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Amber Harney

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  1. Hi all! We need some help.

    Thank you! I've just emailed that address. Though, I did notice that they are no longer accepting applications. That's fine, I asked for future reference.
  2. Hi all! We need some help.

    Thank you all. I'll read over the forms again and see what I can do. I really appreciate the support.
  3. Hi all! We need some help.

    Thank you both for the kind welcomes.
  4. Hi all! We need some help.

    I have read the qualifications multiple times. I just do not know if I am able to qualify because of my age. I don't have any credit cards or whatnot so I don't think I can do care credit, though I haven't read much into that. I only babysit, so I don't have proof of income. I only want what is best for my baby. I'm trying the best I can.
  5. Hi all! We need some help.

    Hello everyone, My name is Amber. I was directed here by someone from Orthodogs. I was directed there from someone on PitBullForum.com. I have a three-year-old, female American Pit Bull Terrier. She has severe arthritis, according to the vet last year. A little background: I got Emily when she was ten-weeks-old, from my uncle. She was the runt of the litter and the only pup left. At the time, the vet said she had some nerve damage in her paws which made her hop instead of walk normally. He said that Emily would grow out of it. She didn't. To this day, my baby cannot walk properly. In December 2006, we noticed that Emily was having more and more problems sitting down and getting up. We finally got her to the vet in March 2007. The vet did some x-rays and took us into a room. She put the x-rays up and showed us where the arthritis was at in her knees. She said it was an extremely severe case for such a young dog. She was only two at the time. So bad, in fact, she said she probably wouldn't be able to walk by the time she is five-years-old. I was heart broken. Since then, Emily has been taking Glyco-flex II everyday and Rimadyl when needed. Her weight hovers between 55-60 pounds. The people of Pit Bull Forum and Orthodogs have been really helpful in trying to find an orthopedic specialist and some funding for us. Orthodogs said they'd try to help me out once she got a diagnosis, which according to one of the cofounders, arthritis is not a diagnosis. She refered me here. I won't lie, as I said on the other forum, I am only 16-years-old myself. I don't make very much money. What I do make goes toward my dogs' and cats' food and medical fees. I NEED help. My family cannot help out. I live with my aunt right now and we just moved due to not being able to afford the previous house. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.