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    Sue- Thank you for the donation. You had a Coco when you were growing up? There's something about Coco's that are really special. Can you tell me about him/her?
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    Whether or not you have already applied to IMOM we ask that you also apply to other organizations. You will need to read the information on the web sites to learn if you qualify. IMOM has no affiliation with any of the organizations listed. Sources for financial aid for veterinary care 1-14.pdf
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    Your pet has been helped by IMOM. Now what? People with pets in crisis come to IMOM for help. We are happy to have been able to help your pet, with donations from our kind and generous supporters. As you know from reading our financial aid policies, IMOM is only able to help one pet per family, one time. Your pet may need future care, or you may have other pets that could need care. What should you do? The answer is, to plan for emergencies before they happen. We find that many people who apply for help, have some spending they can cut back on. Now is the time to cut back, and save for the future. Restaurants, even fast food places, can be expensive. So can the cup of coffee at an expensive coffee shop. Take a look at your monthly spending, you may see many ways that you can save a few dollars here, and a few dollars there. And those dollars add up. Save your loose change. A big jar of change can add up to several hundred dollars. Boost your credit worthiness. Consider getting a credit card that is used for pet emergencies only. You may need to start with a small limit, that can be raised as your credit worthiness improves. Consider pet insurance. Be sure to read the fine print. Not all pet insurance policies are created equal, and not all are right for all pets and their owners. Develop a good, working relationship with your regular vet. Would your vet be willing to extend you credit in a time of need? If not, it may be time to interview other vets who will work with their clients on payment options. Some emergencies are accidental or unforeseeable. Others are preventable and the result of improper pet care. Be sure to do your homework. And talk with your vet about the appropriate care, diet, health maintenance, etc., your pet should be getting. Plan for your pet’s future needs, before a time of crisis. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same for their pets. Here at IMOM, we know how stressful it is to have a sick pet. The ability to provide for your pet can help lessen that stress. We are glad we were able to help, in your time of need. And we wish you many happy and healthy years with your pet. Warm Regards, The IMOM Volunteers
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    Hi guys it's me Tom! I'm doing so good.
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    My Bandit lost half his jaw. Yes it will take some time for her to regain strength in her tongue. Bandit's tongue is still weaker than it had been but the only side effects of the surgery have been his new nickname of Slimer (half a jaw, he drools a bit) and he can't clean his coat as thoroughly so it will get a little oily, I brush him and it takes care of that. Oh and he went from being a cranky, doesn't want to play cat losing weight, to a roly-poly kitten of ten years. Now I have to try to get the goober to lose weight. Soze will get frustrated, will sometimes choke a little, and will probably need you to feed her with a tongue depressor covered in high calorie food. I had to add a lot of water to Bandit's soft food in the beginning. With time, he's back on hard food and eats like a gangbuster, and is his old 'play with me!' self. So have faith. Soze will adjust faster than you might think. And the saliva will ease up. Bandit is still a bit of a slimer, but nothing like he was in the beginning. Now it's mostly when he's waiting for treats or food.
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    HELLO IMOM COMMUNITY! Through some confusion, I have found the correct post to tend to. I can not BELIEVE the immense amount of support that you are all showing me and Meeka right now. I am truly touched, as I have never been a part of a process quite like this. I am a young college student, who has relied on my kitten for the past year and a half to be my companion through good times and bad - I am missing her terribly right now. I took her in early this morning after IMOM notified me that they made a pledge for $700 dollars - AMAZING. I showed up at the Vet, and the vet I had been working with saw me from the front desk and looked surprised - she was amazed by how fast the process developed for us! I was emotional, and so full of faith in humanity at this point, grinning from ear to ear! The ladies at the front desk were so kind in reassuring me that Meeka was in the BEST hands - the surgeon was the owner of the clinic. Meeka was in surgery by 12:30, and I got a phone call bye 3:30 this afternoon that she had made it out and was coming out from the surgery with flying colors. THEY DID NOT FIND A FOREIGN BODY. But, they are sending in stool to do additional testing. Her intestines were so backed up that NOTHING was moving. Before taking her in, Meeka hadn't drank any water for 24 hours...It was a scary time for us and I was right there next to her the entire time. Even though the result of the surgery didn't show a foreign body, we are on the track to understanding why this happened - in hopes that she will be able to come back from this painful back up and start to feel like her normal self again. I feel so blessed to have had the support that I have had. I had some trouble getting all of the proper documents into IMOM, was confused about the forums, and was unsure how they could fund me so quickly - BUT, you all just keep amazing me, finding me, and saving me save my friend. Spending that time with Meeka while she wasn't feeling good was something really special for me too - she was so calm, and looking at me with her eyes that were filled with fear and uncertainty - but she would occasionally purr - knowing that I was next to her. It took us awhile to get to this point - mostly because she kept hiding earlier in the day. I did discover that when animals think they are dying, they hide because they do not want you to see them that way... Broke my heart when I found her in a new spot that I have never seen her in before :( Nonetheless, the house feels empty without her tonight, and I am looking forward to tomorrow morning when I can get into the vet to pick her up and bring her home! Thank you for the overwhelming kindness. I am going to do my best to spread the wonderful communities spirit on IMOM and find ways to give back to this community, as you have sincerely changed my outlook on life, and compassion for animals and humans in the past 24 hours.
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    To honor Frisky Olive's journey today I have sent in $331 - with the match that will close out what is needed today to keep this sweet boy where he needs to be. I will be out of touch until mid next week so leave the rest of this in the very capable hands of the Angels on this site. Betsy
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    Hi Everyone.... I am sorry it has taken me so long to write this testimonial, I was very ill and not able to do much for a couple of weeks... Bear is very happy to be able to run around the house and play with his kitty pals... I am so thankful to IMOM and all the volunteers and especially to the ANGELS who came through for Bear to be hospitalized... Without all of you being there for Bear I'm not really sure what would have happened... He wasn't responding to the oral antibiotic and while I know he was a good boy and letting the Dr. put a catheter in him every day with no anesthetic that really wasn't fair to Bear... that had to have hurt him... I don't even want to think about what might have been... I believe that IMOM is a wonderful group of like minded people who have come together to help animals and the humans who care for them... And to me that is the greatest thing you can do... Bear and Lucky are both waiting in my room (that's where the canned foodies eat) at 8am and again at 8pm... So he already knows his new routine... when they are done and I open the door he is the first one to shoot out of the room... do a couple laps around and then he settles down... So we are back to normal for us... hope all is well for all of you.. Thank You Luann, Lucky, Sylvestor, Bear, Candi, Cornflake and Precious
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    Savannas surgery went fine the doctor will be calling me later with an update an when I can bring her home
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    This is my first time doing a matching challenge, so I hope I do this right. Posting a $100 matching challenge in memory of my Sadie kitty who went over the rainbow bridge a week ago today. Had her for 16 years and think Louie and his mom deserve the same....
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    in 2004 we were having a GREAT year - my son was in middle school, active in school and scouts and we had the most amazing rescue dog, Tristan - a Chesapeake Bay Retriever/ Golden Retriever mix we had adopted in 2001. Tristan was a real character - informally trained, but with impeccable manners, goofy as a clown, but oh so gentle and calm with little kids and small animals. Tristan had this funny little cowlick right down the center of his nose, like someone had run a fingernail down his nose between his eyes and made all the fur stand on end. He loved to 'GO', anywhere, anytime, and NOTHING ever fazed him - I took him everywhere with me (including the office on Saturdays and on my work sales calls) and he was always laid back and calm. Tristan was also the unofficial mascot of our Boy Scout troop. He was amazing at dealing with homesick or lonely boys, and the other troop leaders soon learned that having Tristan along meant much less whining from the boys - After Tristan started going hiking with us, it was 'my turn to hold Tristan's leash' instead of ' I'm tired!', or 'can we take Tristan ____?' ( beach, play ball, walk, etc) instead of "I'm bored!' and "this is dumb". Tristan had a HUGE family of boys that adored him. But in the August of 2004, a regular vet check found swollen glands, which were quickly diagnosed as advanced lymphoma. Tristan had only weeks to live if we didn't do something drastic NOW. I was in shock. Tristan was barely 5 yrs old, and we'd barely had him 3 yrs! He was my heart dog and my son's best friend. To top it off, I was working a commission sales job and not doing well financially. I don't remember how I found IMOM. hours of desperate searching on the internet, I'm sure. But YOU and your wonderful volunteers stepped up and gave us hope. With your backing, Tristan went to the oncologist - prancing in with a wagging tail and a proudly shown off toy in his mouth. For the most part, he had no idea he was sick. the nurses and techs all quickly fell in love with him too, he charmed everyone he ever met. We got a remission within weeks, and had a beautiful fall with him, hiking and taking a couple of camping trips which he so loved. I reported to IMOM faithfully, and IMOM volunteers and supporters laughed with me over his antics, cried with me over his setbacks, and were always there with ideas to tempt his appetite and provide me a place to cry and vent. He lost his remission in late December, and by February, knowing he'd fought hard to stay with us, I held him tight as he went peacefully to sleep. IMOM was with me every step. In those last, precious months, we made memories and crammed in as much LIFE as we could. Tristan taught me about courage. That life is a gift and to face each day as a shiny new opportunity. To find joy in the little things, beauty everywhere, and to love without reservation. Tristan's early years were rough and neglected before we adopted him, but his last 3yrs, especially his last 6 months, were filled with love, adventures, peace, LOTS of spoiling and a lifetime of experiences, thanks to IMOM. We adopted another 2 yr old Golden in 2005, Fizzy. When she was diagnosed with Lymph sarcoma this summer, I was able to cover her bills, until it was time to let her go peacefully in September 2013. Since then, with my son grown, taking care of my elderly mom and changing job situations and another financially difficult year, I decided to Foster for As Good As Gold Rescue in Illinois, to honor my dog's memories and 'give back' in that way. IMOM gave me and Tristan a chance, by providing funds and support. I don't have much money, but I have time, patience and lots of love to give. thank you, IMOM
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    UPDATE!!! Timber just got home about an hour ago, the vet said surgery went very well and we have to go back in a week to get his stitches out. Timber was very happy even the vets said he is alot happier and in a lot less pain now!! i brought him home and put him in the grass and at first he just stood there didnt really move or anything so i picked him up and brought him inside, he hoped over to the bigger dogs bed and fell asleep. by hops i mean like the way a rabbit does, like he moves his back legs up to his chest and then moves his front paw. every once in a while he will whine but he is on pain medication and happy to be home:) i have to send pictures from my phone to my email then i will upload what my beautiful Timber looks like! again THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! he wouldnt have returned home with me if it werent for you guys! My daughter cried when we left this morning to take him for surgery because even tho we told her he was coming home she didnt believe it and when we walked in the door all she did was stand there and cry and she came up and kissed timber and said you and i are eachothers heros, you are strong baby tim tim!
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    I just got off the phone with Tom's vet. IMOM will be pledging the remaining $1934 for Tom's surgery. They are taking Tom in for surgery right away. HURRAY! I will be back with a fund update later this afternoon. Your care and support of this Little Black Kitty are wonderful! THANK YOU a million times over from the bottom of my heart!
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    faces foundation is pledging$ 4,000 and the hospital is getting tom prepped for surgery as we speak. we got a mandatory 25% discount off the estimate. so to make the rest of the lower end of the estimate I need 2000 more... I got about 100 off of my fundraiser page as of now. called petfund again today and left a message.
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    just sent $500 in honor of veterans Rob & Kevin. If others will match, Princess may not need to find other sources - and maybe she can have her surgery soon.
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    Diamond and myself would like to thank the IMOM volunteers and the Angels for all your help and donations to making Diamonds surgery possible. For the last 2 years Diamond would scream every time she went #2 and it was unbearable to watch. She had some difficulties but has healed very nicely. Now she need to gain control. Thank you all again for your help and donations. I'm so glad Diamond's life will not be cut short and will live happy and pain free. :)/>
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    Hi, Sorry it's taken a little while to post again; we had a problem with our internet connection. Bambi is doing really well now. The first few days were kind of rough for her, then she slowly got better, until now she is pretty much back to her happy self! Her incision area looked red and was kind of painful, but now it looks much better and is healing up very well. My goodness, what a relief! Aidan is doing much better now too, he is extremely happy that Bambi is back to her normal self, all playful and silly and cute and cuddly again! We were so sad when she felt so terrible. It's hard to believe that we are actually through that horrible crisis and she is all better! Thanks to everyone here! You are all the BEST of the BEST! We would not be able to be enjoying Bambi's company right now if it weren't for all of you. I took a few pictures of her feeling better: Here she is playing again! : Here she is just about to bark: Here she is cuddled on the blanket getting warm:
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    I just wanted to drop a line and give everyone an update on Lovie!!! She is doing great. She loves her freedom once again. Her belly looks great and healing nicely. She is back to being her pushy St Bernard self and gaining her weight back nicely. Up to six cups a food a day and she's a grazer so it's perfect. Thank you all so much for your love and support. Without you, she wouldn't be in the tip top shape she is in!!! This was taken after a nice romp in the mudd with her fur-sister Beau. They both decided it was let's make mommies back ache!!!
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    Dear Ms. Clara -- My deepest sympathies. I have a 14 year old Airedale myself and I understand how precious each moment with her is. I hope that it will comfort you to know that Ebony is free from pain and is happily running with all of the AireAngels @RB. I shared Ebony's story with my Facebook friends and I wanted to share their condolence messages with you June Bug Haas Oh no, so very sad 20 hours ago · Like Maureen Scott 20 hours ago · Like Lulu Hoeller So sad to hear... 20 hours ago · Like Bailey A. Guillory So sorry to hear this...sending Ms. Clara lots of hugs. Ebony may be across the Rainbow Bridge, an' I'm sure she didn't want to leave, but she's not in any distress, because she knows how greatly she was loved and will forever be basking in that golden glow. 20 hours ago · Like · 1 Sally Martin so sad … run free sweet Ebony:( 20 hours ago · Like Danielle M Kauffman Smith So so sad. Run free Ebony. Hugs to Ms. Clara 20 hours ago · Like Joyce T Ferreira I'm so sorry to read this... Ebony Miss Clara 20 hours ago · Like Bonnie Spina Weddle So sad, I am very sorry to hear sweet Ebony didn't make it 20 hours ago · Like Tom Bambrick Prayers 20 hours ago · Like Suzanne Kissling Iorio awwww the baby. So sorry. She was way too young. 20 hours ago · Like Cathy Biersack I am very sad for her. 20 hours ago · Like Sheri Metzger Karmiol I am so sorry. (((Hugs))) 19 hours ago · Like Lola N Nhi Finley 19 hours ago · Like Debi Drake So sorry to read this. Sending gentle hugs to her Momma. 19 hours ago · Like Judy Dwiggins I am so sorry. 19 hours ago · Like Lindsay Myers Oh no. RIP, Ebony 19 hours ago · Like Melinda Haney Costa I'm so sorry. RIP sweet Ebony. 19 hours ago · Like Barbara Snyder-Cole 19 hours ago · Like Jeanette Press-Medrano Oh no. I am so sorry. We list our first Airedale rescue dog to cancer too. Been there but now we have our 2nd rescue! 19 hours ago · Like Sharilyn Kmech Sending prayers for comfort to Ms Clara. Godspeed Ebony. 19 hours ago · Like Pascale Black run free Ebony 19 hours ago · Edited · Like Patti Kelly Webster I so sorry. Hugs. To her momma. 19 hours ago · Like Nicki StoneRidge 19 hours ago · Like Barbara Bonfield How sad..I'm so sorry Ms Clara.. 19 hours ago · Like Mary Taylor Huntsman 19 hours ago · Like Shirley Sanborn How do we get in touch with miss Clara. To send her oodles of cards to make her smile. Knowing someone cared 18 hours ago · Like Judy Howell Heartbreaking. 18 hours ago · Like Theresa Calabria so sorry 18 hours ago · Like Jackie Ike RIP sweet Ebony RIP!!!! 18 hours ago · Like Gary Manfredi so sorry for your loss RIP Ebony..no more suffering.. 18 hours ago · Like Carol Atkins-Coalson Till you meet again 17 hours ago · Like Holly Coes Poor baby. 17 hours ago · Like Rachel Blair I am so sorry! 17 hours ago · Like Debra Pfund Przelomiec I am so sorry for Ms. Clara; poor Ebony. 17 hours ago · Like Mona Chipman I'm sorry to hear that 17 hours ago · Like Pamela Vander Heyden So very sad.... 16 hours ago · Like Lucy Ivy Cooper So sad... 16 hours ago · Like Barbara Adams 16 hours ago · Like Terri Trotter Johnson Sincere condolences to all....... 16 hours ago · Like Sue Cartwright 15 hours ago · Like Yvonne Murgatroyd They are never with us long enough. Thinking of you. 14 hours ago · Like Fabienne Lagneaux EBONY 14 hours ago · Like · 1 Jacquelyn Sells My heart and prayers are with you. Im so sorry. 14 hours ago · Like Jenny Patience so sorry for Ebony's passing 13 hours ago · Like Bobbi M Schutz Bogie, Can you help out 8 yo Ebony who crossed the Rainbow Bridge after surgery yesterday. She had cancer that had spread...her mom Ms Clara is very grief stricken....thank you... 12 hours ago · Like · 1 Keith Merritt We are so very sorry. Our sincere condolences and very best wishes to Ms Clara. God bless Ebony. Be happy at the Rainbow Bridge. BELIEVE 12 hours ago · Like · 1 Pia von Koch 12 hours ago · Like Sheila Shields ♡ 12 hours ago · Like Jacqueline Ashworth So sorry. Run Free baby Ebony 12 hours ago · Like Ursula Obermann 12 hours ago · Like Caz Milne So sorry 10 hours ago · Like Leslie Apple That's so sad. My heart goes out to Ms. Clara. 8 hours ago · Like Michele Allen Rogers Ebony is in my prayers 7 hours ago · Like Helen Greatrex Our hearts go out to Ms. Clara. RIP Ebony darling x 7 hours ago · Like Charles W Jones III Prayers 7 hours ago · Like Julie Joffee Covey I am so very sorry. 6 hours ago · Like · 1 Rick Iorillo We want to send our prayers and wish you the best during this time of sadness. I do not know what I would do if I lost Shawna or Sarah... It is easy to say get another puppy but each one is special and can never really be replaced... 6 hours ago · Like April Ruggeri So , so sorry . Prayers to all of you. 5 hours ago · Like · 1 Bob Simcock Such very sad news makes it worse when no one could actually say goodbye and give a big hug. (( 3 hours ago · Like Debbie Carrier We're so sorry to hear that. 3 hours ago · Like Jackie Blaze Ruby Hodge So very saddened to hear about an hour ago · Like
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    On the way home with Kaori! When they brought her into the exam room to me, she was SOOO happy to see me that she wouldn't stop whining!!! She is obviously very groggy and wobbly. She'll most likely do a lot of sleeping for the rest of the day. They showed me the stone which looked and felt like a rock you would generally find in your backyard. It was huge! I can't imagine having something like that bounce around in my own bladder. IM SO HAPPY TO HAVE HER BACK!!! I LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU INFINITELY FOR YOUR HELP!!!
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    Could anyone who reads this message please light a candle to help Tuckie find his way to The Bridge and all of our Bridge Kids who are there waiting for him to join The Bridge Kids Brigade.
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    UPDATE I just spoke with my vet---Lovie is recovering from surgery nicely! She is resting comfortably and is slowly waking up! I am so excited to see my baby!! I will post more after we are reunited again -- they said she can come home tonight most likely.
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    hi everyone honey got home from the vet today and she is resting comfortably me and honey wiuld like to thank everyone for their help.your all angels and we really do appricate every dollar that has made honeys life fullfilled god bless you all. sincerly honrys mom and honey
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    Cujo is at ALL FUNDS RAISED!!!!! Thank you SO much, Angels, for coming through for this poor pup. You never let an IMOM pet in need down, and this was an amazing accomplishment considering how much needed to be raised in such a short amount of time. Thank you!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: We are moving Cujo to the "All Funds Raised" section of the forum! Jamie.K
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    ANGELS - I hope you are here and still reading! I am so thrilled! Yuki is at ALL FUNDS RAISED! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! Bring in the fireworks and the dancing bananas! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: HUGS TO ALL - Thank you for all you do! Please follow Yuki as she recovers and heads home!
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    UPDATE!! timber had his stitches out and the vet said that his leg is healing very well and that everything looks good no infections or anything and that he is expected to live a long happy 3 legged life!! Thank you again to everyone for making this happen and saving my dogs life! you guys are my doggy guardian angels!!! and on a side note timber was trying to "get friendly" with a dog in the waiting room of the vets office
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    Janet ~ Every journey is different, so I can only tell you my experience. Losing Kuhio at 17-years old was devastating. Bobcat (hubby) and I were seriously surprised when the sun rose the next day. How could it when our baby was gone? So, we cried and cried. I wanted to talk about Kuhio all the day, Bobcat didn't want to hear her name. We also slipped up and called Halo (kitty adopted after Kuhio) by Kuhio's name. It hurt at first when we caught ourselves. Halo's fur soaked up a lot of tears that first year. But, sometime during that year, I found myself laughing and crying at the same time when we talked about Kuhio. Then at some point, the tears stopped and we could talk about all the happy memories -- instead of focusing on that ONE, awful memory. Oh, I still tear up now and then looking at her photos (12 years later, they are still on the fridge). But, it has gotten better with time. Not because I didn't love her or don't miss her, but because I know I will see her again some day and because of her, more loving kitties have come into our life. I believe this with all my heart..... The only thing worse than losing RJ, would be to lose her and to never love another. Be patient with yourself. Be kind and don't beat yourself up when you have a meltdown. And go ahead and talk to RJ. I believe her spirit is still there trying to comfort you. If I'm wrong, who's gonna know that you talk to yourself?
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    Tiger, Tiger's Mom and fellow IMOMers ~ I've come here to celebrate some good news with you. Last month I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. After surgery it was found that the cancer had not spread to any any other organs and it was not found in my lymph nodes. Today I am cancer free. To celebrate, I've donated the rest of the funds (I think) to Tiger. I hope that her meowmie is cancer-free very soon.
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    So glad to hear Bambi is doing well. I got my first full paycheck and I promised $100 to the general fund in Bambi's name if others could get Bambi to AFR, so I'm off to donate now.
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    Topic Update: In addition to the amount that was fund raised for Ebony's surgery, IMOM decided to pledge an additional $295, on 5/5, for euthanasia and cremation after it was learned that Ebony could not be saved. Thank you Angels for your unfailing compassion and concern for this owner and her beloved pet.
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    Dear Clara, I am thinking of you and imagine how empty the house feels without your dear girl Ebony. Please know the Airedale community is thinking of you and when you feel lonely, we are right by your side in spirit. I too live alone and my dog is my companion and family. I understand how deeply her loss is felt by you. With sincere condolences, Jeanne in NY state
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    To the community members and guests at imom.org, Ms. Clara is here and asked me to post the following I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support to my Baby girl and myself. I plan to say a little more in a Few days, for now I will just say god blessed me with So many gifts this last week. However it ended I know That I was blessed.
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    She's home! Wearing the cone of shame and hating it. She's also a little twitchy, a lot actually but everything I've read says it is normal for this to happen for 24-72 hours. I'll obviously be keeping an eye on her. I have to work in the morning and she'll be alone. But I'll be here with her all night while we sleep. Can't wait to see her tomorrow when I get home from work and give her even more lovies. Thank you again and again!
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    Pablo is recovering well. He takes two different pain meds for his broken jaw per day. One is like ibuprofen and is taken once per day. The second I'm not sure what it's like but it is taken twice per day. He is acting better and constantly needing love and reassurance. He is back on hard cat food. He is getting better! No more drooling or sneezing!
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    Joey got through the surgery just fine. They did find a fourth mass while in there but the Surgeon was nice enough to remove it without charging me any extra. They said the mass in his neck was very vascular...I don't know if that is good or bad...but he has been in recovery for a half hour and they say he is very alert. Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts....it worked!!
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    I'm so sorry everyone!!!! I did a wonderful thing yesterday and pretty much took up my entire day. I helped in the transport of a Rescued St. Bernard. It was the first time volunteering and have decided to occupy two or three days a month to help transport, that is what I'm going to do. Lovie is doing very good. I'm still a little concerned about the area of her incision that is still draining fluids. I've been keeping a very close eye on it. Cleaning very gently with anti-bacterial soap and making sure it is thoroughly dried before she can get up. She is so good with this pampering. IF she only knew. She goes in on Wednesday for her follow-up so I'll talk to Dr. Koch about it then. YES her rear legs are strengthening nicely!!!! I can not tell you what a relief that is. I just sat and cried for the past five days when she would go out to do her business. She was using them, but hobbling along. Now she is doing much much better. She is giving me a real hard time on eating her food. And I keep forgetting when I run to the little town to pick up some chicken broth to add to her food. There is no way she is staying on a rice and chicken diet forever. Not with two other dogs in the house one of them being a Saint as well. I'd never get to eat!!! We've got one heck of a storm out there now. Lovie's first since she's been home and she could honestly care less. As a matter of fact, she probably can't hear the thunder over her snoring. Again, sorry for such a delay in posting. But it was for a very good cause. xo
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    Lisa, you are truly an angel in a parka! Stay warm and THANKS from all of us.
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    Hi gang of angels so you have heard that I Darryl dad to Isley fell urgently sick on the 25th of last month emergency surgery icu then the step down unit now home for the past three days waiting to get staples out of me that is how I was closed up. My family friend Angel is an angel and great family friend she would do for you and your pet she cares for Isley when I am extremely sick 4 times since last year must thank you all Isley is great he is here with me my neighbor Eric and his wife Betty take him out for walks they are the ones I cat sit for Angel wanted to keep him but I need his strength and warmth to heal me plus cannot let him think I would give up. Love him way too much thank you imom, his next appointment is April 28th and all blood work with him is on point. Catch up later. Darryl and Isley
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    The scary part for me right now, worrying about whether or not I'll have to replace my vacuum come mid spring ~ ok beginning of summer. When these two St's shed and kill the current one I have. LOL I just got off the phone with Anna at Dr. Koch's office. WE have a 2:30 appt. to get Lovie in and get the ball rolling with antibiotics and all her pre-op work!!! I'll be sure to sweet talk Dr. Koch for a picture with Lovie. It's gonna be a great day indeed!
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    The appointment for her surgery has been moved up to 10:30 am. I will keep you updated..
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    Maggie Mae Thomas would have been very unhappy if her momma did not try to help. We did not have much left after paying her bill yesterday but we just donated $10.00. I know the Angles can do it. They did it for Maggie
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    Update..... Bear rested comfortably overnight.. fluids have been started, bloodwork and x-rays are next Dr Buley wants to make sure there's no kidney stones, indwelling catheter will be placed soon after.... then its just fluids and rest for Bear and lots and lots of prayers for me.... Once again I want to say THANK YOU to all of the wonderful ANGELS who have made this possible. NEW UPDATE....... Dr Buley just called....... x-rays look great no stones...... blood work looks ok.. kidney function slightly elevated BUN ^ ... creatin normal.... indwelling cath placed under sedation and sutured in... now he rests till monday... when the cath wil be removed.... will update later today.....
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    Pepper is scheduled for surgery at 8:40am in the morning will keep you updated tomarrow as she receives her surgery
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    :banana: :banana: :banana: Pepper has reached her fund raising goal and moving to AFR. Thank you, thank you!!!
  46. 6 points
    Last night Lovie had her stitches removed at the vet. She is doing excellent and is 100% back to her usual self--just now with only one beautiful eye and now spayed. She is happy and healthy and I thank everyone here on IMOM for all the support we received for her. Without it, I could not have had her life saving surgery. I will always remember how quickly everyone responded I am forever grateful and cannot thank everyone enough. My little sweetie is happy and healthy again
  47. 6 points
    The vet school quickly turned us away but it worked out for the best. Since we couldn't afford the $8,000+ surgery, my whole family started searching outside of our county for help. We found a wonderful, caring vet hospital 2 hours away. They could not understand the reasoning behind the inflated prices where we live. Anyways, we safely transported Dallas there & he had his surgery to repair the hole in his chest wall. He is now home with us & on crate rest for a few weeks. His personality is coming back & he is eating & licking us a lot. :-). Oh & his surgery cost was $300! I am so thankful to have found a vet with integrity!! The vet who performed the surgery quickly determined that there was no way it could've been a fox. That was a big relief! No quarantine, etc. Apparently the bite marks are so large that he is certain it had to be a large dog such as a Germam Shepard, Pit, Lab or something along those lines. Hopefully we can get a fence up soon. Until then, he won't be out of our sight. Thanks so much for caring! This whole process has been very emotional. It saddens me to think how many animals are put down because of high prices & families like us who don't have thousands to pay out. Fortunately, it looks like we are well on our way to a happy ending.
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    I just sent in $74.00. I want to see some dancing nanners, please!!!!
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    Paige's people are grieving and people in grief sometimes say and do things that they normally would not. Let us let this go. I'm certain that with time, Paige's people will heal and be able to think of their memories of her time with them with joy again. For now they are hurting.
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    Jedidiah, I have just donated $1,201.00 which I believe will take you to AFR. I hope that you are able to have your surgery very quickly and I hope that you are feeling better very soon. Pam