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  1. Isley Tatum - Pit with Addisons

    Angel? How is he doing? He's in my prayers
  2. Any news on how Lovie is doing?
  3. I just sent out an eblast to all of my residents here at the apartment community I manage, and have shared on every social site I can think of, even my properties facebook page. I am anxious to see this mircle of love happen
  4. Maggie as well was very healthy and full of life, but her cancer spread as soon as she had her surgery. I am praying and sending every ounce of positive energy that I have to you guys. Lovie is beautiful and it makes me sick how people treat these beautiful babies. I as well saved Maggie and had 12 wonderful years with her. I pray that you get many years of companionship with Lovie. I just donated. If anyone can do it for you both the Angels can. I am ready to see some banannas dancing Angels. Let's give Lovie a standing/dancing ovation.
  5. Hi Sheryl. This is near and dear to my heart. I lost my little beautiful girl Maggie Mae in January to this very thing. My vet directed me to IMOM and Cindy was wonderful as well as so many IMOM Angels helping me get the medical attention Maggie needed. I pray that Lovie get's the same experience and change that my little girl did with the help of the agnels. I can't do much as my finances still have not recovered yet but I will go in right now and give what I can. Over the past few months I have tried to help where I can in memory of Maggie. She would be very happy about this. You guys will be in my prayers
  6. Isley Tatum - Pit with Addisons

    Making my monthly donation right now for Isley. He is such a beautiful boy
  7. Isley Tatum - Pit with Addisons

    Isley I think you are a beautiful baby and must be very loved by your daddy. I would love to get in on the monthly donation to help you. I can't do much in light of my own financial hardship I am currently dealing with. If I could I would offer the full amount. My Maggie Mae has been gone only for a week today and it's been the longest week of my life. She would want me to do what I can. You can count me in for 10.00 a month as long as you need it. Enjoy every day with each other that you can. Life is precious
  8. Isley Tatum - Pit with Addisons

    Isley we will do as much as we can every month. Maggie would find anything but that acceptable. Don't worry the Angles will make sure you are ok. Darryl thank you for your kind words they mean alot.
  9. Thank you Cindy. I will NOT be leaving IMOM any time soon. This is an awsome family and I was very fortunate to find all of you. I want to do what I can to help others in the same position.
  10. Maggie mae Thomas

  11. Isley Tatum - Pit with Addisons

    How is everyting going for Isley? I was thinking about him today
  12. Thank you all for your support and your beautiful words. They mean so much to me
  13. Isley Tatum - Pit with Addisons

    Maggie Mae Thomas would have been very unhappy if her momma did not try to help. We did not have much left after paying her bill yesterday but we just donated $10.00. I know the Angles can do it. They did it for Maggie
  14. That is beautiful Judy. Thank you
  15. It hurts so bad. I can't sleep I keep seeing how happy she was when they took me back to see her. She knew something was happening because she wouldn't stop crying. It took me holding her wrapped in her blanket 15 minutes to get her calmed down. I feel like it was my job to protect her and help her and I failed. She looked to me to help her. I don't know how to get through this