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Sarah C.

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  1. Swirlie And Max Ortiz - Special Needs Cats -

    Bibi - I'm so very sorry for your loss. Sending {{{{{{{{{BIGHUGS}}}}}}}}}}} your way. Swirlie you are so loved and I know you'll stay close to your mom in spirit.
  2. Tuck - you've got our support! Just sent in a donation through paypal. I so wish it was more!!!!!! We love you!
  3. Dawn thanks for the update!!!! Angels you rock!!!! Let me clear up a bit about our fund raising goal for Trixi. Trixi's mom did not ask us to raise the full amount needed for surgery which is $2200. She asked us for help with $1500. We knew that she had money from at least one organization and now we know about 2. Those 2 donations when subtracted from $2200 bring us to the amount she requested help with - which was $1500. She also has other donations she is trying to get and when she hears back that she's getting help elsewhere or can come up with more funds of her own we will reflect that in the Fund Raising goal. Thanks so much Judy for helping Trixi's mom! She's working sooo hard to raise the funds needed. You tell how much she loves her Trixi and isn't going to let this take her baby from her with out a fight!
  4. I just spoke with Trixi's mom. She can only get on the forum from her computer on her lunch break and her iphone at home. So she's still getting used to how this forum works. But she's trying to get on and tell you more about Trixi!
  5. Trixi is really struggling to breath . It sounds like being in torture to me. Thank you to all our VERY GENEROUS donors who have donated to help Trixi. You guys are true Angels!! To donate to Trixi please visit http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd and mark your gift "Trixi Moeckel" or our Paypal address is paypal@imom.org and be sure to let us know who your gift is for. Sarah
  6. Diagnosis: Laryngeal Tieback surgery (windpipe) Low end of estimate: $2200 Owner Contribution: $500 Needed for low end of estimate: $1500 4% for IMOM operating expenses: $60 Our fund raising goal is $1560 Neutered: Yes Caseworker: Sarah Trixi is at ALL FUNDS RAISED! Trixi was adopted from a shelter 6 months ago. She needs this surgery so that she can breath and eat. She currently has to gasp just to get a breath of air. This can turn accute very quickly where she will not be able to breath. Trixi's mom has been VERY proactive in applying to other organizations for assistance. Labrador Harbor has agreed to donate $500. Other foundations have not been able to help while still others she is waiting to hear back from. Please help to save Trixi's precious life! From Trixi's Mom: If you would like to help save Trixi's life please make a donation. If you can help please visit http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd and mark your gift "Trixi Moeckel" or our Paypal address is paypal@imom.org Please be sure to let us know who your gift is for.
  7. Dear Tucker and Justice, I really, really want to see you someday. I heard the happy news! I hope you guys feel better soon. My little sister Emily will help me pray for you guys. I saw a picture and they are very cute! I really enjoy the messages that you send. When I saw their picture I can imagine that you are very very soft. You guys are very loved by me and my little sister! I have a feeling that you are the best dogs! I love dogs! Love, Clara and Emily! 7 yo 2yo
  8. Yesterday Liberty Animal Clinic contacted us about Snow Hackett who was at their clinic with pyometra. Snow's mom was on disability and had no money for surgery. The vet contacted us and asked if we could help. The cost of surgery was $1800. This wonderful vet agreed to accept a pledge of $500 from IMOM and went ahead with the surgery last night. We didn't have time to fund raise and had to use money from our Emergency Fund. Thank you to all our wonderful donors who make regular donations to our Emergency Fund for times like this when a pet's life is hanging in the balance. Sarah
  9. Coco Maxwell - Terrier Needs Cataract Surgery

    Coco still has $330 left to go in order to receive the matching pledge of $450! Every dollar you donate right now can be doubled through this matching challenge. Please Angels help dear Coco. No amount is too small (or big!). visit http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd , or if you'd prefer to donate directly from your PayPal account, please use paypal@imom.org remember to note that the donation is for Coco Maxwell. Thanks Angels who have already donated towards this matching pledge! You ROCK!
  10. Juan, I'm so happy that Nyna got through surgery! What a relief!! So it sounds like she ate a sock a month ago and passed it or part of it - and then did it again and didn't pass it? My Boris (and now Natasha) like to get into the garbage can - so we had to buy all with lids to keep them out. Keeping the laundry behind a closed door is a great idea. Keep away everything that will hurt her as she doesn't seem to get what those things are yet.
  11. I'M THRILLED to see Nyna at AFR!!!!! You guys are the most wonderful and special people on earth!! Thank you Angels!!
  12. IMOM Angels - I'm worried about Nyna. The vet today said they really wanted to get her in today. But we just didn't have the resources. Tonight is really all we have to raise the money needed. Vet said she's really thin. This started a month ago when Nyna seemed to have a blockage. But they thought it was a sock and it had passed. But now she's really sick again. There could be an issue with the small and large intestines and the vet won't know until they go in for surgery. We really need to get her in tomorrow as soon as possible. Tonight would have been more ideal. Thanks Angels for your donations and matching challenges!
  13. Stormie needed $1500 surgery to save her from dying of pyometra. Her owner had $500 from care credit, IMOM donated $500 from our emergency fund and the vet offered a discount and is looking forward to working with us more in the future. . Stormie should be in surgery right now - Vet said it had to be done immediately. From Stormie's Dad Thanks to all our angels who donate to our Emergency Fund!! We could never have made this happen with out your early generosity.
  14. Eric, I'm glad to hear that Jessie has been treated and is on the road to recovery. Angels - thank you so much for your love and support of all animals who come to IMOM in need!!!! You guys have the biggest hearts EVER!!!! Sarah
  15. Diagnosis: Humeral and mandible fractures Treatment required: Surgery to repair Low end of estimate: $2,640.00 Less applicant contribution: $100 Needed for low end of estimate: $2540.00 4% for IMOM operating expenses: $102.00 Fundraising goal: $2642.00 Spayed: Yes ** CASE IS CLOSED** Jessie got out the front door and ran across the street to the field. She then tried to come back across the street. In the process she was hit by a car. Jessie is an indoor dog. She has a chain she is attached to when she goes outdoors to use the restroom. She slipped out the door on accident. The family is more aware that Jessie is able to escape outside and will make sure the door is closed at all times. To make a donation http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd Please include the name of the pet: Jessie Shirley Falkner If you prefer to use your PayPal account you may send your donation to paypal@imom.org