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  1. Justie is doing well. He is a bit more off balance but that is not stopping him from being around everyone. It is only 68 degrees!! Tmw will be 10 degrees warmer, but I sure am enjoying today. Justie is getting to stay out a little longer, but since he was showing pain yesterday-no big yard. Frustrating!! Thanks so much angels!!!
  2. Hi, Kay, We are also in a good stretch of weather, at least until Thursday when it starts to rain and gets warmer. It was so nice driving to Columbus today in nice weather. It seems like the rain always comes during Columbus trips. Of course Justie and I go back Thursday... when rain is forecast. Give the kitties some scratches for me! hugs!
  3. Thanks Sue, it really means a lot. Justie broke the cycle and didn't have any seizures during the night-in fact none in 40 hours! Unfortunately all the seizures have made his back and neck hurt, so he only had laser during rehab. If the neurologist finds discomfort at Thursday's appt we'll do another laser treatment then. Thanks so much angels! .
  4. Justice is doing better, thanks. Now Mister has to feel better!! hugs!
  5. The little boy didn't listen, he had more seizures during the night. But he is doing fine now and is begging for his lunch. my friend Niki is coming for dinner so will be a nice distraction and just nice to have her here. justie goes for rehab and acupuncture tmw. thanks so much angels!
  6. Justie had one of the roughest nights of his life. He went into status with his epilepsy. Status is a medical emergency where a seizure continues for over 5 minutes. Justice has been in bad cycles of seizures before, but never status. Luckily rectal valium stopped the status. We thought abt the ER, but MedVet is abt 90 minutes away and God, I hate to say it, but his recent hospitalization was thousands of dollars, and though I am having help with that bill, I just don't have enough for another hospitalization. But if the valium didn't stop it we would have gone. Again thank goodness the valium stopped the status. AND thank goodness Justice is doing fine. Now...no more seizures!! Thanks so much angels!!
  7. pouring rain and a severe storm is coming. Justie had more GM's in the evening and during the night. I know it is terrible that he is having so many seizures, but he isn't aware of what is happening- and after the paddling he just falls asleep. Then he is fine. If u saw him u would never know he had any seizures in the past 36 hours. Rumbling...gotta go. Thanks angels!!
  8. Well it looks like Justie's poop is just how it should be...without blood! Still too soft, but it's improving. Unfortunately Justie had 4 GM's between 2AM-3AM. Looking at him now u would never know he had any seizures. That's my energizer bunny!! Thanks so much angels!!
  9. Thanks for the concern of my little guy. Justice is also a PIN kid like Mister, but it's mainly for his epilepsy. But this time he suddenly had diarrhea, vomiting and very quickly he was pooping pure blood. He was in ICU for 5 days. He had HGE-hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Very scary. I have a dear friend who is helping with the bill, thank goodness. Its so scary to see our kids sick, and to not know exactly what is wrong with them, like u and Mister. I hope the vets come up with a plan to help sweet Mister. I hate that he has to deal with this too...and you.
  10. How far apart were Ollies HGE events? 5 days in the hospital was so incredibly expensive. I am blessed that a wonderful angel and friend is helping immensely with that cost. But as u know hospitalization is very expensive. i am thankful Justie is doing so much better, and at least so far today no blood in his 💩 I really thought I was going to lose him yesterday or today. Thanks for the prayers- I know they make a difference. hugs!!
  11. I'm watching Justie snoozing after a busy day. Tmw we are back in the 90's but really looking forward to the 70's over the weekend. Justie will get some walks on a leash in the big yard this weekend! Thanks so much angels!
  12. I hate HGE too. I know u have experienced it a few times with Ollie and Ivy. Didn't Ollie have HGE twice? What did they do for the HGE? Are they still on any intestinal meds or supplements? Were u ever able to handle it at home? big hugs!!
  13. I'm so sorry I haven't posted today before now. First of all Justie is OK. It has been an emotional day though becuz I knew if Justie had HGE again I would have to let him go, and this morning I was sure it was HGE. He isn't out of the woods yet, but is better this eve. This AM David told me Justice squatted 6-7 times all over the yard until he finally pooped a small amount but with blood. He then had diarrhea. He was shivering and laying like his tummy hurt. This afternoon another poop with blood. The good news is he is eating and taking his meds. He does have blood still in his stool, but it's just a small amount. I am cautiously optimistic that he'll be okay. I dread though checking his poop for blood becuz things could change quickly... Thanks so very much angels!
  14. Justie did great in rehab and with acupuncture today. There are 2 concerns though- he has lost more weight and he had an accident in the room before acupuncture and he had a very small amount of blood in it, which scares me. There is nothing the IMS can do to prevent HGE from happening again. We are taking him off Metamucil and putting on pumpkin and adding another probiotic in hopes we can calm his intestines. Plus we are continuing the Budesonide- the steroid. please keep Justie in ur thoughts and prayers. Thanks angels.
  15. It always makes me breathe a sigh of relief when Justice passes that 24 hour mark after clustering with grand mals. We are actually at abt 34 hours without a seizure!! It's cooler at 80 but really humid. We are supposed to have strong storms this afternoon and finally a cool down. I can't believe I will be taking Justice down to MedVet in cooler weather (78 degrees and hopefully not so humid!). Justie is watching Carol in the kitchen...hoping for his lunch. So I better go get it ready!! Thanks angels so much for making sure Justice can get his seizure med. I am so grateful!