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  1. Wishing I could come with good news, but again Mister is backed up very heavily. He rarely has passed a stool and if he has they're like little pebbles. Whenever he tries to go I can see that it is super painful for him because he meows a lot. I feel so bad, I just wish I knew how to help make it better.
  2. Some good news! I recently had someone come out to my house to check on mister. She gave me some drops that I put in his water that's supposed to help his with his bowel issues. He hasactually begun to have more frequent stools. Nothing as normal, but better than being worse! She can still feel that there is a buildup, but I'm hoping he is on the right track!
  3. Mister has been having such a hard time lately it breaks my heart. His bloodwork showed his kidneys are t doing well.He's only let out a little stool in the past week. He's weak andhe can't walk much and walks side to side a little. Please keep praying he gets better!
  4. Thank you so much! ❤ Mister was doing well for a couple days! Had regular stools and looked better. Then I took him to get some bloodwork done as requested by the vet and now it seems like he's gotten worse again. Little to no stools and is very weak. Barely can walk around. I just don't understand. I am hoping he will regain energy and the bloodwork can tell us something.
  5. Thank you all for thinking of Mister. It's so wonderful and I appreciate it so much. He's still doing the same unfortunately. Trying to take care of him as best as I can. I have gotten the name of another doctor, so hopefully he can give me some more insight.Please continue to pray for him!
  6. Mister is doing so-so. He has his good and bad days. Some times he gets enough energy to walk around and looks better. But most of the time he lays around and sleeps. He's still not going to the bathroom regularly. I will continue to keep you all updated on how he's doing! Praying for better news!
  7. I am SO absolutely GRATEFUL AND HAPPY for the support and help IMOM has given me. Because of them Mister was able to get checked out. I was crying tears of joy when IMOM told me the news. I couldn't believe it. Mister was told to be very backed up. Unfortunately, during the procedure, he woke up due to having a hard time breathing and they were unable to go forward. I get the results sometime in the next couple days and I am hoping it will give me some answers to what is going on with him. I hate to see him in pain. He isn't doing too well now, about the same as he has been. He still hasn't gone to the bathroom and doesn't eat much either. Blessed to have the amazing help of IMOM and all the people who help. Praying for some Better news for Mister so he can get better!
  8. Hello everyone! Mister still isn't doing so well. I'm understanding that he has a build of waste that won't come out because he can't go to the bathroom. I'm worried about him and I'm notsure what the doctor is going to suggest to do because I can't really afford much. Hoping somethingpulls through for him. I just want my baby to get better!
  9. He has been, but no improvements. I did just realize one medicine I have been giving him saysthat it may cause harder stool. So I am taking him off of this in hopes it will work to get him back to normal and have regular bathroom visits. He's been an bit better. So please pray that he will continue to get better!!
  10. I wish I had better news to report about mister, but unfortunately I don't :( over the weekend he threw up a couple times. Pretty much everything he ate or drank was coming back up. He's having more troubles going to the bathroom again too. Please keep him in your prayers and pray for him to get better. I'm worried about my boy.
  11. It seems I forgot to post last week! I apologize!! Mister is still struggling with going to the bathroom. He has been given some syrup to help him go, which only helps every so often. I'm still not sure what's going on and it worries me! I'm just hoping that this syrup will help him more.
  12. Same with us! This weather just goes from cold to warm and back again! But I'm not complaining to no snow that's for sure! Happy New Years to you all!! mister and I rang it in ourselves and it was very nice. He's been having the same issues for the past few weeks so I'm still monitoring him. Hoping for a healthy and happy New Years for us all!
  13. merry Christmas to everyone! Mister had been on and off lately. He hasn't really gone to the bathroom much in a couple days. And I'm worried. Still not sure what is wrong with him! But still watching closely. Hoping for him to get better!!
  14. It rained here yesterday! But it has been cold! Looks like it'll warm up into the 30's, can't believe I see that as WARM. Mister has been doing a little bit better. I've just been watching him carefully and he's been eating more which is good. Just hoping he will completely better soon!
  15. Mister is doing okay. He was able to eat some and go to the bathroom regularly. But then he went back to not being able to go to the bathroom as often as he should and it hasbecome difficult for him. Hoping he gets better!