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  1. Mustard Hill - 7 Month Old Kitty

    Hi everyone And Thanks Judy I am getting my daughter to take photos with her friends smart phone like before so we can post them. A quick update on Mustard he is doing so well!! We are so happy and we are giving him extra TLC. Hes purring and you can tell that he knows that he is taken care of. He will see his doctor again this Friday. His incision is healing well, taking his medications on schedule and eating his special diet. He is a trooper! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! Love Rita and Mustard
  2. Mustard Hill - 7 Month Old Kitty

    Hello Everyone I am so sorry I haven't updated a status on Mustard in past day. Mustard was released Thursday evening and Ive been trying to get him situated back into home and help him with medications/special food etc. The doc says he is doing good and now has a his normal appetite back.. He is wearing a collar to prevent him from tearing out his stitches on his belly. I am so grateful for IMOM they have helped pay for Mustard's treatment. Without them Mustard would not be here today! Doc said she did surgery in the nick of time. As a matter of fact the day of the surgery I received a call from a pet nurse telling me "surgeon found that his intestine was torn leaking out stomach contents and she would do everything she could to repair him". Hearing this my heart felt so heavy with sadness wondering if he would make it. Dr. Jill and her pet nurse Tabitha are AWESOME people!! This compassion for animals at its best! With prayer and support from everyone, Mustard is now home and happy. Hes on medication and he is being nursed and Loved. Thank You IMOM and Vicky for support,posts and emails you're awesome!! Again not enough words to express the gratefulness our family has for you. I will post pictures of Mustard Sincerely Rita and Mustard
  3. Mustard Hill - 7 Month Old Kitty

    Hello everyone I wanted to give an update on Mustard. The Vet called me and said Mustard was eating Yaay! but he had a low grade fever so shes keeping overnight and with God's willing I can pick him up tomorrow morning.Please keep Mustard in your prayers because Mustard had to have part of his intestine removed. I pray that all heals fast and well. He is over the 24 hour critical point (according to the Vet) and he is eating so I have faith that he will do fine. I want to thank IMOM, the Docs and pet nurses for having compassion for my Mustard. I will update the status again when I get him home to let everyone know whats happening. Thanks everyone!!
  4. Mustard Hill - 7 Month Old Kitty

    Thank You everyone for your caring thoughts.Thank You Judy the Vets are super compassionate one of the Vets that performed the surgery on Mustard owns 5 cats Thank You Mikken Yes IMOM is wonderful indeed!! and Kuhio98 Im dancing along with you I hope you're feeling better too and Mustard will get very gentle hugs Thanks! Update on Mustard: I have been receiving calls from the pet nurses and doc. He is stable and doing well. She is keeping him another 24/48 hours to make sure that when he eats that all goes well. Please continue to keep Mustard in your prayers. Poor little guy has been through so much and we miss him. Again I cant thank IMOM enough for all the support and compassion that they have for these precious little animals.Total unconditional love. This means so much to my family. And to the members who support by posting and replying. Thank You I will keep everyone updated!
  5. Mustard Hill - 7 Month Old Kitty

    Hi Vicky and IMOM volunteers and everyone who reads this. I just want to say that there are no words to express how grateful and blessed I feel. And that miracles do happen. After I took Mustard to the Vet Friday night I was given a very grim prognosis for Mustard. They said he would not make it if we did not get him treatment right away. However, I did not have the funds of 3700.00. With the little money I had, I was able to pay for some fluids and pain meds to take him home. One tech said I was leaving against Medical Advice but I did not have choice. She said that I had 8 hours to figure out what I was going to do (enough time for his pain meds to wear off). I drove home,crying and praying. I get home and within 1 hour a family member says "Look I don't have the money to help but I found link on the internet that can help Mustard and you cant give up" So I went to work and begin the fin-aid process. I called the Vet to see if they might be interested as well. Well I was not able to talk to the vet, I guess she was a clerk she said that most likely they would not be able to help because they would have to call the main doctor blah blah and so forth. Well I asked for a main email address and emailed off the request anyway. Obstacles facing Mustard were everywhere but I had to keep the faith. All night until about 3am we continue to stay by Mustard making sure he was comfortable. Well morning came and my daughter (19 years old) said i cant see him suffer lets just surrender him to a rescue agency or take him back to the vet so they can euthanize. For some reason a calmness had come over me in the morning after I said some prayers for Mustard as if it was going to be alright. Well this is how miracles work. God knows a few minutes after my daughter made that statement; I get a call from the main doctor at the Vet. And she said with so much sincerity in her voice; I couldn't see her face but you can hear the compassion. She said she was very willing to help us in our crisis and for Mustard to hang in there, that she would be willing to work along IMOM to get the help Mustard needed. This Doc and her colleague have worked side by side helping Mustard. He went through surgery this afternoon and is stable,comfortable and resting. The pet nurses are calling me to give me updates telling me that Mustard went through a very serious surgery and that without surgery, septicemia would have killed him (if we had waited one more day). He is staying overnight on some serious antibiotics and fluids. I know he is so special to all of us.Mustard has taught us a lesson of love.I couldn't give up and I had to try everything before the last option. IMOM I LOVE YOU because without you none of this would be possible. I am a graduate-nurse awaiting to take my RN for the state of Texas. I make a vow to pass this assistance forward when my finances become much smoother and they will with God's blessing. My family especially my children are grateful for all you have done for this Single mom with her children.and her precious Mustard
  6. Mustard

  7. Thank you Lisa and Judy Judy.ill keep everyone updated on the whole financial assistance process for Mustard. To Lisa :Mustard got his name after we found out he was a boy instead of a girl. He was originally named Custard: Later my daughter said "lets name him Mustard because it rhymes with Custard and he has big muscles" (Things 7 year olds say). Sincerely Rita
  8. Hello, My name is Rita and my Pet is named Mustard. He is 7 months old and is my sweetest pal. He is part of my family, and my 7 year old's best friend. I rescue stray cats and rescued his momma. :EMOTITWOCATS:Then on April 09, 2012, I helped deliver my sweet Mustard boy. He was the first born and was a momma's boy from the beginning. He is attached to people and loves to rub and purr, if you give him attention. He has a unique funny meow and always sleep with me at night. On Wednesday, November 07, 2012 my poor Mustard meowed strange sound, and then he began vomiting. I monitored his health, but as he got worse , I rushed him to the emergency hospital. The doc says he has an Abdominal Hernia and there is damage to his abdominal wall and organs. My Mustard needs surgery, or he is going to die . He can't eat anymore. If anyone can help my Mustard, please. He is my sweet boy, and I love him so much. I feel so useless because I can't make him better. I am a single mom with extreme limited budget. I making exhausting efforts searching to find ways to find someone to help me save him before the last option of being euthanized. Not giving up;I have faith someone out there will help.