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  1. Pepper Pea Pod Pie

    Lisa, I'm sorry I missed when you posted about losing Pepper. I always love the kitties that can prove the vets wrong. She was so lucky to have you and Bobcat. Run Free sweet Pepper.
  2. without a doubt, your colonies have some beautiful and unique cats, and all look so healthy- a testament to your devotion to them. That Lou- his day for capture must be coming soon. Perhaps he wants to save the best for last.
  3. just stopped in to check on how you are doing with the colonies. So glad IMOM was able to help you. Would love to hear any updates.
  4. I hope Bubba starts to fill back out some. Maybe he's been competing with Lou. That yowling is strange if Lou is male... unless he's totally frustrated from lack of females in heat. Wouldn't that be a good thought?
  5. I wonder where Lou Garoux is hiding. Hopefully stability is returning to your colonies and there will be peaceful coexistence. Have a good Memorial Day Weekend. You have a very good vet.
  6. If the pain meds have worked their way out of her system so she is fully alert, releasing her is probably best. Especially since you are keeping tabs on the colonies. That Bubba sure is fickle.
  7. What a difference a day made for this beautiful girl. Are you able to hold onto her for an extra day or two to let her recover fully? What did you decide to name her? Sorry to hear about the little one. Surprising you haven't encountered it before. Hopefully her immune system will kick in and help her beat it quickly.
  8. Would have to have a look at the other end of the kitty to know for sure but if I was a betting person (and I am), I'd bet this cat is a male. Relieved the pretty Siamese is getting the medical attention she needs. I bet she is too. Now she'll live to see some better days.
  9. Hi Karen, Your posts are all there, they are just on previous pages. So glad you caught the Siamese and the injured tail can be looked at by the vet. I'm assuming you now know whether it is male or female. GOOD CATCH! The new cat at the edge of the woods has the facial shape of a non neutered male. Will be interesting to find out.
  10. Cheering on the trapping of "quarter tail". With a little bit of luck "she" wasn't in heat when all the extra cats (assuming males) were wandering through. Tell Bubba his baby making days are behind him- pick one colony or the other, and stay away from the road. Better yet, quarter tail turns out to be a male. Good Luck with trapping.
  11. Those "just passing through" neighborhood males that aren't neutered are the biggest problem to controlling the population explosion. What does your state law require if you happen to trap them? Can they be neutered if they aren't microchipped or identified as owned? Bubba's neutering alone will have an impact. And Tadpole too. A very successful week. Keep up the good work, and keep us posted.
  12. Has Bubba forgiven you yet? I've been thinking about colony 2. Is there any chance some of the new drop offs were spayed or neutered before being abandoned? We can only hope. Any trappings scheduled?
  13. Are you saying Bubba is at the vet now for his big snip? Maybe he was jealous that Tadpole got to go for a ride with you and he never had. Have you been vaccinated for rabies? We've had some lively discussions at the shelter about whether to get pre vaccinated, especially for those involved with TNR or transporting of the injured wild animals to the sanctuaries that help them.
  14. HAPPY TRAPPINGS! Only wish we were nearer to lend a hand. I hope there are some local folk that can and will help, the weather cooperates, and all kitties are found to be healthy. Please keep us posted. Waiting to hear you've outsmarted Bubba.
  15. One of mine even does the sideways head turn when he returns the blink. The junior volunteers have been practicing this technique as well. The worried momma in me prefers they do the sideways head turn just in case there is an unexpected lunge from a frightened kitty. Karen, for Bubba, is there any chance you could use the large pillow case technique to get him into the carrier or crate? This is used by firefighters when they have to get animals out of a burning building... of course, with a feral you would need to have some heavy gloves on, and Bubba might not trust you again for a long, long time. I hope you have people who can help bring the crate over to you.