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  1. Sydney - Part 2

    Hi Michelle, Glad to hear the Dorks are doing well but I do hope the banging, barking and storms have decreased so that you can all have some peace and quiet! Take care, Michelle, Angel Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  2. Way to go, Justice!!! Tucker, glad to see you are on the train! You have a ways to go to catch up with your brother but we are all happy with one day at a time! Good job! Glad things are going well for you and the boys! Take care, Michelle, Angel Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  3. Sydney - Part 2

    Just stopped by to check in. That is strange that Syd is chewing on everything! Did the vet offer any help? I'm so very glad that Syd got in for chemo and that it is still working for her. The chemo stopped working for Daisy even after we switched her protocol. . .I don't know if you read or not, but my Daisy Doodle Bug went to the Bridge yesterday. :( I hope that the drops that Deb sent you are helping your Dorks stay calmer during the storms! I sure wish that it would storm here, we're in the midst of a heat-wave this week and we are not used to it being so hot! All of the stores are sold out of fans, air conditioners and even ice! I'm melting and Blued looks like a tiny beached whale. I think we're gonna head out for a drive and blast the AC in the car. Take care! XOXOXOXO Michelle, Angel Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  4. WooHoo! Way to go Justice! I'll bet your mommy is so proud of you!!! Tucker, what's going on little guy? I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and I hope that you will be feeling much better soon! I am so jealous that you guys have rain. . .It's been over 100 degrees here this week and we are not used to it. All of the stores are sold out of fans, air conditioners and even ice! It's miserable! It's supposed to be in the high 80's on Sunday and I can't wait for "cooler" weather! Anyway, just checking in. TTFN XOXOXOXO Michelle, Angel Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  5. Daisy went peacefully and comfortably to the Bridge this afternoon when the vet came to our house to help her find her way. I know that my Doodles is in a better place but my heart is broken that she can no longer be here with me. I can't stop crying. I tried to go to bed but could not sleep because she's not there on the bed with me, snoring her little Daisy snores. I love her so much and I am trying to be strong and brave but it's so hard when the emptiness I feel is so overpowering. Thank you, IMOM Angels and Friends for the "extra" time I had with my baby. Without all of you, your kindness and compassion, Daisy would have been gone a long time ago. I can't write anymore because I cannot see the computer screen through my tears. XOXOXOXO Michelle, Angel Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  6. I am heartbroken! So much for a couple of weeks to a month. . .It's been less than a week and my Daisy is struggling to breathe. A mobile vet is coming to my house later today to make Daisy comfortable and to help her to her final sleep. . .I love you Daisy!
  7. Daisy's appt. on the 23rd was not a good one. I knew the news would not be good even before we went in because the lymph nodes in her neck are HUGE. If it wasn't cancer, it would be cute because it looks like she has little chipmunk cheeks. She also has new lumps in her groin area. The Dr. said that we could get really aggressive with the treatment and if it worked,it might buy her a month or two more. I declined. Daisy has been a little trooper and I don't want to subject her to anymore - especially if it isn't working. The Dr. gave me the news I've been dreading. . .Daisy only has a couple of weeks to a month left of her short little life and I am sooooo very sad. The Dr. was too. We were both snatching tissues from the tissue box. Right after Daisy's last appointment with the oncologist, the girls and I headed to our regular vet because Blue had an appt. for her bi-yearly comp exam and Misfit needed a pedicure. I shared the news with the girls' regular Dr. and several of the staff came in to say good-bye to Daisy. We've been going to this vet for almost 9 years and everyone there loves my girls. This news wasn't easy for them either. . .Everyone was crying. When the time comes, a mobile vet will come to my house because I don't want Daisy's last experience to be at the vet. Although everyone there loves her, after the past 2 years Daisy isn't keen on going to the vet anymore. I want her to be at home where she is comfortable and surrounded by family and friends. I can't write anymore right now because I am having a hard time seeing through the tears. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. XOXOXOXO Michelle, Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  8. Sydney - Part 2

    Hi Michelle and Syd, Just checking in to say hi. "Hi" Glad Syd is feeling better and hope that she can get in for a round of chemo soon! I'll be watching for an update. Take care, XOXOXOXO Michelle, Daisy, Blue and Misfit.
  9. Hooray for Justice!!! I've never seen so many ice cream cones! Come on, Tuck! You can do it! Get on that train with your brother! There is room for both of you! Glad to hear that Gunner is home. I'll be sending lots of warm positive thoughts your way! Maybe with his Papa home and feeling better, Tuck will get on the train now. . . Take care, XOXOXO Michelle, Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  10. Jack Nadolski, Siberian Husky

    Just thinking of you and Angel Jack and wanted to say hi. XOXOXO Michelle, Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  11. They started Daisy on the MOPP protocol 2 weeks ago because VELCAP just wasn't working anymore. I don't think that MOPP is working either because the lymph nodes in her neck are HUGE! I can see them with my naked eye. :( She goes back to the oncologist on 7/23/09. She is eating and drinking but that's probably the prednisone (down to 5 mg/day). She hasn't been playing much. I've been looking at urns. . . I hate this!!! XOXOXO Michelle, Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  12. Hi Cindy, I'm so glad to hear that the boys are doing better! Poor Tuck and his allergies though! I hope that with the lack of sleep at night you and the boys are able to sneak a nap or 2 in during the day. I like the inhaler story too. It made me smile! Also happy to hear that the boys are still on their trains! XOXOXOXO Michelle, Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  13. Cindy, What kind of insurance does he have? Do you think it's worth it? I've been thinking about signing the girls up. Michelle, Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  14. Well, our household is adjusting to having a puppy. She is a quirky little thing and her name certainly fits her! She puts her snout in the water bowl, blows bubbles and tries to eat them. It's good that she is easily amused but I guess that means that I am too because when I see her do it, it makes me laugh. . .every time! She also likes to sleep in my laundry basket which is fine except that she did chew the bead-work off of one of my shirts! She likes to chew on things, especially on my hand. I got her some puppy teething toys but she still prefers my hand. . .Does anyone have any tips? She uses pee pads during the day while I'm gone but she also rips them apart. It's a good thing she is so darn cute! Ah - the joys of puppyhood! In the past 7-10 days, Daisy has gotten a little growly and impatient with Misfit and as I suspected, her lymph nodes are enlarged which probably means that she isn't feeling well. However, she is still playing with her toys, eating and drinking. I dropped her off at the vet for a follow-up appt. and chemo this AM and I am dreading the vet's call to let me know how she's doing. . .I will keep you posted. Blue is her usual grumpy ol' self! XOXOXO Michelle, Daisy, Blue and Misfit
  15. Daisy was on 7.5 mg of pred once/day then we went to 5 mg once/day then 5 mg every other day and we are done now. Daisy's only side effect to pred is increased appetite - I'm sorry to hear that Tuck got the extreme drinking and peeing! I hope it's gotten beter for you guys. . . Yes, Daisy only gets pred when her lumps are big. I hope that you and yours are getting more sleep these days!!! XOXOXOXO Michelle, Daisy, Blue and Misfit