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  1. Zoey McBain

    How I missed the magic that takes place here for each of the PIN's. Can't wait to see All Funds Raised.. Hang in there Zoey it is coming I can feel it..
  2. Zoey McBain

    my $50.00 is on its way and will post on our fb pages..
  3. Pretty Boi Jordan

  4. Mila - Mammary Tumor - Needs Surgery

    How is Mila doing?
  5. Mila - Mammary Tumor - Needs Surgery

    Thank God for Mila's new family and IMOM's angels who came forward to help this innocent girl, by the way things sound she wouldn't have made it much longer without surgery. SENDING TONS OF LOVE/PRAYERS AND HUGS TO MILA...
  6. Mila - Mammary Tumor - Needs Surgery

    Off to rescue but hoping to hear good news when I get back.. Hugs to Mila...
  7. Mila - Mammary Tumor - Needs Surgery

    OMG Mila looks like my Angel.... Mila - Angel is sending you tons of prayers and making a donation to help you reach All Funds Raise. Maria thank you for taking Mila in and giving her a 2nd Chance.
  8. Dozer Reguera

    Stacey my heart goes out to you. Dozer is amongst the angels and no longer in pain. RIP sweet boy..
  9. Dozer Reguera

    Why am I not surprised that Dozer has received so much support/love. IMOM and IMOM's Angels are like no other Angels, they never give up hope and will work through-out the night to help a PIN in need. I didn't realize how much I missed being a part of this AMAZING FAMILY until reading Dozer's thread. HUGS AND PRAYERS DOZER..
  10. Dozer Reguera

    Donation just sent.. Hang in there Dozer.... sending you tons of prayers/hugs...
  11. Luna Apodaca

    Just made a donation on behalf of our pitties at 2nd Chance Dog Rescue. Sending tons of prayers/hugs and kisses to Luna....
  12. What an amazing, touching story. Keeping all paws crossed for Ralph. Hang in there eledyce, we may not lay by your feet like Ralph, but we are here to support you both
  13. it has been months since I posted an update on my own furry kids. Angel is 85% better from her TPLO surgery, she still isn't able to complete a walk without taking a 5-10 minute break. Annabelle has never been the same after being diagnosed with Addision, she no longer plays with Angel, she is always anxious and pacing back and fourth. She recently started losing clump of hair, almost looks like a slight case of mange. We took her back to the vet last week and they increased her medication and gave us antibotics in case the hair loss is not from the Addision.. So far no major improvement other then her acting as if she has never eaten before, the poor girl is starving all the time, but she is also extremely pickly we have to switch her food every couple of days, same with her treats, she will eat it for a day or two and then she just stop eating the food until we change it out. When Chris cooks them chicken and/or chop meat she becomes a wild dog and will finish all her food within seconds.. YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BELIEVE THIS..........Taz just had TPLO surgery, yes my Tazzy... I am still in shock and can't believe that two of our dogs have had the same surgery in 10 months. His recovery is worse then Angel's in the sense that Angel never showed her pain, Taz crys when he is in pain and it is so heart breaking..... I have to question DoG why them, us........ Here is a picture of Angel comforting Taz and telling him it will be okay, she understands......
  14. Emma Gray Hip Dysplasia - Needs TPO Surgery

    Emma's friends are still here, we may not be on line as often as we would like but our heart is always here. I am so happy to hear Emma is doing well and congratulations to you, you are going to help save so many animals. Hugs to you both.
  15. Stray Chow Hit by Car, Needs Surgery

    I am so happy that Corporal Klinger is a sweet boy, I am sure he was extremely scared and didn't understand that everyone was trying to help him. There is a special place for you in heaven, thank you for saving Corporal Klinger.....