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  1. Poppy and Mandy are mouth wrestling and then going into full wrestling mode.They would sound scary to someone that didn't know dogs. To me it's a sound I haven't heard in almost 2 years since Justie's back pain started. It's also a sound that means Mandy and Poppy are friends, so I am very happy. I promise more pics when I get them transfered from my phone-hopefully tmw!!!! Thanks!!!
  2. Poppy is doing fine. David says she is always smiling, and I think she is in her personality and attitude. It feels like she has been with us for a long time-even when I had my Justice. Thanks everyone.
  3. Poppy hasn't minded the 30+ degree loss in temps from yesterday. Yesterday was amazing with a temp of 70!!! We just were put under a winter advisory for during the night and tmw. I hate freezing rain!! Poor Poppy will be skating in the big yard, if I let her out in it. I guess a lot of folks in many states are having extreme weather-hope all of u are ok. Thanks everyone!!
  4. It's been an emotional day today. Carol was cleaning out her car and I was doing the same to mine. We were parked side by side in the driveway, and she comes to me and says "here's a belly band". I told her I wouldn't need it and Lucky can use it. Then she said she didn't know what it was doing in her car-maybe it was for an emergency becuz there is a pad in it. She went back to her car and didn't notice my reaction, of which I am glad becuz I know she just didn't think. That belly band was Justie's that he wore to MedVet that last day. Then when we went upstairs she got in her pocket and handed a strap to David and said maybe he could use it. It was the strap that Justie had on his harness. I have been doing better and sometimes talk here at home abt how Poppy has some of the same mannerisms as Justie and how much I miss him.. But seeing something that was physically on Justie at the end...I just couldn't handle. My Poppy is a Godsend, but as u guys know she can't take all the pain away of losing my little guy. She has been giving me lots of snuggles and kisses. Thanks everyone.
  5. Poppy is doing fine. My boyz couldn't have sent me a more perfect pupper. We are healing each other's hearts. I miss U Tuckie and Justie.
  6. Hi, Donna, I hope u are doing much better now. When someone just disappears after they posted so often, it makes u wonder if they are very sick or worse. I'm sorry u were in a bad accident, especially when it changes ur life. It's been a long time but I have always remembered u, Bandit and ur posts. Thanks for remembering me and my boyz too! You both have always stayed inn my heart. hugs!! Poppy is quite adorable. We were all talking last night abt how quiet things have been in the household the last 2 years. Not much playing anymore since Justie had his back pain and then surgery, and then the dementia. Lucky and Mandy had become couch potatoes. Well, all that has changed now. The 3 are in the big yard right now chasing each other and having a grand time. The family room floor suddenly has toys spread all over again. We really needed a 2yo in the house again becuz she is affecting both the 2 legged and the 4 legged. She is full of energy, joy and love. Thanks everyone
  7. Poppy and Amanda are out running the fence with the horses...and barking like crazy. Poppy rarely barks except when she wants Mandy, Lucky or the horses to play...and that is often. They should be exhausted with all the running and barking. But Poppy will take a short power nap and be raring to go again. Thanks everyone.
  8. Kathy what wonderful stories. I swear I have heard Justice and have caught a glimpse of him. Both boyz visit in my dreams. I hope becuz I now have Poppy they won't leave my dreams. I still need them. But if they do, I know they are both watching over me...and Poppy. It is comforting to know that Stinky, Tucker and so many dogs and kitties were waiting for Justice and showed him the ropes. Someday I will get to be with all my kids and get to meet the one's I have never met that are also at RB. I love ur LBK story. Watching kitties play with catnip with such joy and abandonment can only make u smile and laugh. Wish I was computer savvy enough to tell u how to put the LBK emoticon onto ur computer so u can put it into emails. Hopefully someone can help. I think its wonderful that u stayed on the CRF board even after losing Kitty. When someone has a new diagnosis it can be so hard to know what to do, and a mom who already knows how to walk that road can help so much. Thanks, Kathy!! hugs! Poppy has been out in the big yard many times. She and Mandy chase each other and have so much fun. You can't help but laugh when u see them and say "oh Mandy is chasing Poppy, no, now Poppy is chasing Mandy. Mandy is running with a ball and Poppy intercepts her. Then Lucky runs up to them. I can almost here a sportscaster giving play by play.
  9. In case u all haven't noticed...I love this little girl. She is a bit better on the steps-she can go down them better then go up them. The outside steps she does pretty well but the steps coming upstairs she goes a step at a time and kind of goes sideways up some of them, then all of a sudden she races up the last several. I'm working on making her more comfortable when I comb her tail-she tries to get away. She does the same with brushing her teeth. I need to go very slow with her. She is a very smart girl. It has been pouring rain for hours. We may have storms and it will be interesting to see if she is scared during storms since she is so sound sensitive. Thanks everyone!
  10. I kind of thought maybe she wasn't adopted becuz she was waiting for me. I do though wish she didn't have to go through so much before I was able to give her a furever home. I have no idea how long she was on the street, but since she had to be shaved down becuz she was so matted she had to be on the streets for awhile. Then Schnauzer Rescue pulling her from a shelter, being kenneled for weeks and then at least 2 foster homes. This puppy has been through heck and yet she is a happy, sweet and a joyful little girl. Maybe Tuck was protecting her through all of it and that's why she stayed as sweet as she is-she is amazing. I love the stories u tell abt ur experiences and ur cat friends experiences. I hope u can post abt the rooms in ur heart becuz i think it may help others here. You always know what to say, my friend. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you and the kitties. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY everyone!
  11. Poppy is definitely settling in. Amanda actually instigated play once this morning. I got a couple 'invincible' toys (thanks Kathy for the idea-I got invincibles for $6 at Amazon!) and I took the snake out of the box and thought it would be too big for them. But Mandy grabbed one end and walked slowly past Poppy and as Poppy grabbed it they both took off running. Then Mandy went under the table with it in her mouth and Poppy still had the other end, and since Mandy was on her tummy Poppy pulled her out. I could see Justie doing that with Tuck and vice versa. Justie and Mandy always played like that, until Justie started having back issues, so Mandy I am sure will start enjoying Poppy more and more. They are buds in the big yard. Carol is caring for a friends miniature horses and the horses were running and Poppy and Mandy were running with them (there is only a dirt road separating a side of the horse fence and the bottom of the dog fence). If u can imagine ur dog and a neighbors dog racing up and down the fence barking at each other-that's what it was like (except the horses didn't bark!). You are absolutely right Kay. Missing Justice doesn't make my love for Poppy any less. I do believe that Tuck and Justie had a paw in bringing this sweet girl to me. I honestly can not figure out why no one had adopted her since she was found August 8th. I think the boyz didn't understand either so they sent me that dream and got things moving way before I thought I would be ready to adopt a pupper. Oh yes, I have written Poopy a few times and caught it, but I know sometime I won't. At least on my phone if I accidentally type Poopy a smiling poop emoji comes up so I can catch it. Love and hugs!!! Thanks everyone!
  12. Poppy's vet appt went great. Everyone loved her-and her tail. No one had ever seen a mini schnauzer with a natural tail. The vet guesstimates she is 2 years old or a bit younger. We are putting in her BD as 2/9/16 (which is her gotcha day and probably close to her BD if she is indeed close to 2yo). She has quite a bit of tartar on her back teeth and the vet says it has to be from her diet while she was on the streets, in a shelter and then a rescue. So I already knew to get her off the Bil-Jack. Since February and March are dental months for pets we will get $20 off her dental (which she is having 3/8). I had a weird reaction when I got home and took out her papers and estimates, etc. I saw her name at the top and just lost it (thankfully I was alone). I wanted it to be Justice's name on it so badly (geesh, I am tearing up typing this). Then I felt bad becuz I love my little girl and am so happy she is with me. More emotional rollercoaster... Thanks everyone!!
  13. This little girl is so sweet. She is napping on my pillow right now. Her housebreaking is going great. She still worries Lucky when she barks at him to play, but Amanda is handling it much better, plus Poppy isn't doing it as much. She has a vet appt tmw afternoon -just to make sure she is okay and to discuss her dietary needs, The foster mom had her on Bil-Jack dry food and I am weaning her off it. It has WAY too much fat for what I want her on. I realize my craziness over fat in dog food stems from Tuck and Justice for years having chronic pancreatitis-and they were never even on high fat foods . Schnauzers are pre-disposed to have pancreatitis so not wanting to take any chances with Poppy. But I am also unsure of the needs of a 2yo (gonna ask the vet if she also thinks she is around 2yo). It has been 13 years since I have had a 2yo mini!! i'm looking at a frame with a pic of Tuck and Justice on one side and 'Paw Prints Left By you' on the other. The boyz groomer gave it to me. I have only got through reading it once becuz it makes me so emotional. I love it though. I love seeing the boyz together. thanks everyone.
  14. Gonna check out the site. I think it is the same makers of IQcube- Tuck loved that toy. He could get the balls out in seconds and we had to put tennis balls in it instead of the soft balls, just to make it a little harder. Justie was never interested in the cube, I think becuz balls held no interest for him, but for Tuck, balls were his life! This little girl loves toys!! hugs!!
  15. Poppy wants a playmate with lots of puppy energy so she hopes Macy can come!!!
  16. Day 2 has improvement. I tethered her to me by leash, and when she pees outside she gets the run of the downstairs and my room for a little while. Plus its a way for me to notice any body language changes showing she might need to pee. No accidents for 29 hours!! Mandy and Poppy chased each other in the snow this morning. It was so much fun to watch. The girls are still having some issues with each other, especially becuz Poppy is still barking to try and get Mandy and Lucky to play. But things are better and hopefully every day they will get along better. She is such a sweet little girl. It feels wonderful but strange holding her, becuz she doesn't fit in my arms quite the same as Justie did. Justie was more compact, and even though Poppy weighs less then Justie did she has a long trunk and long legs (which look even longer without any furnishings). Her tail is so cute! I secretly wonder if part of Amanda's having her nose out of joint is actually tail envy. LOL. Thanks everyone!!!
  17. Poppy is so sweet. She did in fact run to me when she saw me, and she went to the toys (behind a chair) and she scratched on the sliding door when she wanted to go out and play in the snow. Kathy u were right-the boyz told her where to find the important things!! There are 2 issues-one I knew was housebreaking-but I take her out and except when we first got home, she hasn't peed outside, but she has twice in the house. Once was just 20 minutes after she peed inside the first time. They did say the first few days will probably be worse. Second issue- Mandy. Mandy barked at her in the yard but then they would be fine running around. But Mandy was in Carol's lap and when Poppy put her paw on the recliner Mandy went after her-it would not have been good if Carol hadn't pulled Mandy back. Then Poppy started barking and I ended up taking her out of the room. I was worried abt Lucky with a male dog. Didn't expect this from Mandy but she is definitely guarding Carol who she has separation anxiety when Carol leaves, so Mandy doesn't want her mommy holding or letting Poppy on her lap. I hope they don't fight. I hope Mandy starts letting Poppy near Carol's lap at some point!
  18. On the trip home with my Poppy.
  19. Is it tomorrow yet????? 32 hours to Poppy!
  20. Thanks Jacki. I think the pics were from when she was rescued and shaved down (and found to be a schnauzer). I know they just groomed her again this week, so I wonder if she has any furnishings and more beard. I wonder too if she has put on weight. However she looks I will love her. It's strange adopting a dog I have never met and there is that slight fear of what if she doesn't like me or the other dogs. But I am told she is the happiest schnauzer the foster mom has ever had and she loves everyone. She also has been well socialized with other dogs. So crossing paws that Mandy and Lucky are nice to her!! hugs!!
  21. Poppy will have to play with toys in my bedroom unless with a playmate maybe Mandy will stop destroying toys. She is death on squeakers. Justie and Mandy used to each grab an end of a couple toys that are long and would race around the house. If one of them dropped it then the one still running would keep looking back to see if the other was catching up-it was so fun to watch. I hope Mandy and Poppy have many fun years like that. I hope u will come to visit and meet my new baby girl.
  22. Poppy's foster mom called and she is going to bring Olivia/Poppy to Columbus on Friday at noon!! That will cut our drive time in half!! We are meeting at a park near downtown Columbus. We won't be doing any sitting on benches since even more snow is forecast, but she says Olivia/Poppy will have a sweater on since she was just groomed, and it's where the foster mom is comfortable getting to- so off to the park we go Friday morning! I am so excited, apprehensive , sad, happy and have ants in my pants!! Thanks so much everyone!
  23. Posted September 17, 2009 · Report post The boys are doing great. Lots of roaming in the yard, and sunbathing. Tuck is in 'wildman mode' right now. He is racing from room to room with his giggle eggplant-what a change. Even when he pounces almost in the middle of the computer, I can't be mad. I am just so grateful, and thankful that he is feeling so great. Kay, do u remember giving Tuck the purple giggle eggplant? Gosh he loved that toy. We actually still have it (I had to put it away since Mandy rips up toys). I hope Poppy will like playing with toys. Her foster mom said she can't keep toys becuz one of her dogs is like Mandy and tears them up-so she has no idea if Poppy plays with toys. BUT, she said her other 5 fosters wear belly bands and if a belly band is left where she can get to it, Poppy will grab it and run and throw it in the air. I am pretty sure she will like toys!! Plus I warned everyone about her belly band antics since Lucky wears a belly band. Poppy's foster mom returns from vacation today, so I hope she still calls tonight. The weather is looking bad here and even worse in Cincinnati. Unless she changes her mind she was wanting to do the adoption Friday, but more snow is coming on Friday... Thanks everyone!!