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  1. Well, as usual, you angels have made magic yet again! I saw this posted on FB and was enraged. He's just a little tiny baby of a dog. I'm so happy Timber will have his surgery. Nice job everyone!!
  2. Well, Mr. Jedi handsome boy... There's just no way I can pass up helping a beautiful German Shepherd. Donation on the way... Get well soon sweetie I am so sorry about Yoda... What a terrible, terrible accident.
  3. Scamp Latham - Kitty with blocked urethra

    Scamp - you look very much like a big orange kitty who lives at my house. Making a donation so that you get all your funds. Feel better soon beautiful boy!!
  4. I hope Coco and China are doing well. Any updates?
  5. If you can get my donation (see post above) moved to CoCo, she'll be very close to her goal!
  6. Back right before IMOM was closed for a while, I made a donation in Diesel Freeman's memory for a pet in need. My memory is terrible, so I can't remember right now who it was, but they went ahead and had the surgery done while IMOM was trying to raise funds for them, so my donation has been hanging out there for a while. I just sent an email requesting that the donation be marked for Coco, so hopefully that will all come together soon and it will get her closer to her goal. All fingers crossed for ALL funds to be raised today so she can have her surgery!!
  7. Diesel Goodman

    That's a beautiful tribute to Diesel, Ron. I totally understand how you can be surrounded by your loved ones and still feel completely alone. I understand your pain and all I can say is that it does get better as time goes on. You will never forget - ever - and you shouldn't. But one of these days, you'll think of Diesel with a little smile on your face and you'll know that the healing has started. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts...
  8. Diesel Goodman

    Ron, I'm glad Diesel is home with you. I've always found comfort in that. I think what your vet and the staff did for your family and Diesel is beyond amazing. Dollars meant nothing to them. What was important to them was taking care of Diesel and getting him back home to you. Very touching and incredibly special people…
  9. Diesel Goodman

    Ron, I was lucky enough to have my "heart" dog Murphy for nearly 19 years. She was a Sheltie/Keeshond mix. I had lost dogs before and was heartbroken, but I literally couldn't breathe when I lost Murphy. To this day, two and a half years later, I can hardly think of her without tears in my eyes. I will never, ever have a relationship with another like I did with her. I couldn't face getting another dog, although we had Sammy, our GSD. I moped around for about 10 months - totally unfair to Sammy - but luckily he's such an easy going boy that I believe he understood. My husband finally got sick of me moping and took matters into his own hands and brought home a Keeshond puppy. Well, I have to admit that the minute I laid eyes on her, my heart healed a lot. She looked so much like Murph as a puppy. But she wasn't Murphy and I didn't expect her to be. She has given me a lot of joy, along with a lot of destroyed property (but that's another story!). You would not be replacing Diesel – you know that’s not even possible. But I believe, without a doubt, that Diesel would be so happy that another pup could have the home he did and that pup would help heal your heart. I've always believed that if another comes into my life, it's for a reason. I have a feeling Diesel will send you someone sooner, rather than later, because he understands your pain…
  10. Diesel Goodman

    Thinking of you and your family tonight, Ron... I only knew Diesel for a very short time through your posts, but I came to love him just like everyone does here. He was such a brave and strong boy. Of course you'll keep fighting - Diesel set a fine example and that's exactly what he would want for you. He'll be there with you every step of the way... I know nothing can heal your heart right now, but I've always found comfort in this: We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan. ~ Irving Townsend I meant to say earlier that I think you have one of the most compassionate and kindest vets in the world. What he did for Diesel was so far beyond his "job" that it was just remarkable. He tried so hard...
  11. I get confused on the matching challenges!! If Steve does the next $50 after the matching challenge, let me know the balance and I would like to send that in Diesel's memory.
  12. Diesel Goodman

    Oh Ron...I am so sorry... I've only been reading Diesel's story for a short time, but it became apparent to me immediately that this little pug was loved beyond words. Even though his time was too short here on our earth, every single minute of it was filled with caring and love. There are so many who never see this in their entire lives. Thank you for everything you did to try and heal Diesel. He tried so hard to stay here with you -- bless his heart for that. I am a believer that you two will meet again, so this is a temporary separation. He will have lots of company where he is, so you need not worry about that. I hope he gives you a sign that he's okay. I've had two dogs do that to me and it's amazing - and comforting. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am just so sorry. I feel like I came to know Diesel and you through your posts and my heart hurts a lot this morning...
  13. Diesel Goodman

    Ron, this is such a fabulous report! I was so anxious to hear how Diesel did last night. Very happy for all of you!!
  14. Diesel Goodman

    OMG, I would have killed my vet for doing that!!! I know the surprise was worth it, but I can't imagine the emotions you must have gone through. Ron, I checked this thread a hundred times since your last post. I have to admit that I was expecting the worst news possible. This is beyond thrilling to hear the wonderful news that Diesel is doing so well. I know you won't sleep much tonight, but that's okay. You can rest up as soon as those darn 48 hours pass. I am so very happy for you and your family - and especially your sweet boy Diesel!! Stay strong little guy!!
  15. Diesel Goodman

    Ron, Diesel and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Keeping all fingers crossed...