and prayers are with FriskyOlive right now. She had some pain last night so I called the vet and they let us pick up some pain meds!! (resting quietly and comfortably now) even though she's not quite herself when on it. Everything going well as of now.
  9. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    Ok, ended up taking her to the vet tonight. I emailed them pictures of her coloring to them and they said bring her in for a quick check at no charge...thank God. I am 45 minutes away so it really wasn't a quick check....and then on the way she had 2 accidents in the carrier, ugh. I was so afraid she was going to get yuck all over her incision. Then when I got there they took her back and we waited for almost 2 hours as we watched emergency after emergency come in...a total of 5.....my daughter and I were in tears....none of them made it home...... It was finally our turn and the tech came out and said everything is fine....the bruising just looks like bleeding!! So relieved .....whew...
  10. Frisky: a cat with severe dental disease

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you, so very sorry you both have to go through this. Frisky is very lucky to have you.
  11. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    No other changes....she's eating, drinking, purring, wants constant love and attention. Doesn't seem to be uncomfortable at all.
  12. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    UPDATE ON SNOBALL.....I am so worried....had to call the vet this morning because she has dark red spreading under her skin around the incision....it looks like blood to me, but no puffiness.....vet tech said we have to bring her back in tomorrow so they can check it. They said it should be going from dark color to lighter colors not the opposite like it is. I'm praying she's ok....
  13. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    Update on Snoball.....she's recovering well....she is unable to jump on or off the bed just yet (and shouldn't with the stitches)but she came flying out of her make shift quilt bed on the floor and took a jump up to the bed and didn't make it... so I took the bed frame off and put the mattresses on the floor so in case she tried it again when I wasn't looking she wouldn't have to far to fall. I also put her quilt in a large doggie kennel so when I have to leave she won't be getting hurt. She seems fine with all of this now.... She still doesn't seem completely herself yet....Dr. Joyner said the "pink cloud" would last about 3 days. But she's purring just as loud as ever again and happy to be home with me. I'm so greatful to all of you angels who helped me....I will forever be supporting IMOM as soon as I recover from all of this. (I will put pictures up as soon as I can figure out how to do it...) Also.....she uses the litter box fine....but hasn't had a bowel movement since she's been home...should I be worried or just wait a bit longer? (she's eaten quite a bit)
  14. Snoball Williams - needs leg amputation!

    SHE'S HOME! whew, sigh of relief! She's still in her "pink cloud" somewhat...but she ate and used her litter box already!!! no problems accept a weird look when she couldn't figure out how to cover it up....so we just did it for her..lol and she won't let me leave her side either, but that's ok. Love my sweet girl so much!
  15. Oh and by the way Snoball says JOEY, WELCOME TO THE AFR side!!!! Those rainbows will just have to wait!!!! Isn't IMOM the best!!!!