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  1. Hey Everyone, it has been over a month since Miss Meeka had her surgery. She is doing wonderfully and is back to her happy active self. We are anticipating the approach of Spring! Ready to see birds and life outside of her favorite window perch!

  2. I can't thank the IMOM community enough for their generous support and kindness in helping Meeka get the emergency surgery she needed. It was a week ago tomorrow that Meeka woke up feeling terrible, and ended up in the vets office hours later. After the XRAYS, it was so sudden that we realized this was a life or death situation. And within 24 hours of discovering the problem, Meeka was in surgery thanks to IMOM. The extremeness of this situation was really very stressful without even considering the price tag. When you love your animal and want nothing but their well being back in their moments of illness - having money stand between you and that goal is defeating for a low income college student. IMOM helped take the pressures of the price tag and help me focus on Meeka and her well being. The generosity of strangers in the past week has blown me away, brought me to tears, and left me feeling so grateful and excited about the way people are there for others - whether it is in the physical form or the online ephemeral form of this community. What you all have here at IMOM is something to be celebrated. I can't ever thank you enough. I really want to hand make thank you cards for all of you donors. If you are able to provide your home address and feel comfortable doing so, please send me a personal message so I can pass on a tangible thank you in the handwritten form! Thank you for helping me help Meeka! With love and gratitude, Meeka and Jenna
  3. Thank you everyone for your amazing generosity. You have all made me have so much faith in the kindness of the world, and how strangers can make such a large impact on our lives. I'm thrilled that Meeka's case is officially being moved to the "Happy Endings" page! What a major shift from Thursday/Friday...It's been quite the weekend! Meeka is doing well everyone! I believe someone said it earlier, "she wouldn't be here purring her brains out if it wasn't for IMOM". This is a story I will tell forever. Sincerely and with love and gratitude, Jenna and Meeka
  4. Thank you Judy for your response! I actually have begun to master the administering of the medication! With some time and navigation - Meeka and I are becoming a team. I feel that this experience has bonded us even more - and I am so grateful for her health and speedy recovery (she is acting more and more like herself everyday!) It truly was a shocking experience that I am glad we are at the opposite end of. We are getting so close! And I know that everyone can do it! You all are such kind and generous people - lets help IMOM be ready for the next pet in a life or death situation like this. To help, let me know if there are any stories I can share about Meeka that would warm your hearts. I'm also wondering about the possibility of a TRADE! Since I go to Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, I'm thinking of making some drawings / paintings of cats with my roommate Amanda. That way we can personally send to all of you wonderful donors in this forum - would anyone be interested in receiving a small mailable piece of artwork for your donation?! I hope this gets the ball rolling on the last amount of funds!!!!! LETS GO!!!
  5. Miss Meeka

  6. Home Sweet Healing

    From the album Miss Meeka

    Meeka snuggling into me after returning home
  7. Whoo for that $25.00 pledge!! I can't express how the quickness of Meeka's pledge literally helped save her life, I am trying to spread the word on Facebook so we can replenish this fund to help another kitty in need When I was describing Meeka's surgery yesterday, I failed to leave out the proper word for her intestinal virus - Illeus. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ileus) My poor baby had it bad. BUT, she is doing much better and is on her way to recovery. She doesn't really like when I give her the pain medication (pill form) : / It took us over an hour last night to get it to work out.... And she hasn't been eating or drinking A LOT of food, really just a bit here and there...Is this normal after surgery? Other than that, she is great and her mobility is fantastic! If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!
  8. REPORT: Meeka is back in our home and so happy to be here! Thank you to everyone who has been helping meet the pledge for $700 dollars - couldn't have done this without IMOM. What a fantastic organization for people who want to help people help pets. I have spoken so highly of the organization and I can't express how grateful I am that my vet pointed me in the right direction. It has been an emotional couple of days of course, and this totally came out of no where, so shock is always a big part of situations like this. I can't believe that it is all over, and that she is safe in our home and we are on the healing journey together! She has a tight medicine schedule for the next 7-10 days - but we are going to NAIL IT!! I'm overflowing with gratitude. I don't know how I can ever repay you - but I will find a way to give back what has been given to Meeka and our college family
  9. Stomach Shot

    From the album Miss Meeka

    Here is a shot of Meeka resting after surgery!! Our girl is going to be great!
  10. On The Way Home!!!

    From the album Miss Meeka

    Her eyes look so much better!
  11. Happy To Be Home!

    From the album Miss Meeka

    Meeka is happy to be home from surgery!! I can hardly take a picture of her because she keeps rolling around and stretching her body because she finally feels better!
  12. I'm going to pick up Meeka this morning! Pictures to come soon
  13. I remember the first time we brought Meeka home. I had been pursuing my roommates for several months about me wanting to get a cat, and the day we first brought her home I felt like my excited 5 year old self again. When I was growing up I had many kittens as I lived in the country. They were all outdoor cats and only several of them really lived and stuck around for years at a time. I had seen so many cats get hurt by injured animals, disappear, or fall ill. After being conditioned to see all my pets be no more in a certain ticking time bomb, I really appreciated the first household cat I ever raised in high school at my moms house. I began to understand the importance of the long relationship with an animal. When I got my first apartment in college , I craved the same feeling. And began asking friends of friends for kittens in litters as well as rescue options. Almost perfectly enough, we got connected with a farm cat- which took me back to my childhood to say the least. We drove to Jefferson (me and my two roommates) to adopt her on September 6th and brought her back to her new home in Milwaukee. Her energy is contagious to this day, and her curiosity goes beyond the average spilled cup of water... She is a part of our family! One of the girls And I can't wait to bring her back home tomorrow!
  14. Thank you everyone for your amazing donations! I can't believe this "100 Dollar Matching Challenge" going on! I can't help but admit this is making me pretty emotional tonight. I hope you can all feel my gratitude and love that I am sending to you. <3 <3 <3
  15. Since I was posting in the wrong place I thought I would try to share this picture from earlier today when I was on the way to the vet with Meeka after we realized our case had been approved! Can you see how excited she looks?! See the hope in her eyes?! Can't wait to bring my girl home in the morning...