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    Mister's mom has changed vet's and thankfully, they have agreed to work with IMOM. We have pledged $500 towards an enema, X-rays and possibly bloodwork. Hopefully she will be able to get an appointment shortly so that Mister will feel better soon. This was only possible because of the donations we still receive for Mister, and for the general fund. Thank you so much for your support. His mom is extremely grateful and would want me to pass that along. Without you, Mister would not be here. Cindy/IMOM
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    Justies IMS called in an antibiotic for Justice in case he has a UTI. His U/A last Monday looked good but now he is having frequency and urgency. He is exhausted and so am I. I hope by tmw he will be feeling much better!! His 💩 is still improving🎉 Thanks so much 😇 's!
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    Today is one of the dips in the arc the neuro talked abt. It's a more vertigo/circling kind of day...but hopefully later today or tmw he will be climbing more toward getting better. It is gorgeous today with temp of 72!! Carol was going to take Justice out on a leash in the big yard, but I don't know how he will do. The weekend will be near 80 but rainy, so this would be a perfect day for him to be outside, darn vertigo. Thanks so much angels!!
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    Justie has good news from his neuro. His vestibular syndrome is resolving more quickly then the neuro thought it would. It is abt 85% resolved. Still falls over at times, and still on a leash for awhile. The neuro said he will have good days and not so great days, but as long as he keeps making a positive trend we are good. Great news-no pain. In fact he took him off the Tramadol and also the Meclizine. He will check Justie again in 2 weeks. Justie may have fiber responsive colitis. Nothing has helped until we added Metamucil Tuesday eve. We don't know if it's a fluke, so I text the IMS Fri night or Saturday morning, if he gets worse again, or no better, his chemo med used for refractive IBD will be increased again. After seeing the neurologist Justie came out with a cute bandana that says "Epilepsy Warrior"...truer words were never spoken. I'll get a pic of it. Justie's seizure med arrived yesterday. Thank u so very much for making sure my Justice is safe. I am so grateful.
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    Hey guys went to the vet today I'm 79 pounds now and doing well, the vet has me chewing Ora Vet once daily, it is the new breath chew for dog with Dential problems, works great rates great cleans plaque, daddy helps with spelling, and he says it smells like chocolate. Going back to vet net month on the 2nd and as for dad the doctor , his, said they will not operate on his Achilles Tendon because of his health. So daddy has to deal with it knot being right and will go thru physical therapy for his Tendon and cardiovascular rehab. When he completes them both he will the retest to get on the kidney transplant list. Daddy has been on dialysis for almost 4 years and will get that time accredited to him, it is a 4 to 5 year waiting period for a transplant as long as you are healthy enough , the doctors have final say. We were out in the rain today for 4 hours and I got we and daddy did too but it was fun, I had on my red boots my auntie got me and my coat , daddy was dressed for the wet weather too but it rained so hardyeah we took public transportation I'm a service dog and can go where daddy can. So that is the update to date, time for dinner I already had a bath had to be cleaned from being out in the rain. Daddy's gonna do laundry and wash and dry my coat. We will talk to you later, love all imom cousins, have a great nite take care and hope you all feel good. The Prince of Union Square Isley and his human. Look at me...
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    I am SO absolutely GRATEFUL AND HAPPY for the support and help IMOM has given me. Because of them Mister was able to get checked out. I was crying tears of joy when IMOM told me the news. I couldn't believe it. Mister was told to be very backed up. Unfortunately, during the procedure, he woke up due to having a hard time breathing and they were unable to go forward. I get the results sometime in the next couple days and I am hoping it will give me some answers to what is going on with him. I hate to see him in pain. He isn't doing too well now, about the same as he has been. He still hasn't gone to the bathroom and doesn't eat much either. Blessed to have the amazing help of IMOM and all the people who help. Praying for some Better news for Mister so he can get better!
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    As usual Justice charmed his rehab specialist as well as his veterinary acupuncturist. They truly love this little boy and he loves them.💕🐾 Thanks so very much angels‼💜
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    Gosh the forum looks so odd and also sad with only 3 PIN's left... Justie is having a pretty good day. It's been raining all day so no outside play time. Tmw we go to MedVet for laser and acupuncture. I'm worried his back is bothering him, so tmw should help. Lucky is downstairs barking his head off, which is weird. I better go check on the kids. Thanks angels!!
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    Happy New Year from me and Justice!! We hope everyone has a healthy and happy 2017!! Thanks so much angels!
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    Justice with his stocking... Merry Christmas! Thanks angels!!
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    So far Justice isn't pacing so much. i haven't been home a lot today due to a doc appt. This AM I was so glad Justie wasn't in the car with me. Our driveway is long and windy and today is icy as heck. I almost hit pine trees 🌲 and then I steered ( as much as u can steer on ice) to miss them and thought I was going to slide into Davids trailer he uses to transport hay, etc. which was on the opposite side. Then the only way to go was toward the road- mind u I had no control of where I was going. Thank goodness David had put sand and salt at the bottom and I stopped before hitting the road. I sat there shaking and so grateful my car, myself and no one else got hurt. So glad Justie was still safe in the house. Justie came to the door when I came in this afternoon and wiggled his butt. Never take anything for granted... Thanks so much angels!
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    For Max... A Parting Prayer Dear Lord, please open your gates and call St. Francis to come escort this beloved companion across the Rainbow Bridge. Assign him to a place of honor, for he has been a faithful servant and has always done his best to please me. Bless the hands that send him to you, for they are doing so in love and compassion, freeing him from pain and suffering. Grant me the strength not to dwell on my loss. Help me remember the details of his life with the love he has shown me. And grant me the courage to honor him by sharing those memories with others. Let him remember me as well and let him know that I will always love him. And when it's my time to pass over into your paradise, please allow him to accompany those who will bring me home. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of his companionship and for the time we've had together. And thank you, Lord, for granting me the strength to give him to you now. Amen. - © Brandy Duckworth, 1998
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    What a gorgeous puppy. That look in her eye looks so much like the look Justie would give me. December 30th...well I can barely wait that long!!! hugs to everyone!
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    I understand what u mean Bibi. I would love to feed Justice as much as he wants but as his internal med specialist said it "will piss off Justie's pancreas" if we aren't careful. Justie eats 4 times/day plus snacks. He has finally gained some weight. Again, I understand what u mean abt Swirlie, but I wonder with his diabetes if feeding him anytime he wanted would have shortened his life. You did the best u could, and that little boy knew u loved him so much. I know Swirlie is dancing' at the Rainbow Bridge! hugs!
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    Carol couldn't get Lucky to go outside yesterday, even when the girls went out. But, Justice went to the door and Carol told Lucky to go outside with Justice- and Lucky went right out beside him. Here are the 2 best buds in bed with each other again. Thanks angels!
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    Justie waiting for the Ohio State football game to be over. It was quite a roller coaster ride against our rival Michigan. I think all the puppers are glad it's over ( it went double overtime) and that we won so they could have dinner! thanks so much angels!
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    Your pet has been helped by IMOM. Now what? People with pets in crisis come to IMOM for help. We are happy to have been able to help your pet, with donations from our kind and generous supporters. As you know from reading our financial aid policies, IMOM is only able to help one pet per family, one time. Your pet may need future care, or you may have other pets that could need care. What should you do? The answer is, to plan for emergencies before they happen. We find that many people who apply for help, have some spending they can cut back on. Now is the time to cut back, and save for the future. Restaurants, even fast food places, can be expensive. So can the cup of coffee at an expensive coffee shop. Take a look at your monthly spending, you may see many ways that you can save a few dollars here, and a few dollars there. And those dollars add up. Save your loose change. A big jar of change can add up to several hundred dollars. Boost your credit worthiness. Consider getting a credit card that is used for pet emergencies only. You may need to start with a small limit, that can be raised as your credit worthiness improves. Consider pet insurance. Be sure to read the fine print. Not all pet insurance policies are created equal, and not all are right for all pets and their owners. Develop a good, working relationship with your regular vet. Would your vet be willing to extend you credit in a time of need? If not, it may be time to interview other vets who will work with their clients on payment options. Some emergencies are accidental or unforeseeable. Others are preventable and the result of improper pet care. Be sure to do your homework. And talk with your vet about the appropriate care, diet, health maintenance, etc., your pet should be getting. Plan for your pet’s future needs, before a time of crisis. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same for their pets. Here at IMOM, we know how stressful it is to have a sick pet. The ability to provide for your pet can help lessen that stress. We are glad we were able to help, in your time of need. And we wish you many happy and healthy years with your pet. Warm Regards, The IMOM Volunteers
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    Justie is napping at my feet. Now that he has gone 2 weeks without a GM seizure his walking is improving a bit every day. We had some bad storms yesterday, and today feels humid. Guess more storms coming during the night. Justice was restless last evening- it may have been storm related or coincidence. He doesn't freak out with storms anymore, thank goodness. I hope with the forum issues that all of Justie's IMOM family can read his thread. Thanks so much angels!! Justice's Felbatol arrived today-we are so blessed to have all of u care so much.
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    Hopefully the techs fixed the problem, although it definitely takes a few extra steps to get in the forum now!!! Thanks for the continued tries-glad u finally got in!! I am so very happy with Justice's therapies today and how he was so excited and wiggle buttin just like my angel Tuck! Hugs to u and the kitties!!
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    Justie had GM's again during the night. His neuro isn't too concerned becuz he thinks it is secondary to his UTI and once he feels better the clusters will subside. He doesn't have any back pain, but has neck pain so one of his meds has been increased. He will start back to full rehab on Monday. Thanks angels!!!
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    Justie is having a really good day. The vertigo has lessened. Hopefully he is on the road to recovery from the vestibular syndrome🙏 Thanks so much angels!!
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    Jacki emailed me and said she isn't able to fix the issues with the forum, but she sent a ticket to support and hopefully at some point they can fix it. I worry that many angels won't want to keep taking the time to try and get into the forum, and becuz they can't see posts, or even reply to posts then they will leave this forum... Justie is doing pretty well. Thankfully the 3 grand mals that ended 18 hours ago have not set his vertigo back like it did a week ago. Thanks ever so much angels!
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    No more GM's since yesterday at 3AM!!!! I think the seizures did set him back just a little with the vestibular syndrome, but he is making up some ground today. It's a beautiful, sunny and breezy 75 degree day!! I wish Justie could be out in it more, but after a short time his balance gets worse becuz he is tired. It will get better though. Forecasters are saying that this week shows no snow, but they won't commit that the snow is over yet. We have had snow in May--I hope not this year!! Thanks angels!!
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    Here's our boy - he's adjusted well to his forever home :-) Hugs to you and Justice!
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    I was up every 1-2 hours with Justice during the night. His internal med specialist took a quick look at Justie while Justie was there for laser and acupuncture ,(our full appt is Thursday) and decided to stop the Budesonide (it's making him drink and pee the every 1-2 hours). He also is stopping the Imodium and adding Lomotil. They drew labs and got a stool specimen. I hope all of this will get a handle on his not sleeping. Carol drove us down becuz of my lack of sleep. I was lucky she didn't have other plans. It is simply gorgeous here- 77 degrees with a nice breeze. Justice likes to just stand outside with the breeze blowing his beard. My sweet little boy. Thanks so much angels!!
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    Hey gang I'm still here just daddy has been sick. I'm doing great thanks to imom, daddy is now healing g up from yup a chilies Tendon surgery, he had to have it so far so good my neighbors have been taking me out and that works for me the old human ain't what he used to be. So my breath is bad and teeth need cleaning but the vet says I'm really to old to go under for that it is not that serious, I'm taking a trial Study thru my vet, they gave me a 30 day Supply of the new stuff on the market Ora Vet works great better breath removing tarter it tastes great too daddy says it smells like chocolate. So I'm off to thevet Thursday and will check with you all then. Your always in my prayers and thoughts love and stay strong. Isley The Prince of Union Square and his human This is how I feel today great
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    Justie did great with therapy-he got to do everything. Marissa, his rehab therapist, said Justice is so fun to work with becuz he is very food motivated and does anything they ask. She said when he was on the water treadmill yesterday, he kept turning a bit so he could lick her arm (she is in the water with him). He makes everyone smile while doing rehab. That's my boy!! His Internal med specialist came in to talk while we finished with Justie's acupuncture. We started an increase today with his Chlorambucil (the chemo med used for his IBD). If there isn't a noticeable improvement by Thursday he will need to start Budesonide, which we really hope to avoid. We are switching him back to his kibble over a few days. At 6AM he did have a stool that looked the same as it has been looking. I gave the increased chemo and at 10AM David said Justie's stool was still soft but formed and had some brown in it-it has been yellow/orange. So as long as this keeps up maybe we can keep him off the Budesonide!! He is quite happy to get some kibble again-even a small amount. Thanks angels!!
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    The snow hasn't started yet, so no problems driving to MedVet, thank goodness. Well, as I feared, Justice is in back discomfort. He did the water treadmill but not the PT becuz they thought it might be too much for him. I put him back on pain meds this weekend, and he will stay on them at least through a week from Wed when the rehab vet specialist and I can sit down and talk after she checks Justie again. I guess when they take Justice out of the water he has the zoomies. Today a couple docs walked by rehab and saw Justie zooming and were surprised becuz they didn't know he could move that fast-of course they never see him after getting out of water!! Thanks so much angels!
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    38 hours without a grand mal!!! Justie is doing pretty well today. He seems to be pacing less, but napping more-but that's okay. I was so worried abt what the 4 GM's would do to Justie cognitively -would he have a set-back? But so far he is still interested in everything and engaging with us and following me everywhere. My other huge fear was that maybe his brain atrophied (shrunk) even more and it has reached a point where he would just keep having GM's (the neuro said that may happen). Since he has gone 38 hours without a GM I hope that means it's not the case. Today we will have a high of 28 degrees, and the whole week will be back to winter clothing. Justie doesn't mind it too much today becuz it is sunny. Thanks so much angels!!
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    Justie is doing ok. I was a little worried that his back was hurting early today, but he is fine now. We have no power due to high winds. It's not too bad now, but a cold front is coming and temps are steadily dropping and will be in the low 30's later, so I hope we get some heat back!! Justie is prancing around wanting lunch, so gotta go. Thanks so much angels!!
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    OMG Macy has lots of "stinker alerts!". OUCH with ur nose. Carol had that happen once-it hurts!! Well I think the person u got her from definitely guessed her adult weight a little low! I can tell u one major thing ur stinker stories lacked...PICTURES!!! Must see pics....puleeze. Hugs to everyone!!
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    I rescheduled Justice's ophthalmology appt for later this month. During the night we had tornado warnings. We have had severe weather and even though the storms ended early this afternoon, the wind has been gusting to 50mph. it just wasn't safe to drive 90 minutes away. Not sure it would have been safe to drive 15 minutes away. We are lucky we have power. Now round 2 will start later, but instead of rain it will be snow. We will go from 60 degrees to the 30's. I can't believe the big temp drops we have had the past several weeks- 30 and 40+ drops in 12 hours. Justice has been whiny since 4am. I think the weird weather and quick barometric changes are affecting him. I hope this evening he calms down and gets some sleep becuz he has definitely been restless today. I hope everyone is safe. I watch the news and see so many have been affected by this storm. I can't even imagine what people have gone through. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone. Thanks so much angels!
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    It is such a nice day with temps at 67 degrees!! Justie is enjoying his pacing outside in nice weather. No GM's after yesterdays rehab! I am so happy his rehab with the water treadmill can continue on Monday. We are going back outside now! Thanks so much angels!!
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    Amazing, another sunny beautiful day in the 50's. Justie and I spent a little time outside. We needed to "blow off the stink" (Carol says her parents used to say that when u have been inside too much) and have some time outside together when it wasn't walking around MedVet. Justie is sleeping and is having a Loop treatment. We head to MedVet Columbus tmw to see his neuro. Then I will know how his pain level is in his back and neck. Thanks so much angels. Justice's seizure med, Felbatol, arrived, and I am so grateful that u guys aren't giving up on this little guy. We send lots of love on this Valentine's Day!!
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    My friend Niki, Justie's general vet in Columbus, came up for a visit today. She just left after dinner and we had a really good time. Justie was sociable, but took a couple naps while she was here so I got a Loop treatment done-he is so cute sleeping! In fact he is in my room in a doggy bed asleep right now. My sweet baby boy. The cold front must be coming in. The winds have picked up tremendously and we'll go from in the 50's to below freezing tonight. Justie and I head for MedVet tmw for laser and acupuncture. Justie is still asleep so I am going to put the Loop on him again. I always sit nearby in case he moves. Thanks so much angels!!
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    I wish u all could see the love and sweetness in Justice and experience his sweet kisses and hold his body against urs and have him wrap his legs around u with hugs. You would never be the same. He is that special. Thanks angels!!
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    It is "a targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy system." It is FDA approved for use in humans for help with circulation, inflammation and pain. It is used in animals for the same purpose. For Justice it is being used for disc inflammation and pain. It can be used for broken bones (thru casts) and also IBD and pancreatitis. Yes the Assisi Loop in the above pic is just laying on Justice's back. It can also be placed as though he has walked through it (he can easily fit thru it). The therapist just put Justie's head through it and rested it on his neck for his neck pain. Justie actually needs a treatment L4 (mid back) to his neck and, apparently if u place it around him like a hoop it works 4-5" deep, but if u lay it on him it is supposed to help 4-5" all directions from the loop, so I can treat his back and neck at the same time. Clear as mud??? LOL. http://www.assisianimalhealth.com/pet-owners/ Here is a link and it has answers to FAQ's, and you can also check out Assisi Loop on youtube as some video's show using the Loop and how it has helped animals. So far I think he is a little better, but unsure if it's becuz of the Loop. But I am willing to try anything, and rehab has said they have seen some success with the loop. So we'll see. BTW Justice did stay asleep and he got a full session. So now just 2 more are needed today!! hugs to u and all the kids!!!
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    I need to update Justie's neuro today. Justice is better from when the neuro saw him 1 week ago, but not a lot. It's so hard becuz he is so stoic, but he stands in odd positions and the neuro said it's like us if we have back pain- we may bend our back or stretch it to try and relieve pain, and that's what he is doing. The bad thing is that becuz he isn't standing normally he is making other parts of his back and neck hurt...a vicious circle. But my little guy doesn't give up. He still is engaging with everyone, and he LOVES his food and banana chips!! Thanks so much angels!!
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    Justie is having a kind of tough back and brain day. <sigh> I am hoping he will curl up in a bed this evening so I can put the heated corn bag against his back-last night he paced and paced. Tmw WILL be a better day...I pray. Thanks angels!!
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    Oh my heavens, that is so precious!!! I had to run around and show the pic to everyone. Everyone agrees that Macy is officially a part of the family (as far as the puppers are concerned)-how are Ollie and Fiona doing with the baby? Carol says it looks like u have the same flooring as we have in the kitchen. Also Justie has a bed like that ( Justie has several beds-he is like Goldilocks-this one is too hard, this one too soft and this one is just right...it all depends on the day!! hugs to all!!!
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    Thankfully the temps have warmed uo -but now we are dealing with torrential rain at times last night ,and winds gusting to 60mph. I saw a pic from a little north of us of a backyard trampoline wrapped around a telephone pole. We also had thunder/lightening. I just got a weather update on my phone and it says "another wild ride tonight and tmw". More rain, storms and wind. UGH!! Justie is doing pretty well today. He is getting lots of rest, so hopefully his back is feeling less painful. Thanks so much angels. P.S. Tmw will be 1 week since I have seen a pic of Sue's Macy...just saying
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    Justie is downstairs napping. He gave me quite a surprise this morning when I heard a whine outside my door. I thought he must be at the bottom of the stairs and maybe it just sounded close. Thank goodness I opened the door becuz Justie was just turning away from my door and heading for the staircase to go back down. I caught him. Someone forgot to put up the baby gate and he climbed the 13 steps himself. You have no idea how dangerous that was becuz his back legs are weak and he could have fallen backwards as he was coming up the stairs (he has done that before when he was allowed to do stairs, but I was always behind him and could support him). Going down himself-well he has hurt himself falling down steps. The neuro said to never allow him to do the 13 steps again. We were blessed the mistake this morning didn't have horrible consequences. It is sleeting here. I hope all the travelers, including my IMOM family, are safe if u go out tonight- be careful of the weather and also the drunk drivers. Thank u so much angels for making sure I have my little guy in 2017.
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    Things didn't go well during the night. Justice started pacing at 3AM and kept it up for nearly 2 hours. I was so happy that he made it through the crazy day yesterday with only a bit more pacing. But I guess it affected him still during the night. I am praying it was just the Xmas day stress, and not a true brain change. At some point dogs with dementia will start mixing day and night-up at night and sleep during the day. I am so scared of that. Today Justice is still engaging with everyone. I took this pic today after he woke from a much needed nap: mommy, geesh, I was sleeping, do u have to take a picture now?? Justie sends love and thanks to all the angels!!
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    Isley and Darryl - so happy you are hanging in there! It seems that things keep happening to you but you keep going and that is the main thing. And Isley, you are so handsome, even if your vet does say you are geriatric, you are one good looking ole guy! I am one of your sponsors so I love to see you are well. Hoping that this is a wonderful season for you and that 2017 brings you both the very best and better health and lots of love
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I know Max was so loved. Rest in Peace sweet one.
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    Justie is doing pretty well today. Just a couple partial seizures this morning. It is cold. We were just in the 50's and now we are back in the 30's. Too cold for Justie to stay out too long...or for that matter me either!! Thanks angels!
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    It was a long day at MedVet. Justie had laser and then he and Amanda had a dermatology/allergy appt. Justie is okay, but he does have a growth that could be a melanoma- for now we are watching. Rehab didn't find any pain in Justie's back or neck-I am so happy. He'll see the neuro a week from Friday, and hopefully he can go in his big yard again. Thanks so much angels!!
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    OMG!!! Oh, Sue she is so adorable!! I bet u can't wait for Christmas!! What a wonderful thing for Woody to do for u. I can't wait to hear all the antics as she is growing up in ur household. I am so happy for Patches, and you and the little un-named puppy. Hugs to u, Woody and all the kids!
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    Justie and Lucky snoozing getting ready for a busy Thanksgiving day. i am so glad David rescued Lucky becuz Justie has a best bud now. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!🦃💜 Justice and I are so blessed to have all of u in our lives. I would not have this special boy with me without IMOM and all of u angels. I would be lost without my little guy. We love u all.🐾💕Thank u so much‼️