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  1. Justie is standing here watching me type. He just had lunch so is very content. We are going out for a belated birthday dinner today. To be honest I would rather just stay home but Nancys 91yo aunt is looking forward to all of us going out to dinner. I hate leaving Justie... thanks so much angels!
  2. Justie has been pretty quiet today. It has been humid and rainy today so no walks in the big yard. Thanks so very much angels!!!
  3. LOVE the pics, and so happy u still have Charlie-he looks so regal. I didn't remember he was older then Justice (just turned 15yo). I guess I was thinking of Tuck who would be 17 in a few weeks (but as u saw I lost him over 3 years ago). It sounds like Zoe loves those brothers! Zak is adorable. So glad u stopped in and updated on the furkids. There is only one other PIN kid here besides Justice. Too many losses. I got a Xmas card back a couple years ago and the envelope read deceased-it was Susan who had Zoom and then after losing him she continued posting on threads. I know she posted here on Syd's thread. Take care of urself. As Susan used to say "I hope life is being kind". Hugs!
  4. Justie has been a velcro pupper today (he always is, but more then usual). He wanted his lunch a little early and I signed that it wasn't time yet. But...he looked up at me with his big brown eyes and I couldn't wait another 30 min to feed him. I did make it to 10 minutes (I didn't want to confuse him after just signing that it wasn't time yet so had to wait a little bit). He was a happy boy getting his lunch. Thanks so much angels!!
  5. Hi Michelle! Wow it has been a long time, but I am so happy u came back to visit! It means a lot!' I wonder if u still have any labradorks. So glad u came back!!hugs!
  6. Justies vertigo has improved. He has had a little pacing today. He definitely was excited when I made his Hopping Oats for his meds. He says my fingers were finger lickin good! thanks angels
  7. Justie had a rough morning at Medvet. His vertigo really kicked in. But he is much better after acupuncture and the trip home. He is hoping to get his dinner early...silly boy. Thanks so much angels!!
  8. Thank u so much Sue. With all u have going with Oliver I appreciate ur greeting even more. You are so special, and such a dear friend. Hugs to all.
  9. Justie is snoozing away. He got to go in the big yard today and he was so happy!! Justie has laser and acupuncture tmw at MedVet. It will be another nice day with no rain!!! Thanks angels!!!
  10. Justie is a bit restless and having more partial seizures then usual. I wonder if the loud music and vibrations are bothering him. It is supposed to be over at midnight, thank goodness. Justie just fell πŸ’€ asleep. He is so adorable πŸ’•πŸΎπŸ’œ thanks πŸ‘Ό
  11. We have started the weekend in the summer we all hate. It's the weekend of an EST music festival. The music is so loud the house shakes and u can feel thumping in ur chest, and it has started. The worst will be tmw eve when a rapper "Machine Gun Kelly' performs. Traffic has been non stop with people starting to arrive this morning at 5AM. They honk, have radios blaring, throw beer cans, cuss other drivers out, etc.. We are in a rural area and this venue 'Ohio Dreams' bought the land after we moved here. During other times of the year it's a kids sport camp. But August is music time. They have a sport festival and country music weekend-neither are like this weekend will be. They did a sound check abt 10pm last night for 10 minutes and it will be ridiculously loud (esp the bass) again this year . We have windows closed and AC on, and it will stay on through Sunday even though the weather tmw will be cool. We have no noise ordinance... Anyway, I hope the vibrations don't scare Justie. He may be deaf but he can feel the thumping I am sure. I am sitting in my bedroom and it is pouring rain, but I still can hear and feel the music and the loudspeaker. I can't believe tmw will be even worse... I prob won't take Justie in the big yard tmw in case the music scares him. Ohhh thunder...or is it the bass. Nope a storm has arrived. Maybe we'll get peace for a short time!! Thanks so much angels!!
  12. Justie has been pretty quiet today. He has been happy to be a 'couch potato '. Thanks angels
  13. I do believe Justie's docs have learned to treat him and definitely not going by what any veterinary book says it should be. my little guy keeps the specialists on their toes!!! thats a great thing to teach new members of ur groupπŸ˜ƒ Hugs and wiggle butts to u and all the kitties!!!πŸ’•
  14. Justie did really good with rehab and acupuncture. He has lost weight again so I texted his IMS. I'll let u know what he says. at the moment he is napping by the sliding door and enjoying a breeze. thanks angels!!!πŸ˜‡
  15. Justie is doing okay. I, on the other hand, am still reeling from the news that after several years of mild valvular disease that it is now severe. Thankfully he has no clinical signs like panting, coughing and fainting -which is why I didn't know he was worse. I take him for laser and acupuncture tmw. I hope to be able to pick up his compounded heart med tmw on the way to MedVet (it's abt 5 minutes away from Medvet), but if not I'll have to go back Thursday. Thanks so much angels!!!