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  1. Pepper Pea Pod Pie

    Lisa, so sorry to hear about your precious Pepper. So glad you found each other and had more time together than the vet thought. Never easy to lose them, but so wonderful you were able to share time together on this earth. You will see her at the bridge, I'm sure. Betsy
  2. Thank you for trying to help with my sweet peanuts surgery. You are a angel! 


  3. I love the pictures and the work that you are doing for these furbabies. You are doing such wonderful work. The angels should be doing wonderful work, too. How about a matching challenge? I am putting $50 on the table. Who will take my money? Betsy
  4. My heart is broken hearing this news. So sorry to Peanuts family, I know how much you loved her and what a big part of your family she was. RIP sweet Peanuts, keep watch on your mom and dad from the bridge.
  5. Sorry, was out for the day and just got back to my computer. WOOHOO! Matching funds sent, can't wait to see the dancing bananas! And please give Peanuts a smooch on the head from me. Betsy
  6. I am upping my matching challenge to $397.50. Please Angels, let's get the money together for Peanuts now. I can't bear to look at that sweet face and know she is in such pain. Her family deserves to have her back to keep lovin' on for a long time. LET'S DO THIS!!!! Betsy
  7. OK Angels, how about a good old fashioned match challenge to get things moving faster - $50 is on the table - who will take my money? Betsy
  8. YIPPEEE! Fastest matching challenge I've ever been involved in. Funds sent. Come on angels, get hopping!!!!
  9. OK, matching funds sent in. Only $175 needed. Come on angels, I'm going to issue another $50 challenge to get things moving. Someone please take my money!!! Betsy
  10. Let's go angels - Sterling needs our help. Just waiting for someone to take my money Betsy
  11. How can I resist such a cute bunny AND a challenge? I see your $50 challenge CatPaws and issue another $50 challenge as well. Who will take my money? Betsy
  12. C'mon angels, how can you resist IMOM's challenge? I just sent $50 to get this party started - let's keep it going. Really want these precious babies to go to their furrever homes NOW!!!!! Betsy
  13. Great news this morning, love it when matching challenges get closed out. $70 (and a big head smooch and happy dance for Blue) sent. Hope to see more coming in over the next 3 days! Betsy
  14. I have certainly missed typing these words - I'm issuing a matching challenge! I'll put up $70 for Blue's neutering if other Amgels put in that much for other animals. Come on, who will take my money? Betsy
  15. DeHaan Kitties - ferals that need your help

    Well, it may be that only $52 is left to raise - if that's the case then I'm matching the next $26. Whichever way it works, let's close this thing out...