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  1. Mia Falconieri has gone to the Bridge

    Kelly, It's a sad time when the doctors ask US what happened. They get so focused, that they won't listen to us. We're supposed to believe in them, no questions asked. Well, I for one, will never do that again. Most of IMOM don't know what actually happened to Taffy. I didn't figure it out right away, so that hurt her in terms of maybe being able to save her. Ultimately, the thing that helped her, killed her. She died from the radiation treatment. I, too, could not be without her. So I had her cremated. A friend of mine lost his 13 yr. old dog a couple months ago. He bought her a plot in a pet cemetery. Even if I had had the money to do that, I wouldn't have. Situations change, you move, etc., leaving them far away. I couldn't do it. When the time comes, I will do the same with Pippin. Although I didn't realize it, she helped me. Took a while, but it happened. Every pet is special in their own way, but there is always "the one". It almost felt like I lost Taffy all over again. I wish you peace and comfort as you think back over the 9 years that she owned you! Donna & Pippin
  2. Mia Falconieri has gone to the Bridge

    Oh, Kelly I'm so sorry. I know words can never express our loss, but like Taffy, she's not suffering anymore. And for the time being, that's all we have to comfort ourselves. I was so hoping she'd pull through. Taffy died on a Sunday, and for a long time, they were bad days. Any holiday makes it worse to lose a beloved pet, but in time it will get easier. Think of the good times and remember her as she was. Needless to say, I started crying when I saw she went to the Bridge, still am, so I'll go now. Keep in touch. Donna & Pippin
  3. Mia Falconieri has gone to the Bridge

    Hi kelly, I agree that they should have kept her, but at least she's there now, after you saving her. Most people don't think about giving CPR, etc., to animals. Be proud that you did that! Have a Merry Christmas! Donna
  4. Mia Falconieri has gone to the Bridge

    I'm so glad it's not seizures. Hopefully the steroids will work and she won't have to be on them long. The palate surgery should help too. We all know, when we get any type of pet, that they won't live as long as we want them to. But that doesn't stop us from getting them and trying to get help when they need it. Like all the people that come through IMOM, and all the animal lovers who donate. I know what it's like to pick up ashes, or see someone else do it, and try not to cry. "Non-animal lovers", don't understand that. And that is really a shame, because they will never see the beauty in animals, wild or domestic. Or never understand why we hurt almost as much as the owner of a sick animal. We're pulling for you Mia. You have a good mama behind you! Donna & Pippin
  5. Mia Falconieri has gone to the Bridge

    Well, let's hope the med works, so she can get the palate taken care of. That should help her tremendously. Donna
  6. Mia Falconieri has gone to the Bridge

    Oh Kelly, I'm sorry. Can't they do the surgery to at least help her breathe better? If they know the cause, seizures can usually be controlled. How did they come up with that conclusion? Donna
  7. Mia Falconieri has gone to the Bridge

    Hi Kelly, Awful quiet. Everything okay? Donna
  8. Mia Falconieri has gone to the Bridge

    Hi Kelly, How is Mia today?
  9. Mia Falconieri has gone to the Bridge

    Hi Kelly, How is Mia doing? Do you have a follow up appt.?