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  1. Your words mean so much Kay. I am so glad u got to meet Justie (and Tuck) several times. I am trying so hard to live in the moment-just like Justie is doing, but u are right-it is hard. Feels downright impossible at times. But I'll keep trying. Thank u, my friend. Justie had a couple seizures last night, but he is doing okay today. Tmw we head to MedVet for laser and acupuncture. I am dreading the time when I am making trips to places without Justice in the car with me. You can bet I'll be talking to him all the way to Columbus-he may be deaf, but I know he understands me. I am still the luckiest mom in the world. Thanks angels!!!
  2. Justie has always been comfortable back in neurology. In fact, his neuro says it's like day camp for Justie. Today he said as soon as he walked into neurology and saw Justice he knew Justie was not the dog he has known for 12 years. He is right. In the 2 months since the neuro has seen Justie his canine cognitive dysfunction (a nice way to say dementia) has gone into a rapid, steep decline. He was diagnosed when he had the MRI with his back surgery 16 months ago. The MRI showing he only had 2/3 brain left. I guess we have been lucky that this has been a slow progression...I don't feel lucky. It may have been slow when u compare it with other dogs, but for me it has been too fast. I haven't said much abt his dementia. It was just too hard to talk abt, and if I didn't talk abt it then maybe it wasn't real. But the past 2 months I couldn't kid myself anymore. Justie in the past couple weeks has lost his ability to smell things-u can put food in front of him and he never uses his sense of smell to seek it out. He has lost more of his brain as far as seeing things too. He has started pacing more, including sometimes during the night. There are other things too--it is a horrible diagnosis. I asked the neuro if I am being fair to Justie. He said Justie is not in pain, and he feels he has a few weeks left. My heart is breaking...
  3. As soon as I saw the neuro's face I knew he was going to give upsetting news. With a quivering voice he said he thinks Justie will make it through the holidays, but not for long after that... I knew this was coming, but it still hurts my heart more then I can say. I am devastated. Thanks angels for all u have done and continue to do for Justie.
  4. Thank u, thank u, thank u Sue for giving me a smile just when I needed one. I can't believe that wee puppy isn't a newborn!! I'll write in a few abt today's neurologist appt. hugs!
  5. Justie had a rough evening and night. 5 GM's, but they were pretty mild. He was sleeping on the floor in the family room earlier and I put the colorful blanket over him. I noticed Amanda (who was worried abt Justie last night) started putting toys around him- there are 3 toys. So sweet.. Thanks angels!!
  6. It has been so cold with wind chills in the teens. As soon as Justie comes inside we have a blanket or warm (from the dryer) towel ready for him. Thanks so much angels!!!
  7. Justie definitely has better traction on the slippery floors with the Paw Friction. It is hospital grade glue that is painted on his pads and then they are dipped in these tiny (like sand) rubber pellets. The bottoms of his pads are kind of turquoise color. Justie has helped me do laundry, med boxes and empty the dishwasher-I couldn't have done those things without him. Thanks so much angels!
  8. Justice has had a good day. His laser and acupuncture went well. Rehab put something on his paw pads called Paw Friction that is supposed to help with his slipping on linoleum, tile, etc.. He paces so much I have a feeling it won't last the week that it should last. We have already noticed he has better traction on the slippery floors. He will still fall over from balance and vertigo issues, but it would be nice if otherwise we can stop his slipping. He will have mommy with him all day tmw. I am excited abt that too. All these darn doc apps I have had to go to that take me away from him for hours (due to travel mainly)-he needs an at home mommy day and I need an at home Justie day!! Thanks so much angels!!
  9. Justie is all snuggled down in a blanket. He isn't doing a lot of pacing today, which is nice. Tmw we head to MedVet for laser and acupuncture. I can't believe it will be in the low 30's when we leave and then go up to 55 degrees! I am hoping we have a mild winter!!! Hi Sue, Macy sure is training u well to give good belly rubs!! I'm really glad u posted the pic-it's fun seeing at least parts of ur kids...and Macy being a stinker. Lucky for Belle u know who the real culprit was. LOL. We've been in the 50's, except at night with lows in the 30's. By Wednesday we'll have high's in the 30's and low's in the 20's. Snow is forecast for Saturday. I sure hope ur weather forecaster is wrong abt the blizzard!! stay warm! hugs!! Thanks so much angels!!
  10. OMG Sue I know it made a lot of work for u but I hope it also made u smile just a bit. I certainly smiled...well ok I laughed. All of us here had a collective giggle and an awwww isn't she gorgeous. She really reminds me of Justie as a pup-that look in her eye was Justie's look. I just adore Macy. BTW how many kids (or parts of them) are in the pic? It looks like 4. I love the kitty under the small table (TV tray?). The kitty looks like "hey I am staying safe under here and I am totally innocent!". Hope that wasn't a library book!!! hugs!
  11. Justie and Lucky are running around in my bedroom. Justie vomited this AM, but seems ok now. He ate his lunch just fine. Thanks so much angels!!
  12. Rainy day so no play time outside for Justie, so he is content to just hang around everyone. Thanks angels!!
  13. Justie is more off balance today. David is putting a temporary fence up to cut the size of the small yard so we aren't trying to keep up with him in the small yard that is as long as the house- especially when he is off balance. It will be nice too when it's snowy/icy so we can keep him safe. We did this when he was recovering from his back surgery and it worked well. Another sunny day in the 50's! Thanks so much angels!!!
  14. When I got home after being at a doc appt for a few hours, Justie whined and cried and licked me and was so happy to see me. I think he was scolding me a bit for being gone-'mommy where have u been?" Beautiful day here again!! Thanks angels!!
  15. Justie did great today with laser and acupuncture. I think he is enjoying all the carrying around at MedVet. Yes, he is really liking his feet never touching the floor. Silly boy. It appears the canine influenza is diminishing greatly, but they still want to be cautious a couple more weeks. It's a beautiful week here with temps in the 50's. Last week we were in the 30's so we are really enjoying this warm up. Justie is liking this warmer weather becuz he can be outside longer and isn't shivering like he was last week. Thanks so much angels!!