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Maureen for Spock

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  1. Lexi Robidoux

  2. Paradise

    Here's the entire quote:"Dogs are our links to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit silently with a dog on a hillside on a glorius afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was Peace."
  3. Hello, i'm Arlin

    Hi to you Arlin from Spock and my mommyMaureen. I wasn't named Spock for nothing. I very logically predict that IMOM will find a way. Be sure to email your IMOM caseworker each time something changes. Are you just 18 years old? I'm very proud of you!!
  4. Introduction

    Hi, Mapleman, what a beautiful dog Rosie is - how i she doing on new meds? I'm on disability myself and I know the stress of caring for a sick animal when all you can afford is rent and utilities! But hang in there, you've found a real home. I'm a recent member (my cat Spock's just been funded) and I'm still in wonder of IMOM. Let us hear from you as often as you can-you are in my prayers.
  5. Paradise

    "Dogs are our links to Paradise. To sit silently with a dog, on a gorgeus afternoon, on a hillside is to know happiness...it is not bordoom it is Eden." Written by Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz. I can't find the complete quote, when .I'll share it. The most important word to me is "SILENTLY" - the world is constantly jabbering at us; since childhood, my pets were the only creatures I found to give silent joy.
  6. Spock McCloud - has the funds!

    It's 6:30PM here in California. Spock has eaten a little and now seems to be interested in the parade of people and critters outside our balcony..I'll keep everyone up to date ---love and kisses, Maureen & the Spockester
  7. Spock McCloud - has the funds!

    Spock's appointment with the LBK dentist is Monday 2/28-it's really going to happen! Spock woke up sick this morning: his ears are very warm and he isn't eating (he's usually famished in the mornings) I hope he'll improve thru the day-I'll keepiing you posted.
  8. Spock McCloud - has the funds!

    Gracias!!! (I and don't know any other languages to say it!) This is a new and wonderful experience for me. Spock and I will certainly be here for all the critters in need. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!!!!
  9. Spock McCloud - has the funds!

    Good morning from Spock and me to everyone at IMOM. All of you have raised our spirits for Spock's recovery. I believe somebody asked who the character 'Spock' came from. Horrors - it was never 'Star Wars'!! "Mr Spock' was the First Officer in the original 'Star Trek' TV series. I don't really know why my LBK got the name- both of them are appealing, very smart characters. On another topic: we still need only $180 to begin Spock's treatment. Spock seems to be fairly comfortable, but, just as in humans, infected teeth and gums can flare up and travel throughout the body at any time. Can you help Spock with any amount of donations?
  10. Spock McCloud - has the funds!

    Dear SydsMom & Friends: What a great way to start a Monday morning! Thanks for your kind words. Spock is sitting on the windowsill, watching the birds outside. He'd sprout wings and fly to ch. I know he senses my relief and hope you've given us. He seems to move and little easier this morning. Bless you all!
  11. Spock McCloud - has the funds!

    Kudos to you Juli; I'm amazed at the support and response, as well as my ability to finally navigate this website!..looking forward now to talking to my new friends - love, Maureen & the Spockester
  12. Spock McCloud - has the funds!

    spock-THANK YOU< LISA, and everyone for their encouragement. This is my first 'reply' and I hope it goes thru. Spock is quiet and he's eating, but his pain haunts me every second.