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  1. Cindy, no one fought harder for her boy than you did. You and Justice take good care of each other. Tuckie would want that.
  2. Hi Cindy, So sorry that you're going thru scary stuff with Tuck. We counted up our bananas and are sending a few (so to speak) for Tuck's diagnostics.
  3. Cat people get the job done! Tracy, we will be sending good thoughts for Leo tomorrow. Please let us know how the surgery goes.
  4. Hi Tracy, I'm glad that Leo came home to show you that he needed help. Smart kitty! I'm sending a donation toward his surgery. You may have already decided to keep him inside from now on, but if you haven't, I hope you will seriously consider that. Outdoor cats are vulnerable to a lot more injuries. Unfortunately not all pet owners neuter their cats, so Leo's going to encounter intact males who want to fight. And then there are the dangers of cars..... and stupid, cruel humans. If you have limited means, you can't risk him getting a major injury again. Heck, even if you had all the money in the world, you wouldn't want your boy to go through something like this again. He'll do fine on 3 legs, but it's all the more important to protect those remaining 3. Please give Leo a kiss from us and tell him that help is on the way!
  5. I'm sending another donation from another snoring cat. Also sending our good wishes for Princess' recovery. Please spread the message to spay/neuter your pets!
  6. Zaida Wolf - ALL FUNDS RAISED

    Very glad to hear that Zaida's surgery went well!!
  7. Zaida Wolf - ALL FUNDS RAISED

    I am unfortunately unable to make a donation because I'm paying for surgery tomorrow on a stray cat who has the same condition Zaida has. But I wanted to comment that the quote for Zaida's surgery is very reasonable -- just in case that assures anyone who may be thinking about making a donation. Please do help this puppy if you can! Best wishes for Zaida's recovery.
  8. Just sent a donation for Cleo. I hope the kids are learning that part of loving a pet is making sure it gets basic vet care, including spaying/neutering. You say that Cleo has been healthy all these years, but each heat cycle has increased her chances of getting breast cancer. I hope she dodges that bullet and recovers from pyometra.
  9. I'm making a donation for Athena because pyometra is deadly and because, thanks to IMOM, she will finally get spayed. Athena's folks - I'm not sure why you're against wet food for your cats, but any cat with urinary tract issues benefits from water intake, and one way to get more water into a cat is wet food. Please take a minute to read these articles: http://marvistavet.com/html/feline_oxalate_bladder_stones.html http://marvistavet.com/html/feline_struvite_bladder_stones.html http://catinfo.org/?link=urinarytracthealth Hoping Athena can have her surgery very soon.....
  10. Caina Ross - ALL FUNDS RAISED

    So Caina had her surgery? Was the vet able to spay her?
  11. Caina Ross - ALL FUNDS RAISED

    Any update on Caina?
  12. Caina Ross - ALL FUNDS RAISED

    It makes me sick to see a 9 yr old dog who's never been spayed and is suffering as a result. Not to mention that the surgery will be harder on her than if it had been done when she was young. But thanks to IMOM, Caina will get the treatment she needs AND the spay she needs. I'm sending a donation to help the effort along. Hang on, Caina.
  13. Tucker Van Allen

    He IS a tough guy!!! Then again, Tuckie has lots of motivation to want to get back to his mama and his best buddy Justice. SO happy to hear that Tuck is bouncing back quickly!
  14. Tucker Van Allen

    Cindy, don't give that another thought. IMOM is all about giving our beloved furkids a chance at recovery. No regrets, only hope!! And not to worry: Teddie knows everything.
  15. Tucker Van Allen

    Ahem, Miss Van Allen, if I'm not mistaken, today is your birthday!! Knowing how much you love the boyz, can't imagine a better present than Tuckie having his surgery..... which we all believe will have him feeling so much better. Will be checking for updates tomorrow. Roadie sends his love!
  16. Tucker Van Allen

    Cindy, sorry I don't get here much anymore, but I saw on FB that Tuck needs surgery. Some dear friends were going to visit this weekend and had to cancel because of their sick furkid, so I'm sending what I would have spent on dinner, etc. Hugs to you and the boyz.
  17. Thank you for all the updates. Little feisty girl has been on everybody's mind. Go, Priscilla!
  18. I'm sorry the little one is going through scary stuff -- and sorry you're having all this anxiety too. Priscilla's got a lot of people rooting for her, and it sounds like the vet staff is doing everything they should be for her. Adding our prayers......
  19. My Henry is a nose-nipper too. We're sending good thoughts and kitty kisses to Priscilla. Hoping for a successful surgery tomorrow and a quick recovery!
  20. Priscilla's mom -- Did the vet hospital go over with you how long Priscilla should be fasted before surgery? With a kitten that age, vets sometimes advise not fasting as long as an adult because the kitten can get hypoglycemic. But go with whatever the surgeon tells you, and make sure she can't access the other cats' food.
  21. It's understandable that the vet can't anticipate all possible complications, but the range given in the estimate doesn't include take-home meds? If, for example, he usually sends a cat home on a couple days of Buprenex (pain medication), couldn't that cost be factored into the estimate so we can at least fundraise for it? Very encouraging news, though, that the surgery is going to happen soon!
  22. This question might seem a bit off-topic, but there's a reason I'm asking. Has Priscilla been checked for fleas? You want her to be as strong as possible for surgery, and fleas can make a young kitten anemic. She's lucky she was found by a family willing to go the extra mile for her.
  23. Priscilla's mom -- Tell your girls they're very welcome. They're seeing the power of people coming together to help an animal in need. That's what IMOM is all about. Otis - thank you! Melissa -- You can't get fired. LOL I've been reading a little about Priscilla's condition, as I've never seen this in a cat. Apparently it's pretty rare in kittens - more common in puppies. But it sounds like the prognosis with surgery is good, and the younger the animal, the better. Let's give Priscilla that chance!
  24. That is sensational news! We might just keep you up all night, Melissa. There's some serious IMOM mojo here. LOL