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  1. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I am so sorry to hear this. Fly free, Mister. You are very loved. Cindy/IMOM
  2. Swirlie and Max's thread has been moved to our In Loving Memory section of the forum. We left a shadow here to link to the new location but this version of the forum deletes those after 10 days. I hope this will assure that Bibi can find her boys' thread and maybe see posts made to her. It is at http://www.imom.org/community/index.php?/topic/7076-swirlie-and-max-ortiz-special-needs-cats/&page=64 Thanks to everyone who has posted support. Cindy/IMOM
  3. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Mister's mom has changed vet's and thankfully, they have agreed to work with IMOM. We have pledged $500 towards an enema, X-rays and possibly bloodwork. Hopefully she will be able to get an appointment shortly so that Mister will feel better soon. This was only possible because of the donations we still receive for Mister, and for the general fund. Thank you so much for your support. His mom is extremely grateful and would want me to pass that along. Without you, Mister would not be here. Cindy/IMOM
  4. Swirlie And Max Ortiz - Special Needs Cats -

    We received an email from Max's vet today stating "I'm sure Bibi told you that we lost him a few days ago. :(". We have not heard from Bibi but our hearts go out to her. We can only imagine how horrible she must feel. Thanks to all who have supported Max and Swirlie throughout the years. You gave them more time and gave Bibi much needed support. I am personally very sad. I will miss helping Bibi and wish her the best. Godspeed, Max. Find Swirlie and send love down to your Mom. She needs that very much. Cindy/IMOM
  5. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Tammy and Jason, All of us here understand the heartbreak you are feeling. And the self-doubt is natural. We had to let our Hunter go over two years ago and I still second guess myself, but that's my heart talking, not my head. Although I haven't posted here, I am on the sponsor committee with Tracy and Jacki, and have followed Reece through your emails. I know how much he meant to you and how much you sacrificed to keep him healthy - and that you would have gladly done it forever if he could have stayed. Your pain is in direct measure to your love, and while it seems overwhelming today, each day will be just a little less awful, and then barely tolerable... but you will get through it. I have no doubt Reece is at the Bridge with Tucker and all the IMOM PIN's gone ahead, looking down and thanking you for his wonderful life. It has been an honor making this journey with you and Reece. Thank you for sharing it with us. Cindy/IMOM
  6. I couldn't be happier, Cindy. Best of luck on Wednesday! Cindy/IMOM
  7. Swirlie And Max Ortiz - Special Needs Cats -

    Max has a limited amount of funding available but we have received no request for funding from the vet. Without an estimate or treatment plan, we can't approve any funds. I don't know what else to say. I am glad Max is doing better. Cindy/IMOM
  8. Yesterday we received a request to help alter an entire cat family: Little Moon, Arlo, Poppy, Shirley and Bob. This is an adult cat who gave birth to 4 kittens (not sure which one Mom is but I'm pretty sure it's not Bob. But it could be Bob. Guess I shouldn't make assumptions ). Thanks to your generosity, IMOM is able to pledge $270 toward their surgeries which are scheduled for next week. IMOM would not be able to make these grants without your support. No donation is too small, and every penny helps get these deserving pets fixed, and prevents future litters. Please, if you can make a donation, visit http://imom.org/donations/. Thanks so much Angels! Cindy/IMOM
  9. Bentley Jae Drake will soon be neutered!

    Adorable! Cindy/IMOM
  10. Bentley is a male yorkie whose family reached out to us for help with having him neutered. Thanks to your generosity, IMOM is able to pledge $55 to have this done. IMOM would not be able to make these grants without donations. No donation is too small, and every penny helps get these deserving pets fixed, and prevents future litters. Please, if you can make a donation, visit http://imom.org/donations/ Thanks so much Angels! Cindy/IMOM
  11. There have been a few complications with Sterling's vet. Shawna has Sterling at another vet as we speak. The situation is fluid at the moment and we will update you when we have more information. Please understand that we realize that this is a very sad change in plans and is no fault of Shawna's or IMOM. We'll be in touch when we know more. Thank you for your patience. Cindy/IMOM
  12. Aggie and Marbles are two pets who need to be "fixed". Their dad asked for our help, and thanks to you we were able to pledge $50 toward helping both. To donate and support Spaying and Neutering - please go to: http://imom.org/donations/ Thank you for supporting our spay/neuter program and responsible pet ownership! Cindy/IMOM
  13. OK posting should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience! Cindy/IMOM
  14. Folks, This owner is absolutely desperate to find help for this bunny. If you can find anything to spare, please consider giving him the best Easter gift a bunny could get and donate: just go to http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd to make a donation – note for Sterling Wentworth. We appreciate any assistance you can give. Thanks, Angels! Cindy/IMOM
  15. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Friends, through the many emails Capone's mom has sent us, we could not help but realize just how much he is loved. She desperately wants to save his life but cannot do it on her own. If you are able to help, please go to http://tinyurl.com/79og6jd to make a donation or if you prefer, you may also make a direct donation via PayPal by specifying paypal@imom.org as the recipient. Just don't forget to indicate for Capone Przybylak when making your donation. Thank, Angels. Capone thanks you too! Cindy/IMOM