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  1. Thank you everyone for the kind words!! It has been two weeks since I made that decision and it still feels like yesterday... I don't cry as much but my heart hurts.. I still sleep with his blanket.. Every night before I go to sleep I will say come on Chubbles come sleep with me here is your blanket. I ask my little cat Teeka where Chubbles is and sometimes she will look in a direction and stare.. makes me wonder does she see his spirit. I have had 3 things happen that makes me know he is ok or near us... I can swear up and down and all around that I saw his beautiful white fur out of the corner of my eye one night.. I looked and it was gone.. Keep in mind our other kitties are all dark colored other than their bellies or middle parts. Another night after calling out Chubbles come lay down I swear I felt pressure on my arm like he would do to wake me up to feed him.. that made me cry.. Just a couple of nights ago I had drifted off to sleep and clear as day I saw him walking around my sons bed like he did his tail down prancing.. I literally jumped out of that dream and looked for him but it dawned on me.. he is gone... :( I completed his memorial which was quite therapeutic to work on... It's a wooden plaque with the word Love on the top, a wooden kitty cut out that is almost painted like him, his paw print from the vet (which I painted pink and black like his little paws), his name and date we took him in and the date we put him down on it. I painted the plaque the closest color I could get to his eyes.. He had beautiful eyes. I miss looking into them. I also painted a wooden box with a heart cut out for his picture the same color and a deep red.. for the heart. I see it everyday and touch his little paw print when I feed our betta. Everyday it gets a little easier but I never go a day with out singing his song and thinking of him. I miss his stares with I would be petting him then tickle his "Pants" or the back of his legs.. they were more chaps than pants but I called them his Old man pants. I miss running my fingers down his spine and watching him curl into a ball and hear his loud purr. I miss hugging him when he jumped up on the counter and kissing his head and cheek when I was giving him medicine telling him I was sorry I was torturing him. As much as I miss him ... I am happier he doesn't hurt anymore. I know he is much happier as well. I just wanted to give you an update on our healing and again thank IMOMers and the angels for pulling for our sweet boy!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
  2. Its not the same without him. I have had a very hard time and have taken to sleeping A LOT to get thru the pain. Jamie said why he was put down. I went into my detail on my facebook post.. Just like all the IMOM'ers and IMOM Angels I had a lot of people pulling for him there too. This will be a long post.. but if your willing to read and probably cry too.. have at it. ****Fair warning.. Long message and you might need tissues!!!!**** I feel like my heart has been ripped from my chest. It is so hard looking around the house and seeing Chubbles everywhere.. Erasing his likes and don't likes in cat food. Tossing his meds and preparing to clean up things. I keep his blanket near me in hopes his spirit rests there upon it. Before we went to the vet yesterday morning I had brushed his beautiful fur and told him he needed to look handsome for Dr. Barh. When I found the brush I burst into tears because his fur was still in it... The girls even mourn him. Willow has been extremely loving and mopey. Sapphire keeps checking the carrier like she is hoping he will magically appear. Teeka keeps sniffing my arms and hands I think she smells the death on me and runs.. I find this all funny as they rarely paid him much attention but shows me they loved him too. I miss his purrs at the slightest touch and his polite meows for his food. Feeding the girls dinner was real hard as this was the first time food without him... I have gone thru the emotions and still going through them. Wishing I had known that it was going to be his final day. He would have gotten the world. But I knew If I brought him home for the weekend I never would of took him back in again. When I took him to the vet we were to do a work up and get him ready for a Radioactive Iodine Treatment for his Thyroid. I didn't want to release this information till it was 100 percent in the works. We were about 50 percent there. Dr. Barh was looking him over. Checked his ears and found them to be black and waxy she mentioned possible ear mites.. She cleaned his ears (we had been thru this before) then she checked his mouth. I know I have told you that he had stage 4 periodontal disease it had skyrocketed. His teeth were beyond repair pretty much. She said the reason that he didn't eat was because of this mouth. His teeth were all yellow and black streaked his gums blood red and she laid the options out for me where he was concerned. We could do the blood work and all that needed to be done do the iodine treatment and wait the month out and go in and fix his mouth. She said the treatment would slow him down so he isn't so racy and hungry all the time.. But it wouldn't help him eat. Chances are when they did get to his mouth most if not all of his teeth would be pulled. I tried my best to make a go out of it.. Even if that happened or didn't happen if I kept him on soft food like I have been would it help. I was met with a not really.. Even the pain meds he was on probably wasn't covering the pain fully. I honestly cannot remember what her 2nd suggestion was but I do believe it was do the treatment and just let him live it out. Or the 3rd one.. one that I dreaded. I still question did I make the right decision. 7 months this baby made us smile and laugh.. 7 months He amazed me in the littlest ways and fought hard to stay with us. I kept saying when he was ready he would let us know. I think he did I just didn't see it.. For days he had been sleeping under Christopher's bed which folds up and I made him a tent with a flap from a sheet to close it up. I fed, watered, and loved him from that tent. Wendsday was different. He came out from hiding. He stayed out most of the day. We had a huge love session and he even laid down with me on the bed till I fell asleep and he got down. I combed his fur out and talked to him. I didn't think anything of it till that faithful moment. Dr. Barh was great she explained how things worked. I chose to stay thru it all. He was given the sudation shot and put down on the floor for it to work he ran under the chair and hid. I was on the floor with him and I watched as it started to work,. I had my hand under his chin and held his head as it got heavier and eventually limp. (I honestly do not remember what all I said to him.)That was when I got him out from under the chair and held him like a baby and rocked him. Telling him I was so sorry and I loved him. I told Dr. Barh to come in and I kissed him thru the whole thing my fingers on his fast beating heart and I felt it slowly start to slow down and then went to nothing. It was very peaceful. No tremor, no noise, no nothing. Then when she listened to him I finished her sentence. He's gone... She said the same thing everyone else has.. I made the right decision he is in a better place. My head knows it, my gut knows it.. but someone needs to explain it to my heart. I feel like I gave up on this kitty who fought so hard to stay with us. I felt like he was made to come to us. I just only hope he will know I didn't give up on him. I wanted him to live without the pain and eat all the fish and chicken he could. I was so hoping before he did die he would get to feel good for a while. I wanted at least a year with him AT LEAST!! They say God takes back the good ones. I believe this was the case. As much as I love the girls and you all know I do.. He was an awesome cat. A gentleman cat. I will dearly miss his purrs and polite meows. His noises he made in the car when going somewhere.. He will never be forgotten. He was an angel sent to us in a time of need and we did the best we could. So there you have it. Why I made this horrible but peaceful call. All because some one who owned him before couldn't get him the treatment he needed or even checked for help. Instead toss the baby out and leave him to die! Time heals wounds but like the wound for Zoey, it will never fully heal. He will always be standing on my heart the place he wormed his way into and made it grow daily. REST IN PEACE HANDSOME BOY!! I love and miss you dearly!!! Dec. 17th 2013 (when we got him don't know actual Birth date!) - July 31 2014 Then this morning I did this one: Last night I Prayed for God to give me a sign I did the right thing. To ease my pain a bit. When I Laid down and snuggled with Chubbles blanket. I got the faintest whiff of his breath (its not a great smell) When I tried to find it again I couldn't it. I didn't want to fall asleep with that near my face or nose. His blanket had just recently been washed it still smells of bleach and softener. I fell asleep crying into it. When I woke up my 5th or so time I sat up and said.. He hurts no more.. He is eating like he should. He is healthy fat not skin and bones, he is playing now, he is running and jumping sideways like he did. He no longer hides from everyone, he is happy now. The vet as much as I love them wasn't going to hurt him with needles and things they did and I wouldn't torture him with pain meds or steroids or flea medications! Even though it still hurts like hell I feel a little stronger. Not anything much to jump for joy at though. I will probably still sleep a lot. I will probaly still cry a lot. No telling when I will release his blanket from my hold. I miss his little noises when you touched him and the loud purrs. I wish now I had recorded him more. But everything plays in my mind over and over of the times with him. I feel like I am erasing him out of our lives by putting things away, giving things away and trashing things that we cant keep...I know its not true but that's the feeling I get. It is so hard to feed the girls cause I see his many cans still left here that he loved... I nearly lost it in Kroger when I got the girls Salmon and Shrimp Grilled as he liked it in the pate form.. it was his favorite next to cod shrimp and sole. Both of these cans I still have... One day at a time one step at a time. Slowly I will heal but the hardest part is watching Willow mostly.. stick her head under Christopher's bed look then back out. Sapphire has quit staring at the carrier but she has been extra demanding for love. just like willow too. Teeka is coming back around to me.. she sleeps at my feet and meows softly to get my attention. The kids have taken it pretty well... I am the one that is falling apart.. my mom too. BUT.. time is a healer and it will heal our hearts and everyone else too who is hurting in someway.. Even though I will never forget him. I wish the hurt would ease up more than it has. We still have a long way to go on healing but.. As I said in the above passage I am a bit better today. Its all really raw and I struggle to get thru the day without looking for his food bowl or even checking to see if he made the litter box. I think God answered my prayer on if I did the right thing or not. I believe in reincarnation and I begged Chubbles to come back into our lives again how ever he saw fit and be healthy and give us another try. It will be his choice though! Till then I know he will be sitting at the rainbow bridge with my rabbit Zoey and my Dove Flutter having a grand time being what he should be healthy and happy! Time heals all and this too shall heal and pass but never gone forever. Thank you again to EVERYONE who prayed for him, loved him, helped him, and supported him as well as us his family. We really wouldn't of made it this far without the help of IMOMs. My God bless each and everyone of you and your fur babies as well!!!
  3. Today I made the decision to have Chubbles put down. Not a very easy decision to make but bottom line he wasn't going to get better even after the iodine treatment. His mouth was in very bad shape. He wasn't eating because of his mouth. Thank you lall for the love you showed my little baby... God knows he will be missed. I am sure that some of you will leave your condolences but I hope you will understand I need to heal a bit before I can read them. I do promise that when I can I will be donating to help other babies as IMOM has been great at helping take care of my baby. Thank you soooo much from the bottom of my heart.
  4. The past few days with Mr. Chubbs has been interesting. He isn't taking any kitty food what so ever. So we are back to human food. Watered down boiled, shredded, chopped, grinded, EW THIS STINKS Chicken!!!! But he is loving it an eats it so I am all for it. HE has recently started Pooping and Peeing around his litter box... Did some research and got an answer of Arthritis possibly... Looked up symptoms just to make sure they are the same in kitties as in human then started watching him more closely. He has changed a bit.. He gets up slower, limps a bit when he walks, and doesn't move around much. When he was using the litter box he would jump out of it like something bit his tush and run like the wind... He causually saunders out the room not instead of bolting. So sounds like old man is showing more of his age. He really loves when I rub his hip areas and churps and purrs and curls in a ball. Thank goodness for his pain meds and I put him on GNC Hip and Joint meds for cats. He loves the treats so it will hopefully help him out. Got a cute little story for you about Chubbs something to end this post with a good note!!! Since Mr. Fuzzy Pants is being himself with kitty food.. I got him some little breakfast steaks really cheap one day. I was cooking them up and he KNEW those steaks were for him... He sat on the bar the whole time I was cooking them. When I would look at him he would look at me then the steaks then me again as if to say.. I KNOW THOSE ARE MINE!!!! When they were cooked.. I could barely get them kitty cooled and shredded before he was all over them...He chowed down on them as well. I love this beautiful green eyes when he is curious about something.. THis cat.. is... AMAZING.. I wish you all could see him and his cute personality!!!! Hope all are well and so are your fur babies!!! Take Care till next time!!
  5. Kathy he was on the transdermal.. He didn't take to it well either... I have talked to my mom about the dye thing.. But the funds are not there for us. The vet has told me that the dye itself is a thousand dollar treatment. Very expensive. As for Chubbles he is ok.. Having a bad day today. He has vomited multiple times and not eating kitty food. I have switched him back to human food for a bit. We are still holding in though.
  6. Sorry Betsy about your baby :( I feel he will tell me when he is ready and he isn't yet... Jamie its not an option we have other cats :( We cant do the special food either... :( I have also put him back to eating whatever I can get him to eat cause he deserves it. So far.. no reaction to fish... I don't think he is allergic to it.. I think it was all the meds... He still doesn't handle cat treats well.. as he vomits them back up but he is doing well on wet food...no more constipation... well hydrated now and looking good minus losing weight.. We just love on him and play with him as much as he allows and let him be..
  7. Hello! Hope all is well!! Chubbs is still holding strong but his weight is really going down.. its hard to see him some days.. but he doesn't show signs he wants to give up... I don't want to make the call yet as I will spend the rest of my life questioning did I make the right move.. (the same thing I still do over my rabbit) I spoke with his vet yesterday. I hung up with a heavy heart :( they don't do surgical thyroid removals cause sometimes it not completely successful and even then its more expensive than the dye... which is 1000 dollars in its self... My heart is crushed.. She said she had one more Idea as she had another patient riding in Chubbs boat of not tolerating the meds and that was a vet in Tennessee that specializes in herbals for kiities.. She was going to call and see if they had any ideas and said she would call back if they gave her any ideas... I never got a call back... So.. we are a ticking time bomb here and loving Mr Chubbs as much as we can. Till he shows he wants to give up or his body tells him its over.. We are hanging on and fighting it out as much as we can... Take care everyone till next time!
  8. Quick update... Still eating good and no vomiting.. No constipation He is just a lounging kitty who smacks the other cats if they get to close to his food... Its pretty funny to see... but we warn them when they start to head his way and he is eating.. "'Willow.. don't go over there.. your going to get whacked..."' Sure enough... WHACK.... After the "ol man" whack they sit back and wait till he is done...lol... Just a little chuckle moment for everyone to enjoy :D Hope all Is well with everyone!! Take care till next update!!!
  9. Sorry it has been so long since I updated. Been a bit crazy here! Old man is doing better..for the time being.. I think we finally got all meds out of his system and he is back to playful chubbles for the time being. Eating well on his Whiskas and just being his sweet self.. Not sure how often I will get to update as I am quite busy at the time being but when I can I will.
  10. We have had a rough few days.. but so far so good. He has been hanging out with me a lot recently.. Sometimes its like he cant get comfy in his sleep cause he moves around a lot. I am hoping we are over vomit spells and he is loving whiskas cat food right now..He has been eating lots of dry food too. still taking it one day at a time.
  11. I have read about the thyroid removal but his vet has yet to even suggest it and she is a cat only vet which makes me wonder.. is she to scared to try for it.. She has mentioned the Dye.. that wont work cause of the girls. The special food.. there again.. that wont work cause of the girls... I can mention it to her see what she says but I feel her answer is going to be the same thing with his teeth.. My thoughts on putting Chubbs to sleep for any operation (this goes for human as well) If your body gives out on you in surgery and you die.. that is a peaceful way to go as you don't know you died were as facing the suffering of living till dying. If that makes sense to you. I would be willing to chance it for the sakes of helping him.. even the simplest of surgeries something could go wrong and you never make it out. Chubbles has had a VERY and I can not stress VERY enough.. bad day... He has been vomiting a lot.. refuses to eat .. begs me for food but when I put it before him he just isn't into it.. I gave him half of the last nausea pill I have.. Then a few seconds later my son yells for me that something is wrong with Chubbles.. I look at him he is drooling BAD... I was like oh no.. hes going to vomit the pill up.. Chubbles jumped down from the desk char and ran to a table and that was when I noticed blood in his drool.. I wiped him up and he kept drooling and bleeding.. he even had tears... I told myself if it didn't stop soon that something was bad wrong. I think that he bit his tongue or I may of scrapped his gum with the pill popper when giving the pill.. I think it was more he bit his tongue trying to spit the pill out.. The bleeding finally stopped but my heart fell to my feet as I thought here I am trying to help him but.. I made it worse... He has calmed down after one other vomit episode so far..but he still isn't eating.. I didn't get to talk to Dr. Barh yet she doesn't work till this weekend I did however speak with a vet tech That didn't end very well.. but he did tell me to put Chubbs on 1/8 teaspoon Miralax to help with constipation. Just taking It day by day
  12. Thanks! I have made a decision on Chubbles health. We had a very bad night two nights ago.. he was so constipated it made him sick. It was to the point I was about to call the emergency vet near us. He finally passed it and I have put him on a pumpkin in his food diet. After that vomit episode he was resting good and out of nowhere another vomit episode. Hmmm this pattern is looking quite familiar. 7 days on his meds and he gets sick.. EVERYTIME... He spent the next day so weak and tired he didn't come out of the bedroom. I left him alone other than feeding and petting him occasionally. Yesterday Morning 2 vomiting episodes with 5-6 different places each time.. I am NOT going thru this again with him. So I decided to take him off his thyroid meds. The way I feel about this whole thing and all this poor baby has been thru if the meds were going to help they would of when he was on them for a month to a month and a half. instead of his levels staying the same and not coming down. I will keep him on his steroids and pain meds if he needs them. I will watch him and look for signs that he is not well and when that day comes I will make the final call that I dread. One of my friends on facebook said it last night that if this might be the best choice as he may of been to far gone when we got him. I think she is right. I do not want his last days being miserable and vomiting all the time.. we got a glimpse of him again when he was off the meds. I WANT IT BACK!!! I miss his silly ways and his spunkiness. I haven't told his vet yet. I will call her tomorrow. I just got to get him back over the hump of getting the meds out of his system again. At least he is now back in the living room with us and not in the bedroom hiding out.
  13. Bummer about the video I will try to get it uploaded.. Maybe youtube is Broke...lol.. You can pull up my screen name if you chose on youtube.. its Babyshayleen. BUNCH of cat videos of his sister Willow and two nieces Sapphire and MiTeeka (or Teeka) Vomiting.. the other day I left all cats food out and my daughter and I went swimming.. came back to two vomit piles.. don't know if it was him or one of the girls.. Other then that one other vomiting episode of foam and fur.. Chubbles says ";Stupid shedding season"' :-p ok maybe he doesn't but I do... Last night I took a chance and pulled the frozen chicken out from where he wasn't eating it.. and today.. he just cant get enough.. lol.. he keeps begging for food... score in my book.. but I know this wont last long ( His pills.. I figure out a trick after watching many youtube videos looking for help on how to pill a difficult cat.. Like the video I saw on giving your cat fluid.. these cats I was seeing were in a vets office or in a home and use to getting pills.. you could just tell it.. I mean seriously how often do you see a new cat getting a pill and it being calm as can be.. So after my daughter helping to pill him down and trying their techniques I came up with something of my own.. When I give him his pain meds I has to touch the membranes in his mouth (for those who don't know this) So I slip the syringe into his cheek pouch and go for it.. Well.. I decided.. lets try this.. slipped the piller into his little cheek pouch as far back as I could get it and pushed the pill in.. although he was not happy about it and me having to quick lift his head up so he couldn't spit it out.. he swallowed it.. THANK GOODNESS!!!! Again today with the same thing.. He is doing pretty good so far.. I really am thinking it was the fish that got him so sick.. but its still a mater of time will tell. Till next time!
  14. Simba Walter - needs eye enucleation

    So glad your baby made it thru and all is well!!! Prayers for healing and strength!!!!
  15. Happy Memorial Day!!!! Hope your all enjoying your weekend! Chubbles has been doing fairly good.. He has gotten smart on the pilling.. and is giving my problems.. so far so good with the thyroid meds.. but in the past it has taken a week for anything to start up .. so we still have a few days.. Knock on wood.. no vomiting so far. Animal you asked about the food.. I have tried him on (Human Food) boiled chicken, spam, ham, hot dogs, turkey lunchmeat, ham lunchmeat, baby food, egg, mashed potato (vets newest suggestion to give him meds), canned chicken, (Cat Food) lamb, duck, Turkey Chicken, beef We are trying to keep him off fish which he absolutely LOVES... My options are getting slim.. He will love Spam (low sodium of course) for a few days then he gets tired of it.. chicken.. tired of it.. everything he gets tired of it.. he wants his fish.. I honestly broke down in tears yesterday cause I feel like I'm starving him and the stress of fighting to get his steroid down him. I tried telling him that if I didn't love him I wouldn't do all this for him and have people pulling for him and praying for him to be the cat he should be... I am lucky that he LOVES his vitamins! but I have to crumble them to dust for him to eat them. The other day he discovered the catnip I had found so he got a treat of eating and rubbing in catnip again... he is so cute!!! To tell you what kind of cat he is... how well behaved. I took him to my grandmothers house so she could see him and he could cheer her up (also my mom was missing him and wanted to see him!) A normal cat will explore the whole time and not calm down (at least for a while) or hide where you can't see them.. Not Chubbles.. He explored a few minutes then came over to the chair I was sitting in and climbed under it and laid down (still very visible).. he stayed there till I packed him up to go home. He has been like that since day one.. even in the Vets office.. He also has been playing with my cat Sapphire. He will wiggle his butt and chase her.. he is doing this once a day. Its good to see that side of him again. But its sad that he doesn't last long and only once a day :( but it is better than nothing!!! I don't know if IMOM will allow this or not but here is a video of Chubbles on the way to the vet. He makes the cutest meows. You will hear me do his OW sound then he copies me. I love that OW sound... That's it for this update.. sorry for rambling.. I just wanted to give some good news!!! :)/>