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  1. Justie is downstairs snoozing for a bit. He was up pacing early this morning, but is doing okay now. He finally has gone longer then a week without any GM seizures. Sadly I no longer have my parents, but I do wish for all mothers out there to have a Happy Mother's Day. Justie gave me the best Mother's Day gift-lots of kisses. Thanks angels!!
  2. Justie has been outside in the sun enjoying himself. He can be off leash now, but, if he has to poop we have to run to help hold him up becuz his back legs are so weak he has a tough time holding his bum up. His new harness that rehab fit him with has a handle, so it's easy to hold him up. He actually was galloping for a minute. Soooo cute!! Justice is such a trooper. He doesn't know anything is wrong with him, so nothing really bothers him. That's my boy. Thanks so much angels!!
  3. Justie has finally decided to take a snooze. He was pacing for hours. He would get distracted or go to everyone for some attention, but then back to pacing. I'm glad the weekend is here-no doc appts for either me or Justice until Justie has laser and acupuncture on Monday. We're just going to enjoy being together at home. Thanks so much angels!!
  4. Justice was helping me make his Hopping Oats this AM. He is part of the clean-up crew so he (and the others) get to lick my fingers after I am finished making it. It's easiest to just mix it with my fingers so I can feel the consistency and if it needs more water or more of the powder. The puppers love it. I called the pharmacy we are now using for his compounded Chlorambucil (chemo). This time we are going to try liver flavor in hopes he doesn't hate it as much as the chicken and beef. The other pharmacy had many more choices and he loved the marshmallow, but they weren't dependable. So hoping Justie likes it becuz it's the last choice of flavors. Justie was very off balance last evening, but he is better today. I did find out the neuro just wants any therapy that involves movement to be put on hold. So he will have laser but no water or land therapies. I hope we can get back to those soon becuz he really needs them. Thanks so much angels!!!
  5. I am a bit frustrated with Justie's neurologist. I called yesterday to update on the 4 GM's over the weekend and how each time he has a GM it sets him back both pain-wise and with his vestibular syndrome. I said Monday he couldn't finish his rehab due to his dizziness. Silly me, I expected him to make sone adjustments with his seizure meds. But, instead he is stopping his therapy for now. WHAT?? We have to get him stronger so he can walk outside without someone having him on a leash (carol and David have been great abt taking him out, but he goes often and it gets tiring). I think I have mentioned before that Justie doesn't just go outside quickly to pee or poop...no, he has to go the full length of the yard many, many (usually at least 10) times. He will continue acupuncture, and I will get some specific home exercises I can do with Justice (with my Meniere's and shoulder I am somewhat limited in what I can do). Justie is doing pretty well today. He is engaging with everyone. The best news is no GM's since Saturday morning! Thanks so much angels!!
  6. Justie is hanging around me in the family room. He is keeping some distance though becuz he is worried I am going to try combing his beard again-never has been a favorite thing, but hates it now with the Metamucil in it.😧 He has decided to follow David around now since David always has food.👅 Thanks 👼!
  7. Sitting at MedVet waiting for Justie to finish rehab. After he is done we both go into acupuncture. Today he is being fit by rehab with a different harness in hopes it will give the humans easier control so no one else gets a torn rotator cuff! No more seizures since Saturday AM😘 Thanks 👼
  8. Justice had seizures during a 3 hour period last night. He is doing pretty well today though. He is at the moment anxiously waiting for his lunch to appear. So I better go make his lunch- he is the boss u know. Thanks so very much angels!!
  9. Justie has been busy checking things out here and there. His poop is better today, still quite soft, but improved. He is eating the food with the metamucil better then the last time I tried it. Hope he keeps it up. He isn't thrilled when he sees me coming with a wet washcloth towards his beard after he eats, but otherwise the Metamucil is really hard to get out of his beard-it makes it stiff. He takes off and tries to get away-just like with his chemo drug-ick! Thanks angels!!!
  10. Justie is pacing downstairs at the moment. He spent 45 minutes with me on the recliner, then had his lunch. We are back to adding Metamucil to his food becuz the really soft stools have returned. The pumpkin helped, but the Metamucil seems better, although sometimes he doesn't want all his food (I wouldn't either) and with the pumpkin he eats well (and the other dogs want in his bowl). Pumpkin is very popular here! Thanks so much angels!!!
  11. Today has been a day of Justie following whomever is moving, snoozing against me, or just snoozing anywhere. He is like a puppy when they are very 'busy' (as his acupuncturist says) and suddenly u realize it is quiet- and puppy has just fallen asleep wherever they were standing. Justie does that. Thanks so very much angels!!
  12. Justie is back from the groomer and looks so different without all that hair. He is very cute and handsome. I know in a little while he will take a long snooze and maybe will even lay in a doggy bed. For a few weeks he has been napping on the kitchen linoleum becuz it's cooler there. I hope his panting will stop now too. Of course all week we will be in the 50's or low 60's-not the 70's and 80's when his hair was too long. Thanks angels!!
  13. shoot. I posted earlier and it's not here, *** when I hit for this to post- the one I wrote 3 hours ago showed up. Justie had some diarrhea this morning. I woke to many tiny paw prints all over my bedroom carpet. UGH!!!! He has been a little off balance but I'm sure its due to the diarrhea since the neuro said any medical change will make the vertigo worse. He is snoozing right now. He had a bath a little bit ago becuz tmw he goes to the groomer...he looks like a baby bear. In fact I have been calling him Boo Boo Bear. He looks so cute with his long fluffy hair, but with allergies he gets itchy if his paws and body aren't wiped when he comes inside, and with this long hair I can't get down to the skin. Plus, it has not been fun trying to find where to put his rectal valium iwhen he has the GM's. Carol is taking him and staying with him tmw becuz I may have a rotator cuff tear, so I can't really hold him up safely for him or me. I will be on pins and needles waiting for my little boy to come back home. thanks angels!!
  14. Justie is roaming around upstairs. He had a good nap on my lap while I was sitting on the couch downstairs. He does circle and lose his balance at times. He was a little worse earlier today but I am sure it was becuz he had diarrhea this AM. In fact there were footprints all over my room that told me he had a problem. UGH!!! it's only 54 degrees today with a wind chill of 49 degrees. Chilly day!!! Thanks angels!!!!
  15. Hopefully the techs fixed the problem, although it definitely takes a few extra steps to get in the forum now!!! Thanks for the continued tries-glad u finally got in!! I am so very happy with Justice's therapies today and how he was so excited and wiggle buttin just like my angel Tuck! Hugs to u and the kitties!!