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  1. Beau, Lovie and Daisy enjoying the nice weather!
  2. OH that Lovie what a brat she can be. Today she came at me full head on when I was out working on the landscaping (third day in a row) and plowed me on my backside. LITERALLY on my arse!!!! Then looked at me, kissed me and walked away. If I had a hose in hand she would have gotten a super soaker for sure. She is in heat now, and showing a little bit more dominance than I care to see coming out. But we are nipping that in the bud. Like Dr. Koch says, we need to wait until July. He is out of town a lot during June and she needs to wait at least six weeks from her surgery. I hadn't even realized it until I noticed her hoo hoo was real swollen and then she started cleaning herself very often. I'm just thankful that no dogs around here are running lose un-neutered. How horrible would that be? But yes, she is hell on wheels... that Bug of mine! xoxo
  3. I just wanted to drop a line and give everyone an update on Lovie!!! She is doing great. She loves her freedom once again. Her belly looks great and healing nicely. She is back to being her pushy St Bernard self and gaining her weight back nicely. Up to six cups a food a day and she's a grazer so it's perfect. Thank you all so much for your love and support. Without you, she wouldn't be in the tip top shape she is in!!! This was taken after a nice romp in the mudd with her fur-sister Beau. They both decided it was let's make mommies back ache!!!
  4. I know we kinda chuckle when we think about happy we are when after surgery, our babies finally go poop!!! How is Diamond today? I'm sending healing and positive energy her way. AND I know first hand how wonderful the Angles are here with the help that they all supplied to get my Lovie her radical mastectomy.... Loving, caring and concerned they all are, as if your Diamond is theirs!!! Best of luck... give that little girl a little snuggle from us! Sheryl, Lovie, Beau and DaisyDuke
  5. Just a suggestion, when she is having her surgery, ask the vet if he will trim her nails as well. I know it's a minor little thing to be done with the other major issues going on, but we don't Bambi to have such long nails that they curl and cut into her pads. This little girl needs to be pampered the best way you can. Sending lots of healing and positive energy to you, your son and of course Bambi!!! Sheryl, Lovie, Beau and DaisyDuke
  6. Sorry I didn't post yesterday when we finished our day. I was so exhausted, I didn't even bother to get on the 'dumb' box. Lovie did wonderfully yesterday morning. There were some stitches that had healed a little bit more than we had liked so she did give a little (very little) fight when taking them out. SO... all stitches, staples and glue are gone now. Dr. Koch said to give her a couple days before I let her loose, but with her legs being still a little weak in the rear, I want her to build that muscle back up. AND knowing she can't run if she wanted, she got to wonder some this morning with mom's close watch on her. She was really good, only walked behind her Fur Sister and sat down next to Beau when that lug decided she was going to lay down out in the middle of the easement and not budge with the soaken wet grass. It is so nice to see her healing so nicely. And over the pain, her little personality is starting to shine again. So... we are vet free until July when she gets spay! AT least we hope no incidents occur between now and then. I'll be sure to take a pic of her pretty belly. She looks so good!!! Thank you all so much for all the love and support during this time. Without all of you, I'm not quite sure I would have made it emotionally... this was really hard for me. How we become so attached to our fur babies in such short periods of time and to see the pain she was in just broke my heart. BUT we are there, or nearly there, to being healed!!! Love each and everyone of you so much!!! Lovie and Sheryl (and Beau and Daisy for making their fur sister healthy again)
  7. Restnwolf... now that is too funny!!!! I probably would have brought a shot and Pepsi on top of a smoke... Kuhio98, to make a long story short. I bought my home with my ex three yrs ago. To settle the property, I bought him out with 5 acres and cash. SO the ex is in the back 40, and the BF will not come here with him here. Like I said, it's whatever... he now realizes, that I will make time on my time. Not on his... and he was told, he needed to get over it. The ex and I have a good friend relationship... he is there when I need something done that I can't do. AND I make sure to tell the BF about it too, just so he'd get a clue. Perfect example, when I picked Lovie up from the vet five days after her surgery, he couldn't be bothered to go with me. SO when I got home, I went back and asked the ex to help me get her in the house because her legs still were very weak and I knew she wouldn't be able to make it all the way up to the house. HE was more than happy to help me. I'll repeat and I have to the BF.... get over it. LOL Lovie is doing wonderfully, she is getting her full strength back, and nearly tore my arm out of my socket when I took her out yesterday to do her business. We go tomorrow for our third follow-up appt. and hoping all the rest of her stitches and the 7 staples come out. I want to be able to let her romp freely in a week if I can. She is getting frustrated that Beau can take off and wander around, but she can't. We'll keep you all posted... Lovie and Sheryl
  8. Well just an update... Lovie is doing wonderfully. We ended up at the Vet on Friday of last week, she was bleeding from another area of her belly. SO super glue and then staples on top. She is such a trooper. I told Dr Koch I don't know I can stay in the room, he said let's do the first and see how you do. SHE didn't even flinch with 7 put in. What an amazing pup she is. We had out normal follow-up yesterday morning. He took out 3/4 of her stiches, we go back on Friday for the remainder and hopefully her staples. I learned yesterday morning that she is a squirrel chaser. Thank goodness she had her leash on. No running or jumping of any sort as yet. But boy she wanted to go... another week or so baby girl and you should be ready to go! Well learned the other day my BF is jealous of my dogs. Because I have to dedicate so much time to Lovie right now I haven't gone to see him much in the past two weeks. I say, get over it!!! Men are a dime a dozen, just as men would say, so are women. LOL Lovie's recovery is more important and my priority right now. She is back up to 90 lbs... YEAH!!! Dr Koch said he would like to see her with 15 more lbs and he'll be very happy with her... He also informed me that when she does get spay in July she'll have to spend the night. WE all know how I already feel about that... Thank you so much everyone !!!
  9. I can not praise or thank IMOM and the Angles that came to Lovie's rescue enough. She had her surgery on April 5th, which we were able to schedule within three days after her case was opened. It would have been two, however, I couldn't make the appt. on Sunday for her. It was a very extensive and long surgery. A complete radical mastectomy. But if it weren't for IMOM and the outpouring of love and support she could have never had the surgery with my very limited income on disability. My vet was very happy to work with IMOM never having done so before and was just as greatful as I was to be able to get her on her way to good health! Lovie ended up staying in the hospital for 5 days afterwards because she wouldn't eat or use her back legs. We are certain the legs had a lot to do with her pain. After our follow-up yesterday, she of course could not get her stiches removed. She is such a large dog (Saint Bernard) that when she lays down, she keep spreading her incision areas and oozing. BUT we are keeping a close eye on her. Thank you so very much to IMOM and her Angels!!! Without all of you... Lovie wouldn't have had her surgery and be on her road to recovery. It saddens me horribly to think what the other alternative would have been. BUT we don't have to anymore. And are so happy that her tumors are all benign.!!! Lovie and Sheryl
  10. How is that she can get to bed at 11:30 and go out to do her business at 11:15 every evening and then I get the morning wake-up call at 7:00 am every morning? Does she not know what sleep in for one day a week is??? She is pushy.... Ate her breakfast again this morning... because the weight she had lost those 5 days being in the hospital I'm giving anything and everything she wants. Dr. Koch said he'd like to see 10 more lbs on her. Which is fine by me, she looks so thin! Super Glue does not work on this area that keeps oozing pinkish stuff. Yes I know it's fluids building up. BUT if she could stay put instead of following me everywhere. And if she didn't lay with her front paws spread out in front of her she wouldn't have tugging on that area. It's right up near her armpits. UGH Lovie, find a different position to sleep. But she is doing very well....
  11. Sending all the healing and positive energy I can muster for Little Bambi. Angels you never cease to amaze with your gentle, kind words though often a reality that needs to be be put out there. And how eloquently you are able to help in calming down Bambi's mom. You all rock this world of fur babies!!! Sheryl
  12. The spoiled brat Miss Lovie is now getting moist pouch food mixed with her dry. She ate her three cups for breakfast this morning. Our vet visit went well. She is doing so much better with Dr. Koch, though she is still needing a muzzle... so he says. LOL ALL the tumors are benign but the area will need constant attention to check for anymore growths. So YEAH !!! Success and a big relief off of my back for it not being cancer. He re-glued the area that keeps oozing a little bit still. She is swollen in some areas where the stiches are, so cold then warm then cold again compresses. He is very happy that she is walking on her hind legs so much better. However, no stiches were taken out. We go back on the 21st at 9:00 am and hopefully they will be removed then. He is about as thrilled with imom and all Lovie's Angels as I am. He stated 'What a wonderful organization'. WE are very fortunate to have been able to do this for Lovie with their help! I did tell him that funds have been released and he said, oh ok... thanks for letting me know. He said "Checks in the Mail" and we chuckled. He was joking of course. The more I spend time with him, the more he just grows on you. So, another day just about down and a new one begins tomorrow. Thank you everyone!! for the love and support.
  13. Diane, she is a brat for sure! She will eat all the cookies that are offered, but food, OH NO not having it. She is only eating about 3-4 cups a day. I added turkey stock today and she sniffed, nibbled and turned her nose up at it. I'm telling you she is going to be the death of me yet. Stinky... I can take Daisy over to her dish and have her drop butt. That is stinky... LOL She is doing good today. Not much drainage because I have been pretty lazy today. So there is no need for her to follow my every move through out the house. Her appointment tomorrow is at 10 am. I can't wait to hear what Dr. Koch has to say. I love my Bug... and I love all of you so much. We can't thank you enough for Lovie's second chance at life. We'll check in tomorrow after her dr's appt.
  14. I'm so elated that her new family is keeping all of posted on her everyday doings now. This poor Saint had lived outside in rain, snow, cold, heat for the three yrs of her life. OK... advice opinions etc. Because Lovie is being a brat about eating what does anyone think of adding pumpkin to her food? I've been reading a lot from the rescue sites about it. Just wondering if this good for them and may work to entice Lovie to eat. She looks at me like "hey where's the filet mignon' and goes to her water drink a gallon (seems like) and sniffs her food again and walks away. She does it eat in the afternoon, but I think it's because by then she is starving. LOL That'll teach her, but I can't bare to see her not eat her two meals a day. Ahh another day in the life of Lovie's recovery! She is such a trooper... now it's let's try and run out the door to beat everyone else. Yes it makes me happy to have her pep back in her step. NO I do not need her blowing out stitches. Though she just fine going out a leash to do her business. Have a wonderful day everyone!!
  15. I'm so sorry everyone!!!! I did a wonderful thing yesterday and pretty much took up my entire day. I helped in the transport of a Rescued St. Bernard. It was the first time volunteering and have decided to occupy two or three days a month to help transport, that is what I'm going to do. Lovie is doing very good. I'm still a little concerned about the area of her incision that is still draining fluids. I've been keeping a very close eye on it. Cleaning very gently with anti-bacterial soap and making sure it is thoroughly dried before she can get up. She is so good with this pampering. IF she only knew. She goes in on Wednesday for her follow-up so I'll talk to Dr. Koch about it then. YES her rear legs are strengthening nicely!!!! I can not tell you what a relief that is. I just sat and cried for the past five days when she would go out to do her business. She was using them, but hobbling along. Now she is doing much much better. She is giving me a real hard time on eating her food. And I keep forgetting when I run to the little town to pick up some chicken broth to add to her food. There is no way she is staying on a rice and chicken diet forever. Not with two other dogs in the house one of them being a Saint as well. I'd never get to eat!!! We've got one heck of a storm out there now. Lovie's first since she's been home and she could honestly care less. As a matter of fact, she probably can't hear the thunder over her snoring. Again, sorry for such a delay in posting. But it was for a very good cause. xo