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  1. Sydney - Part 2

    I can't believe I haven't posted in OVER TWO YEARS ! First, Charlie didn't pass. He's still here ! We've had many close calls and "thinking it was time" over the past two years but he doesn't cease to amaze me on a daily basis. At 16.5 years old, he still chases rabbits (although a little slow and a lot crooked) , barks at neighbors and gets around pretty well on most days. Don't think he hears or sees really well anymore and he handed his protector of the family torch to a new guy (more about that later) and is enjoying his retirement. The second photo has actually taken on a trip to the vet when we thought he had a stroke recently, but it wasn't (some sort of inner ear infection that caused vertigo) and he came back home yet again. He's like a cat with 9 lives! (those who knew Charlie will enjoy that reference!) Zoey is as good as always. She's perfectly healthy, adores and dotes on her brothers and mostly just loves laying in a sunny spot in the grass all day long and watching the world go by. She's still not very social with us people, but does well with her brothers. We got a new boy and I'm head over heels for this guy. He's two. A mixed rescue (we think an Irish Wolfhound and yellow lab?) His name is Zak and he's really just the perfect companion that has been helping me through a ton. I worried a little with Charlie's tendencies that it wouldn't go over well to bring a male into the house ... but they are SO close. Almost like father and son. If Charlie so much as grunts... Zak is right there to see if he needs anything. Zak alerts me if Charlie's water bowl gets empty (Charlie can't do steps anymore). There is a huge amount of respect between the two and it's adorable. Zak and Zoey also get along great and she'll even share her favorite grassy spot for him sometimes. Zak really is a lover boy and gentle giant. We are working on doing CGC so he can visit the children at the cancer hospital. Seems that would be a fitting tribute to Miss Syd. We are all so blessed to have him with us he's the perfect friend. I miss all of you. I'll check back for replies to this post. Promise.
  2. I dont get around these parts as much as I would like and am saddened to see that Tuckbutt went to the bridge. Just wanted to say hi, I am here occasionally and send hugs and love.
  3. Sydney - Part 2

    Im not sure our forum is still read very often, but for those who do.... Please send prayers or energy Charlie's way as he makes his journey to the bridge to meet his sisters. :'( At 13 1/2 he's had a long full life full of love and happiness. I'm sure there will be quite the reunion at the bridge tonight. God speed Charlie, you were an awesome friend, protector and loyal companion. Not to mention the best dog kisser In the world!! We love you and will miss you dearly. Give the girls kisses from all of us.
  4. Happy New Year Tuck, Justice and Cindy Stay safe and WARM !!!
  5. Sydney - Part 2

    Aww Layla, she looks absolutely adorkably PERFECT !!! I want to squeeze the daylights out of her. I have similar pictures of Britt just like the second one! Sydney, baby.... tommorrow is four years since you left me to go to the bridge. When I close my eyes and think of you, your soft silky ears are still what comes to mind first. The way you'd snuggle up under my chin and I'd pet your ears for hours. Both of us completely content to just be with each other. I miss you more than words can ever say and think of you constantly. You are still my heart dog. Forevers.
  6. Stopping by to give hugs and kisses to the boys !!! Merry Christmas Cindy, Tuck & Justice
  7. Sydney - Part 2

    Lab puppy? I want to see Layla !! Advice for dealing with them? Ummm. Turn everything into armor. Really just consistant training, tire them out a lot and tons of safe chewable things!! I think everyone knows I have a bit of a soft spot for the labradorks :D Paula, We've done everything to stop Princess (that's not her full name but it's what I call her, it's really far worse... teenagers!) to stop her from peeing on the bed. She's been tested, TWICE. She was even on kitty prozac (amitriptyline) for awhile to no avail. We've changed litter, we've tried the box by the bed, away from the bed, in another room. Anything I can think of - we've tried for periods. I'm seriously considering aluminum foil on the bed next, but if she moves to another bed she's in biiiggggg troubles. She's a darling cat, but the minute my daughter leaves for more than a few hours ... it's pee on HER bed. She's just been using water proof covers and cycling them through the wash (after replacing one mattress entirely). The cat had been returned to the rescue at least once before (my guess is for this issue even though they didn't disclose that). My daughter is far more tolerant than I am. Brady is a quaker parrot .... and he meows non stop. " Meow, meow, PRINCESS, Meow, Come here!!" amoung a million other things but that seems to be his favorite. I also think he's starting to bark back at Charlie. Charlie went for his annual check up and they said he looks like a puppy. No signs of slowing down. My daughter said today she wonders if Charlie remembers Sydney. I'm sure he does ... he loved her in his own way. Charlie has a favor to ask IMOM'ers. If the angel is around that bought Sydney a bed (a sherpa mat) for Christmas in her final year, can you post or message or have someone message me where it was purchased from ? Charlie has over loved it since Sydney's passing and he's in desperate need of a new one. I thought I'd get him one for Christmas, but I can't find it anywhere. I bought one I thought was like it, but it wasn't and Charlie & Zoe promptly tore it to shreds. It's hard to believe that Sydney will be gone four years in just a couple weeks. I was hanging stockings the other day and thought it was ironic the tale they told. There were three for me and the kids. And three for the labradorks. Now, two for the labradorks have been passed on to new pets and Charlie's probably won't be far behind. I tell him he's the last of the original crew. That he has to stick around forever to teach any newbies. So far he's listening ! I don't know that any fur or feather baby will ever fill the spot Sydney left but I'm finally to where I can just be thankful I had that special connection for as long as I did and just hold her memort so so close to my heart. I always will. Merry Christmas IMOM Sydney will be sending a little gift to show our eternal thanks to everyone here.
  8. I stopped by to catch up and was going to suggest the belly bands (remembering that Mike wore them!!!) Cindy, I'm sorry Tuck isn't having an easy time right now. Please give him hugs and kisses from all of us. We'll keep him in our thoughts and keep an eye out to see if more funding is needed for his medical expenses. Miss you muchly!
  9. Sydney - Part 2

    Don't know if anyone is still around that reads Syd's thread, but thought I'd say hai ! Today is the kind of day that Sydney loved. Cool, fall and barely drizzling meant lots of hugs and cuddles. I cried hard re-reading her thread for a bit. It's amazing that she'll be gone 4 years in a couple months. In some ways it seems so long ago and in others like only yesterday. Things are pretty good in our corner of the world. Charlie, despite being nearly 11 is a goof ball as always. He was just laying on his back, paws up, scratching himself on the ground. Zoe still has stars in her eyes for Charlie. It's weird, she's never really bonded too closely with the family. If Charlie isn't around she's jumpy and has to get to him. I've never experienced a dog so bonded to another dog that her people ... just do not matter. I keep working with her, especially when Charlie's outside and trying to get her to cuddle or accept affection but she really wants none of it unless it comes from Charlie. We have a new bird now named Brady and my daughter took in a stray cat whose name I won't post because it's just inappropriate. lol The cat is amazingly sweet though she's having trouble adjusting to my daughter being at school for long hours (when ever she's gone, the cat pees on her bed !!! - any experience? we've done everything we can think of. Feliway, meds, special horizontal surfaces, etc). The bird is an awesome little friend. He talks non stop, yells at Charlie for barking, mimicks the cat and is just a constant source of amusement. I have to run but want you to all know you are never far from our thoughts.
  10. Sydney - Part 2

    Paula If it makes you feel any better, I meant "Love life" as in "he loves life". LOL He's still a bit too young to start chasing the girls (he'll be 8 soon) Though when I walk in his classroom all the girls are fawning over him. Ugh. How are you and your fur babies? Ironically, we have another calico (she's just black and orange) that has showed up this winter! I'm like "oh gosh this is deja vu". And she will NOT go near a trap. Was going to see if she is spayed. I've been crossing my fingers and feeding her. While I love kittens, I just don't need to deal with another under the porch litter right now ~ Just put my mom in a nursing home today.
  11. Maxwell Marker

    Here's hoping for poop Glad Max seems to be doing a little bit better !!
  12. Bandit McLean

    Stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year *hugs*
  13. Maxwell Marker

    Sending a donation on my angel's bridge day (well sort of , I haven't slept yet, so it still is). In loving memory of Sydney ..... I hope Max gets all his funding very soon.
  14. Zoom Manly

    Happy Birthday Susan Hope your surgery goes well and you recouperate quickly.
  15. AJ - My Lion King

    *smiles* Must be something about the name. Stopping by to give you massive *hugs* Paula. You are always in my thoughts. My daughter recently adopted a beautiful long hair orange female kitty to be by her side as she goes off to college. Princess Extreme Cheddar Lion. We all contributed one part to her name. I chose Lion in honor of AJ