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zoom mom

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  1. WHOOOOOOPEE...................on those results!!!! Sending major bellyrubs for your sweet boy & as always, hugs to you both. Susan, MisChief, & Angel PIN ZOOM
  2. Just checked in again after being kept busy lately and sorry to see the news about Justice. You both have to be sooooo exhausted. Sending all good thoughts, prayers, and great big hugs to all my friend! Susan, MisChief, & Angel PIN ZOOM
  3. Zoom Manly

    Thanks for stopping by Tammy ....good to hear from you. Just checking in to wish you all a great holiday weekend! With lotsa Love & Hugs, Susan, MisChief, & Angel PIN ZOOM
  4. Belated Birthday wishes for Tuck ....and hugs all around for everyone else. Have a great holiday weekend my friend!
  5. Stormie Lu

    Stormie Lu ...please send your moma a sign letting her know you're still with her. Hugs & Love to you and the Pride!
  6. Swirlie And Max Ortiz - Special Needs Cats -

    Just trying to catch up on my postings, have been ill and not able to for awhile, but have checked in on threads. You can catchup with me on ZOOM's thread for what's been going on with us as of late. Glad it seems like you and Max are doing ok ....with great big hugs, Susan, MisChief, & Angel Pin ZOOM
  7. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    Hi Tammy, Trying to catch up on my posting ...I've been keeping tabs on you though, but was in the hospital for surgery so now I am in backlog on just about everything. But am feeling good so that's what's most important (check ZOOM's thread for explanation). Anyway, glad to see cutie is doing well ...sending lots of hugs & love to all. Susan, MisChief, & Angel ZOOM
  8. Hi Cindy, Just checking in on ya & your boy ....fingercrossed he doesn't have pancreatitis. Hope everything else is going ok. Hugs & Love to all... Susan, MisChief, & Angel ZOOM
  9. Zoom Manly

    Thanks Cindy -- so far itc's(operation) has gone so well I almost afraid to say it! It's a relief to have it over with ...now only another 2 to go! But for now, am just concentrating on continuing healing and "enjoying" the results of this one. Keeping Justie & you and household in my good thoughts an prayers my friend. Hugs and Love, Susan, MisChief, & Angel ZOOM
  10. Zoom Manly

    Well Hello Everyone! Forgive me for being so MIA for so long , but it's been a busy time. Fortunately, I had one major blessing ...of not having to move from my present apartment. The new section of our complex has opened and although new ....I prefer where I'm at. No yard space at all amongst other things. But for me the major drawbacks was logistics, stairs, etc. which I can't handle. Thankfully I am able to stay where I am ...still love my unit and so does MisChief. She's so protective of her little yard and since she was only months old when we moved in this has really become home to her. Had surgery about 5 weeks ago and am doing great. Glad it's over with! The worst part was having to board MisChief for the first time ....even though the place was great, I was worrying more about her than me have major surgery. She was fine of course ...just extra clingy (if that's at all possible at this point) after I picked her up. I actually was joking I was going to check into this place after I got out of the hospital for rehab ..aside from the play groups all day, they offered massages, a pool for swimming, grooming services of course ....tv in her room & 24/7 web surveillance for the owners! As I don't have a cell with pix or tablet ...my friend kept tabs on her for her worried Momma! She was fine ...if anything she said she just looked bored! Right now am just enjoying the milder summer weather in New England ...hope it stays that way into Autumn, my favorite time of year! Well my friends, I have been trying to keep up with threads when I can ....know I've never forgotten any of you ....nor Zoom's wonderful Angels!! I recently found more pix of her, which always tugs at my heartstrings still....she'll always be my baby too. Anyway, please know I keep you all in my prayers and am hoping for nothing but the best for you all & furbabies. I hope you are all doing well, and as always, ....hope life's being kind my friends! WITH GREAT BIG HUGS TO ALL.... Susan, MisChief, & Angel ZOOM
  11. Hope your boy's finally improving too ...fingers-crossed for tmw ....and hugs to all!
  12. Skeeter Magoo

    hugs, hugs, hugs ....and hope all is well.
  13. sending prayers for all to Gidget, Mom, & Max -- Cindy ...hopes all's well with you and your boy. Lotsa hugs my friend.
  14. Zoom Manly

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO EVERYONE ..... those with the two- legged kids and those of us with just the four-legged furry kind. Have a great day ...and as always, hope life is being kind my friends! BIG BIG HUGS TO ALL! Susan, MisChief, & Angel ZOOM
  15. Reece Teague, diabetic Yorkie - fully sponsored!

    You're on my heart with the tornadoes ...praying all is well & safe. Sending lots of hugs to all & bellyrubs to the furbabies too. Susan, MisChief & Angel ZOOM