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  1. Hey Gang. All girls are up and running. I hope all of you are doing well. Of course I always send in the Mitts pic that you all helped to save his life even though they said he probably needed to be put down. Over 3 years ago. You never know right.


  2. Ping kitties needing to be spayed

    Hey all. The Ping kitties are home. The world goes on. We lost three babies this year and got 4 more. I guess with your help we will keep on saving these little angels. Everyone doing good except for the bobbing heads. Little things cannot figure out what happened!!!!
  3. Ping kitties needing to be spayed

    Thanks so much to all of you. We love you guys. You have been there for us and the babies time and time again and my friends marvel at your love and generosity to help. God bless you all. Ping Family
  4. The first Visitor in the photo is Footies. I forgot to tell you about her. She is Mittens sister. There were 3. Mittens, Footies and Baby Soc's. We named them after our old veteran dog "Two socks". He was going crazy one morning and woke us up and we found them all three. They had just been born and laying by themselves. We warmed them up and they made it so we named them after Two Socks since he woke us up early and saved there lives.
  5. They are all done. Thank you IMOM. The girls are in my bathroom and boys back in the house we have for them. Its like they are all saying thank you. They are so sweet. Pam stayed all day with the Humane Society and was cleaning instruments and checking on patients. They call her the Cat Lady! Here is the first load home. Billy Ray had to have extra surgery for his ear. Must of been singing too much before he went under and popped a vessel.
  6. Delivery complete. Its amazing how humble the hateful ones are now!!! They have never been out of the holler!!! Cracking me up. Lewis and Clark now know whats on the other side of that hill and they are having second thoughts about the explorer thing! Keep you updated. Pam is a volunteer today. I left with 9 I hope that number doesn't grow.
  7. Hey . Everyone is doing well and waiting for the big day. It will really be a blessing to the boys. They are good guys but all that T sometimes get them going. They cannot be with us as much since they spray and mark so I am so glad they can come in for awhile. We can trade them for the grouchy ones like Taco, Leon and Dixie! Ha!
  8. Hey gang! Mittens is doing great Gab. He picks up quick if we let him out of the "community room" he runs to the bedroom to get his treat(hidden meds). He jumped in the litter box today and looked up at me like look pops what I can do!!!! We can be each others Hero's Sheila, cause you guys are mine too. Brad
  9. Hey all. Getting closer to D day! Had a couple people ask us about the clinic so they could get their pets included, if we have any room left after the Ping gang! Hope everyone's babies are doing well and getting better.
  10. Way to go Rose. Karen may be hooked. Look at that. Work it Rose!!!! A bear trap? Really? I better shut up.
  11. I am just starting to look at these posts since we have been so busy with updates on the others but boy is this uplifting. I am glad Shadow is better. I guess it's true one cat nip is too many and a 1,000 is never enough!!!!!
  12. Mandy Brown

    This is great news. I am so glad to hear these stories and I know what you are going through as I am sure all of the people here do. I too was helped by these wonderful people. Hang in there and take care of yourself too.
  13. Hey everyone. Checking in with you. Mittens had a little scare friday when he could not pee good. Turns out it was a infection and he is back on top today. He loves to be petted but the rear area of his belly is off limits now! He never growls or didn't but does now. Ok I think the only name update I need to give is Bella and I think everyone knows where that came from.
  14. Hey All. Just checked in on the boys and they said Hi or as Lewis likes to say ...Hehwoooo! He also likes Raul Ibanez of the Phillies. We used to watch baseball and we could hear him in the garage yelling Rauuuuul! Funny. One of the girls is named taco. She somehow got trapped in between the wall and dresser when she was born and my son just happened to be checking in on the birthing room ( what we called the spare room where we put thumbelina until she gave birth to her litter) and she was ice cold. He got her out and wrapped her up like a taco and that's the name he gave her. Taco and Dixie have thumbs like their Mom. Their paws look like a mitten. More later.
  15. Look at you guys! Wow! How happy the guys are going to be. They ain't seen a woman for about 2 years. I guess it will not be the same now but they can run with the gang again! Everyone will be happy except for Leon and Dixie. They are the Grinch's year round. Dixie only has loving feelings when she is in once a month mood. She is my best friend then. A few days later,she hates my guts. Wait a minute..... this is kind of like..... I better hush! I have to attach a photo. She is 2 pounds I swear. Leon, I don't really know what his deal is. He is in the box when he was little with DeDe. He runs up and begs for love and then slaps you and runs away. He just stares at you. I tried a staring contest with him and he did not flinch. He won. Embarrassing! Also Pam's favorite is little Mimzy named for the movie. Here she is with Mitty. Thanks you all again.