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  • Location City of Angels
  • Interests Helping people who want to get helped.<br />Currently doing alot to try to get little Joey Moran back on his feet again. My daughter misses him lots, and so does our building. So if you have the time please check out kick_ass_569 Joey Morans father...man I hope that's his log in name.
  1. little Joey Moran

    Here is the link to the story http://www.imom.org/community/index.php?showtopic=3106 I am so sorry on posting the video. Joey went home to recuperate. And he looked so sad to record. I thought I'd wait until he was trully up and about. Unfortunately my comp got a virus and I was unable to come back. I do appreciate all the help provided. Peter and myself have not forgotten. Peter moved and he couldn't keep Joey, church friends said they would care for him until they found another place. The family could not part with Joey and Peter couldn't take Joey away. Both Joey and him new family loved each other. Peter goes to visit Joey from time to time. He said he is more energetic and pleasingly plump. He did get neutered as he said he would. Joey lives in a big house with two huge yards to run about. He has a loving family that has four boys that nurture, play, and care for him. I will see if Peter can take a pic of him. And thank you again Angels.
  2. little Joey Moran

    Raised $92.85 My minds tired, swear it kept logging me off...as I walked...almost twisted my ankle three times. LUCKILY! That didn't occur today...yeayeee...so I went to my old middle school...hee hee. The Vice principle is allowing me to place a jar thing-E in the main office and like he will tell all the faculty and students to donate atleast a penny. I got a very kawaii one I made in this fashion store...got to drop one off at frazzee paints..aand this textile store and oh oh the food place...oh oh um...no no don't tell me I'll 'members...nope nope brain dead. Well I'll 'members. Yet got to type Joey's story and like have the vice print it out tomorrow. If we have met the quota...the extra can be used for another little one who requires aid. Don't have a card, identity theft waiting on the new one...so I hope paypal is good. As for the pic of the jar...that thing got to heavy...I had to take the change out...I didn't want to lose even a penny so I bought some packing packs and packed them to better organize and keep track of how much was collected. Promise to take a pick. Got to do this thing and then I'll go to Peter's again. We are dropping the money off tonight or tomorrow. SO THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR MUCH NEEDED SUPPORT!!! --Blue Lynette Peter states the amount in the first sentence....
  3. little Joey Moran

    So far this is what I got so far... Will show when I get back...wish me luck! AND to all out there...
  4. little Joey Moran

    I've got 6 some change...I'm heading out to the streets in our community to try and get some more money and drop it off to TLC. Haven't gotten much sleep...yet can function...that's all I need. Going to go check up on Peter(Joey's DAD)and see how he is hanging on there...and start poking him incase he may need a little push. THANK YOU LOTS PEOPLE(ANGELS)...hope you guys could meet him...promise I'll tape him and hopefully CINDY/IMOM can help out so you guys can see little Joey recover to the little boxing wonder pup again. JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE>>>SO COME ON AND HELP< PLEASE So I'm gonna go walk around and fry in the sunTell you how much I was able to raise...FOR JOEY!!! --Blue ^.^Love ya all for the support you have been giving my friends.
  5. little Joey Moran

    JOEY MORAN needs some major financial help people. Check out Cindy/IMOM new posts...you'll find the story of little Joey. We on our part will be doing all the possible for fundraising on our part as well...as well as making sure this driver is taken off the road. SO COME ON PEOPLE NOW, SMILE ON YOUR BROTHER AND HELP THIS LITTLE PUP OUT...WE CAN DO IT! EVRY LITTLE GRAIN OF SAND HELPS THIS PUP FROM GETTING UNPLUGGED AND GETTING CLOSER TO GETTING HOME. N.E help is thanked. Blue