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  1. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    This is the hardest post I have had to write and it kills me to have to say this. After a long 14 years, Mister has passed away. Earlier this week I came to Michigan with Mister to visit my sister. Yesterday after running errands with my sister, I came home to Mister on the floor with no heart beat. We rushed to a vet hospital, but they said he has unfortunately passed away a few hours prior. I am having tests done to see what the cause of death was. I can't believe my baby is gone. Even though I know they can't be around forever, it doesn't make it hurt any less. I want to thank IMOM for all their help these past couple years, getting Mister the help and care he needed. You have no idea how much all of it has meant to me and Mister. I have attached a picture for his memory. Thank you all for your kind words, advice, and well wishes. It has always been appreciated. Rest in Peace Mister. I love you and am always thinking of you.
  2. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Wow I can only imagine how stressful and worrisome that must have been! How is he doing now?? it really is scary! You want to do everything to help and it makes you nervous when you don't know what is going on! I really hope mister can get better soon. He's been having some of his difficult breathing issues this past week. So I've been trying to give him the best environment and keeping it cool.
  3. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! Is he okay? What was wrong? So glad he's home and made it through! Mister hasn't been doing the best. His stools are still not regular. I have taken him to the vet, but they haven't suggested to do a procedure to help get rid of the build up which I don't understand. He's weak at times. I just hate that he has to deal with this.
  4. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Another week of steadyness. It's been super hot here so I've been keeping the outside to a minimum. I try to only take Mister out in the early morning or late evening when it's cooler so it's not too hot for him. He sure does love to be outside though!
  5. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Hello everyone. Still no major changes. I have been able to take mister outside for short periods of time to enjoy the warm beautiful weather we are having. He chomps on the grass for a little and then he wants to go back in because he doesn't feel good. He just lays down and rests. Always wishing for the best for him.
  6. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Another week with no major changes here. He's doing okay. Wish he would play but he doesn't seem to want to. I do take him outside now that the weathers warmer. So at least he can get some fresh air. He loves to be outside.
  7. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Hello everyone. Mister has been steady as usual. His stools are coming every couple days, but I see no worse changes. Hoping he can keep steady like this.
  8. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Hello all, hope Mothers out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! It seems as though the medication that Mister has been taking for his lungs has a side effect of making Him constipated. He needs the medication or else he begins to have trouble breathing and breathing more heavy. The medication to make him go to the bathroom has been helping him to release stool, although not as often as I would like for him to be. I wish there was an easier way for him. Thanks for the prayers everyone.
  9. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Another week, but no different than last. Mister is still steady as he has been. Taking the medication given from the doctor, but only going to the bathroom every 2-4 days. Praying for him still to get better.
  10. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Thank you for the prayers. Mister is still doing steady. It's been pretty much the same with him, nothing worse but nothing better. Wish I had better news to give. I monitor him like a hawk so hoping he gets better. Will continue to update.
  11. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Mister is still doing the same. Some stools coming out, but in small amounts and not regularly. He is still having some breathing issues. The doctors I took him to before haven't said anything about doing a procedure to get rid of the backed up stool since they gave the medicine. but since it isn't really working, he may have to get something done. Will keep everyone updated!
  12. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Thank you, happy Easter to you as well! Mister is still having issues unfortunately. I wish that the laxative would help me, but it doesn't seem to be. He isn't going regularly as he should. It's also effecting his breathing. I'm monitoring him closely. Going to contact a vet for a second option again.
  13. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Mister has been taking lactulose, but is still backed up. It helps, but he only goes to the bathroom every two days. I'm watching him and hoping it will begin to help more.
  14. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    I have not heard of lactulose, but I will look into that! I'm doing what I can with what I have to try and help him. Going to see another doctor hopefully to get this resolved. He's been making some improvements though, I can only hope he gets better.
  15. Mister Hinovic - Cat with Diabetes

    Wishing I could come with good news, but again Mister is backed up very heavily. He rarely has passed a stool and if he has they're like little pebbles. Whenever he tries to go I can see that it is super painful for him because he meows a lot. I feel so bad, I just wish I knew how to help make it better.