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  1. Psycho

    Thank you debbie and jack and js797. The support I'm getting here is amazing! I don't know how to really explain how Psycho got his name. I got him when I was 10 and I wanted him to have a scary intimidating name. I couldn't think of a name that fit with his personality so he was a nameless puppy for a week or two. We took him to a bbq at a friends house and he was running around the backyard growling at chairs, the bbq, bushes and basically anything that sat still long enough. Well he got into a fight with a baby bush in the yard and I'm sorry to say that he was losing and someone said that dog is Psycho. It kind of stuck, but I don't think he was ever scary or intimidating. He lived up to his name his entire life though lol.
  2. Psycho

    Thank you so much Kathy. Tears were running down my face as I read what you wrote but it comforts me as well. I don't know alot about dementia, so when I was told he had it, I thought he was basically confused and didn't know what was going on. It makes me feel alot better to think that he was lost in a happy memories for lack of a better phrase. The night Psycho died I had the strangest dream about a dog my parents had gotten before I was born that died when I was 16. I can't remember the exact details but Skeeter was there and it was comforting. Maybe it was strange just because the dream was about him since I'd never had one with him before. But I feel in my heart that he was there to let me know that it was okay and Psycho wasn't alone. I know he is at the Rainbow Bridge happy and healthy. It is so nice to have a place to talk about the Rainbow Bridge and the loss of a loved one. I don't have any close friends here and I get the I know you love animals but...from my husband. He just doesn't really understand but he tries. Its just nice to know other people care.
  3. Psycho

    Thank you so much. They picked him up today to get cremated. My Mom found a place that would cremate him and put him in a pretty box with his name, a paw print, and some of his hair on it. I got to see him at Christmas at least. He was doing alot better then, trying to play with the other dogs and eating well. But after we left he started declining. Here's a pic of him we took about two years ago.
  4. I ask you not to mourn for me, For many long, sad days; My tired body's gone to rest, Kept warm by sun's soft rays. I pray, don't long for me, my dear, Our souls are bound with twine, By a love that knows no end in sight A hope, forever mine. And finally, please do live your life My love surrounds your soul; For when you cry those wretched tears, Gold memories will take hold. So think of me my tearful friend, Who loved me, loved me so My life with you was so complete It took God to make me go. Unknown
  5. Psycho

    We had to put my 14 year old boxer/mastiff to sleep on Tuesday. He was completely deaf, half-blind, had only 3 legs, and suffered from dementia. Also my Mom has a pool in her backyard and he kept falling into it. I was afraid he would drown and I wanted to let him go with some dignity. The worst part of it all is that my husband and I are living in Hawaii and we had to leave him behind because he was too old to make the trip and I was afraid the stress of flying would kill him. I couldn't afford the 500 plus plane ticket to fly back to Las Vegas to be with him so my Mom took him in. I feel so guilty for not being there for him, I joined the Army at 18 so it wasn't possible for him to live with me. Then I was medically discharged and married a soldier and when I called airlines about flying him out to live with me and my husband the man I talked to said that if I loved him I would not fly him to Alabama (where we were stationed at the time). After my husband deployed I went back to Vegas and he lived with me. Then my husband got orders to hawaii by that time he was 12 and too old for traveling in the hold of a plane. I feel like I abandoned him. He was always there for me when I was younger and then when he needed me the most I wasn't there. My heart aches just thinking about what he might have been thinking at the end. Did he realize I wasn't there? Wonder where I was? Did he get scared? Did he get his favorite ear rub at the end? Was the vet gentle? Was he comforted? Was it a male for female vet? Because if it was a man Psycho would have been scared. All the what if I did this and if only I did that are going through my head and all I want is to have my Siggy boo boo back.