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  1. "Derek" the bum kitty....

    Thanks Jamie! I will get started on it right away!!!
  2. "Derek" the bum kitty....

    Hi there. My name is Ray and im writing about the love of my life "Derek". Derek and I first met outside my apartment building in Kamloops when he was about 6 months old. I had 30 goldfish in our outdoor pond that he would come and watch. With his paws hanging over the edge he would talk and talk to me telling me how when he was bigger he was going to catch one of these fish and eat it. The summer slowly passed and he started hanging around more, sleeping in the smoking area at night and coming for belly rubs during the day. As winter started to approach I decided I would sneak him in one night for some good eats and a solid sleep in a warm bed. And yes of course this turned into a daily event. I would go down around 1am everynight and he would climb into my duffle bag and away we would go back upstairs to my apartment. our little secret! Very quickly without a doubt I fell madly in love with him. How could you not he was such a charmer and truly a gentleman. I fell ill after a minor surgery and just about died. He was always there to keep me company especially on the worst days. About a year and a half of this went by until July 15th when my tenancy agreement ended. I decided to move to Nanaimo for a change of pace and a fresh start. Derek was coming with me of course! Lucky for us we found a decent place with great landlords upstairs. Since moving to Nanaimo Derek has made tons of new friends in the neighbourhood and I believe is truly happy having a place to call home. About 3 weeks ago I noticed he was doing something funny with his legs and actually hissed at me when I went to investigate. Coming from a cat that barely makes a noise I knew something was wrong. After several sets of xrays and two different vet changes we have finally figured out that he has fractured both of his femurs (explaining the way I understand the situation to be) and is in need of what is called "femoral head excision" surgery which has been estimated to me at $2800 being done by a retired surgeon. My other options are to try and find him a new home where someone can afford to love and care for him. (I would like to make it very clear that this cat owns my heart. He couldn't possibly be more loved.) This option is very unlikely as the cost of the surgery is so expensive. Or to have him euthanized as he is in so much pain. The thought of this makes me sick to my stomach as otherwise he is a perfectly healthy cat and full of love. He is only 2 1/2 years old and has his whole life ahead of him. Im hoping that someone may know how to help us or guide us in the direction of someone who possibly can. I cant imagine my life without him.....