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  • Interests IMOM; all the precious fur babies and feathered ones who entrust their lives and care (and sometimes special needs) which all open up my heart beyond measure; and grateful to God I had such an extraordinary and special BBB with the most gorgeous eyes for so long --- I know he would have stayed with me on this planet even longer, "if" I only had the power to fix him. I hate heart disease; and I truly despise cancer --- it also took another friend of mine last week.
    Hug each other, play and love as "if" it could be the last ... you never know ---- cuz the reality is, there NEVER is really enough time !!!!!!!!!! </3
  1. Bandit McLean

    ALWAYS AND FOREVER!! Donna and Angel Bandit
  2. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    hello ms. cindy and poppy!!!!! i know how much you miss your justice....i've been able to peek in a few times over these years. but you and the boys have never been out of my heart.....nor has anyone here. your new girl is a beauty! maybe another in the future?? i posted on Angel Bandit's thread in Loving Memories. he is forever my heart. unfortunately i haven't been able to take care of another since my accident several years ago. i am so happy about poppy. i pray she will help your heart heal. miss you; all the angels; the volunteers and IMOM more than you know. [thanks to my neighbor] i love you ALL so very very much!!! give your sweet girl and all the puppers kisses and scritches from me....and know i'm sending extra special to you and everyone!!! LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER ~ Donna and Angel Bandit
  3. Bandit McLean

    HELLO EVERYONE!!!! i have missed you ALL .....so very much!!! i haven't been able to get on...thank you to whomever fixed it!! i miss you all. i haven't forgotten ----any of you or your angel babies. and HUGE love, appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE of our ANGELS; the wonderful and most generous donors/angels of IMOM and the unbelievable IMOM volunteers!!! it truly broke my heart when i learned of IMOM's closing. i felt about this organization like i did my BBB ~ that it would always be here. i just re-read paula's most incredible "open letter from bandit"....i am bawling just like the first time....and bandit's 6 year bridge day is almost here. http://www.imom.org/community/index.php?/topic/2939-bandit-mclean/&page=51 god bless her....i continue to storm the heavens for you and all your babies!! i am going through procedures for my RSD right now and having a rough time this go around. {had an accident 3 yrs ago and wound up this --- what i would never wish upon anyone EVER!!! and i fell just before Christmas and fractured multiple ribs, which aren't healing too quickly.. i did go and get a senior rescue kitty over 4 years ago...sadly, i had to help her to The Bridge 11 months later. she was a sweet little girl. i was hoping to get another fur baby if this RSD would ease, but the doctor told me there is no cure and i think they may be concerned about all these procedures [but they are the last course in treatment]. btw, thank you cindy w. for helping me with other issue. cindy -- congrats on your rescue poppy!! i'm hoping she will help your heart to heal and bring you so much joy and love!! you deserve it!!! your boys were and will remain an IMOM foundation. i wish i could write some more, but i wanted to make a quick stop to see the new little girl. will hopefully write more another time. please never forget --- you all are in my heart forever and ever!!! blessings to you all, your angels and your fur babies. and jacki and magic ~ i love you. tracy....thank you for you. xxoo and MUCH LOVE ~ ALWAYS AND FOREVER, Donna and my Angel Bandit - my heart forever
  4. Hi Teresa, I SO know what you mean. Kitties have some STRONG jaws and it can be MUCH more difficult than pilling a pupper in so many ways. I didn't suggest "Burrito Kitty" (with puter probs) and wasn't sure you could with her drains and such a large incision. [i don't know why, but I am still having a bad time trying to type this post] I know you are having a time of it - what with everything you have going on. Please know I am sending LOTS of love, positive thoughts and prayers to you both. And I hope she starts drinking water SOON !!! Keep lots around --- different places - I know the move and new life is stressful on you both (and Nutmeg's surgery and time at the vet's takes a while for her to settle down from), Hoping the whipped cream cheese works. *fingers and toes crossed* With love and BIG HUGS, Donna and 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit'
  5. Teresa ... I know how scary and difficult all of this is for both you and your precious Nutmeg. (please bear with me ... my computer keeps fouling up) Have you tried Pill Pockets for Nutmeg ?? They come in several flavors. They are made by Greenies .. Ask your vet if it is okay that she have them. You can get at !!PetSmart, PetCo any place like that (I think maybe even WalMart - not positive). Also try Whipped Cream Cheese (if my computer erases this one more time I'm gonna scream) Get a dollop of the whipped cream cheese (give her a a little taste first) then put the pill in the middle - (arrrrrrrrrrrrg) of some and hopefully she will gobble it right up. with my Big Ole Boy - it was only the Pill Pockets - he was super finicky. For a low protein diet .. you're going to need to probably change to a dry and/or prescription food. Again, you should ask your vet or vet tech what they might suggest - particularly if you have to watch it because of your income. (I more than understand). My computer keeps messing up .. making it difficult to type - curser is this jumping every where. I hope this helps a little .... know I'm holding you both in my heart and prayers. With much love, and BIG HUGS Donna and 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit'
  6. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi there !!! Sorry I missed all the Get Well Posts .... I have been keeping you ALL in my thoughts, prayers and heart !!! I'm SO happy you're home and feeling soooooooo much better young lady !!! (well, minus the cold and vertigo and stuff). Sending Tuckie-butt some extra special cuddles. Hope all goes well with his liver enzymes. *fingers and toes crossed* Remember our Ms. Paula's sound advice ~ feet flat (and sit back) !!! We love you SO much Cindy !!! Sending LOADS of Special BIG BIG ((((((((((((Cindy)))))))))))) and much love and positive thoughts. And please give the boyz LOTS of lovin' from me !!! ♥ Hope each day is better and better and better (and dual trains too) !!!! With ALL my Love, with ALL my Heart, Now, Always and Forever ~ Donna and 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit'
  7. Diesel Goodman

    Ron ~ There are no words right now to ease the angst in your heart. I am just so very very sorry ~ my heart is literally breaking for you....I know how much your sweet Diesel meant to you, and meant to all of us. And you and those wonderful vets fought valiantly for your baby. Please never ever forget that. You made the hardest and most loving call of all. And I just know Diesel felt your love. I only wish I could reach through this screen and give you GREAT BIG COMFORTING HUGS for real. You all will continue to be in my thoughts, prayers and heart. Diesel is now running and playing whole and free up at Rainbow Bridge and will be watching over his daddy. God bless you for loving this sweet pug so. Sending ((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))), much love and prayers ~ Now, Always and Forever ~ Donna and 'The Big Beautiful Angel ~ Bandit'
  8. Diesel Goodman

    Just sent a donation for sweet Diesel, in memory of 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit' !!! Give Diesel kisses from me. xoxox Holding you both in my prayers !!! God bless you both ~ and ALL of the most FANTASTIC and GENEROUS IMOM ANGELS !!!!!!! We love you !!! Donna and always ~ 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit'
  9. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Dearest Cindy ~ I just want you to know ... I have been holding you (and our Boyz) tight in my heart, constantly in my thoughts and have been storming the heavens with prayers. I'm holding positive thoughts you are feeling and doing MUCH better !!!!! And, that you have been able to have a visit with each of the Boyz. I truly know how much you all are missing one another. PLEASE ... And remember ~ I love you all VERY much and am sending TONS of GREAT BIG (((((HUGS))))) and belly rubs too. IMOM Angels are still watching over all of you, including 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit' Sending ALL my Love, with ALL my Heart Donna and as always, 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit'
  10. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Thank you SO very much Michelle !!!! ((HUGS)) I know we all truly appreciate your updates. Please let Cindy know, I've been storming the heavens for her and the Boyz (Tuckie especially). I know everyone has their hands full with their three puppers and their regular day to day plus her (our) special two Boyz with all their med schedules, special diets, etc. They are awesome. When you have a chance, I would greatly appreciate it if you would please give her my love and remind her of the mantra I told her about. It may help the week in Rehab not feel so long or lonely. Cindy ~ you and the Boyz are always tight in my heart - and in the hearts and thoughts of SO SO many !!!! We love you very very much !!! GREAT (((((((BIG HUGS))))))) and feel better soon. ALL of our Angels are watching over y'all. XXOOXXO With ALL my Love, with ALL my Heart ~ Donna and 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit' too
  11. My Magic Cat

    You are loved, cared about and for - more than you know. (Both of you). I'm so sorry you are facing hard times, Jacki. (((((BIG HUGS)))) and MUCH LOVE.. Donna and 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit'
  12. Bandit McLean

    Dearest Mike and my dear dear Susan ~ Thank you SO VERY much and bless your loving hearts for remembering my precious Big Beautiful Bandit's First Bridge Anniversary. Sending you both TONS of ((((((((HUGE TIGHT HUGS)))))))) and ALL of my love !!!!! And Mike, thank you for knowing me well enough about the crying. It's been kind of weekend of it - coupled with memories and having a hard time believing where the year went. And yes, Paula's most beautiful 'Letter from The Bandit' still makes me sob like no tomorrow. She truly has a way of touching the depths of one's heart and soul. (I've also been dealing with computer frustrations - it keeps freezing - no matter what browser I was using - has been since summer. Even 'solitarie' locked up on me. So PLEASE, I hope you ALL can find it in your hearts to forgive my absence. A little while ago I threw all cautions to wind - ran some type of scan - did not click 'back-up files' and LOTS happened ... fingers crossed). To ALL our most incredible loving IMOM Family, Friends and the most fantastic, special, generous ANGELS who have blessed and enriched my life in more ways than I count - but the BIGGEST in helping me to keep my most gorgeous 18 pound Beautiful Boy for those extra years ~ I thank God for each and every single one of you each and every day - and I ALWAYS and FOREVER will !!!!!!!!! With all the most wonderful, special, loving fur babies I have been privledged to have had in my life, and have loved with all my heart (including a beautiful long haired LBK also for 18 yrs) ~ Bandit truly was my heart kitty and my soul mate. And, as with all our fur babies - he had his own unique and special personality ... and was not the typical 'independent' type. He LOVED cantelope and watermelon and would go positively nuts to try and get some whenever he smelled it. Bandit Baby - I miss you SO much . . . life has not been the same without you and it never will be again. Snuggle up with AJ, Skeeter, Ms. Zoom, Guy, Miss Lola, Magic, Slick, Cody ~ ALL of our babies we hold so tight in hearts and miss so dearly. When we open our hearts to such love we have to willing to accept the pain of such great loss. ~~~~~~ Dearest Cindy, Tammy, Bibi, Paula, Mike, Susan and Friends .... Please forgive me for not posting on your threads right now. Health is giving me fits. Thank you SO much for your caring, love and support ( and your posts) .. They mean more than you know - as I know you each have so very much going on with on health, lives and precious ones. I love you ALL so VERY much !!! ~~~~~~~~ Dearest Jacki, Cindy, Tracy, IMOM Volunteers ~ There are no words to tell you what a difference you made in my life by helping me to extend Bandit's. When I described him to Tracy on my application that: "he is my world" . . . I did not exaggerate. THANK YOU for everything you did and for ALL you do !!!! I love you SO !!! Kiss your fur babies for me !!!! ~~~~~~~~~ To ALL of BANDIT'S ANGELS ~ Each and every one of you .... your generosity of heart and spirit to help me and my Big Ole' Boy .... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!! THANK YOU for positively EVERYTHING !!!! There just are no words to even begin to tell you what each of you have done in making such a difference to my 18 pound boy and me. You are each, beyond unselfish, caring, loving and ALL part of heart ~ always and forever. I love you VERY much !!!! ~~~~~~ My 'Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit' ~ Sending you ALL, ALL of my LOVE ... with ALL of my heart ~ NOW, Donna
  13. Guy Meresman

    Oh Mike .... I know how hard it is. And you were so brave ...... to have to go through it not just once with Cut Angel Guy -- but then again with his sister, beautiful Miss Angel Lola. I'm sorry I can't be there to help in some way. Please know I AM holding you very tight in my heart and prayers. But I'm afraid it's the best I can do for right now. I've asked Bandit to tell your Angels to please send you a message. I have constant faith .... I know they will .... I just don't know exactly 'when'. Believe me .... they loved you just as much as you did them. And they truly appreciated the sacrafices you made and the wonderful life you gave them. You were a most excellent dad !!!!!! And hopefully one day you will share your most special heart and wonderful unconditional love with another fur baby or two in the coming months .... when the time is right and when you are ready......you will know when it happens. In the meantime, I just want you to know ------ Sending you ALL of our LOVE, NOW, Donna and 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit'
  14. AJ - My Lion King

    Love you SOOOOOOO very very much !!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW, Donna and 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit'
  15. CoCo Gatica - Rainbow Bridge 9/03/10 - always loved

    Oh Anne and Sweet Angel CoCo ...... This last year has been unbelievable .... and the months are going by faster than I ever dreamed possible !!!!!! And, I know your mama is missing you just as much my big sweet brown floppy eared Angel !!!!!! It was two years the 3rd of this month. It hardly seems possibly sweet CoCo. Are keeping everyone on the 'straight and narrow' ??? or are you letting everyone pretty much roam free and happy until it's time for us to be together again ???? I kind of think the later -- with you leading the way Ms. CoCo, as you romp through the pastures and ponds with your fish !!!!!!!! I miss seeing your mama around .... hopefully she'll come by and visit us soon. Your Second Year Bridge Day, Angel CoCo, was my Bandit's six month anniversary. :(( I love and miss him sooooooo much. Please let him know how MUCH !!!!!! Just wanted you to know .... no matter what ..... you ARE thought of sweet Angel CoCo; and Bailey, the kitties and your mama !!!!! I hold you ALL tight in my heart and my prayers .... and do so hope everyone is well !!!!!!! Sending you LOTS of special HUGS, kisses, scritches and lovin' !!!!!!!! Keep a special eye on your mama !!!!! We all love you very very much !!!!!!!!!! With ALL of our LOVE, NOW, Donna and 'The Big Beautiful Angel, Bandit'