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    Justies IMS called in an antibiotic for Justice in case he has a UTI. His U/A last Monday looked good but now he is having frequency and urgency. He is exhausted and so am I. I hope by tmw he will be feeling much better!! His 💩 is still improving🎉 Thanks so much 😇 's!
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    Today is one of the dips in the arc the neuro talked abt. It's a more vertigo/circling kind of day...but hopefully later today or tmw he will be climbing more toward getting better. It is gorgeous today with temp of 72!! Carol was going to take Justice out on a leash in the big yard, but I don't know how he will do. The weekend will be near 80 but rainy, so this would be a perfect day for him to be outside, darn vertigo. Thanks so much angels!!
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    Justie has good news from his neuro. His vestibular syndrome is resolving more quickly then the neuro thought it would. It is abt 85% resolved. Still falls over at times, and still on a leash for awhile. The neuro said he will have good days and not so great days, but as long as he keeps making a positive trend we are good. Great news-no pain. In fact he took him off the Tramadol and also the Meclizine. He will check Justie again in 2 weeks. Justie may have fiber responsive colitis. Nothing has helped until we added Metamucil Tuesday eve. We don't know if it's a fluke, so I text the IMS Fri night or Saturday morning, if he gets worse again, or no better, his chemo med used for refractive IBD will be increased again. After seeing the neurologist Justie came out with a cute bandana that says "Epilepsy Warrior"...truer words were never spoken. I'll get a pic of it. Justie's seizure med arrived yesterday. Thank u so very much for making sure my Justice is safe. I am so grateful.
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    Hey guys went to the vet today I'm 79 pounds now and doing well, the vet has me chewing Ora Vet once daily, it is the new breath chew for dog with Dential problems, works great rates great cleans plaque, daddy helps with spelling, and he says it smells like chocolate. Going back to vet net month on the 2nd and as for dad the doctor , his, said they will not operate on his Achilles Tendon because of his health. So daddy has to deal with it knot being right and will go thru physical therapy for his Tendon and cardiovascular rehab. When he completes them both he will the retest to get on the kidney transplant list. Daddy has been on dialysis for almost 4 years and will get that time accredited to him, it is a 4 to 5 year waiting period for a transplant as long as you are healthy enough , the doctors have final say. We were out in the rain today for 4 hours and I got we and daddy did too but it was fun, I had on my red boots my auntie got me and my coat , daddy was dressed for the wet weather too but it rained so hardyeah we took public transportation I'm a service dog and can go where daddy can. So that is the update to date, time for dinner I already had a bath had to be cleaned from being out in the rain. Daddy's gonna do laundry and wash and dry my coat. We will talk to you later, love all imom cousins, have a great nite take care and hope you all feel good. The Prince of Union Square Isley and his human. Look at me...
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    Justie has been pretty quiet today. He has been happy to be a 'couch potato '. Thanks angels
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    Justie is having a good day. He hung around while brunch was being made and he helped me set the table. He ate his lunch like a little piggy. Last night his poop was mush again, but today after adding back more Metamucil it is much better. Thanks angels!!
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    Justie is napping at my feet. Now that he has gone 2 weeks without a GM seizure his walking is improving a bit every day. We had some bad storms yesterday, and today feels humid. Guess more storms coming during the night. Justice was restless last evening- it may have been storm related or coincidence. He doesn't freak out with storms anymore, thank goodness. I hope with the forum issues that all of Justie's IMOM family can read his thread. Thanks so much angels!! Justice's Felbatol arrived today-we are so blessed to have all of u care so much.
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    Hopefully the techs fixed the problem, although it definitely takes a few extra steps to get in the forum now!!! Thanks for the continued tries-glad u finally got in!! I am so very happy with Justice's therapies today and how he was so excited and wiggle buttin just like my angel Tuck! Hugs to u and the kitties!!
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    Justie has been following everyone around while we have been cleaning. He also went to the vet for his heartworm test and of course was very brave. thanks so much angels!!
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    winter weather advisory????? UNREAL!! Too weird that ur pollen count is very high(so is ours) with snow on the way. You have got urself quite a little character in Macy-what memories u are making!!! I don't know if u know one of Mandy's nicknames-it is Mandypants...becuz when she was a puppy she would steal underpants. Now she likes stealing bounty towels, tissues, dishrags and wash clothes, and she is 5yo...something to look forward to with Macy. LOL. hugs to u all!!
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    Justie had GM's again during the night. His neuro isn't too concerned becuz he thinks it is secondary to his UTI and once he feels better the clusters will subside. He doesn't have any back pain, but has neck pain so one of his meds has been increased. He will start back to full rehab on Monday. Thanks angels!!!
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    Justie is having a really good day. The vertigo has lessened. Hopefully he is on the road to recovery from the vestibular syndrome🙏 Thanks so much angels!!
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    Jacki emailed me and said she isn't able to fix the issues with the forum, but she sent a ticket to support and hopefully at some point they can fix it. I worry that many angels won't want to keep taking the time to try and get into the forum, and becuz they can't see posts, or even reply to posts then they will leave this forum... Justie is doing pretty well. Thankfully the 3 grand mals that ended 18 hours ago have not set his vertigo back like it did a week ago. Thanks ever so much angels!
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    I will email IMOM this week and let them know that there are some issues with the forum. The weird thing is that it will let me post even when it keeps asking me to sign in. I scroll down and just click on the last person who posted on the boyz thread (for me it happens to keep showing Kay posted that 19 hours earlier when in fact it was from 4/4) and it goes to the most recent post (which today happens to be Kay)! Just weird that sign in prompt keeps showing up, but it obviously can be disregarded. Justie had a really good day, but abt 5PM he started circling like crazy and being off balance. He is sleeping now-which is what his brain needs. Not sure if this is from the cognitive dysfunction or vestibular syndrome-or a combo of both. I'm going to get some video for the neuro appt on Thursday, Thanks so much Sue and Kay and all the angels!!
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    I'm checking in with you guys, feeling good yup it's me The Prince of Union Station Isley, daddy went to the dentist today and I'm at home with auntie Charlene she is caring for me today daddy got a tooth pulled he checked in and is doing fine just needs to rest when he gets home gonna eat sorbet and ginger ale and cranberry juice and grape juice, Welch's. I'm gonna have my dry food and my Ora Dent Dential chew for my breath and to clean my teeth, my vet gave me a 30 day trial Supply and they work, hope all my imom buddies are doing well till next time tomorrow love to you all. Isley The Prince of Union Square
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    No more GM's since yesterday at 3AM!!!! I think the seizures did set him back just a little with the vestibular syndrome, but he is making up some ground today. It's a beautiful, sunny and breezy 75 degree day!! I wish Justie could be out in it more, but after a short time his balance gets worse becuz he is tired. It will get better though. Forecasters are saying that this week shows no snow, but they won't commit that the snow is over yet. We have had snow in May--I hope not this year!! Thanks angels!!
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    OMG that is adorable. I meant to ask yesterday for a pic in her bunny suit. No cuter bunny then Macy!! hugs!!
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    Justie is having a really good day. His poop looks good; his vertigo isn't any where near as bad as Friday and Saturday; urgency and frequency have lessened dramatically and he is getting some good rest. His neuro said that being sick or in pain could cause the vertigo to be worse, and since the antibiotic has made a difference Justie must have had a UTI, and now that it is improving -his vertigo that was so bad Friday and Saturday has lessened.That's the hope anyway! It's a quiet day here and we have needed that! Hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend. Thanks so much angels!
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    Justie slept a little better last night. He has been out on several walks in the small yard (still can't let him have freedom from the leash) and he got some sunshine. We go to MedVet tmw to see his internal med specialist and neurologist. Thanks so very much angels!
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    Oh, Gumby u are one lucky boy. Look at u cuddling up like u have been there forever. I can tell just from this pic that u have firmly placed ur paw prints on ur mom and dads heart.
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    Justie was doing well this morning, but when I got back from a doc appt he was way off balance again and circling. Carol said he hasn't slept all day, so I am hoping he is just tired. I know my balance is worse when I am tired. He hasn't been in the crate all day-just on a leash that is sometimes held and other times he just drags it. I have a feeling after today he is not going to appreciate being in the crate, and I am sure he will make his negative feelings known by doing what schnauzers do best...barking! Thanks angels!!
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    Here's our boy - he's adjusted well to his forever home :-) Hugs to you and Justice!
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    I was up every 1-2 hours with Justice during the night. His internal med specialist took a quick look at Justie while Justie was there for laser and acupuncture ,(our full appt is Thursday) and decided to stop the Budesonide (it's making him drink and pee the every 1-2 hours). He also is stopping the Imodium and adding Lomotil. They drew labs and got a stool specimen. I hope all of this will get a handle on his not sleeping. Carol drove us down becuz of my lack of sleep. I was lucky she didn't have other plans. It is simply gorgeous here- 77 degrees with a nice breeze. Justice likes to just stand outside with the breeze blowing his beard. My sweet little boy. Thanks so much angels!!
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    Justie started barking at 5:30AM. <sigh> He is blissfully quiet right now. I so wish I could just open the door and let him run-but he is nowhere close to freedom from the leash. It's sad becuz today is gorgeous with temps in the low 70's and he would love hanging around outside. Of course he is definitely getting some time outside every 1-2 hours, but we still have to hold the leash very taut so he doesn't fall over. At least now he is pretty good with just standing, so we let him be out as long as he wants. even if it's just to stand. His head jerking and bobbing has lessened too. Today is day 8 and it's the first day I could put his Optimmune into his eyes, for his dry eyes. His head moved too much before that and I feared I would scratch his cornea if I tried the eye medication. So today Carol held his head and I got his eyes cleaned up and added the ointment. I took a wet washcloth and washed his face as best I could and Carol helped comb his beard which was a mess. He looks much better with just getting his beard combed and eye gunk cleaned off. It's amazing that we couldn't even begin to do those things this week becuz u couldn't hold his head still. Tmw we go to MedVet for laser and acupuncture. The neuro wants him to go becuz it may help. I sure hope so. We are forecast to have temps in the upper 70's tmw!! Thanks angels!!
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    Hey gang I'm still here just daddy has been sick. I'm doing great thanks to imom, daddy is now healing g up from yup a chilies Tendon surgery, he had to have it so far so good my neighbors have been taking me out and that works for me the old human ain't what he used to be. So my breath is bad and teeth need cleaning but the vet says I'm really to old to go under for that it is not that serious, I'm taking a trial Study thru my vet, they gave me a 30 day Supply of the new stuff on the market Ora Vet works great better breath removing tarter it tastes great too daddy says it smells like chocolate. So I'm off to thevet Thursday and will check with you all then. Your always in my prayers and thoughts love and stay strong. Isley The Prince of Union Square and his human This is how I feel today great
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    Just made a 3 hour round trip to pick up some samples of new food for Justie. It turns out other dogs are having intestinal issues with the change over from IAMS K/O to Royal Canin K/O. RC told the allergist that when they bought IAMS the formula would not change. The allergist says something's changed and some patients like Justice are sensitive to the change. so...we have to start a new food. Justice is so sensitive it's almost impossible to find something he can eat. But the allergist came up with one from Rayne Nutrition...Crocodilian Maintenance. Yes, it's alligator and chickpeas!!! thanks angels!
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    Justie did great with therapy-he got to do everything. Marissa, his rehab therapist, said Justice is so fun to work with becuz he is very food motivated and does anything they ask. She said when he was on the water treadmill yesterday, he kept turning a bit so he could lick her arm (she is in the water with him). He makes everyone smile while doing rehab. That's my boy!! His Internal med specialist came in to talk while we finished with Justie's acupuncture. We started an increase today with his Chlorambucil (the chemo med used for his IBD). If there isn't a noticeable improvement by Thursday he will need to start Budesonide, which we really hope to avoid. We are switching him back to his kibble over a few days. At 6AM he did have a stool that looked the same as it has been looking. I gave the increased chemo and at 10AM David said Justie's stool was still soft but formed and had some brown in it-it has been yellow/orange. So as long as this keeps up maybe we can keep him off the Budesonide!! He is quite happy to get some kibble again-even a small amount. Thanks angels!!
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    Still no kibble for Justie. 🙁 I know when we are in acupuncture the doc will call or go over to his IMS to see what to do abt the continued 💩 issue. He is back in therapy right now. If he isn't overly painful he will have land therapy exercises and water treadmill along with his usual laser and acupuncture. He will be tired little boy. thanks so much 👼!
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    What a long day. The rehab vet said Justie's back is not painful!!! His right side of neck and right carpus (wrist) are a bit sore but not painful. The carpus may be arthritis. The rehab doc spoke with Justie's neuro and his seizure protocol will remain doubling his med for 2 days after a GM. But we are going to try it with his other seizure drug and hope it helps. She did decide not to put Justice in the water on the treadmill becuz he seemed pretty weak to her (which is why I thought he was in back pain). But he did all the land exercises and she said he really focuses while doing them. Everyone is just in love with him, and have been since he has been going back to rehab for the past 1 1/2 years-but now doing so many therapies in rehab he is there longer and everyone is enjoying his personality. Today I saw his acupuncturist vet taking Justie for a walk outside before his session. She loves that little boy and said she just likes having him with her as much as possible so she wanted to be the one to take him outside. He really loves her too. Justie is napping-he had quite a busy day even without the water treadmill. Thanks angels!!!
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    The IMS wants to keep Justie on an Oatmeal/potato diet and to call on Wednesday with update. He thinks it's the doubled Keppra he had last Thursday/Friday and this Saturday/Sunday. I hope that's not true becuz that is his seizure protocol-double his Keppra for 2 days after a grand mal. Thankfully he is eating oatmeal just fine. Thanks angels!!
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    Justie still is having soft with absolutely no form stool. I have a call into Justie's Internal Med specialist. I am hoping sooo much that Justie won't need to go on that nasty "B" word...Budesonide. As some of u may remember it causes Iatrogenic Cushings after he is on it a short time, and then we have to deal with those symptoms-urinating every 1-2 hours (24/7), a buddha belly, hair thinning and lack of sleep causes seizures. But maybe he will do a mouse dose just to get some inflammation down. He has been pacing a lot, but finally has been sleeping for an hour. Back to cleaning my room. UGH! Thanks so very much angels!!
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    Some good news! I recently had someone come out to my house to check on mister. She gave me some drops that I put in his water that's supposed to help his with his bowel issues. He has actually begun to have more frequent stools. Nothing as normal, but better than being worse! She can still feel that there is a buildup, but I'm hoping he is on the right track!
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    The snow hasn't started yet, so no problems driving to MedVet, thank goodness. Well, as I feared, Justice is in back discomfort. He did the water treadmill but not the PT becuz they thought it might be too much for him. I put him back on pain meds this weekend, and he will stay on them at least through a week from Wed when the rehab vet specialist and I can sit down and talk after she checks Justie again. I guess when they take Justice out of the water he has the zoomies. Today a couple docs walked by rehab and saw Justie zooming and were surprised becuz they didn't know he could move that fast-of course they never see him after getting out of water!! Thanks so much angels!
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    It's snowing. AY YI YI!! But even in this cold and snowy weather I am feeling sunshine in my heart- no GM seizures in 59 hours!!! Justie is having a pretty good day. He did whine to be carried up the outside steps, but it's really cold and I think that bothers his back. Tmw we are off for his rehab at MedVet. More snow will start tmw afternoon and will become heavy as the day progresses. I hope we'll be home before it gets too bad. I should find out how Justie's pain is doing- I am so anxious for them to say he is still pain free in his back and neck... Thanks angels!!
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    38 hours without a grand mal!!! Justie is doing pretty well today. He seems to be pacing less, but napping more-but that's okay. I was so worried abt what the 4 GM's would do to Justie cognitively -would he have a set-back? But so far he is still interested in everything and engaging with us and following me everywhere. My other huge fear was that maybe his brain atrophied (shrunk) even more and it has reached a point where he would just keep having GM's (the neuro said that may happen). Since he has gone 38 hours without a GM I hope that means it's not the case. Today we will have a high of 28 degrees, and the whole week will be back to winter clothing. Justie doesn't mind it too much today becuz it is sunny. Thanks so much angels!!
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    Justie is doing ok. I was a little worried that his back was hurting early today, but he is fine now. We have no power due to high winds. It's not too bad now, but a cold front is coming and temps are steadily dropping and will be in the low 30's later, so I hope we get some heat back!! Justie is prancing around wanting lunch, so gotta go. Thanks so much angels!!
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    Justie is very tired today and has snoozed a lot-but he had a big, busy day yesterday so I am not surprised. It has been raining all day and high winds continue through tmw eve. We have lost power a couple times and we kind of expect it to happen again tonight or tmw. No playing outside for Justie due to the weather, but when we can get him in the big yard he can go out with a leash and walk the whole yard down to the trees-he will be so excited!! Thanks so much angels!!
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    OMG Macy has lots of "stinker alerts!". OUCH with ur nose. Carol had that happen once-it hurts!! Well I think the person u got her from definitely guessed her adult weight a little low! I can tell u one major thing ur stinker stories lacked...PICTURES!!! Must see pics....puleeze. Hugs to everyone!!
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    Justie did great with his rehab. He went 9 minutes this time (an extra minute) and Marissa said he was "excited to work" on his land based exercises. She said he was a "wild man" today. The rehab vet checked him for pain...and couldn't find any discomfort!! She thinks some of the concerns I have are from weakness-which hopefully the rehab will help. It poured rain most of the trip. Justie was being stubborn abt peeing before coming home so we walked all over in the rain- he never did pee, and then before we get home he is needing to pee and getting anxious. Thankfully I made it home without a pee accident. He is tired, which is not surprising. Mommy is tired too!! Thanks angels!!
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    It's still chilly outside at 41 degrees, but with the wind feels like 35, so we didn't stay outside long...yet. It should be 50 later and I hope Justie can get some time outside. The sun is shining so Justie has been snoozing in it. Tmw Justie has his big rehab day. They will evaluate him and decide if doing it all in one day is too much for him, or if doing less and switching to twice a week would be more benefit. I am hoping once a week will work, but if I need to take him twice a week like I did before his back surgery I will...at least winter will almost be over! I hope! Thanks so much angels!!
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    It is cold, windy and snowing. Justie is not impressed. He isn't able to stay outside for long becuz he gets so cold easily-he has no body fat. He has lost a little weight again. It's so hard to keep weight on him even though he eats 4 meals a day plus treats and molasses oatmeal and Hopping Oats with his meds. He should be a chunky monkey. Justie has done some pacing today, but it's when he knows a meal, treats or medicine are due- which happen often. Thanks so much angels!!
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    I rescheduled Justice's ophthalmology appt for later this month. During the night we had tornado warnings. We have had severe weather and even though the storms ended early this afternoon, the wind has been gusting to 50mph. it just wasn't safe to drive 90 minutes away. Not sure it would have been safe to drive 15 minutes away. We are lucky we have power. Now round 2 will start later, but instead of rain it will be snow. We will go from 60 degrees to the 30's. I can't believe the big temp drops we have had the past several weeks- 30 and 40+ drops in 12 hours. Justice has been whiny since 4am. I think the weird weather and quick barometric changes are affecting him. I hope this evening he calms down and gets some sleep becuz he has definitely been restless today. I hope everyone is safe. I watch the news and see so many have been affected by this storm. I can't even imagine what people have gone through. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone. Thanks so much angels!
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    Thankfully Justie is doing fine now. We think he was sore or just really tired after we got home from rehab yesterday. The skies are cloudy, but it's hard to believe that late evening , during the night and during the day tmw that we are forecast to have strong, severe storms. I'll decide in the morning if I'm going to take Justie to his ophthalmology appt at MedVet tmw. Justie just walked in my room and gave me some kisses. Sweet baby boy. Thanks angels!
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    Justie did great with all his therapies, but I think it was too much all at once for him. I just had to carry him up the 3 steps from the yard. He was whining and trying to get up and couldn't. I hope resting and his loop therapy will get him back to no pain. I can't bear to think that the therapies that are supposed to help would hurt him. He was absolutely fine after rehab, and in fact pulled the therapist down the hall to where he would have acupuncture. He was full of energy. I hope it's just soreness after exercise. Justie did go on the water treadmill. He was in 10" of water for 8 minutes going 0.8mph. Then he had some land exercises and also massage. He is such a trooper! Some severe storms are on the way tmw and Wednesday. Justie has an ophthalmologist appt Wednesday-we'll see if we can go! Thanks so much angels!!
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    It's chilly today but sunny, so Justie has been outside several times. He is pacing at the moment, but I hope he naps pretty soon. We head to MedVet tmw for laser, physiotherapy, water treadmill and acupuncture. It's going to be a rainy day and a long one!! thanks so much angels!!
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    It's such a gorgeous day!!! It is 73 degrees with a breeze-perfect!! Justice got a walk on leash in the big yard and loved it. He is now having a Loop treatment while he naps-he is snoring quite loud. lol. This eve this gorgeous weather will change to strong/severe thunderstorms and then a cold front moves in with a 30+ degree drop in temp. I am so glad we are home today so Justie could enjoy being outside, and I could enjoy it with him! Thanks angels!!
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    It is such a nice day with temps at 67 degrees!! Justie is enjoying his pacing outside in nice weather. No GM's after yesterdays rehab! I am so happy his rehab with the water treadmill can continue on Monday. We are going back outside now! Thanks so much angels!!
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    We are back from MedVet. Justice saw the veterinarian rehab specialist, and like last week when the neuro checked Justie's pain level, he is a 1 out of 24 (24 being severe)!! I am sooo happy. He also had laser, water treadmill and acupuncture. We stopped the underwater treadmill twice more then a year ago becuz he would have a grand mal seizure in the car on the way home. The neuro says since Justie was in so much pain back then, and we know pain causes him to have seizures, that hopefully this time not being in pain he can handle the treadmill. We will keep a close eye on him to make sure this isn't too much for Justie to physically handle. We are also adding some physiotherapy for the next 4 weeks. The hope is to strengthen his core and back legs so he is steadier on his feet, and hopefully won't be falling so much and having his back pain flare again. He is pretty tired, but no GM's on the way home!! Thanks so much angels!!
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    Your pet has been helped by IMOM. Now what? People with pets in crisis come to IMOM for help. We are happy to have been able to help your pet, with donations from our kind and generous supporters. As you know from reading our financial aid policies, IMOM is only able to help one pet per family, one time. Your pet may need future care, or you may have other pets that could need care. What should you do? The answer is, to plan for emergencies before they happen. We find that many people who apply for help, have some spending they can cut back on. Now is the time to cut back, and save for the future. Restaurants, even fast food places, can be expensive. So can the cup of coffee at an expensive coffee shop. Take a look at your monthly spending, you may see many ways that you can save a few dollars here, and a few dollars there. And those dollars add up. Save your loose change. A big jar of change can add up to several hundred dollars. Boost your credit worthiness. Consider getting a credit card that is used for pet emergencies only. You may need to start with a small limit, that can be raised as your credit worthiness improves. Consider pet insurance. Be sure to read the fine print. Not all pet insurance policies are created equal, and not all are right for all pets and their owners. Develop a good, working relationship with your regular vet. Would your vet be willing to extend you credit in a time of need? If not, it may be time to interview other vets who will work with their clients on payment options. Some emergencies are accidental or unforeseeable. Others are preventable and the result of improper pet care. Be sure to do your homework. And talk with your vet about the appropriate care, diet, health maintenance, etc., your pet should be getting. Plan for your pet’s future needs, before a time of crisis. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same for their pets. Here at IMOM, we know how stressful it is to have a sick pet. The ability to provide for your pet can help lessen that stress. We are glad we were able to help, in your time of need. And we wish you many happy and healthy years with your pet. Warm Regards, The IMOM Volunteers
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    I used cyclosporine with Vato's mom when she had thrombocytopenia. It's about the strongest immune system suppressant that exists. Nasty stuff,IMHO. Celia