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debbie and jack

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  1. Jack Nadolski, Siberian Husky

    Well, true to form, I just spent a half hour posting and lost the post. AARGH! Some things never change. Have no more time left, have to take standardized testing. I will get on her again later. L Love to you all Debbie, Jules and Angel Jack
  2. Jack Nadolski, Siberian Husky

    Stopped in to see if Deb got the picture I sent. I can never tell when I send them if I did it correctly. And a great surprise awaited me. Cindy and Paula, plus Deb. Gee girls, it so great to see you. To answer Jules weighs about y69 lbs. all muscle. She has been to obedience classes 3 times and graduated and they always invite her back. She is a handful and not too fun on a walk, but we persevere and I know one day she will be old and moving just like her mama. Thanks, Deb for posting. It is hard to get a good picture, she moves all the time. As for visitng Amy in San Diego, I will at least be there once when she moves. After that it might be hard. I keep telling her I am transferring to a nursing school in San Diego and living iwth her. Guess she doesn't know I am serious. LOL Mighyt be awhile before I am on again, but thanks for posting and you all take care of yourselves and your babiesl love Debbie , Jules, and Angels Jack, Roscoe, Emma, and Lily
  3. Sydney - Part 2

    Paula has a lovely thought there Michelle. I am sticking with her, too. I am still saying to everyone trying to give me a husky, "No, thank you, I want my Jack." I understand completely. For now little Jules and I will muddle along. She is totally opposite, black, short=haired, no shedding so I think that helps me not compare. She does have a few endearing Jackloike qualities, but all in all a very lucky little rescue who landed on me at just the right time. I am so sorry for Charlie, but he will be better with time. I know Emma never got over Jack but she followed him so closely after 7 months. Am hoping the good weather will perk you all up and get lots of that puppy therapy, it does help. love and hugs to you and yours, Debbie and Angel Jack and Jules
  4. Tyson Bragg

    Mary, Just stopping in to check on you. How are things in your life. I get by here so rarely anymore, but couldn't leave without stopping in. Found myself thinking of Tysie in his red coat this winter as we were covered in several feet of snow often this year. Nursing school is going along at a fast pace. Will be done in a year. Wish I could give you a hug in person, but his will have to do. love, Debbie and Angel Jack
  5. CoCo Gatica - Rainbow Bridge 9/03/10 - always loved

    Anne I am so glad I stopped by this morning. The good Lord must have led me here today. You now have another set of prayers going up for you. That was great of Cindy to give you such great information. She is pretty amazing isn't she? And that Donna, so much happening right now. A great bunch on IMOM huh? Although I am in nursing school, I am still woefully ignorant on many procedures but if there is ever anything Y ou need looked up, I am right here. My email at school is dnadolski@missouriwestern.edu if you want to get to me quickily. I get on here so infrequently. Anyway, thinking of you and Coco always and praying for sunshine and blue skies for both of you. Love, Debbie and my Angel Jack ps I hear Coco on that nightly peeing!
  6. Bandit McLean

    Donna, Sounds like you are having it. Talked to Amy and she looked up the Reglan since she had never heard of that effect, and found that although rare, frenzied behavior and disorientation are a side effect of metoclopromide(Reglan). It is supposed to help with gut motility and is very economical which is why it is used. She says to be sure and meal feed him and wanted to know how his haircoat is and is he skinny., thinking thyroid I think. I told her about the yogurt and she suggested something called Fortiflora which you sprinkle on his food. She has used this with success on dogs and cats and says some vets think it is crap, but she has seen it work. Doesn't know where you get it out there, but thinks it is reasonable. Also she suggested IAMS sensitive stomach or her first choice would be Hills ID which she said she knows is very expensive. Just some suggestions off the cuff. Hope it helps and I will keep sending you prayers. I so appreciate your friendship always Love, Debbie, Jules and Angels Jack , Emma, Lily and Roscoe
  7. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Wanted to come and check on you and the boys. Sounds like you are still up and down. Don';t know how you do it, you are amazing. Take care of yourself and the pups and know that I think of you often. love, Debbie and Angel Jack
  8. Jack Nadolski, Siberian Husky

    Well Angels, I am making time today to catch up on many things before the craziness of finals begins. Just sitting here thinking of how my life has changed in such a short time and of all the dear ones I have lost along the way. Remembering the wonderful things that I IMOM did for me and my beloved Jack. It is still overwhelming. And how my dear friends rushed in again to help him thru a surgery. What blessings I have had. I am promising myself that I will send that picture of my little Jules, better known as Juju, Jujie, Jujila, etc. today to Deb to get it on here. A more appropriate name for her might have been Squirrel. She is nuts! I am done on the 7th with school and then got o Columbia to be ready for Amy's graduation on the 14th. On the 12th I am back in St. Joe to go to an OR class and then back to Columbia on the 13th. Back again to St. Joe on the 16th, finish the class by the 20th. Back to help Amy get packec up and off to San Diego for her internship after Memorial Day. I will stay with her until her birthday on the 12th and will get back home . She begins her new job on the 14th. I wish I could remember the name of the clinic. She is very excited. Ryan meanwhile is doing well in school, just tuckered out like me. The horses are all doing well. The pen is still not finished so that is on the list before the 14th too. Don't want Giza to founder again. Wish the grass would stop growing for awhile so I can catch up. Wish I could take more time here but want to visit a few threads, too. Love to you all, Debbie and my angel Jack
  9. Sydney - Part 2

    Oh Michelle, can't believe I didn't know about Syd. Sooooo sorry. I lost my last two seniors in January, so that makes four in one year. I know that you feel horrible and I feel horrible that I wasn't there for you. Damn school! Anyway, I will write more later when I have time and am able too look back and see what happened. Hugs and love Debbie and Angel Jack
  10. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Just wanted to post a quick note and say hi. I am soooo busy but think of you and the boys often. Posted on Jack's thread if you ever have time for some catch up lots of love to you and yours Debbie and Angels Jack, Roscoe, Emma and Lily
  11. Jack Nadolski, Siberian Husky

    Today have been thinking of all of you while trying to study my Med-Surg. Finally decided to take a break and say hello to all of you who are still so important to me. I am sadly remiss about communicating these day, but I think of you often. Only wish I knew what was going with all of you and your babies. Really depend on others to keep me abreast. I know none of you know that I had to help my Emma and Lily to the bridge in mid January. They both developed severe diabetes which did not respond to treatment and other complications which made them miserable. I have now lost all four of my dogs within one year. So Jules has now found her forever home for sure. I don't know what I would have done without her. She has so many Jacklike qualities which she learned from him as a pup. Very endearing. The snow is beautiful today although we have had about 10 inches and it is supposed to continue through the night. The winter has been just what Jack would have ordered and I do so miss my walks in the snow with him. Jules gets so cold so fast that I can't take those long snowy walks like I did with my Jack. She has been out playing with Finn, my mom's dog, while I am studying. Now she is snoring ever so loudly behind me. She is so funny. I do have one picture I will send to Deb and see if she can get it on here. I have absolutely no luck with pictures on here anymore. Did I let everyone know that Amy passed her vet boards and has accepted a position for her internship at a clinic in San Diego? She is really excited, it was her first choice and will be leaving in June. Will surely miss her. Ryan is doing well on the dean's list at school and has a girlfriend who may be "the one" he says. I am covered over with work at school. My waterer has been acting up the last few weeks, so hauling water has been the norm. Just last night got the waterer going again. Hope it is still working. Not even sure my 4-wheel drive will make it out there today. Hope you all can leave me a note here, it sure is good to hear from you all. Have to get back to studying. love, Debbie, Jules and my Angels Roscoe, Jack, Lily and Emma
  12. Sydney - Part 2

    Oh gee Michelle. Sure hope that you hear some good news about that paw. She is such a miracle and eating all those milkbones. The other day my little Jules, ate an entire bag of mini butterfingers, wrappers and all. She was fine, but she will eat anything. Got that sweet tooth just like Jack did. Thinking of you guys. give Syd and Charley hugs from me love and big heavenly husky hugs, Debbie and Jack
  13. CoCo Gatica - Rainbow Bridge 9/03/10 - always loved

    A belated happy birthday to Coco. So you have a new addition. I got one of those too and somehow after I lost Jack, she has become a permanent fixture. She has eaten most of the comforters in the house partially or completely, so it will be a long cold winter. She is not fluffy like my Jack, so I keep her warm, not the other way round. Coco looks wonderful, can't believe she is 11. And can't believe how long since I have stopped by to say hello, my friend. Hope this finds you all well. love and big heavenly Husky hugs Debbie and Angel Jack
  14. Tyson Bragg

    Thinking of you friend Hugs, Debbie ps Got your email. sharing it with friends for the holidays.
  15. Jack Nadolski, Siberian Husky

    Only have a little time but really wanted to touch base with my angels. School is moving along. I woke up this morning with Jules on the pillow next to me snoring. She has quite the personality and is full of energy. Totally different from my Jack but maybe that is a good thing. The fall is so beautiful here, even the hostas have turned gold. There is color in everything. Friday is my mom's 80th. Had planned a trip to Columbia and a day in Hermann, but plans have changed, so things are up in the air. There is always a wrench in the works these days. Hoping Amy will make it up here though. Doesn't matter what we do as long as we are together. Margret, as in Sally's mom from the Magic Bullet Fund last year, sent the most touching little verse. It sums up rescue and all of the angels' hearts here so well that I thought I would share--- This is what rescue is all about a loving heart rescuing and protecting a loving soul. I have known the loneliness I hear in the barks of the other dogs 'out there'. I can sleep soundly now, assured that when I wake my world is safe now. I will never again know hunger, or the fear of not knowing if I'll eat. I will not shiver in the cold, or grow weary from the heat ever again. I will feel the sun's heat, and the rain's coolness, and be allowed to smell all that can reach my nose. My fur will shine, and never be dirty or matted. Here in this house...I know I am safe in the arms of my loving rescuer. That says it all about you guys here. All the good all of you do all the time. Have a great rest of the week. love and heavenly Husky hugs, Debbie and Angel Jack