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  1. Marshall Dufresne

    Hi there everyone!!! I just wanted to pop in to say that Marshall is having a great recovery. The muscle on his leg is starting to develop into a nice shapely thigh. He is running and using the leg. The first time we noticed that he was using it, it brought tears to my eyes! He has become more feisty and looooooves chasing his ball. Thank you so much to every one of you!!!!!! Best, Hallie
  2. Marshall Dufresne

    That is so good to know. Marsh certainly has the energy now and really hops around, but we were getting nervous about him holding his leg up all the time. Thinking that he was so used to holding it up before, and so he was just doing it out of habit. They are so resilient...it's amazing. Best, Hallie
  3. Marshall Dufresne

    Jean... Marshall's recovery I'm guessing is going well. He doesn't lick his stitches at all which is a great relief, and they are healing up nicely. The one question I have for you, is the one main question I keep wondering: At what point after his surgery did your dog begin to use his leg without favoring it? And does he use it to full capacity now? Marshall's surgery was only last Tuesday, so I suspect it will still be a while longer... however having a timeline to reference would be very helpful.
  4. Marshall Dufresne

    The poor guy still seems a little confused by everything. We carried him outside so that he could take care of his business and would put him down in one spot....then another....and another....he has his favorite trees and spots to go, but it varies depending on his mood, so Greg and I are carrying him around trying to find the right spot for him to go. Kinda funny actually. A friend suggested a wagon to pull him around outside. So, we might give that a go. I'll keep the updates coming!!!!! Hallie
  5. Marshall Dufresne

    Hi Everyone!!!! We just brought Marshall home from his surgery. He is groggy and has one heck of an incision. He tried wagging his tail a little bit when I showed him his favorite toy, but I think he just needs a lot of R and R. Whewwwww.... I am so forever grateful to all of the angels who helped our amazing little guy out! Bless you all, Hallie and Marshall
  6. Marshall Dufresne

    Thanks for the pictures and info Jean. Mariele is very pretty and looks great on the go through the flowers. I know that Marshall will be just fine and the pics while a little "hurty" looking aren't as bad as I thought they would be. So, I'm a little relieved. Also, feeling inspired by the great feedback of Marshall's pictures, I am putting together ideas for a calendar featuring Marshall and his rakish good looks. I will keep you all updated!
  7. Marshall Dufresne

    Update!!! Marshall's surgery is set for April 9.
  8. Marshall Dufresne

    I would be happy to check out the post-op pic's...are they really that bad? I'm going to set up his surgery for hopefully next week. I was positively beaming all day at work yesterday!!! I can't say enough how grateful we are!!!!! Hallie, Greg and Marshall
  9. Marshall Dufresne

    This is incredible news!!!!! What a happy Monday you all have given us. I honestly can not wait to see Marshall scampering around like all the other dogs. We went to the dog park over the weekend, and Greg and I were talking about how fun it will be to see Marsh be able to chase dog buddies without giving up after a few paces. Words can not describe truly how thankful we are...[attachmentid=2196]
  10. Marshall Dufresne

    It's true. Marsh always has the perpetual sheet wrinkle face. He is also the dog of a hundred faces. Sometimes he looks like a baby seal, sometimes a manatee, sometimes an old man, sometimes a puppy...he is great entertainment and such a clown! And yes, ONLY $75 left to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Superclose!!!!!!
  11. Marshall Dufresne

    [attachmentid=2186] Go Team Marshall!!!!! You are all just the most wonderful group of people to help us out like this. Only $75 left to go....incredible. We are truly blessed by your help! Hugs, Hallie, Greg and Marshall[attachmentid=2185]
  12. Marshall Dufresne

    I don't see how they could not have noticed that he had a problem. It was very obvious to me once he was home and we started going for walks. It was definitely not as bad as it is now, but people who spend a lot of time around animals take note when one is holding up it's hind leg when going at more than a turtle's pace. They are a very reputable group, I am just a bit disappointed in their lack of concern. $900 is pretty good for a surgery as well. But I have to say that when the vet said $750 I breathed a sigh of relief even though it is still a lot of money. The nasal thing is where his nostrils curl inward, on pugs they tend to close off a bit more than other breeds which makes breathing and cooling down a little harder.
  13. Marshall Dufresne

    Superdog Marshall will be fixed up in no time!!! [attachmentid=2162] This is terrific. Bless you angels. Marshall sends lots of snorts of encouragement!!![attachmentid=2160] I agree that the vet fee is a great price. I had gotten five quotes from a variety of vets around town, and nothing was lower than $1200. This particular vet has worked with IMOM before as well as rescue organizations to provide good low income care. He has offered to adjust Marshall's nasal passages for free while he is under anesthesia as well.Unfortunately, the Pug rescue that Marshall came from refuses to return my calls. This really bothers me as Marshall's condition was pre-existing and they did not inform me of this when I adopted him. I just feel that it is terribly irresponsible on their part. But...Marshall is a champ and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Hallie and Marshall
  14. Marshall Dufresne

    Everyone gets an A plus plus for enthusiasm. No worries Jeri, I know that you were very excited!!!I am sure that it will be soon though. I can feel it. As far as the surgery goes, as soon as the funds are in, we are scheduling it. The vet is so nice and helpful, not Marshall's usual doctor as his fee was too expensive. But we found a vet through another foundation that offers his services reasonably. Finding him was a blessing as well. Keep up the cheerleding everyone, I feel like we are coming into the homestretch!!!
  15. Marshall Dufresne

    Is this true!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! I just happened to check the forum while at work. Really everything is in???!!! Bless you all. Hugs hugs and more hugs!!!! Hallie