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  1. Well Justice's new med came came by FedEx today, so he has had his first dose. Usually if they have a problem it is vomiting and it happens during the first couple days. So Justie's IMS is starting him on it just once a day for 3 days then he goes to twice/day. Please send up some positive thoughts that he handles the med okay and it helps... Thanks angels!!!
  2. Thanks Kay! The little boy got his big yard time. He went strolling and checking out everything for 25 minutes. Here he is after his big day in his big yard: Thanks so much angels!!!
  3. After I texted Justie's IMS that rehab got a weight on Justice and he has lost even more weight, I got a text back that he would come down during acupuncture to talk with me. I was right, we can't wait to start another treatment. He is starting him on Mycophenolate-an immunosuppressant. Unfortunately it needs to be compounded so will take a few days to get it. In the meantime he is increasing Justice's Prednisolone back to twice/day in hopes it will hold him for awhile. It takes the Mycophenolate abt a week to start working so he will stay on the Leukeran and Pred until then. He doesn't have any other ideas to help Justice... Thanks angels!
  4. Justie is downstairs snoozing on the kitchen floor. I moved him once to a doggie bed, but he went right back to the runner on the kitchen floor to take a nap. Silly boy. The winds started this AM (near 40mph gusts) and they are continuing. The rain in a few hours will bring a cold front. I can't believe we have had 70's and 80's this week (above average for mid-October) and tmw the high is in the 50's (below average for mid-October). At least it's not supposed to rain tmw when Justie and I head to MedVet for his laser and acupuncture. I'll talk with his IMS abt Justie's poop. I'm not sure we can wait much longer to start on the other immunosuppressant med. We had wanted to wait until his labs were done a week from tmw. I guess we'll see what he comes up with. He is trying so hard to help Justice. Actually all of Justie's specialists put their heart into helping Justie. Thanks angels!!
  5. Its such a gorgeous day that I had hoped Justie could go in the big yard. But he had seizures last night and today his poop is worse, so I decided to keep him inside. We'll shoot for tmw, although rain and a cold front are coming. Justie is doing okay today. He walks around in the smaller yard, and inside he makes sure he knows what everyone is doing. Thanks so much angels!!
  6. I was getting worried that Justie had not pooped since last night. Finally after his dinner I heard "we have poop!" and that yell went from person to person-we are a household of people very focused on Justice's poop. Unfortunately he still has blood. It may be a bit more since the Prednisolone was decreased to once/day. Monday we'll get a weight and maybe he'll be able to go on twice/day again. I hope sometime this weekend he can go in the big yard for a short time. Thanks angels!
  7. Justie is napping. He has had a busy day of pacing, getting hugs, eating , getting hugs, sleeping, getting hugs...well u get the drift. Thanks so much angels!!
  8. Justice's CBC was slightly improved, His weight has dropped though, so no decrease again at this point with the chemo drug. We are decreasing Justie's prednisolone in case it's causing muscle wasting and weight loss. More labs a week from Monday. Justie is downstairs napping-he is a bit tired, and so is mommy. Thanks angels!!
  9. We'll be heading to MedVet in the AM. It will be a long day for us, but Justie likes seeing everyone there, so he doesn't mind...of course he sleeps during the 3 hour round trip. He will have a CBC and I'll get results tmw eve or Thursday. He had seizures before bedtime and then again at 4AM, but is doing fine now.I really hope that the Toperimate stops him from having more seizures- this will be a good test to see how he does with the new seizure protocol. Thanks so much angels!!
  10. Spoke with Justice's IMS and we discussed a different medication, but decided to wait for his next CBC results. His labs will be drawn on Wednesday, and should have results by Thursday. Justie is hanging in there. He has had lots of lap time with mommy today. Thanks angels.
  11. Justie has had a day of pacing, napping, licking mommy's finger after making Hopping Oats, eating, and just getting loved on. A pretty good day for him. Unfortunately the increased steroid hasn't made a difference with the blood in his stool. Hope the specialist does call tmw. Thanks angels!
  12. I heard from internal medicine today. Justice's IMS is increasing the prednisolone back to the dose he was first on 10 days ago. He is going to call me Monday to discuss a different medication. I have a feeling he is going to take Justie off the Chlorambucil (Leukeran) and put him on a different chemo drug. I hope I am wrong, but I think it's a drug that was considered before, but has some bad side effects (affecting liver and kidneys), so it was decided not to use it. But now we are between a rock and a hard spot. I think I would like to know his CBC results on Wednesday before starting a new med. But I do trust Dr Hostutler, so I'll see what he says... Justice has had a quiet day today. Thanks so much angels!!
  13. I was waiting to write until I heard back from Internal Medicine, but they haven't called. I called this afternoon to see if since Justie still has a fair amount of blood in his stool if he should stay on, or even increase the dose of his Prednisolone. Hopefully they will call tmw. Justie is napping right now. It's been raining the past 2 days, so not much time outdoors. This weekend should be nicer weather, so hopefully a little time in the big yard for Justie. Thanks so much angels!
  14. poop alert just wanted to warn u guys before u read abt Justie's poop. It is mushy with blood. I'll call his IMS tmw. Maybe he will increase his prednisolone. I am worried... Thanks angels!
  15. Didn't get good news abt Justie's lab work. The 2 most important tests were Red Blood Cell count and his platelets. Today RBC is 32.7 (3 weeks ago it was already low at 37) Today platelet count is 123 (3 weeks ago it was already low at 176) So his IMS is decreasing Justie's Chlorambucil (chemo) by 50%. So Justie won't be on a therapeutic dose for his intractable IBD or lymphoma. I am heartbroken at needing to decrease the Chlorambucil. We are rechecking a CBC in 10 days. I pray his results improve, but, if they do it means the chemo is causing the "progressive decline" of his CBC - so he won't be able to be on therapeutic doses...then what happens? My heart hurts thinking abt it. Justie is doing okay-no GM seizures!!! Thanks so much angels!!