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  1. Cindy my heart is broken for you. There are no words. Please know that you, Justice, and Tucker, are all LOVED, and I know Tucker was there to meet Justie, as were Magic, my Merlin, and all our other IMOM kids..... Very big hugs to you dear friend....with all my love, Vicky
  2. Such darling kitties, and Karen is doing such an amazing job of caring for them all, let's help her get these sweethearts all fixed up! Karen, here are a couple more links that maybe can help you: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Northeast-Louisiana-Pet-Food-Bank/1576112555992448 http://loveyourpetexpo.com/pages/petfoodhelp.html http://thepetfoodbank.com/ Hoping to see these kitties at AFR soon! Vicky M.
  3. 5 Feral Castillo kitties

    The baby kitty is adorable! Good luck with the appts today!
  4. Prince Bruno needs to be neutered

    Love his ears! Vicky M
  5. Thanks to the IMOM Angels, we are able to give a grant of $75 to get adorable Prince Bruno neutered! Prince Bruno is a min pin/chi mix. We've asked his Mom Brittany to post a pic of him! Vicky M
  6. Oreo's Mom, Teresa, needs help getting her spayed. Thanks to you, IMOM is able to pledge $58 so that Oreo can get fixed up and won't be having kittens to add to the overpopulation problem! If you can, please make a donation so that we can continue to help kitties like Oreo, no donation is too small! http://imom.org/donations/ Vicky M
  7. 5 Feral Castillo kitties

    Angels, thanks to your generosity, IMOM is able to pledge $145 to get 5 feral/colony kitties spayed and neutered, so that there will not be a population explosion. IMOM really needs donations to continue to be able to help get pets spayed/neutered at low cost clinics. No donation is too small, and every penny helps get these deserving pets fixed, and prevents future litters. Please, if you can make a donation, visit http://imom.org/donations/ Thanks so much Angels! Vicky
  8. 4 Smith kitties being fixed!

    Thanks to the generosity of IMOM Angels, we have been able to give a grant to get Linda Smith's four kitties, Momma, Heart, Freckles and Rocketman fixed! Thank you so much Angels, you are all awesome - and the Smith kitties thank you too! Vicky M
  9. So happy these babies are getting S/N now...Angels, as always, you are awesome. Even if Wiles Rescue isn't here to thank you....I want to thank you (all of us do!) for making it possible for 21 furkids to get fixed up and get forever homes - that is a pretty big thing! Vicky/IMOM
  10. Capone Needs Surgery for Tumors

    Capone is such a handsome fellow, and I know he will feel so much better when those awful lumps are gone. I love the pibbles, I know lots of you do too....folks, if anyone can help Capone in his time of need, no donation is too small! Thanks so much Angels. Vicky/IMOM
  11. Monkey - kitty with a neck wound

    Give Monkey a hug from us all Susanne, and let us know how he is doing after his surgery! If you have a pic you can post, I know we'd all like to see your sweet baby. Vicky/IMOM
  12. Thanks to the IMOM Angels, we were able to make a pledge to get Monkey into surgery to get all fixed up. Here is what Monkey's Mom says about him: I desperately need help with Monkey he was born from a stray cat from one of the many strays we have on our street. He is such a sweet boy and is one of the most talkative cats I have seen. Poor Monkey was attacked by another cat and he had his throat ripped open. We also feed the cats outside and are struggling to do that and we get them fixed when we are able too. Monkey has to have surgery and we are trying to keep our house and put food on the table, so it is impossible for us to pay for the surgery. My husband and I both have health problems is why we can not afford this surgery. Because we feed the homeless cats in our neighborhood this is where any extra money goes and we have gone with out to feed them. I really hate watching Monkey suffer and hope he will be able to get the surgery soon. Thank you IMOM Angels, for helping another needy furkid get fixed up! Vicky/IMOM
  13. Sugar Moses will be spayed

    Angels, due to your generosity, IMOM will be helping with the spay of Sugar Moses, an adorable little kitten that was rescued from a dump site by a kind family. Look at this little cutie pie! Thanks so much Angels. Vicky M
  14. IMOM Angels Rock!! I am so happy for the Wiles Rescue furkids, they can now get fixed and go to their forever homes! Thanks so much Angels for making this happen! Vicky M
  15. Bently Landry, an adorable little mixed sheepdog

    Here is what Bentley's Mom, Pearlita, has t say about him: I bought Bentley from a neighbor when he was a month d he been with our family for 4 months he is very active, loves playtime but we are still trying to teach him to not pee in the house, he is chewing everything he can find, indoor dog, and all he likes to do most of the time is lay on his back and relax while being rubbed. He have a lot of energy so Me and my husband try our best to keep him active at the park to burn some of his energy. He really loves as just as much we love him. Be cries when one of us leave out the door