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  1. Help for my little Jack (the rabbit)

    I will pray for your little bunny wabbit!! once, I had a bunny named Bandit, and he hurt his foot badly, don't know how...... I put him in a cage with herbs and crystals, lit candles and meditated and visualized him getting all better, and being 100% well and healthy!1 the very next morning, he was hopping around, munching on carrots, and was perfectly fine!! my kitty, valentine was very sick, and imom did step in to help him, since I was financially destitute. they did a great job, and did raise the money needed. sadly, he died at the vet's before I could get him home, and I am still grieving terribly. but imom is a wonderful organization, and they help so many ppl in bad economically challenging situations. do the paperwork, and see what they can do for you.. and pray..... peace to you and jack the bunny..... summer
  2. In Loving Memory of my Bentley Kitty

    hi, I just read your story about your kitty, bentley. I am so sorry for your loss.... sounds similar to what I went through, losing my precious valentine. I just didn't think I was going to lose him so darn FAST! you seem to have known just when to do what you had to do. it is the toughest thing EVER, and I still have not even buried my kitty.... I posted something about it today, but haven't had any responses. I put him wrapped up in the freezer until I could bring myself to be able to bury him. a few friends have suggested cremation, but I can't bear the thought! anyway, I didn't mean to go all into that, but I just wanted to say I know how you feel, and I'm so sorry. the loss is devastating when we're really attached to something or someone we love. peace to you, summer
  3. hello imom ! it's been awhile since my last visit. some of you angels may remember, back on January 15, my precious kitty that I loved with all my heart, and did anything to save, died tragically AT THE VET's office, before I could even get him home! I just didn't find imom soon enough!! well, the issue is this: I didn't have the heart to bury my baby, and cried inconsolably for several days, after wrapping my baby, Valentine in a box and placing him in the (freezer, yea, I know...) anyway, I have not been able to bear the idea of burying him and NEVER seeing him again. sometimes I go into the freezer in the garage, and open the box and pet him and talk to him, and it actually gives me great comfort.... I was just doing a search on pet-taxidermy and freeze-drying. I thought at first that if I could afford it somehow I would definitely do it! if done well, there are some I saw pics of that were impossible to tell that it was actually a dead animal. I know that a lot of ppl think it's creepy. but for some of us, it IS comforting. I do not like the idea of what they really have to do to the insides of the animal, and for this reason, I know that I may be doing this to soothe my pain and unbelievable grief. I know you guys understand, as I am not unique in being an EXTREME cat lover, and my baby boy, Valentine meant the whole world to me!! but, I would love to get some feedback on this, and hear from some who have actually done it. I've been on the phone with several taxidermists today, and have received lots of info on this.... please let me know what you think? I know that in a way, I will feel like I didn't have to totally lose him. then I will feel guilty if this causes his soul any dis-harmony or trauma! I want to do what's right! but I cannot BEAR the idea of cremation, or of burying him..... cloning doesn't do the trick either! help?!!! thanks guys, summer
  4. I would love to be able to help, but right now it's not possible. I am so grateful to imom for the help with my precious kitty, Valentine. sadly, I didn't find ya'll soon enough, and he is gone to the "Rainbow Bridge," but I will always appreciate the efforts everyone made for Val and me. as soon as I am able I will be sending in whatever I can. in the meantime, though, love, light and prayers go out to all the sick kitties and doggies around the world. xoxo, summer
  5. My Precious Frenchie Hugo

    I so hope and pray that your little baby gets better soon. I certainly know what it's like, you're just a nervous wreck until you get the satisfying news that all is well. God bless, and big hugs for you both, summer
  6. what did the vet do to my cat? he was NOT at death's door!

    i know that nothing will bring him back. i have to accept it. but he was only 6, & he could have lived for years on prednisone. i never would have dropped him off, i would have kept him on the prednisone pills that he just started taking on monday. i just dont know what to do without my baby boy. he was everything to me. never have i had that kind of connection with an animal, and i have had lots of all kinds. i was raised on an Arabian horse farm. but this little guy (once 19 lbs!) was my hero. i WILL see him in heaven tho.
  7. what did the vet do to my cat? he was NOT at death's door!

    thank ya'll for taking the time to write. i have written a letter, but i do want to talk to thevet in person as well. and, yes, i will bring someone with me... my family has been using this vet ever since he opened his own practice. he knew i was having financial difficulties lately. when i brought valentine in on monday morning, i told him that i had just found out about imom, & he understood that things were "pending," & not completed yet. yet, when i brought val in on tues. morning, the girl at the front-desk would not let me leave him! she kept telling me how their policy was that i needed to pay UPFRONT! i kept telling her over and over that the doc knew that i was in the process of getting help from imom. shw WOULD NOT LISTEN, or get the vet to come out and ktalk to me. i had no choice but to leave, as the vet was in surgery. in the meantime, i was lucky enoug to get all paperwork completed. (thank yall SO MUCH!) so that was a whole day that was wasted. i returned the next day, wed., and thay didnt get around to him until late that afternoon, after i dropped him off at 7:3o , So, my poor baby boy just sat all alone in his crate, no water, food or meds, until the vet could get to him. after the ultrasound, he DIED! thats why it is so hard to accept! he was not about to die, i think they did something wrong that caused his death. i am just grieving so, so hard. this is unbearable. my heart is BROKEN! & his name was VALENTINE, & it is almost VALENTINES DAY?
  8. I'm beyond heart-broken. it would maybe be a little less difficult to accept, if I knew what happened.... when I brought Valentine (male cat, 6 yrs. old) into the vet on Wednesday morning, he was NOT at death's door! he had been getting a little better after starting on prednisolone on Monday. he was scheduled to have an ultrasound, so that we would get the correct diagnosis, and then with treatment, he could be on his way to healing, whatever that meant. the vet didn't even get "around to him" until about 3 pm, that afternoon. I talked with vet right after, and he told me the results of the ultra-sound. yes, it looked like cancer, but with steroids, and proper care, he could live years. well, he died immediately after the shot! did they give him too much? did they give him too much anesthesia? did they give him the WRONG medicine? what in the world happened? I am distraught over this! the vet acted so nonchalant over this! this kitty was my best-friend in the world! I took him everywhere with me! I would have cut off my right arm to save his life! but, I can't help but think that somehow, the vet screwed up! has anyone ever had this experience? if so, please let me hear from you! thanks so much! summer
  9. Taro: cat with foreign body obstruction

    blessings and prayers to you and Taro!! I just found IMOM, and they helped with tests for my darling kitty, Valentine just Wednesday. tragically, though, he did not make it, and i'm devastated. but I am so happy you didn't have to suffer what I did, and baby Taro will be ok! what a kind-hearted vet! I will continue on here, and hope that I will be able to help out when other people need help. I think IMOM is wonderful for the support, and help in so many ways that they do. Godspeed, and all the best to ya'll.... meow
  10. Valentine Edwards - Kitty in need of help

    hi everyone, i'm new to this site, so please excuse my awkwardness at posting .... I managed to load a picture of my beautiful angel-boy, Valentine. i'm just in so much grief over losing my baby, I just can't see straight! it does not seem right or fair that he is not here. right now, I can't even imagine being happy ever again. I would give anything to have him back! I know that is not gonna happen, but I cannot accept it, and i'm just tormented with so many emotions. today happens to be my daughter's birthday, and it's just been bittersweet as ever, & she's been so patient and loving with me about valentine, and his loss. I know i'm not the only one going through this, but right now, that's what it feels like. thank ya'll everyone, will check in tomorrow... love, summer and valentine
  11. Valentine Edwards - Kitty in need of help

    hi, thank all of ya'll so so much. I've been at a loss as to what to do, I can't even speak of what has happened. I am absolutely devastated by losing my sweetheart Valentine. he was appropriately named, not just b/c I gave him to myself for Valentine's day in feb. of 08, but because of his exquisitely, perfect sweetness, not to mention the heart-shaped spot on his right shoulder. yes, we both wear our hearts on our sleeve, so to speak! I've had a very rough road these last few years, and Valentine was the one and only "thing" I did not lose, amidst all of my other losses. now that he is gone, I am in a state of grief that some just don't or can't understand. when I brought him to the vet's Wednesday morning at 7:30 for an ultrasound, I kissed him as I put him in the crate, and said, "right back!" (our special lingo instead of "bye," this way he knew I'd be right back! I had no inkling, no clue in the world that I'd never hold him in my arms alive again. he was not at death's door. he felt better tues. night, ate, played, cuddled and purred like usual. after the ultrasound, the vet was going to give him an injection of prednisolone and an appetite-inducer, and he was going to get better with the steroid pills, and I knew he wouldn't be 100%, nor live forever, but I anticipated more time with him, and knew we could only "manage" his illness. never in a million years did I think I would have him delivered to me in a cardboard box! I've never cried so hard in all of my life. I don't understand why the vet didn't get around to him until 3:30 that afternoon. he was alone, scared, frightened, didn't know what was going on, where "mommy" was, and had no meds, food or water since midnight before. did he think I had abandoned him b/c he was sick? did he think he would never return home to me? how did he get so weak that he just died? did the shot kill him? did the doc euthanize him w/out my consent, b/c he was gonna cost too much to treat? he didn't have him as a priority b/c he had better-paying-customers. what in God's name happened to cause him to die?!!! I am baffled, angry, sad, confused..... I spent the night at my daughter's last night, b/c she didn't want me to be alone. I just came home to an empty house, and everywhere I look, there he IS/WAS!!! his favorite chair on which he slept. the window where he chattered at birds and squirrels, the "fluff-fluff" where he snuggled with me on my bed, his scratching post I MADE for him out of leather strips, beads, and feathers, his toys, sheepskin rug, his catnip on this hello--kitty-placemat.... he's everywhere! .....and nowhere. I know I HAVE to accept this. but right now, I can't seem to. I'm just crushed. he didn't have to die like that, alone, not cared for immediately, without me, his mommy! thank all of you , I wish I'd found ya'll sooner, I will be a part of your community, and do what I can for others. my dream is to have a farm full of rescue animals. my mother has a 12 acre farm, she raises Arabian horses. and cats. lots and lots of them..... one day, when the farm is mine, it will be Valentine's Sanctuary. trust me, it will come to be. that sweet angel of a cat was so much more than a cat, he was literally an ANGEL. I am a writer, and I will write a book about him. it's amazing how he touched, and changed my life. I promise to write more tomorrow and add pics. I don't have pics on this computer, I have to scan some, but I will do so soon. love to you all, please write, it is comforting. thank you, Dawn, especially for the help with the vets, you are appreciated more than words can say.... goodnight, summer, and Valentine
  12. Valentine Edwards - Kitty in need of help

    hi everybody! my name is summer, I am brand new to this site. Valentine is my beautiful 6 year old white and tabby-grey, with beautiful green-eyes kitty-cat! I was blessed to find ya'll over the weekend, and ever since, have been in touch with Dawn, as she has been an angel, and so have all of ya'll. I've been crying my eyes out for days, but really trying to be positive, and visualize Valentine getting better. today's test results showed CANCER! this is unbelievable, as he has always been vaccinated, eaten high-quality-food, just the picture of perfect health. he's been there for me through thick and thin, as I've gone through a crisis, where I lost literally everything else in my life! I thank all ya'll who have helped and prayed, and please continue to do so. I'm picking him up within an hour, and the steroid shot, and appetite-inducer should make him feel better, but the vet is saying that there's not a lot that can be done. does anyone know of anything that would help? people live years with cancer, why can't cats? I'm just not ready to accept that he is going to DIE! I will keep doing everything I know to do, but if anyone knows of anything, please, please, please let me know! I will attach a photo soon, as soon as I can! please pray, God bless ya'll and all ya'lls kitties too! with much love, summer
  13. valentine