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  1. Hi, I'm introducing myself and my very sick little pup that I rescued. She is 8 weeks old and has a grade 3 heart murmur. I'm taking her to the cardio doc next week to see exactly how serious her heart defect is. Just to get in the door is between 6 and 7 hundred bucks. Somewhere I'll find the money...if it's a PDA murmur they can operate here in Richmond, VA where we live. If it's the other kind she will die without surgery and even then she will most likely have a short lifespan. So besides trying to find some money, I'm here for support and hoping there are some praying folks that will pray for this very little girl. Besides her heart she was the runt of the litter and she has a bobtail which is curved in a hook and that might have to be clipped so it won't grow into her body. Nice to meet everyone and any and all prayers would be gladly appreciated. Thank you Sandi Barrett