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  1. Please Meet Zeus

    Zeus continues to make great progress! His limbs have loosened up and he has even started running a little bit outside in the yard!
  2. Please Meet Zeus

    No your suggestions are helpful and what I was looking for! He loves ice cubes and just introduced those into his diet today! I was concerned he wouldn't be able to chew them because of his jaw but he did awesome! Omg yes it was extremely terrifying, especially when I saw that it is potentially fatal if not treated in time. It was and still is upsetting for me to see him go through this because he has no idea why his body is doing what it's doing. Dogs are already defenseless enough as it is and then seeing this happen to a dog, especially your own, justs kills me. He's such a fighter though and continues to get better each day!
  3. Please Meet Zeus

    Thank you! Unfortunately, the scary thing is that we do not know how he contracted it. I'm afraid it may have been something in my yard, which is horrifying to say the least. He had cracked a toenail a week before he started showing symptoms and the vet believes that is how he came in contact with the toxin. Today he played with one of his toys for the first time since the end of January! I also introduced dry food that I moistened with water into his diet today. He loved it! He continues to make progress and was moving around a lot today. I'm so happy with his progress! Now if only the flinching at night would stop and I need to get him to drink my liquids! Any suggestions?
  4. Please Meet Zeus

    I am pleased to announce that Zeus came home last night. I was very nervous about bringing him home. He ate, drank, and went to the bathroom last night. However bedtime was another story...I didn't get much sleep because I was keeping a close eye on him. He flinched while he slept most of the night. I'm not sure if it is from all of the meds he is taking or if it is the tetanus. Then this morning, giving him his oral meds took almost an hour. He could sense the meds in his food so this morning was definitely not fun. I just pray that things get easier for him. Time for his physical therapy time from his momma!
  5. Please Meet Zeus

    Thanks for the information Judy!! PBRC responded and they are going to be able to donate as well!! Words cannot express how happy I am!
  6. Please Meet Zeus

    thank you!!
  7. Please Meet Zeus

    Hello, My name is Stacy and I am writing on behalf of my pitbull, Zeus. Unfortunately, Zeus has contracted the rare disease of Tetanus. While Tetanus is potentially fatal, it is a curable disease with the right amount of treatment and care. When I was told that Zeus had contracted Tetanus, I had no idea what I was about to be going through. It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions since receiving the news; and at one point, I thought I was going to lose him when his temperature spiked to an extreme of 109 degrees. Unfortunately, with Tetanus, it is a disease that has to be taken day by day and with that, comes the uncertainty of not knowing how long Zeus will have to be in the hospital. After spending thousands of dollars, exhausting all of resources and receiving all the help I can get from friends and family, I have run out of money to continue Zeus's treatment. He has always been there for me and he deserves the same from me in return. I do not want him to suffer simply because I could not afford his hospital care. His prognosis is excellent as long as he continues to receive the care he needs. For those who are not able to contribute to Zeus's fund, please pray that he keeps fighting and pulls through this. I didn't name him Zeus for nothing! Thank you.