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  1. Luna Frias- Pyometra-All funds have been donated

    Please thank those of us who donated by never letting this happen to another of your pets and educating all who will listen about the danger. Luna did not have to almost die-this was preventable and should not have happened. You know the danger now, please do your part to help others realize they are responsible for preventing this danger to their pets. Best wishes to Luna for a speedy and complete recovery. Celia
  2. Harp Sanchez

    I'm so very sorry for your loss, Gigi. Celia
  3. Harp Sanchez

    Thank you so much, Kim, I'm so honored by your generosity. It is the best birthday present I got. Celia
  4. Update for Hope

    She's stunningly beautiful--and we all have a thing for LBKs (Little Black Kittys). Celia
  5. Christmas Winker - At Rainbow Bridge 7/3/10

    Hi Tina, Glucosamine takes a long time to start working--it also may be the source of the bowel problems he's having if you're giving him a human dose of it. Figure a human dose is for a 100 pound person. I don't think Chris weighs that much, does he. Yucca extract is a natural anti inflammatory, as is Boswellian extract. He might have some success with either or both of those. They come in capsules that you can get at a nautural foods store. The glocosamine won't take the place of the Rimadyl but the Yucca or Boswellian extract might. Another thing you might do is order some human medicine called Mobic from overseas and try it with Chris. Another option is Ascriptin twice a day--be sure and give him Ascriptin though, not plain aspirin, because Ascriptin is much less likely to upset his stomach. Hope one of those ideas will work for you. Celia
  6. Mary needs surgery on two legs

    Just sent enough, I think, to get Mary to AFR. Thanks for helping out the kitties that have no help otherwise. Celia
  7. Kaira Stradling

    Paul, I just wanted to say "Thank you" for sharing Kaira with me for the last 5 years. It was always a pleasure to read her posts, though I didn't answer as many as I should have. To have helped Kaira and you stay together and enjoy each other means a great deal to me and I want you to know that it was a joy to have been able to participate in that. When I sent Kaira's sponsorship funds each month, I did so with such a peaceful, contented feeling knowing that she was always safest in your care and I thank you for that. My sympathy to you on her loss and I hope that knowing that you always did the best you could for her brings you peace. Celia
  8. Kaira Stradling

    As Kaira's sponsor for a long, long time, it is with great sadness that I read this news. There's another hole in my heart now. Celia
  9. Snoopy Melgar, all fund raised!

    $200.00 coming via paypal. Celia
  10. Larry - R.I.P.

    I'm so sorry, Lynette. Big hugs. Celia
  11. Teddie "Bear"inger

    Sweet Teddie, I'll miss hearing about you and your adventures. Watch over your mom and give Sylvia smooches from all of us. Auntie Celia
  12. Boy Carrasco

    In honor of my late father, PFC-USMC-WWII. Celia
  13. Kaira Stradling

    Brrrrrr. That's chilly!!! Hope you're doing real good. Celia
  14. My Zoey needs help

    Spay incontinence? If that is the case, the medication to treat it is very cheap. Also, have they done a culture and sensitivity in the UTI? If not, she may not be on the right Meds for the UTI. Peeing in the house is very common with a UTI. Celia
  15. Beamer Welding

    LOL, OK, $55.00 coming.