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Lisa and Dale

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  1. We just want to celebrate! Just like they are celebrating in the Nicorette commercial. Dixie (Mama) is one of the sweetest, loyal dogs we have ever owned and we have owned several awesome dogs. Two and half weeks ago on that Saturday morning when we woke up to blood everywhere and all the vets telling us they won't help us unless we had 75% of the money at the start; we were sure, we were going to have to say goodbye, to our Dixie Lynn. I was prepared, as much as it was killing me all because I didn't have emergency funds for my dogs and then, came IMOM.ORG... When the vet recommended going online to IMOM I knew there was hope. Thanks to the beautiful, animal loving Angels of IMOM our beloved Dixie is sitting next to me right now as I type this. You would have never known that two weeks ago she was near death. Words can't express enough how grateful we are to all of you for saving our Dixie. Sure it was the vet who did the surgery however, if it wasn't for your donations to do the surgery she wouldn't be celebrating this new year with us. You never know how much you love someone(even animal) until you've lost them or almost lost them. For anyone who is just visiting this site, I can't express enough how important it is that you spread your love for animals and donate to this well deserved organization.You never know when or if you might need there help. May God bless you and everything you lay your hands upon. The Edworthys (Dale, Lisa, Dj, Keaton and the pups (Dixie, Zeus, Babygirl) Picture taken the day after Dixie's surgery on Dec. 31, 2012; left to right is Zeus(son), Babygirl(daughter) and Dixie(mama)
  2. Rosa Jones - Kitty with broken jaw

    Does the vet say this reaction from her is normal? Not eating, etc... Sit in the bathroom with her when you feed her with the collar off. This way she can't run off and you can keep an eye on her.
  3. Dixie Edworthy - Pitbull with Bleeding Tumor - Emergency

    DIXIE UPDATE: Well it's Saturday,, exactly 2 weeks from when Dixie's tumor bust open and we thought we were going to her until all of you Angels rescued her. This morning the vet took out her stitches and said she is all new again. They told us that she is such a sweetheart. In the mean time while my husband and son were in the waiting room waiting to begin with, Dixie just lay there like the awesome pittie that she is. Other dogs were barking, whining, and growling. Dixie looks at Dale like "dad when are they going to stop." She came home all happy and what's even better she got to go on her first walk since the incident. We can't tell you enough again, how much we love and appreciate you all. You were the Angels who saved Dixie's live. You are all ANGELS. Thank you again and God bless you all and everything you lay your hands upon. What a happy ending. Lisa and Dale
  4. Dixie Edworthy - Pitbull with Bleeding Tumor - Emergency

    It is nasty, I watched some surgeries on youtube yesterday and it's sad. On Thursday I had drained some of the blood on both ears hoping that through the lil holes they would drain naturally.So yesterday when I was watching the videos another video suggested leaving them alone and that some hematomas go away on their own and it can take 30 days. What's so fabulous about this is that her ears have drained and have gone flat! Woohoo! On the top inside of her ears its crusty where it's been draining. Her mama and brother have been massaging her ears to which has helped push the fluid out. So no surgery needed. God is awesome. I am going to take her to the vet again this Friday to have the vet look at them again. Phew!
  5. Dixie Edworthy - Pitbull with Bleeding Tumor - Emergency

    I've called around the surgery quoted is 600-900. We took her to the vet today and he said 600.00 The surgery is not that easy with dogs. they cut the ear in half and stich in a way that allows it to drain. I already to a needle and syringe to it and took out some blood. the vet said I did a good job because since yesterday they went down to half the size they were. However if not taken out it will just fill up again.
  6. Dixie Edworthy - Pitbull with Bleeding Tumor - Emergency

    Baby Girl has long pittie ears. When she gets all excited she shakes her head and does the cutest howl like bark. Well the bad thing about that is the smacking of the ears, causes Hematoma's. Blood/puss pockets in the ears. This can literally happen in one shake of the head. If they are not taken care of then they harden and her ears will like cauliflower and eventually she won't be able to hear. She will be 8 in February. Again, just like Dixie why couldn't this wait until income tax refund time? lol....I have to laugh or I will go nuts.
  7. Dixie Edworthy - Pitbull with Bleeding Tumor - Emergency

    This is super. Dixie is doing so well. I just got home and her daughter babygirl has a huge hematoma in both ears I can't win.
  8. Dixie Edworthy - Pitbull with Bleeding Tumor - Emergency

    Two more days until stitches come out. Yeah!!!! Dixie went into spazz mode for the first time in a long time this morning. it was so cute and funny.
  9. Dixie Edworthy - Pitbull with Bleeding Tumor - Emergency

    I will most definitely will find out Saturday. Ok everyone Dixie is doing super. She is sleeping in late today. It's 9:30a.m and she is sleeping with her daughter. 3 more days until we go back to the vet to get the stitches out.
  10. Rosa Jones - Kitty with broken jaw

    Well that's super that she is not losing anymore weight. Is the vet adding vitamin supplements to put in food? And did he ever give you an idea of how long she will be out of commission? I know I am not a cat (lol) however when I had major stomach surgery I wasn't hungry at all. The doctor said I had to force my self to eat. My body wasn't registering that I was hungry on top of the pain.I literally could only force myself to eat 1 tablespoon of mush. No lies, no exaggeration.. After a couple of weeks I could eat a lil more and more as time went on. So maybe its kind of the same situation almost. Well babysteps that's all.
  11. Dixie Edworthy - Pitbull with Bleeding Tumor - Emergency

    Wellllllll , I just looked at the bill and wouldn't you know it, it doesn't say anything about xrays. Actually, it doesn't show anything about lab work. Very odd, so when we go to the vet this Saturday I will play 50 questions. hahaha. I'm believing that she is cancer free, and that's all she wrote :D She's doing really well not one time has she messed with the incision and even her kids don't go near it. So I got the huge e collar for nothing. She is such a sweet good girl and we love her so much. How's Rosa?
  12. Dixie Edworthy - Pitbull with Bleeding Tumor - Emergency

    Last night was Dixie's last night for her antibiotic, yeah!!!! Now we are counting the days till Saturday when she gets her stitches out. I'm stilled thrilled that her lab results came out cancer free. Question for who ever can answer: When they say cancer free, does it mean only that particular tumor was cancer free or does it mean her whole body is cancer free? Does anyone know? Thanks and many blessings, Lisa
  13. Rosa Jones - Kitty with broken jaw

    It does nothing for me but keep me awake. As a matter of face it's 2:49a.m and I'm wide awake. I think I take it just to trick my mind that it works. I don't like taking anything unless it's real bad but regardless it's funny how some of the meds we take dogs take. for a 20 something yr old you sure are very knowledgeable.Side note here is that the Ortho would only perscribe Tra. to me because A) I didn't have surgery and I didn't get into any accident. My problems started years ago when I was reorganizing closets and somehow I've been stuck with the pain. Thank God it's a minor problem. Don't be sorry about your rants-lol I thought it was very interesting. On Rosa sounds like she might even be tired of fighting you so maybe she just gave up on that lol. Any way super happy that she is doing much better and that's she co-operating with you.
  14. Dixie Edworthy - Pitbull with Bleeding Tumor - Emergency

    Well it's 9pm and we are winding down for the night. I was thinking this weekend about how much we love our pups. Every day we love on are animals and they are always there for us when we are upset or sad. Actually, Zeus my 100+lb boy gets upset when you yell. If you yell especially if you raise your voice at my 16yr old Zeus will come up to you and climb in your lap. He doesn't like it so of course when you see him react this way your whole demeanor changes and you can't help but feel bad and smile. So as the days go by and we tend to Dixie I realize how much I love this ole girl. We got Dixie when she was 6 weeks old and this past Oct she turned 10. She is one of the sweetest loyal dogs we've ever had. She is in love with children and is always happy to greet new people. Now even though she is this sweet don't let it full you because we know she would protect us and this house. But as I reflect on the things that Dixie has gone through over the years including giving birth to ten, this girl deserves all this love she is getting. I know you all know that words and tons of thank yous could never express how grateful we truly are. So I just figured I would write this little note to you. It is actually pulling at my heart as I write about her. She is such a beautiful animal that God has created especially for our family. We know that she has many more years to go and I am glad that we have been so blessed in all ways. Here is Dixie at this very moment laying by her daddy that she loves very much. Does all of this make sense-lol?
  15. Rosa Jones - Kitty with broken jaw

    lol your funny about the I don't wanna either. We all understand that one. Glad that she's doing well. Good to know that she has that fight in her. Actually I guess it's a good thing and a bad thing. Oh and in reference to the Tramadol. It's kinda of funny but that's what I take for my back. It does absolutely nothing in reference to my pain however it literally keeps me up all night and I get no sleep not even for 5 minutes.