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  1. Hi Everyone.... I am sorry it has taken me so long to write this testimonial, I was very ill and not able to do much for a couple of weeks... Bear is very happy to be able to run around the house and play with his kitty pals... I am so thankful to IMOM and all the volunteers and especially to the ANGELS who came through for Bear to be hospitalized... Without all of you being there for Bear I'm not really sure what would have happened... He wasn't responding to the oral antibiotic and while I know he was a good boy and letting the Dr. put a catheter in him every day with no anesthetic that really wasn't fair to Bear... that had to have hurt him... I don't even want to think about what might have been... I believe that IMOM is a wonderful group of like minded people who have come together to help animals and the humans who care for them... And to me that is the greatest thing you can do... Bear and Lucky are both waiting in my room (that's where the canned foodies eat) at 8am and again at 8pm... So he already knows his new routine... when they are done and I open the door he is the first one to shoot out of the room... do a couple laps around and then he settles down... So we are back to normal for us... hope all is well for all of you.. Thank You Luann, Lucky, Sylvestor, Bear, Candi, Cornflake and Precious
  2. Yay!!!! Bear finally made it to Happy Endings!!!!! We are so happy... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you everyone who helped to make this possible!!!! Without all of you I don't even want to think about what I might have been forced into doing.... You are all ANGELS to me... Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Luann, Lucky, Sylvestor, Bear, Candi, Cornflake and Precious
  3. Good Morning All, Bear is doing great, he is having a wonderful time running around the house and playing with his kitty sibling's... I still have him on canned food and am seriously considering keeping him along with Lucky on the canned Evo.. they really like it and I like the fact that it's 95 percent meat.. Please forgive me for not being on sooner.. my darn computer has been giving me problems.. it keeps freezing on me.. I'm hoping we get moved to Happy Endings soon.. that's certainly where Bear is at.. I'll try to get a few pictures of him playing with his sibs and otherwise just being a cutie soon.. and I need to do my testimonial.. Love to all Luann, Bear, Lucky, Sylvestor, Candi, Cornflake and Precious
  4. Good Morning All Bear is continuing to improve.. I'm going to let him out of solitary for a short time when I get home today.. I know his brothers and sisters will be very happy to see him.. I hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend.. All our Love Luann, Bear, Lucky, Sylvestor, Candi, Cornflake and Precious
  5. I agree he is very handsome..Thank you so much Kris.. I took bear to see Dr Buley today and she said Bear is looking good, the bladder is very small.. I let her know that he is peeing very, very well.. so we are finished.. crisis averted.. 5 more days of alprazolam and canned prescription diet and then its on to the high protein food she wanted him on.. So I paid the last $19.00 I owed them and let them know I'd be back in about a month with Sylvestor.. Thank you to all of IMOM... You guys are the greatest.. Thank you Thank you Thank you.... Don't worry though we aren't going away... we plan on staying around for a long time.. Love to all Luann, Bear, Lucky, Sylvestor, Candi, Cornflake and Precious
  6. Oh Kathy... Bear was always eating his food.. its just that now he wants what I'm eating too.. you know things that he shouldn't have like ice cream, popsicles, fruit, stir fry w/ rice whatever he sees me eating he goes absolutely crazy and tries to climb into the bowl so he can have some... he also keeps trying to climb inside my shirt.. I told him that he's gotten to big to fit in there.. when he was little he used to like to sleep inside my pj top.. anyone else ever had any experience with a cat getting kinda weird from their medications??? Well so far he's still doing great.. I might take him in tomorrow just so they can feel his bladder.. but I haven't noticed any issues.. he's still in solitary.. at least for a few more days.. that way it's much easier to monitor.. Keeping our fingers/paws crossed Luann & Bear Ps all the others have paws crossed too Lucky, Sylvestor, Candi, Cornflake and Precious
  7. I had been looking for some pictures of Bear from 10 years ago... today I found them...
  8. Bear is doing great this morning... he wants only to get out of that room... and he seems to act really goofy when I'm eating something.. anything at all he want it.. a popsicle.. Bear wants it... chinese food.. Bear wants it... an apple.. Bear wants it... just about everything I eat Bear wants too... He must really be feeling better.. We won't go in to the clinic today unless he starts to show any difficulty... I'll give you all another update later.. Have a great day everyone.. Thank you all for the Love and support you have given me and Bear during all this.. We've had uti's before, but never one that was so severe.. Love you all He's been thoroughly smooched Betsey!!!! Luann & Bear
  9. We are home from today's visit... good news Dr Buley said his bladder felt really small... I let her know that he has been peeing on his own.. and yes Judy I do think it was the medicine that made him brave... once he realized he could go without pain he has been happy to do it... I do think we are finally getting there.... To everyone here who has either donated to Bear or sent Prayers and Good Wishes... Bear and I want to Thank all of you without you my Baby Bear would not be here today... 10 years ago when he found me and I rescued him I promised him that I would never let anything bad happen to him.. all of you have made that possible for me... for that I will be forever grateful... Thank You Luann & Bear
  10. Success!!!! In addition to the couple overnight pee's he has gone twice more and 1 of those was decent size... I'm happy with this... as long as he keeps it up he could be on his way to finally having this over.. It's a good thing he's such as amazing cat and knew the Doctors were helping him... thats why he never tried to give anyone a hard time when they were doing the procedures... he's such a good boy... Here's a couple pictures form after his decent pee... He finally felt good enough to play a little...
  11. On Saturday Bear saw Dr Singh (the owner of the clinic) his bladder was big even tho he's been peeing his little pea's and I've not been adding any water to the canned cd.. He was able to press on his tummy and express some urine, but it was just a small stream so he decided to cath him that way he could empty it and the bladder wouldn't get any more inflamed.. he put Bear back on the Buprenorpine (Dr Buley had taken him off on Fri.) wants me to up it to 3 times a day to keep him relaxed and thinking that with the alprazolam will get us through the next few days and just maybe relaxed enough to really get peeing... We have to be at the clinic when the doors open on Monday at 11am.. He did make a couple pee's overnight two of them were bigger than marbles maybe like a quarter turned into a circle, but a little smaller... He's gotta get better quick... I love my Baby Bear so much..
  12. Friday's visit went really good... Bear actually piddled in the box a few times yesterday... they were really small piddles, biggest was the diameter of a quarter and about 2/16 of an inch thick, he had 2 like that and a bunch of pea size balls... When Dr Buley felt his bladder she said it was small so she did not catheterize him... she really thinks he's finally starting to get better... I've got my fingers crossed for the same the same today... He did piddle a few peas overnight so I'm really praying hard that this is it and he's coming around... Here are a couple pictures from this morning... I want to thank you all again for everything... all of the support you have all given me during this has been a more than I ever expected... Thank You Luann & Bear
  13. We weren't able to see Dr Buley yesterday Evbari... I will ask her today... it was her day off... ... other than that he had a good night.. not so much for me.. he woke me up about 9 or 10 times licking my nose... I'll let you all know how today's visit goes... here are some pics from last evening...
  14. Every thing went good this afternoon when Bear and I went in to the clinic today... they can't believe he is such a good boy... he doesn't try to fight or get away, no biting or scratching either... he knows what has to be done and he lets them do it!! I can tell he feels so much better afterwards... when we get home he will come out of his crate and purr and meow... rubbing all over my face and hands wanting lots and lots of affection... Bear is such a sweet boy... My big worry now is Sunday... the clinic is not open... I will have to speak with Dr Buley tomorrow so we can come up with a plan for if he is still having this difficulty... I will continue to keep you all updated... Thank you each and everyone of you Angels who sent prayers and good wishes or donated for Bears hospitalization last weekend without that he would not be here right now.. Luann