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  1. Hello Imom, it's been 4 yrs since I came to your site looking for help to take my Portos and Cleo home in Mexico. I came back to thank you for the help and companionship I received here when I felt so lonely and desperate due to the osteoarthritis that struck my beloved Portos. I came back too late to tell you so. I just learned today that IMOM is permanently closed, this caused me such a great sadness. I am really sorry that IMOM did not get the donations needed to stay active and to be able to help pets. In case you get to read this, I want to share that after I was finally able to hit the road with both my babies, my Precious Cleo crossed the rainbow bridge 2 days after our arrival, and my Portos did so in april the 1st, the day we celebrated our birthday. He gave me 8 more months since he was literaly dieing at the emergency room, but came to life when he heard my voice. It was so painful to see him go, it still hurts, he was and meant everything to me. I now dedicate my life to rescue stray dogs in vulnerable conditions in Mexico, and currently have more than 50. I have my own non profit org, " Portos Helping Lives", still have to finish the last part of the process to be able to help much more. I thought of giving back to IMOM as soon as i ended the paperwork process for my non profit. Wheter you read this or not, i THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! Blessings to all.
  2. $ 15.00 would do it ?

    Hi again IMOM members, Portos and Cleo send their regards to all. It has been such a Journey helping my Portos recover after all the illnesses he went thru. He has put some weight back on, is very picky but I make sure he eats all of his meal, hand feed him. I finally got his wheelchair and he is still getting used to it, unfortunately being in a house where we don't belong has been extremely hard and I can't do whatever I need to do a better job for him. I have had to reduce Portos and Cleo's amount of food on a daily basis, to make it last longer. Thanksgiving Day we spent it alone and in loneliness, no Holiday breakfast, lunch or dinner, just a turkey breast sandwich for which I am thankfull, there have been days when the fridge is empty. I need to go back home and finish taking care of my mom's unfinished affairs, she left quite a list, but I'm close to the finish line, if not by next month, then by mid January things will be over and I'll be able to get my life back. I desperately need your help. I have spent whichever money I brought with me when I came to Denver to give my Portos my last embrace and kiss him ' til we meet again my Divine Love', as you know, he came back to life when I arrived to his side and called his name. Then I started to spend ( which I don't regret ) on his lab tests, treatments and medications, his, Cleo's and my food and maintenance here, plus money I have to send to the attorney who is taking care of my mom's legal issues in Mexico, plus salary I have to pay everyweek to the ranch caretaker. My ttd check has been stretched to the maximum and so has been our food here. We can not stay any longer, and incoherently, we can't leave either. We're stuck and depressed! I have started a campaign to raise funds for my trip, need to rent a car due to Portos osteoarthritis, the vet will only give me their health certificates if I travel by road, besides, the temperatures are droping and the roads become snowy, I've never driven on snow! and need to start my trip since yesterday to avoid much lower temperatures from Denver to Tamaulipas Mexico (North part in the country), after that, I may find rain but that's no problem. It will take me almost 4 days to get home to my mom's ranch, and my 4legged kids are going with me, no more trusting a family relative to care for them, my Portos' life was put in danger due to his neglect. PLEASE help us go back home, I have donated in the past to IMOM regardless of my very tight budget, I wish I had donated more but can't. I didn't ask IMOM to help me save my Portos' life, I read other pet parents' desperate cry to get help from IMOM to save their pets, and left room for them to get their help instead. I also tried to help by posting valuable information in the forum and blog for the IMOM community.But this time I DO need your help, if each of you donated $15.00 dls will help tremendously with the cost of our travel. My Portos is alive but not fully recovered, I'll be able to provide him with medical treatment in Mexico since it is much cheaper there, and will be able to give better use to my ttd check since I'll no longer have expenses here. I can also take him to the beach to strenghten his rear legs, he'll have such a blast meeting my rescue doggies who live on my mom's ranch, and the cattle as well, they've never seen one! Whatever long he lives, he'll have lived it surrounded by interesting and new experiences that renovate his mind, soul and body, most important, he'll be surrounded by tender loving and care, not rejected, neglected, and ignored as he, Cleo and myself have been here. I'm planning to leave next Tuesday morning to get home by Friday with God's blessing. Please, we can't stay here any longer, help us! You may have to go thru the hassle of registering at the website to make your donation: <removed> search for ' save Portos' life & take us home!" in fact, this website can be useful to any of you, even IMOM can raise funds there to help more pet parents in need, but please, help us now! Thank you ! PS- for those of you who don't know my Portos' story, search IMOM's forum, scroll down and to the next page to find "Portos my Divine Love " and continues under "Portos, osteoarthritis changed his life" THANK YOU !!!

    Hello Lynn and Harley, so sorry to learn about your beloved pet, I know what you're going thru, my beautiful Portos has bladder stones and also needs surgery to remove them or he will die. I am helping him by "expressing" him......look online "how to express a dog" or cat, male, or female. YOU CAN HELP YOUR PET PEE!!! and save $$$ on visits to the vet because you can help your pet yourself at home! and save the $$ on vet visits for this and use the $ instead for surgery or antibiotics. If the bladder is not emptied, it will explode inside your pet and then will die for sure. I am prompting you to check online and help your pet, emptying your pet bladder every 2 days is putting its life in danger, his bladder needs to be released 2 times a day at least. check www.banfield.com they have lower fees for xrays and surgeries, if you bring your pet for the very first time at Banfield, they will not charge you for the vet fees, and they will do a general check up on your pet for free...lungs, eyes, ears, temp, mouth, skin, bones, etc...........no lab test or vaccines included. Hope this helps, it has helped me help my beloved Portos, otherwise his bladder would have exploded weeks ago and of course, my Portos would be dead by now....but he's alive.
  4. Portos, my Divine Love

    Hi everyone, I am glad I found this website, I'm a new member here but this 'place' makes me feel at a cozy home. My Name is Yoko, my beautiful Divine Love's name is Portos, chow/wolf mix I've been told. He's been my companion since he was 3 weeks old, he's now 14 yrs. We've been through a lot of challenges and changes together, and have shared lots of happy moments as well. Why is Portos my Divine Love? you may wonder. I can start by telling you that Portos was sent from heaven, he's an extra-ordinary living entity. Just about every morning as I good morning kissed him, he had this delightful smell, as if he had been to the woods during the night, at other times he smelled like flowers, or as if he had been at a farm. I hugged him and kissed him so much until he did not take another hug or kiss from me. Once when I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his floffy body, I felt it was God himself I was hugging. I felt such peace within like I had never felt b4. Since then Portos became my Divine Love. He taught me what unconditional love feels like, I try to love the way he loves, I have not mastered that yet but I'm working on it. Perhaps it is easier to succed in practicing unconditional love on these living entities than it is on human entities, because lots of humans are not able to either give or receive love. Pets, whether they be dogs, cats, pigs, horses, etc., are ALWAYS READY to give it and receive it. My beautiful Portos also has his one and only, that's Cleo, a yellow lab, 14 yrs old, they love each other for ever. There is soo much to say about them, but mostly about Portos, that I might have to create a "portos 2' topic title....
  5. Tyberious my little warrior

    wow! another happy ending! I am so happy for you and your kitten, I know what it feels like when your four legged kid's life is hanging on the string. I have a female yellow lab and a male chow/wolf mix, they've been with me for 14 yrs, I love them so much, they are gorgeous! you can see their pictures under 'Portos, my Divine Love' post here. It is great to give back the good we receive in life. Best to you and your babies!
  6. Portos and Cleo grew up healthy, happy and spoiled! As I am proud to say ..they are the king and his queen, I am just a 'plebeya' (plebeian/commoner)that is happy to love them and to be of service to them. Cleo is a water queen, Portos loved being in the woods. It took Cleo about 9 years to convince Portos how much fun it was to jump into the water & get all socking wet! Portos was adopted from a lady who found a litter of new born puppies dumped on a sidewalk in Hollywood, Ca. She said she knew who had dumped the puppies and when they were born. To my surprise, he was born on the day I celebrate my b-day. Cleo was rescued from the streets in Mexico, all around her neck was raw flesh from a chain and wounds on several spots on her body, she was a puppy less than 4 months old. She was taken to the vet there, was given her vaccines, treatment and healed. She crossed the border and met and married gorgeous Portos. He was a gentleman, didn't eat his meal until Cleo's bowl was served, let her take his toys and shared his meal portion with her, anything she wanted but unwrap his b-day and xmas gifts. He just knew which of all the boxed and wrapped gifts were his! He was just very special. The lady I adopted Portos from said she would come home to make sure Portos was in good hands. Well, I knew nothing about rasing a pet, so Portos was not trained and did not obey my commands. I told Portos that lady was coming home, that he had to be a good boy or she will take him away from me, that I loved him and didn't want us to be separated from each other forever. The lady came over, Portos was quite, calmed, obeyed her commands which I had no taught him yet and was the most well behaved doggy! She left happy to see he was fine. There I knew Portos was not just a doggy, he was beyond this world. Years passed, we were inseparable, we took trips together, went for long rides by the ocean side, visited just about every doggy park we heard of, I sang love songs to him, danced and made silly faces and he just kissed me. He was the best tennis ball catcher! I was happy to cook for him healthy meals which we both shared. He gave a new meaning to my life and opened new horizonts in it. My life changed but Portos love for me did not. He was there with me and for me, anytime, everytime, anywhere, everywhere.He brought me joy when I was sad, he licked my tears when I was crying, he didn't leave my side if I was sick, he was just there for me. Time took its toll, my Portos' life changed. It became difficult for him to go up or down the stairs, later he had trouble getting up, now he's a prisoner among these walls, his active and joyful life stopped. Osteoarthritis struck on his hind end and can't get up on his own, much less can he walk. Now it's my time to give back to him, to be there for him and give him all I am and can, and move mountains for him. I help him get up by holding his hinds while he uses his front legs to walk for short periods at a time, his happy eyes now look so sad! I cry to see him 'looking' through his nose the life outside, life he used to enjoy, and how sad, the park is just across the building where we live! then he just sighs, yearning for his active life outdoors. I do everything I can to keep him happy and healthy, cook homemade meals for him, he can not pee on his own, have to be expressed due to bladder stones developed from UTI which was treated..and came back and this is the way it will be until the stones are removed... or he dies. I know someday he will cross over the rainbow bridge, and I wish he does it while sleeping, no pain, no suffering, no sadness. Meantime, yeah..mean-time, while a miracle happens, I do all that I can to keep him comfy and healthy, it is a lot of work, but I believe when one does things out of love, the hard work never becomes a load on the shoulders. Want to know what happened since August 24, 2012? www.caninepack.weebly.com Start by clicking on 'PORTOS' tab, then there are 3 videos on his website, one is in spanish.... it is ok to cry.
  7. Portos 2- osteoarthritis changed his life

    Addy, Thanks so much for your kind reply, unfortunately I can't afford to pay $400.00 + for half the price for his wheelchair, the one it fits best for him is one that adjusts to changes in weight. I do understand you need the funds for the rescued pups because I have rescued so many doggies from the roads and cruel people in Mexico, not everybody loves dogs there. I had the $$$ b4 my mom got very ill to feed and take care of the vet bills to treat the less fortunate doggies that crossed my path, some of them had machete wounds in several parts of their bodies, others had chain embeded on their neck, others had broken legs by mean drivers who do everything they can to run over the dogs they find on their way, female doggies are thrown away like trash just because they are female, and to those people, females are worth nothing, they just give birth. I love getting along with people, I consider myself a good person, but I also speak up for those who can't. My response to them is...yes, I think you are right, because only a worthless female could have given birth to you!! All of the doggies I have rescued had something in common...they were starving! skin and bones was all you could touch, and very sad eyes, the window into their soul. This is something I learned from my Portos, to expand my love, to love outside myself. If I spend much more than what I truly have, those doggies in Mexico will not have enough food to eat. I know my financial situation is not gonna last forever, it is temporary, whatever I have now, that's all I have. Thank you for trying to help, you have a kind heart, I know in the near future I will be able to give my help to more pets than I have now, and will be able to help those pet parents who want to see their four legged kids happy, healthy and alive. I am not attached to money, I learned from my grandma and my mom that God gave human beings 2 hands: with one hand you give, with the other you receive, I practice that.
  8. Portos 2- osteoarthritis changed his life

    Hi Cindy, Yes I have considered getting him a wheelcart and I'm working at it, I have checked handicappedpets.com, the wheelchair that best fits him costs about $810.00 s&h included. I spoiled my Portos and Cleo and gave them both the best, didn't go cheap when it came to them. Unfortunately I got injured at work, have already had arthroscopic surgery of my right shoulder, but still need to have surgery of my cervical and lumbar back, I'm off work and live now on a ttd check (Temp Total Dissability), this doesn't help to meet Portos needs, besides that, I spent my savings taking care of my ill mother in Mexico until she died, I do not regreat doing so, I loved my mom, and miss her so much. I have taken care of Portos lab tests and medical treatments and medications, but can't afford to give him other things he needs. I just placed an ad last night at useddogwheelchairs.com in the 'wanted wheelchair' post, I was searching the net and found that site, immediately placed my ad. I know God loves me and loves my Portos and will give us what we need.
  9. Portos 2- osteoarthritis changed his life

    S&I, Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and good wishes. I've been searching the net and placing ads at stores around my area, my heart tells me my Portos will get what he needs. He's alive and that is something I am so grateful for, I can still enjoy his loving kisses and can hug him as I have always had. I'll keep you updated as things happen.