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  1. It is amazing to me how many people have no clue about the danger of not having your pet S/N. I was also one of those people (years ago). I always had my animal S/N without knowing the dangers, just did not want the male cats to spray, my female dogs/cats get pregnant etc. Now when I speak to people and they tell me that their dog/cat is not S/N I immediately inform them about the dangers and send them an email with IMOM's information about the importance of having your animal Spayed/Neutered. It is up to each one of us to inform our family and friends of the DANGERS of not having their animal fixed. Jacki's message: The position IMOM takes on spay and neuter is very well known. There is absolutely no reason it's OK not to spay and neuter your pets. For years we have heard about the pet over population. That continues to be a problem. Our rescue and shelter friends can tell you horror stories about all the young animals who are homeless. Some have to die before they even know what it’s like to have a family and be loved. While IMOM is concerned about the pet over population, there is another issue that deeply concerns us. It concerns us to the point that we are now sending out letters to veterinarians asking them to council their clients on the health risks for animals who are not spayed and neutered. Some are already doing that. Those who are not need to start. IMOM’s mission is to help with financial aid to any companion animal in need of non routine veterinary care – and to also educate the public in matters concerning the welfare of animals. Because of our mission we have seen a lot of pets suffer, and even die, needlessly. In this forum you will read about those animals who suffered needlessly. Some did not survive. They died horrible deaths. The Facts: Behavior problems top the list of reasons for pet relinquishment. <a href="http://www.hsus.org/ace/11799" target="_blank">http://www.hsus.org/ace/11799</a> Male dogs are hit by cars, or otherwise injured having "escaped" because of a nearby female in heat. Neutered male dogs won't run after a female in heat. Spaying eliminates the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the incidence of breast cancer, particularly when your pet is spayed before her first estrous cycle. Neutering eliminates testicular cancer and decreases the incidence of prostate disease. Spaying and neutering can eliminate or reduce the incidence of a number of health problems that can be very difficult or expensive to treat. Neutering eliminates the tendency of male cats and dogs to "mark" their property Spaying can also prevent mammary gland tumors, the most common tumor in unspayed female dogs and the third most common tumor in cats. They are more common in dogs than in humans. A high percentage of mammary tumors are cancerous: in dogs, nearly 50%; in cats, nearly 90%. Once a cancerous mammary tumor spreads to the bones or lungs, the cancer will be fatal. An unspayed dog is 200 times more likely to develop mammary tumors than a dog spayed before her first heat. An unspayed cat is 7 times more likely than a spayed cat to develop mammary tumors. Female dogs and cats:~ The risk of mammary tumors for dogs spayed before their first heat is 0.05%. This risk increased to 8% after one heat cycle, and 26% after the second heat. ~ Cats who are spayed prior to one year of age have a 0.6% risk of developing mammary carcinomas compared with intact cats.
  2. Thor Parker at the Bridge

    Moved from old community 8/3/06 Author Comment Tracy IMOM Moderator Posts: 81 (11/16/04 5:16 pm) Reply Thor Parker at the Bridge -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thor was rescued from a busy highway when he was one year old. Now age 9, he has just been diagnosed with diabetes. His loving family are doing everything they can, including selling some of their possessions on E-Bay, but they are unable to afford all of his diabetic needs. They were approved for Care Credit, but they have used all of it up on his initial hospitalization and followup treatment. Thor is hoping that some kind-hearted angels can help his family with the cost of insulin and other diabetic supplies. Thor's mom has been a pleasure to work with and has done everything we have asked. She is home all day with an illness, and she says that Thor and her other fur babies are "my greatest solace when I am sick." All of Thor's four-legged "brothers and sisters" are rescues as well. The vet describes Thor's mom and dad as "caring and very responsible." The cost to sponsor Thor is $70 a month, but any and all amounts are welcome and much appreciated. Please visit his page at www.imom.org/pin/dpf/thor_parker.htm Sincerely, Tracy Edited by: Tracy IMOM at: 5/7/06 2:52 pm ellgee Community Volunteer Posts: 1646 (11/16/04 8:36 pm) Reply Re: Thor Parker, beautiful diabetic yellow lab in need -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uh oh, we have another Diabetic furrkid. Thor is adorable - he cares for the others (that is so cute) who aren't feeling well, he's a real Thorence Nightengale! Let help our diabetic kids, even if yoy cannot sponsor, one time donations are GREATfully accepted. Be sure to visit Thor's PIN page, he is just DARLING!!! Collie Hugs Please click below to visit my furbabies community.webshots.com/album/134598199QrXRlg Please visit Monty's memorial page www.svcsr.org/notforgot/monty.htm Thors Mom Unregistered User (11/17/04 12:31 pm) Reply Our first post on Thor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi--I am Thor's Mom and I want to first express my graditude to Tracy and the wonderful pet owners at IMOM who give of their time to help other people's pets in need! IMOM's site--first found in a frantic web search for information on canine diabetes--actually gave us hope that Thor's condition was treatable and that he could be saved. Thor has been out of the hospital for one week. He had a glucose level of over 600 when admitted, and sores that had rapidly appeared all over his neck and legs. I am proud to report that while he is still a bit skinny and rangy looking, his sores have miraculously healed and he is starting to look more like our pretty boy again! Unfortunately, the episode of sugar has caused total blindness for Thor, which our vet, Dr. Jerry Rayburn, has said is irreversable. However, he gets a lot of help from family members, as well as our other pets (all rescue animals). Thor's buddies are: Bossy, a blacklab/shepherd mix who talks in whole sentences. Bossy keeps us apprised of when Thor has to go out, when its time for Thor to eat, or when Bossy feels we should NOT make Thor have shots or icky medicines! He cries and barks and carries on, dancing all over when Thor has to take his shot. It certainly hurts bossy worse than it does Thor! Bossy was returned to a local animal shelter at three months old becuase his former owners wanted a "mean" dog. They had named him "Boss Man", and beat him, but to no avail. Bossy doesn't have a mean bone in his whole body. He is more like an ol' mother hen hovering over his people and fellow animals to insure we are all behaving and getting fed on time. He has this sheepish grin that reminds us of Eeyore--all he needs is a bow on his tail! Blue, a blue-eyed catahoula leopard that makes sure Thor gets adequate "play" time. He is the mischeivious little brother who entices Thor to play with his stuffed toys, wrestle, and generally not forget that Life is for living! Blue was found by my husband and daughter at a local convenience store at age 6 months. He had been there for days and was covered with sores and fleas. He was so dehydrated we had to sweep up his poopy. In sprite of his bedraggled condition and our vow of "no more pets", he immediately charmed all the people and pets, including grumpy cats, and by the evening had already commanded one third of our bed and two pillows. He adopted us and is indulged by everyone--including Thor, who actually let him eat first and kept all the other pets back when he was the new baby. ****Our most elderly dog, a German Shepherd named Princess, was also a highway rescue and lived with us for 12 years before her bad heart took her away from us. Having just lost Princess, we were so disheartened to find out that Thor might also be taken from us! Our animals are truly members of the family and I think the grief would have been more than we could bare! Cleo is our elderly grand dame kitty who is 12 years old and was found as a tiny ball of fluff riding around in the motor of my stepdad's car. She is also partially blind. She and Thor are best buddies and when the other dogs aren't looking, actually give kisses to each other and in the winter, they love to lay together warming their old bones by the fire place. Maggie is our newest addition. She is just over a year old and was dumped out in the orange grove nearby. She followed my husband around the yard insisting she was his cat for a week before he finally, (sheepishly) brought her inside to join the family. He is the one of course always emphatically insisting "no more pets." We did actually have a lot more resources in these early years for caring for our pets, but due to my condition of Multiple Scelerosis and a heart valve condition, I can no longer hold down a job out side the home, so our income took a drastic dive. Thank goodness for the computer age, as I can now help financially by selling dollhouse items and plants I root on Ebay! AND I have found others who love and care for animals as I do! God Bless to IMOM, and MAGIC and everyone for your help! The encouragement has meant as much to us as monotary donations. Thor's sugar seems to be stablizing except that he has had a couple of episodes of low blood sugar. He was tested at the Vet on Monday and must go back next week for another glucose test. He is taking his shots 2x a day, but seems pretty calm about it. He seems to understand that Mom is doing something to help him, even if it hurts sometimes. Once again--thanks to everyone and God Bless! Rhonda, Thor and the gang Kim Local user Posts: 3388 (11/17/04 12:53 pm) Reply Re: Our first post on Thor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rhonda -- Welcome! Thanks for telling us about your 4-legged family. Being a cat mom, I don't know much about canine diabetes, but you're right that it *is* treatable. Since Thor's blood glucose has gone too low a few times now, you might want to learn how to test his BG at home, so you can adjust his insulin as needed. I bet if you email the DPF committee they can tell you which of the other dog owners here home tests (CoCo's mom? Kaira's dad?) and you can get pointers from them. There might be some helpful resources on the Internet too -- I know there's a Feline Diabetes Message Bd that provides great support for owners of diabetic cats, and there may be something equivalent for owners of diabetic dogs. It's a shame that the diabetes has robbed Thor of his eyesight, but keep reminding yourself that he's on the right road now and is surely feeling better. Plus he's got his pals Bossy and Cleo to show him around! Would anyone like to sponsor this handsome pup? If $70/month is not within your budget, you can sign up for a smaller amount. ps) Linda -- Thorence Nightingale?? Edited by: Kim at: 11/17/04 7:51 pm Thors Mom Unregistered User (11/17/04 9:42 pm) Reply Just a goodnight post -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thor and I send our best wishes to the pet lovers we've met so far! I really enjoyed seeing the collie photo album and was very moved by Monty's story! It did remind me so much of Thor when we first got him. He also did not know how to play--or even be petted! If we petted him, he would back up and stare in surprise--like I know I'm supposed to be watching over you, but are you really supposed to love me too? Thank goodness Thor was young enough to learn how a pet should really be treated! He is still not very demanding when it comes to physical demonstrations of love, and with so many pets, we have to make sure we take the time every day to give Thor big hugs and lots of praise and pats, because he will never ask! I also really appreciate the advise about taking Thor's sugar readings at home. Tracy has also offered a meter through IMOM. I asked my vet about it, but right now he is still having a hard time getting blood from Thor to test. He thinks when Thor gets in better condition I may be able to do the monitoring at home. It certainly would increase my peace of mind! Right now, I have to chase him around the yard trying to get him to go pee on a monitor strip. It changes color to tell me whether Thor's sugar is high-but it doesn't tell me if it is low. It is kind of scary. I am also worried about the amount to feed him. My vet has put him on this VERY expensive prescription food called W/D. He had me giving him 1/2 can and 1 cup of dry 2x a day. However, Thor weighed 140 pounds before his diabetes. Now he only wieghs 80 pounds and is way too thin! Thor began rolling the cans of food out of the pantry to tell me he wasn't getting enough to eat. Now the vet has let me increase the food to 1/2 can and 1 1/2 cups of dry a day. I hope this is enough! His ideal wiegh was about 110 to 115 (He is a HUGE for a Lab!) Anyone with opinions/ideas? mitzismom Unregistered User (11/18/04 8:04 pm) Reply Thor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi I just wanted you to know that there is an excellent canine diabetes resource at the pets with diabetes site, it is also a part of ezboard. When my dog was first dx,I was fortunate to find the site and the help and caring was wonderful. Mitzismom Thors mom Unregistered User (11/21/04 8:52 pm) Reply Thank you for the helpful reference -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks so much for the helpful reference to the ez site. I am trying to gather all the information I can to help Thor. He had a good weekend with all the kids coming home to visit. Unfortunately, he bumped into something and his left eye is almost swollen shut! Poor baby! He is doing pretty well coping with his new blindness in the house where he can follow the walls and furniture, but in the yard, he has a lot more trouble. Their are a lot of bushes along the fence and Bossy--his black lab brother--loves to dig deep holes Thor keeps tripping into. I can't put his collar or a lease back on him yet because of the sores on his neck which are still healing. He goes to the vet to get another blood glucose tomorrow. Wish us luck! God bless! Rhonda, Thor and the gang Thors Mom Unregistered User (11/23/04 9:17 pm) Reply Thor's sugar still low -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thor's trip the the vet today went well. His sores are healing splendidly! However, his sugar is still pretty low. The vet is having me decrease his insulin to 18 ccs. He has also gained back 2 1/2 pounds!!!! Hurray THOR!!! He has evidently not lost his watchdog instincts. Today, a fruit inspector was going around the year looking at our orange trees and Thor was beside himself, giving his most anxious growl! He is VERY gentle, but has always been the very best watchdog when it comes to strangers. He has the most low, menacing growl, you are shocked that it is coming from, sweet, docile 'ol Thor ! Happy Turkey Day to all at IMOM!!! All the volunteers and pets will be in our prayers this holiday weekend. God bless to all!!! From Rhonda Thor: Bossy: Blue: Cleo: Maggie: Stonewall and assorted reptile pets: In memory of Princess and bagle the Beagle: ellgee Community Volunteer Posts: 1754 (11/23/04 10:28 pm) Reply Re: Thor's sugar still low -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YAY! A decrease in insulin. Sounds like Thor is responding well. I hope his eye is better, give him a hug for being such a brave dog. Collie Hugs Please click below to visit my furbabies community.webshots.com/album/134598199QrXRlg Please visit Monty's memorial page www.svcsr.org/notforgot/monty.htm Thors mom Unregistered User (11/29/04 11:13 am) Reply Thor had a Happy Thanksgiving! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Holidays!!! Thor had a wonderful Thanksgiving! His sugar has been very good--in spite of his raids on plates of unsuspecting holiday guests! He decided HE WOULD have turkey and dressing, even if Dr. Rayburn said no... His eyes both seem to become irritated or something. I'm going to ask the vet tomorrow why he is doing this. He really enjoyed the two new babies in our family and stood guard almost all day (when he wasn't trying to sneak a snack). I am so pleased with how well he is doing for an almost 10 year old dog! He has NO arthritis and gets around well. His bladder control has returned completely (no more midnight accidents!) and he is gaining just a little weight back. Only problem I am having with the other dogs--Bossy is getting a little touchy about Thor accidently stepping on him and growls. Bossy does have a little arthritis so I think it hurts when big ol' 82 pound Thor plows over him. This scares Thor because he can't see and doesn't understand why Boss is angry with him. I hope none of the other dogs develop an agression toward him in his weakened condition. So far, they seem to treat him well, but he was always the leader of the pack so to speak, so I am afraid of a challenge to his authority. Hopefully, I will have good news to report on our visit to the vet tomorrow. I hope Thor will get a sponsor soon. I hope it's not his age. He is actually in very good shape for a 9 year old dog and I think has several more happy years ahead of him if we keep his condition under control. God bless and happy holidays to everyone! Rhonda, Thor and the gang Thors mom Unregistered User (12/1/04 10:52 pm) Reply Thor doing great! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The decrease in Thor's insulin appears to have done the trick! Thor's sugar was perfect yesterday at the vet!!!! I also found out something about his eyes and why they are sometimes sweilling. The vet said the cateracts on his eyes will sometimes weep and produce a fluid thast can cause slight inflammation. He said it is nothing to worry to much about but very typical of his condition. He also may be able to eventually go off the very expensive prescription food if he continues to show progress. The vet said he has found that there are three elements to consider in treatment of diabetes in pets--you have the amount of insulin, food and exercise. You can change or manipulate one, but you must keep the others the same for a certain amount of time or it causes to much shock to their system. Sounds logical. I am VERY pleased with my vet and how quickly he has gotten Thor's diabetes under control! In many ways, Thor seems back to his old self! Thors Mom Unregistered User (12/3/04 7:56 am) Reply Thor's yard sale -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today and tomorrow we are having a yard sale to help pay off some of the CARE card balance for Thor. Please pray we will have a successful sale. God bless and have a great weekend everyone! We also got our first shipment through IMOM of insulin and syringes for Thor. I know the Lord will bless these wonderful people--volunteers and donors--for what they are doing to help His creatures. We believe each one of our animals is a gift from God, and He continues to bless us with their innocence, trust, loyalty, unconditional love--and of course--their silly antics!!! PURE JOY!!! ellgee Community Volunteer Posts: 1858 (12/3/04 9:48 am) Reply Re: Thor's yard sale -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for posting, I am gald to hear that Thor is doing well on the new dose if insulin. Good luck with the yard sale - I hope you have good weather and lots of "looky looes". Be sure they know that the yard sale is a fundraiser for Thor. Collie Hugs Please click below to visit my furbabies community.webshots.com/album/134598199QrXRlg Please visit Monty's memorial page www.svcsr.org/notforgot/monty.htm Thors Mom Unregistered User (12/6/04 7:28 pm) Reply Thor's Yard sale went pretty good! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, we pulled off the yard sale pretty good. We had folks waiting and before we could get set up they were pilfering the boxes! Good thing we priced most stuff ahead of time. We are going to try to have another on Saturday to sell what was left over. We found even more stuff and knicknacks in the attic of our barn that we didn't have time to drag out before. Its amazing what accumulates over 25 years!!! Some of my home dressed Barbies went over well, and it was nice to know that some moms shopping for their children's Christmas could benefit. God bles everyone and thanks as always for the encouragement! Hugs from Thor and the gang!!! Rhonda k9sign Registered User Posts: 988 (12/6/04 8:26 pm) Reply Re: Thor's Yard sale went pretty good! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to go to the General Discussions area on the forum and have ur furkid write their letter to Santa Paws!!! Hugs!!! Cindy, Tucker and Justice Judy Leathers Registered User Posts: 2263 (12/7/04 2:59 pm) Reply Re: Thor's Yard sale went pretty good! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rhonda, I have been reading your posts about Thor and wanted you to know that you are doing a GREAT JOB posting... Also, congratulations on the garage sale, keep up the good work. I am happy to read that Thor is doing so well, and so quickly too... Keep up the good work posting, I know that you'll have success getting Thor sponsored...Judy Thors mom Unregistered User (12/8/04 11:08 am) Reply How to write the Santa Paws? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! Please tell me more about the Santa Paws! Santa ALWAYS comes to see each animal and fills their stocking with a toy and treats. One thing Naughty Thor did ysterday, (he;s NICE almost always ) he almost got a candy treat. I heard rustling and saw that Thor was trying to paw his way into a bag of my son's gummy worms! I think "foraging" is Thor's new job. He's even trying to get into the garbage--which he NEVER has done and knows better. Poor fellow! I will be glad when he can have his regular food again. We are carrying the yard sale over to this Saturday and getting out what we didn't sell. Hopefully, we can get rid of all of it and not have to haul it all back tot he garage (or Goodwill). God bless! Rhonda, Thor and the gang Judy Leathers Registered User Posts: 2267 (12/8/04 8:14 pm) Reply Re: How to write the Santa Paws? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rhonda, if you look on the different threads there is a section for "general discussion", click on that and scroll to the thread about Santa Paws... I know that IMOM is alittle difficult to navigate in the beginning but you'll find it..it's closer to the bottom...I know that diabetic pets are near the top so just scroll down, click and you see the different topics...Santa Paws is near the top. There are ALOT of cute and touching posts there...Judy Thors Mom Unregistered User (12/18/04 9:23 pm) Reply Thor has a sponsor for $20!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am so excited! I just got the word that Thor has a sponsorship of $20 towards his monthly care! I THANK everyone here at IMOM for helping us! Thor sends precious doggie ! He is such a wonderful big lug! I thank his sponsor so, so much and want them to know that Thor is just the most precious dog. He only wants to hang with the people and see to their needs. I swear, sometimes when I'm washing the dishes with Thor supervising, or have some icky chore I have to do, Thor just hovers and gives every impression that if he could, he would jump in there and help me get the job done! We did make enough with our second yard sale to pay some of the CARE card that Thor's initial bill for treatment is on. An added bonus--I can now enter my garage without encountering a wall of boxes! Who knows--maybe someday we can--just maybe--be able to park a car in there again! Thor is enjoying Christmas, but does occasionally crash into the tree because he forgets its there. I was hoping he could see the lights, but I don't think so. He also went up onto a high shelf today (he is almost 6 feet on his hind legs) and got into a tin of Christmas cookies. Luckily, Bossy (the black lab) told on him and I think he only got three or four. I hope it doesn't cause any harm. GOD BLESS OUR NEW SPONSOR, and TRACY and IMOM friends! This is the very best Christmas present I could have! Love Rhonda, Thor and the gang Judy Leathers Registered User Posts: 2328 (12/28/04 5:37 pm) Reply Re: Thor has a sponsor for $20!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rhonda, I see that you tried to post on December 27th at 5:07 pm...I wasn't able to read what you wrote...I HOPE you saw that Thor has another Sponsor!! HOW EXCITING!! Please keep up with your posting, you are SO CLOSE to being funded. I hope that you and Thor had a wonderful Christmas and I am wishing you all a Happy New Year! Hope to read a post from you soon... , Judy Thors Mom Unregistered User (12/30/04 12:04 pm) Reply Thor's Happy New Year! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone! I was reading Judy's post and I didn't realize that my posts were not getting posted for some reason. I am HERE! We are just trying to recover from the holiday and all the wonderful pile of holiday cheer and friends and relatives we were blessed with! I am SO EXCITED and thankful that Thor has recieved another sponsorship!!!! Tracey--our wonderful pet case worker, let us know yesterday. This is like a wonderful Christmas giftaa5 and our whole family thanks IMOM sponsors and volunteers from the bottom of our hearts!: WE THANK TRACEY FOR ALL SHE HAS DONE TO HELP AND KEEP US ENCOURAGED!!! Thor is still doing remarkably well! He is gradually going back on regular food, although it is still measured and can only be given at certain times. He thinks we are trying to starve him, but actually, he is gaining some heathly weight back and no longer looks like a concentration camp victim. Is anyone else having a problem with shedding this time of year? I swear, I could make a whole 'nuther dog with the hair I sweep up every day! I brushed Thor yesterday and the hair made a huge pile!!! It seems like it is the down underlayer from deep in his coat. My other lab Bossy is also losing gobs of undercoat right now. What a chore! My husband forbids me from considering crew cuts for them!!! God bless everyone of you at IMOM! I know He has a special blessing for those who look out for the innocent and helples of his creation. HUGS and SLOPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR KISSES FROM Rhonda, Thor and the gang!
  3. Zoey McBain

    How I missed the magic that takes place here for each of the PIN's. Can't wait to see All Funds Raised.. Hang in there Zoey it is coming I can feel it..
  4. Zoey McBain

    my $50.00 is on its way and will post on our fb pages..
  5. Pretty Boi Jordan

  6. Mila - Mammary Tumor - Needs Surgery

    How is Mila doing?
  7. Mila - Mammary Tumor - Needs Surgery

    Thank God for Mila's new family and IMOM's angels who came forward to help this innocent girl, by the way things sound she wouldn't have made it much longer without surgery. SENDING TONS OF LOVE/PRAYERS AND HUGS TO MILA...
  8. Mila - Mammary Tumor - Needs Surgery

    Off to rescue but hoping to hear good news when I get back.. Hugs to Mila...
  9. Mila - Mammary Tumor - Needs Surgery

    OMG Mila looks like my Angel.... Mila - Angel is sending you tons of prayers and making a donation to help you reach All Funds Raise. Maria thank you for taking Mila in and giving her a 2nd Chance.
  10. Dozer Reguera

    Stacey my heart goes out to you. Dozer is amongst the angels and no longer in pain. RIP sweet boy..
  11. Dozer Reguera

    Why am I not surprised that Dozer has received so much support/love. IMOM and IMOM's Angels are like no other Angels, they never give up hope and will work through-out the night to help a PIN in need. I didn't realize how much I missed being a part of this AMAZING FAMILY until reading Dozer's thread. HUGS AND PRAYERS DOZER..
  12. Dozer Reguera

    Donation just sent.. Hang in there Dozer.... sending you tons of prayers/hugs...
  13. Luna Apodaca

    Just made a donation on behalf of our pitties at 2nd Chance Dog Rescue. Sending tons of prayers/hugs and kisses to Luna....
  14. Moved from old community 8/3/06 Author Comment Jacki IMOM Administrator - IMOM Founder Posts: 2300 (2/12/06 11:30 pm) Reply Rascal - Best Boy Ever -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two years ago my boy went to join Magic, Tiki and Bug at Rainbow Bridge. It snowed today and that made me think of him and miss him even more. Rascal loved to play in the snow. Judy Leathers Registered User Posts: 3858 (2/13/06 5:49 am) Reply Rascal - Best Boy Ever -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jacki, what a wonderful memory you had of Rascal, how special that the snow arrived on Rascal's Bridge Day...perhaps a sign that all is well.. I am hoping that you and Pete are starting to have happy memories of Rascal and Bug...I know it's still hard... , Judy Linda IMOM Committee Volunteer Posts: 2683 (2/13/06 6:15 am) Reply Re: Rascal - Best Boy Ever -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jacki, thinking of you as you honor Rascal's bridge day. Collie Hugs - Linda aka ellgee Please click below to visit my furbabies community.webshots.com/album/134598199QrXRlg Please visit Monty's memorial page www.svcsr.org/notforgot/monty.htm Monty's IMOM PIN page p088.ezboard.com/fimomcommunityfrm3.showMessage?topicID=88.topic cindy h Registered User Posts: 79 (2/13/06 8:18 am) Reply Re: Rascal - Best Boy Ever -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jacki, Rascal was a beautiful little boy, and what a wonderful tribute to him that the snow arrived on his bridge day. I came to IMOM when my little boy went to RB on 1/11/06 and I am so glad to have found this community of . I am grateful to your furbabies - Rascal, Magic, Tiki and Bug for leaving their mom with such a huge and immense love of furbabies that she had to share it with the rest of us, offering guidance and bringing the rest of us furbaby parents together so that we may help all who need it and know that there are so many more of us out there. Thank you Jacki, Rascal, Magic, Tiki and Bug. Huge to all of you. Cindy H Beaulah (BooBoo) suzanne Unregistered User (2/13/06 10:26 am) Reply Rascal - Best Boy Ever -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ditto!! I just found this site on 1/15/06 - twp days after my baby had to leave me. Had searched the internet, looking for the right place that felt safe enough to share my feelings, and this was the place. Scout sends a special purr from the bridge, expressing her gratitude too. Suzanne kshort13 Registered User Posts: 315 (2/13/06 5:16 pm) Reply Re: Rascal - Best Boy Ever -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's always amazing to me the things that sometimes just hit us in the face with memories. I miss every single one of my kids that have passed on and even thought the pain lessens, the missing them never seems to go away. On a little lighter note, looks to me like Rascal was a little Pom?? Max is going through Adequan shots for an arthritic hip. When we were at the vet the other night, there were 3 poms in there. My big brave 100 pound German Shepherd was afraid of them. Their moms thought that was hysterical. Poms have so much attitude and confidence. I think they are just the most adorable little dogs and there will be one in my life one of these days... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kris Murphy, Sheltie/Keeshond mix Max, GSD Taz, rescue gray kitty Chessy, rescue B&W tuxedo kitty Jacki, rescue Black DSH Lucy, rescue gray & white DMH Jacki IMOM Administrator - IMOM Founder Posts: 2301 (2/13/06 6:56 pm) Reply Re: Rascal - Best Boy Ever -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a little lighter note, looks to me like Rascal was a little Pom?? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, Rascal was a Pom. He was a big one at 12-14 pounds. Right up until he was 16 years old people would ask me if he was a Chow puppy. Rascal had arthritis in his golden years. It didn't slow him down much though. He had 2 ortho surgeries when he was younger so I started him on Glucosomine (sp?) when he was about 7 years old. I think that helped him a lot. Pom's are wonderful little dogs. I had 3 of them but now I have just one. My little Missi will be 16 in April. My Dals know she's the boss. So do the cats! I hope you do have a Pom some day. They are a joy to be around. Diana S IMOM Board of Directors Posts: 4149 (2/16/06 11:30 pm) Reply Re: Rascal - Best Boy Ever -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love reading about Rascal and the snow. I'm glad he sent snow for his Bridge Day. Obviously, it wasn't a blizzard because of winter - it's been in the 50s this week. A very strange and unique storm for the record books - that's what Rascal sent.
  15. What an amazing, touching story. Keeping all paws crossed for Ralph. Hang in there eledyce, we may not lay by your feet like Ralph, but we are here to support you both
  16. Diagnosis: Nasal Carcinoma. Jack needs radiation treatment followed by 5 re-check visits @ $475.00 each, 1st recheck 6-8 after radiation treatment, then every 3 months, last recheck visit will be in 12 months. Amount of estimate: $3660. Applicant has received funding from other sources and can contribute $1260. IMOM has pledged $25 for the next visit. We need to raise a total of $2375. Spayed or neutered: Yes Case worker: Diana C. Jack is a 9 year old Siberian Husky who is very much loved by his mom. Jack's mom has been working extremely hard at trying to raise funds for his radiation treatment. I am happy to report that she has been successful in raising $1,260.00 and has enough for the treatment but needs our assistance in raising additional funds for his re-check visits. Jack will need a total of 5 re-check visits each costing $475.00. First re-check will be scheduled 6-8 weeks after radiation treatment (which we are estimating will be in early December). We will then continue to fund-raise for each additional re-check visit which needs to happen 3 months apart from the last re-check. Please go to Jack's PIN Page and see this handsome boy for yourself. His mom's story is very touching and full of love. http://www.imom.org/pin/general/jack-nadolski.htm Donations should be designated: GF – Jack Nadolski (no donation is to small and much appreciated) http://www.imom.org/donation/ Please consider making a donation to Jack, he is in need of some special Angels.
  17. Hello everyone I know it has been a while since I posted on Angel's thread. She is/was doing great, a couple of months ago she developed a rash on her stomach which the vet indicated was due to allergies, so she has been on antibiotics and we changed her food. The rash is just starting to get better but the other day out of no where she was having a hard time walking on her back leg; we figured she must of bang it in one of her crazy moments with Annabelle. Chris slept with her downstairs that night and said if it didn't improve on Monday he was going to take her to the vet. Monday morning Angel couldn't put any pressure on her left back foot so he took her in and the vet said she has a rupture ACL and will require TPLO surgery. We are checking around for specialists in our area and trying to keep her as comfortable as we can until surgery (we have to wait a couple of weeks because the vet gave her a cortisone shot for her rash which had spread to her inner thigh (area where they would go in so it needs to heal before they can perform the surgery). My poor Angel has to wear a cone and loose a couple of pounds (she went from 24 pounds to 67 in four years how can we resist those sad eyes and not give her a cookie) Here she is at the snack draw wondering why we she hasn't gotten her good girl cookie Link to Angel's thread Part 1: http://www.imom.org/community/index.php?showtopic=786 Part 2: http://www.imom.org/community/index.php?sh...46&hl=Angel
  18. it has been months since I posted an update on my own furry kids. Angel is 85% better from her TPLO surgery, she still isn't able to complete a walk without taking a 5-10 minute break. Annabelle has never been the same after being diagnosed with Addision, she no longer plays with Angel, she is always anxious and pacing back and fourth. She recently started losing clump of hair, almost looks like a slight case of mange. We took her back to the vet last week and they increased her medication and gave us antibotics in case the hair loss is not from the Addision.. So far no major improvement other then her acting as if she has never eaten before, the poor girl is starving all the time, but she is also extremely pickly we have to switch her food every couple of days, same with her treats, she will eat it for a day or two and then she just stop eating the food until we change it out. When Chris cooks them chicken and/or chop meat she becomes a wild dog and will finish all her food within seconds.. YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BELIEVE THIS..........Taz just had TPLO surgery, yes my Tazzy... I am still in shock and can't believe that two of our dogs have had the same surgery in 10 months. His recovery is worse then Angel's in the sense that Angel never showed her pain, Taz crys when he is in pain and it is so heart breaking..... I have to question DoG why them, us........ Here is a picture of Angel comforting Taz and telling him it will be okay, she understands......
  19. Diagnosis: Hip Dysplasia in right hip. Needs triple pelvic osteotomy surgery Amount of estimate: $3316 includes the cost for spay. IMOM has approved fund raising for $1800 while the applicant applies to other organizations. We need to raise $1800 Spayed or neutered: No - will be done during surgery Case worker: Diana C Most of you already know Jennifer and Emma from Introductions... I really hope that you can help us. I joined your community right after I found out emma was sick. I think it is a wonderful place for help as well as support. I plan to one day be on the other end where I can help a pet in need. I cant wait till emma is better. I have tried to get family, friends and coworkers to help. My mom has a puppy she rescued with a heart murmur and she is trying to figure out how they are going to pay for that. She is unable to help. Others tell me to have her put down. This has been a real learning experience for me. And some of these people have animals. I could never put her to sleep.She is healthy otherwise Please go to Emma's PIN Page and see this beautiful girl for yourself http://www.imom.org/pin/general/emma-gray.htm Please consider making a donation to Emma at http://www.imom.org/donation/ designate GF - Emma Gray on all donations. No donation is too small and is greatly appreciated by Jennifer and Emma as well as the IMOM family. Please consider a token donation to our Operating Fund as well, so we can continue to pay for operating expenses. Thank you for making it possible for IMOM to Help People Help Pets. 2/29/08 UPDATE -EMMA NEEDS SURGERY ON HER OTHER HIP Diagnosis: Hip Dysplasia in left hip. Needs triple pelvic osteotomy surgery Amount of estimate: $3,030.65, owner can contribute $500.00 IMOM has approved fund raising for $1500 while the applicant applies to other organizations. We need to raise $1500 Spayed or neutered: yes - Case worker: Diana C Please consider making a donation to Emma at http://www.imom.org/donation/ designate GF - Emma Gray on all donations. No donation is too small and is greatly appreciated by Jennifer and Emma as well as the IMOM family. Jennifer writes: Grade 2 hip dysplasia bilateral w/subluxation. She needs a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy surgery in order to live a normal life. Emma is one of the most wonderful creatures to ever find her way into my life. She and I were meant to find each other from the get go. The moment I saw her I knew it was forever. She has brought nothing but joy into our lives. Emma is quite a comedian and loves belly rubs. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia a month or so after we got her. I was devastated here was my angel puppy that couldnt be a puppy. She cant run and her walks have to be short. I have to monitor her all the time. I am asking for financial assistance because I cant afford the surgery on my own. With the TPO there is little chance of her getting arthritis and if she does it will be in her old age. I love her so much and would move heaven and earth to give her a normal life. She has already had the right hip done thanks to the wonderful angels here at Imom and she did wonderful. Now she is using the right hip to compensate for the left hip. I could go on and on about all of emmas amazing qualities. Sometimes I think we should have named her Nana after the St. Bernard on Peter Pan
  20. Emma Gray Hip Dysplasia - Needs TPO Surgery

    Emma's friends are still here, we may not be on line as often as we would like but our heart is always here. I am so happy to hear Emma is doing well and congratulations to you, you are going to help save so many animals. Hugs to you both.
  21. Stray Chow Hit by Car, Needs Surgery

    I am so happy that Corporal Klinger is a sweet boy, I am sure he was extremely scared and didn't understand that everyone was trying to help him. There is a special place for you in heaven, thank you for saving Corporal Klinger.....
  22. My Intro

    Update on Tyson. 2nd Chance, along with a few other angels covered Tyson's medication for the next three months. I spoke with Courtney today and Tyson is already showing improvement, he has a way to go but with the love from Courtney and her family I am hopeful that Tyson will be back to himself in a couple of months. Courtney and her family are saving and doing everything they can to prepare for Tyson's on-going treatment. I am hoping to meet Tyson and his family soon....
  23. Stray Chow Hit by Car, Needs Surgery

    Laurie, your story is very similar to my Angel's story and how I came to know and love everyone here at IMOM. My Angel was a stray puppy running across a busy street when I witnessed her get hit by a truck and left to die 4 &1/2 years ago. The Humane Society was going to put her down because her injuries were too severe - she broke her front leg in two places. In a desperate attempt to save this little girl, I found IMOM and the rest is history... I am so happy that you were able to help this gorgeous boy, I know what you mean about the emotional stress, lost of sleep, getting sick etc. I thought fundraising for my Angel was the hard part but it was the recovery that was even harder, my husband didn't want another dog, my mother offered to take her but she lived on the 2nd floor and to carry Angel up and down the stairs became too much on her after a week. Then the healing process, Angel was only 10 months old and she didn't want to be kept in a crate, she actually pulled one of her pins out and the vet had to redrill another whole. But looking back now I would DO IT ALL OVER again and as Kathy has mentioned in her earlier post, I have done it over and over since Angel and applaud you for your dedication and love to this lucky boy. Please know I am sending you tons and tons of hugs. Do you have any contacts with rescues in your area? maybe they can assist with finding him a foster home to recover. There is a way to look up rescue organizations in your area, let me see if I can find the information. Thank you again for giving this poor boy a 2nd Chance - have you named him yet?
  24. Halo Franso - Parvo puppy

    What an amazing story... Holly you truly are Halo's angel and I wish you both a life time of happiness.. God bless you for saving Halo....
  25. We Need Help

    This is such a sad story, my heart breaks for you/your wife and two dogs. Both your dogs are in my thoughts and prayers...