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Antares and his mommy

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  1. Gracie Fulbright

    What great news that Gracie's kidney are doing well. Give her kitty kisses for me. HUGS
  2. Gracie Fulbright

    Happy Birthday Lisa and kitty kisses to Gracie and Howie. HUGS
  3. Kayla - Rainbow Bridge 9/22/05 - Part #5

    Dropping by to honor Kayla's Bridge Day!!!! Big hugs!!!!
  4. Gracie Fulbright

    Wow... these are good news that Gracie is going to go off the insulin. I hope it works fine. Way to go Gracie! HUGS
  5. Jenna Turk

    Thinking of you. HUGS. Aline and the fur kids
  6. Gracie Fulbright

    Checking on Gracie. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for when she goes to the vet. Hugs
  7. Jenna Turk

    Deborah, I am so, so sorry that Jenna had to go to the RB. Putting a pet to sleep is so heart wrenching, but know that you made the best decision for Jenna. It’s the most beautiful way to help our beloved pets to the bridge: peacefully and with dignity. I am glad that Jenna could communicate to you through the animal communicator that her time had come. Sometimes, it is so hard to let go because there is always a “what if?” What if she pulls through again this time, what if a cure comes on the market tomorrow, what if there is something else that I can do? And then, there is also the fear of how it is going to be when our beloved pet is gone. You made the decision unselfishly. Jenna must be very proud of you. You will have a very special guardian angel in Jenna. She is free of her worn out body. She can walk and play with other angels at the RB and never be tired again. Many hugs to you. Aline and the fur kids
  8. Gracie Fulbright

    So glad to hear that Gracie's report is so good. Way to go Gracie!!!! Hugs
  9. Gracie Fulbright

    No matter what the challenge is, count me in. Gracie is so beautiful. Hugs. Aline and the fur kids.
  10. Rusty

    Nancy, many hugs to you for taking care of Rusty. Aline and the kids. PS: How is Puddles doing?
  11. Gracie Fulbright

    Congratulations on the new job. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Gracie's monthly check up. HUGS. Aline and the kids
  12. Jenna Turk

    That is great that Jenna still wanted to go the park. Hugs to you and Jenna. Aline and the kids
  13. Mariska of BrightStar, aka Ivan's Mom

    I second Celia’s comment. Sometimes, the best gift of love we can give to our furry kids is to help them cross the bridge. Hugs. Aline
  14. My sweet Kitty girl

    What a wonderful cat Kitty must have been. I’m sure that she is talking proudly of her mommy to other RB kids. Hugs Aline
  15. Gracie Fulbright

    I've read lots of positive things about Epakatin. It has really good results with CRF cats in Europe. It's a binder, but it also helps eliminating toxins out of the body. HUGS Aline and the kids.