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  1. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    Here he is
  2. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    It's been a year next week since I almost lost my Cujo. He is such a great companion and LOVES going on walks. He doesn't really run, and still has trouble jumping on things, but he is for sure my boy still.We have started going back yard dog parks, but only with few dogs there. We have to leave when a dominant dog comes. Cujo still thinks he's the toughest dog but isn't quick anymore and has that aggression still. He's very ccontent playing fetch and sitting in a swimming pool. Cujo likes hanging out with Rooney a little more and Landon still talks about Cuj's booboo on his tummy. I came to check on more miracle babies but it looks like things have slowed down. We haven't forgotten IMOM and the magic you guys gave. I still have my Cujo and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  3. Smokey Galvan - Kitty with urinary blockage

    smokey the kittty! Hang in there =] I don't have monies to donate, still trying to pay off the part I had for Cujo's vet bill. However, we are here! I have been there, done that in regards to having a sick baby! Keep your head up!
  4. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    Hi there friends! Cujo is doing wonderfully! He and Rooney are besties! I took Cujo to the dog park for the first time since his surgeries! He did great!! He played with two other dogs. We left Roo at home because 2 dogs and a toddler is difficult to do when you need to watch your dog's body language. We took a trip to Pittsburgh. Cujo did NOT like the transition. For the first time in his life, he was so stressed out he was aggressive and had to be caged. The vet said he had some stress thing. So, we kept him away from people the rest of the time. As soon as we came back, he was back to his old self! That's all =] Thought I'd give an update on Mr. Cujums!
  5. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    Cujo''s back to his normal self! Went to his normal vet for some shots! He was fine, not clingy afterwards! Hooray! He's back to 90 pounds.. He needs on a diet again. Oops! I can't help that he likes to eat. =]
  6. My introduction to this forum

    yay for a happy kitty!
  7. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    Hi friends. Cujo is wonderful. It's been great being warm! I took him on his first 2 mile walk since his surgery about 2 weeks ago. He did great! He was very tired, but great! =] I'm so happy to see all these babies getting helped! Miss you guys!
  8. Tabby: A Cat with Cancer in Her Ear

    three days!!!! yay kitttty cat.
  9. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    Cujo snores. So loud. Just an update =]
  10. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    I just read through our adventure we had back in October and November. I cried reading it. As Cujo lay beside me, I can't believe he was almost gone.. Thank you angels =]
  11. Isley Tatum - Pit with Addisons

    I seriously love reading all your posts. You posted when Cuj was in dire need of help. The stories you share are awesome. Hang in there buddy!!!! =]
  12. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    Hello!! Cujo has finally hit a new milestone! He can jump again!!!! =] Hopefully everyone else is doing well. Cuj has been happy it's been warm! He still get cold easily, but not nearly as bad as it was before. His scar is almost non existent & he eats like a champion! Everytime someone new comes to the house, even if they have been there before, Landon has to point out his boo boo. It is precious. haha. Cujums is currently curled up next to me. He says HI!
  13. Stephanie and Louie here

    Hang in there. January 6th is sooon!
  14. Cujo Smith - REOPENED for fund raising

    Hi friend. Cuj has been very clingy. Vet said going to the vet may have stressed him out a little. Poor guy. He gained weight! He's at 85 pounds again! Hope all the animals are doing well!
  15. Hang in there. I know it is rough right now. It is also holiday season here in the US. IMOM is volunteers.. most likely with their family as well. If they can help, they will. Give your baby a kiss from me and Cujo please!