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Everything posted by Judy

  1. Cindy I am THRILLED...a sweet little girl is just what you need..YAY and the boys sure did play a part in this...they are watching over their Momma!
  2. Just checking in. The storms have been quite intense here off and on all day...sending love and hugs...sad to see about Sue's Ollie...
  3. Cindy.. I haven't been here in IMOM for a few weeks...but I stopped by tonight and have caught up on you and Justice. Pam had been keeping me posted but I thought I'd come catch up here. The posts from everyone say so much. You, Tucker and Justice have touched so many. Thank you...right now it's still very hard for me to read what is going in as we just went thru this and it's still painful, plus I totally know how hard this is for you..but know I am sending hugs and positive thoughts to you both...
  4. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I am so so sorry to find that Mister had gone to the Rainbow Bridge...our Gracie just went ahead on June 12 and she loved kitties. I hope that she met Mister and helped him settle in...I thank you for sharing him with us...you both had many friends here at IMOM. Sending you sympathies..💔
  5. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Sending you wishes for a Happy Mother's Day...praying that Mister is doing better..I'm still very worried about him
  6. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    A Happy Easter to you and Mister
  7. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I am SO VERY SAD to read that Mister is NOT going potty...This is EXTREMELY PAINFUL for him and he is suffering. PLEASE see a vet, he needs help...he cannot continue to stay blocked up...he will not survive this
  8. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I am really worried about Mister...I am afraid that he is really sick...Will be checking in off and on for an update for this week.
  9. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I too am hoping that the blood work has shown what is going on for our sweet Mister...Positive thoughts and prayers that he had improved 😺
  10. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Just wanting you to know that I am thinking positive thoughts for both you and Mister...I have you both in my thoughts and prayers. I will be checking in early tomorrow morning for your up date...❤
  11. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I want you to know that you and Mister are in my thoughts and prayers...So hoping for a good report today.....
  12. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    What wonderful news! I am hoping that Mister had been able to get in to see the new vet and is feeling much much better!! Thank you IMOM!!
  13. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I hope taking him off the medicine that had the side effects had corrected the problem. You can call the vet and ask for a possible change in medication that does not cause the constipation.. hoping for the BEST for Mister!
  14. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Just checking in...I am quite concerned for Mister...has he been to the vet? I hope he has not developed an empaction...worried here in Ohio...sending positive thoughts and prayers to you both.
  15. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I am so hoping you'll be posting that Mister is feeling better this week... It's been an amazing week end here..Sunshine and temps in the high 50's...
  16. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I hope that Mister had had a better week and is feeling better... We are cold and snowy here in Ohio. But, come Tuesday it will be in the mid 40s...Do, the snow will be melting. The cold is tough on our Gracie...
  17. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Sorry I missed wishing you and Mister a Merry Christmas, I hope you had a lovely day. I am sending you both wishes for a HAPPY, HEALTHY and blessed New Year .Would you believe we had blue skies today and the temperature was around 46 degrees...We have NO SNOW right now..Rain tomorrow and Tuesday then cold temperatures moving in.
  18. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    It's cold, snowy and icy here in Ohio and I imagine the same at your house... Sending hugs and prayers that you and minister are safe and warm and MOST IMPORTANTLY that Mister is feeling better
  19. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Anxiously waiting to hear how Mister did after his trip to the vet...sending positive thoughts that he has improved.... I'll be checking in tomorrow morning to see how things go are going
  20. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Well, here in Ohio the weather is not too bad..this coming week it's supposed to be very nice, I'll take that considering going to be December..the less snow we get the better it will be for our sweet, senior girl, Gracie... I hope that you and Mister had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful week
  21. IMOM has been closed for some time now. If you still have your contact email addresses it would be best to email either your caseworker or the treasurer of IMOM. It's been a while since you're checked but I am sure that you can reach someone via email. I don't know if they have a telephone contact or perhaps a fax...good luck
  22. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Friday here in Ohio was 70 degrees, but Saturday and Sunday the cold, wind, and snow blew in..I've been under the weather this week end so it's perfect weather to just stay home.. Hope you and Mister are nice and warm. Sending you wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!
  23. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I'm happy to write that it's another week end and it was a gorgeous one...and, the weather report is next week is going to be beautiful...srnding wishes for you and Mister to be able to ENJOY!
  24. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Here it is the first of November and it was a gorgeous week ebd. I drive to visit a friend in Saturday and there were still colors to see and beautiful blue skies Hope you and Mister had the same. Sending wishes for a wonderful week.
  25. I got to the store and home by 6 pm. I made great time going home and no problems. I had a great time yesterday....the time just flew by, didn't it! The weather was beautiful, Justice looked great, Lucky was a Sweetheart and it was GREAT to see you, Carol and David.....it was a great day!