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  1. heidi and i can not thank everyone enough for the support and donations we received from everyone.she is going in in a couple days to get her stitches removed.coming back to life and getting very active.
  2. After IMOM's Help

    what a wounderfull loving place
  3. i wound like to thank i mom for the help they provided in the life saving of my dog heidi
  4. its turning into a amazing recovery.the pain is gping away, but not the instinct to mother.she snatched four stuffed toys from my mothers dog and decided they are her babies.she carries them around, cleans them, and lays on top of them.tht cutest and strangest thing i ever saw a dog do.her pastime.got to love it
  5. i cant thank everyone enough for giving me the hope and funds to be able to save my heidi.what a experience.
  6. heidi is in full recovery,she is getting more active since the pain medicine ran out.it is so nice to have her back.
  7. back around

    my 2 year old heidi is australian healer,but only knows how to herd people.we bred her with a perfect mate,but when the time came to give birth, no puppies came out.we took her to manzanita animal hospital after they were closed and managed to get a Dr Anderson to come in on a emergency.he discovered they could not fit through the pelvis.she was scheduled for termination in the morning.after a night of dozens of websites,the staff at manzanita suggested imom,i allready contacted care credit and being denied,i gathered all the information needed and took the most painfull ride of my life,to put my heidi down.when i got there every personel in the office got on the fax machines, phones,internet.after three hours,heidi was in surgery,7dead puppies were removed and her life was saved.today she is recovering and doing well.the donation of 500dollars from imom is giving me a new look at life.the love care and kindness imom,office staff and Dr.Anderson contributed has been efforts i have never experienced in 52years.i would like to thank everyone involved and looking foward to get active.this place is great&eye opening.i hope i did this right and apologize if not.lol blaine
  8. Testimonials (several in one thread)

    imom is one of the most kind,caring people ive ever meet.in todays time,i didnt think there was any of this left.the progrem saved my dog heidi's life when i thought i would be loosing her because i couldnt afford the surgery.i put together all i could but came short.i am so greatfull for the support of strangers, this captured my heart and gave me the insentive to repay and remain active in this wonderfull new way of happiness again.this is the greatest
  9. i rescued her and brought her back from death.without the help and support she would have died a second time due to her pelvis being previously broken,and there not enough room for the puppies to come out.i was not prepared,or knowledgeable of the risks i was about to face.when i was informed of my negelence,there was no way possible to afford the surgery.ihad no other alternative but to have her and the puppies put down.returning in the morning to say good bye i was informed of a god sent miracle and with the help of this organization,the staff,and doctors,a few hours later heidi received a c section.we lost the puppies,but heidi is recovering again.i am greatly thankfull for the help and support of this program.
  10. i think i got it.concerning my dog heidi, she is a two year old australian blue heeler.i found her a mile from my house 20 months ogo in the desert and she was looking real bad.i took her to the vet and she had been beaten abandoned,left for dead
  11. After IMOM's Help

    that was a very toughing story of flex