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  1. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Thank you Cindy all my love
  2. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    I wanted to thank everyone for your prayers and give you all an update! I shared last Thursday I had an appointment and the scheduled surgery for me later in the month. We left the clinic and headed back home. I had been several days no water or food so we tried something lite in Conway. We were about to get in the car to head on back when my phone rang. It was the surgeons office. My labs were critical and they said I needed to be admitted into the hospital. Well I truly debated even going back, mom insisted. So here we were mom Jason and I headed to check in we had no idea where they would be able to stay and frankly I was more concerned about that than anything. We finally figured out where to park and where to go and I got all checked in. Much to my surprise there was a super large and very clean room with a recliner and fold out couch and they even accommodated mom with her oxygen. God met that need. We were able to meet with some of the surgeons team they explained why I needed to be there. I had jaundiced, stone induced pancreatitis and my liver and white cell count were both very high. I knew I had been sick and in a lot of pain. After a few more scans they toggled back and forth between putting a drain in my liver to decompress or surgery. Apparently my ducts were so small the radiology team didn't want to do the drain I must admit I was glad of that. Finally on Friday night they came in and said we are going to do surgery. He explained the procedure and the exploration of my bile duct. He said there is a 1/4 chance I cannot get that out. I headed out for surgery that morning, have been so blessed by those praying for me! I came out and when I woke up they had placed the drain tube and removed my gallbladder and done the exploration of my bile duct. He retrieved part of a stone but said there was more he could t get because of all the inflammation. They said we will keep you till Tuesday go back in and try again. Oh I was so disappointed! This nightmare has been going on so long! So Sunday morning this smiling ear to ear surgeon comes in and says your prayers have been answered. He said I blew you these images from your surgery about 2 am but wanted to let you sleep. He pulls up these on the computer and says what I thought was a stone left wasn't. He said you are stone free and you can go home! I hugged him twice! I just kept saying thank you thank you. He said it wasn't me! He and I both knew who did this miracle! Dr Sexton at UAMS in my book is the best of general surgeon you will ever find! I'm most thankful though for the Master Surgeon who is still in the miracle working business! I know God had a plan and worked it out for my good. The plan included the best of care from the folks at UAMS. And I made some new and special friends the past few days! I had the best of the best care! I am so happy to be at home recouping! Feeling so thankful and so very blessed!
  3. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Me too Cindy! Its been a long drawn out process! Hope to get some answers on when surgery will be Thursday.
  4. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Cindy isn't an update I got a call last minute from UAMS they had a surgeon who feels he can do it all in one procedure no drain. So naturally I was so thankful not to have to go that route. If he cannot I'll have to. But this surgeon contacted me so I have high hopes! I go Thursday for consult!
  5. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Thank you my friend yes these babies endured so much and were so strong if I could be half the person of strength my Reecey boy was! Thank you my friend
  6. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Thursday at 7:30 am I will be at hospital for them to put in billary drain and catheter I'll have it a few weeks. Pray I'm scared it's going to be painful!
  7. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    I know Cindy this is a nightmare I can't seem to wake from! I'm terrified of this procedure!
  8. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    I didn't get good news. I'm so aggravated! he wants to place a catheter with a bag through my liver out the bile duct to drain the bile. 2-3 weeks later try to get the stone 😭
  9. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    We have decided to go down Sunday evening and find the place etc. so you may not hear from me but I will absolutely post when I can keep the prayers coming
  10. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Girl I know! I need to hear yes I'll get it out and yes soon! Like yesterday! I've been so sick!
  11. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    I go Monday for consultation with dr in Little Rock!
  12. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Thank you! Haven't heard anything yet about a date I just keep the phone closeby
  13. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    I wanted to tell you Cindy it wasn't laparoscopic. It's a procedure called ERCP to remove bile duct stones. However I have a duadonal diverticula and it made it difficult for him to find the opening of the duct. Apparently little rock is a much more advanced set up with the dr specializing in difficult cases like mine. Pray I stay healthy enough until that time and that he can get it out! They told me to pick a sweet dream can you happen to guess who my last thought was about?! My angel always on his mommas mind!
  14. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    2 weeks but no appt so not sure yet yes I'm very frustrated
  15. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Hi all! Well I don't have good news. Unfortunately the dr said he has never had it happen he couldn't find the opening to the duct. So i am still carrying it around and they are going to send me to Little Rock to see if they can't get it. Ugh I'm so frustrated!!!