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  1. Jeez guys, I am so sorry I havent been able to get on our internet and phone got shut off for a bit.....We are having serious financial troubles right now and we have to move in Febuary. I finally got a chance to get on for a min. Late wishes to all of you for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know I will, as long as I have my healthy Brandy ( thanks to all of you ) and my healthy baby! Thank you all so much for all the wishes for the same. I will be on again with more pics soon!
  2. Alright I have the pics now, I am so thankful to have all of you on my thread still. I wish I could be on here more talking to you all but you all know moms are very busy! I hope you enjoy and stay posting on the thread! Brandy is so wonderful with Jacob its so amazing, and I thought it was going to be hard, silly me I should have known Brandy would be a natural!
  3. Sorry I will have pics up soon I need to shrink them first and my boyfriend has to show me how but he is already asleep. I will put them up asap.
  4. Gosh, you guys are all so wonderful. I have been reading your posts but it seems like eveytime I try to reply I have to get up and do something. Babies sure do keep you busy! I will have more pics up very soon, and we are doing wonderful. I stopped beating myself up over switching to formula and now things have gotton alot better. Brandy is being the perfect mommy dog, she runs right to him when he cries and licks his feet! He is 12 lbs now and 23 inches long, my back is still really bad though so its getting tough to pick him up. Im getting an MRI tomorrow to see exactly whats wrong with my back. I am so glad you guys kept posting and didnt give up on me since I havent been able to post. I am actually going to put some pics up tonight hope you enjoy and thank you all so much..... Love Brandy & Audrey
  5. I am sorry to dissapoint everyone who has been giving me so much support and great advice but I decided to go to formula. I feel horrible about the decision but after my doctors visit today with therapy my back hurts worse than ever and I fell into temptation of the doctors pain meds. I am now taking pain killers because I cant even imagine how I would even be able to hold him without them. I can barely hold myself up anymore I am in soooooo much pain that it doesnt even compare to the breast! I am so sorry for wasting everyones time, I still appreciate the fact that you all tried to help me as much as you could. I hid all my breastfeeding stuff from myself because I have been so sad now. I will be able to get on here a little more from now on since I am not because I will have more time, thank you all so very much and again I do apologize.
  6. So its normal to only get 1-2 ounces of breast milk when you pump? I dont know, he was doing great feeding from the breast yesterday but today its like its back to square one. I know how to put him on there thats the thing, I put him on right hold your breast as if your feeding the baby a bite of a sandwich and make sure he has more of the bottom of the areola in his mouth than the top. Tease him with your nipple on his top lip till he opens real wide and bring him onto the breast chin first. I know all that stuff its just that he pulls him self off a little untill he has just the nipple. If I hold his head there and dont let him he starts screaming crying. Besides the fact that I have a herniated disk in my back and I cant take any pain medicine because he will get it too. I dread picking him up because of how bad my back hurts so I dont know I think I may quit the breast feeding. Between my back, my breasts and the frustration while being sleep deprived I think it may be better to just formula feed him. I feel like all my hopes and dreams with him are already being crushed because nothing is going the way I thought it would. Thanks again for all your advice, I wish I could get through this like you guys did but I am really in a lot of pain.....
  7. The only thing is, I kinda gave up feeding him from the breast I only do that occasionally. It hurts too bad, I went to a class and it didnt help because though I pull him to the breast the right way he doesnt want it that way he will just pull off and cry. He wants just the nipple and I get so frustrated and so does he. So instead I have resorted to pumping I pump just as much as he would feed every 2-3 hours. So I dont understand why my milk supply got lower, so now I feed him breast milk during the day and formula at night. Even though I feed him formula I still pump after he eats. I just dont know what to do but I am steadily trying my best and I have come to grips that the best is all I can do....Thank you for all the advice you guys are great.......
  8. Thank you everyone for continuing to post on my thread and giving me support and advice it is all very much appreciated. I am having a bit of a problem right now and I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have been bouncing back and forth from feeding Jacob from my breast to pumping and feeding him from a bottle and also feeding him formula in between. I started out feeding him from my breast for the first 5 or 6 days. We had a bit of a problem with him latching and my nipples were killing me so I tried the pumping. I wasnt producing enough milk yet so I had to pump like a maniac in order to try and keep up with him. I started getting very miserable because I felt as if that was all I was doing. I was so busy taking care of him and pumping that I was barely drinking or eating and often found myself taking an hour or 2 just to make it to the bathroom when I had to go. It was so awful I would just be so busy I would keep forgetting to do all those things and by the time I realized, I would already feel sick. Thats when my mom told me I should probably look into feeding him some formula and I was totally against it at first. She said it shouldnt be too bad if I just feed him formula at night and breastfeed him in the day, atleast untill my milk supply increased. Well I finally agreed because I just couldnt go on doing what I was doing, it was breaking me down. So my pediatrition told me I should do the goodstart soy because it would go better with the breastfeeding. Well I was pumping and feeding him the breastmilk during the day and formula at night which seemed to be working well because the formula let him sleep a little longer so I could get some shut eye also. I was getting 4 to 6 ounces every pumping session so my milk seemed to be increasing. Now I am only getting an ounce and a half to 2 ounces a pumping session. I thought maybe it was because I wasnt pumping enough but the wierd thing was is I wasnt getting engourged like before either. Before they would hurt so bad and thats when I would get a bunch of milk at once but now they are always soft and pretty much painless no matter how long I wait to pump. So I figured maybe I would try to feed him from the breast again and more often and see if my milk supply increases again. Well I did that for the last 2 days and then the latching problem came back and my nipples are killing me! Then I started to pump today again and still very little milk, I dont understand. I am getting very discouraged and depressed, I am really starting to feel like a failure and I cant help it. I really dont want him being on formula expecially since I just looked up soy formula and it says there is all kinds of bad things about it. I dont want to give up because I know how benificial breast milk is for babies and my mom formula fed my brother and I and we dont have very good immune systems. Im just really feeling like im failing at this, I even looked into buying breastmilk but its really expensive and my boyfriend says we cant afford it. Please if anyone can give me any kind of advice on this email me at Pink_Nevaeh20@rock.com. Thank you so much everyone....... Hugs & Kisses & Smackaroos Brandy, Jacob & Audrey
  9. I am finally getting the hang of everything, of course I wouldnt be able to make it without my mom and dad. I had to resort to using a mixture of formula and breast milk though = / I never wanted to use formula but I couldnt keep up with Jacobs feedings. He wasnt latching right to my breasts so I had to start pumping it into bottles for him. He eats every two hours on the dot and 2 ounces every time so my milk supply couldnt keep up. I was having to pump constantly, my mom was like " Audrey, you cant just sit around pumping all day you'll go nuts." I literally had no time to eat or drink and thats very unhealthy when your breastfeeding. So I am doing both now and I am learning to suck it up and deal with it. Everthing else is pretty good though besides my boyfriend being sick because he cant even go near the baby right now so its less help but owell I think I am doing rather well. I feel bad for Brandy though because she used to be the baby and I cant give her the kind of attention I used to. She acts like she knows, its like she understands that hes my baby and I have to tend to him. She hates when he crys or when I burp him, its so funny, she totally freaks. Any ways I have to go, hope to get on again soon.......
  10. She is accepting him very well, she gets very upset when he crys and doesnt like when I burp him lol. She thinks I am hitting him so she gets real close to me and wimpers as if to say "Ma, stop doing that to him." All of the dogs have been pretty good with him so its not as bad as I thought it was going to be. About the nursing, the only prob I am having is he doesnt latch right on my left breast for some reason so I started pumping and bottle feeding him but I dont want to continue doing that. I want to feed him from my breast, I went to a class and I know how to put him on the breast but he still seems to want just the nipple. So my nipples are in killer pain lol, and when did you sleep? I know I really dont get annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyy sleep, I feel like a zombie, well gotta go hes a cryin'!
  11. Sorry everyoneone, my hands are very full lol. I am breastfeeding so he has to eat every 2 to 3 hours and he actually eats more than that so I am pooped. I have yet to have more than 2 hours of sleep at once, and that is the max I have had I usually get about 30 mins lol. I am soooooooooooooooo tired but I love him and he is so precious let me see if I can get this pic up.....
  12. Indeed he is here! I went into labor at 4:30am yesterday morning, I thought I just had to go to the bathroom reeaaalllllllllllyyyyyy bad lol. Then I realized they were contractions and I started pacing around the house timing them. My mom thought I was a little crazy and thought I was having false labor. Then I went for a walk in my neighborood stopping for contractions in between. I went to the hospital at 9:30 and I was already 4 cenimeters. They broke my water and the next time they checked me was 10:45 and I was 5-6. So I took a shower and tried to go for a walk in the hospital but the contractions got so strong that I couldnt anymore. So then the nurse offered me the epidural which I didnt want yet because I was progressing well and didnt want to ruin it. Then she told me the anathesioligist wouldnt be available for over an hour if I didnt get it then. So I decided to get it and after that the labor was nothing literally a peice of cake. I only pushed from 4:40 and he was born at 4:56. He is so beautiful! I would love to talk more but I am in the hospital still on the lap top with wireless internet. So I will be on as soon as I can again thank you everyone for staying on my thread.
  13. Still no baby! Sheeesh this kid is as stubborn as his daddy lol. I wish he would just come out already I cant clean my room anymore than it already is! I have washed everything twice, scrubbed everything and I vaccum everyday. They say it is a sign that he is coming except he doesnt! I am deathly scared of the pain but since I know I have to go through it anyway I might as well get it done and over with. I just cant wait to see what he looks like! My boyfriend and I both have dark grey blue eyes, and we were both blonde as kids so it may be the same for him. Or he could come out completly different but I just want to know! I am tooooooooooooooooooooo pregnant, anytime I go somewhere people ask me if I am having twins because I am all belly. I mean allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll belly, just bellylicious lol. Well my mom still isnt drinking, yay, but we are so behind on our bills right now that she is so stressed out. I feel so bad knowing I cant help, I wish that wishes got us somewhere but they dont, unless you have an animal in need and your wishing leads you to imom! Which I will btw never forget nomatter how much I complain about everything thats going on right now lol. Well I am going to bed I am being so silly I think I am exhausted........Goodnight all and I will check in again soon. BTW sorrry for not going to everyone elses threads right now but my mind is just constantly racing or I am sleeping, sleep, clean, sleep, clean lol. Love you's all!!!!! Brandy & Audrey
  14. Well. I am only a cenimeter and a half dialated =/. They said if the baby doesnt come by Friday they are setting me up for induction on Monday. That way we all dont miss out on Turkey Day lol. My dad is so excited that when I told him that he was like " It is Monday" (yesterday) and I told him not this Monday, next Monday. He was like " what? why? why not today why do they have to wait?" I started laughing my head off I was like dad I would like to see if he is going to come out on his own first. My due date idnt until this Thursday so everyone needs to slow down and take a deep breath, he will come in time, whether he likes it or not lol. I hope he comes naturally, I heard induction is more painful. ack! Well I will be on again as soon as I get some news and of course Brandy is doing fabulous!
  15. Maybe so, didnt think of that one Cyn. Well I have a doc app. tomorrow so I will be on to tell you about how that goes, unless he decides to come or docs decide to induce. I just hope weve made some progress.....