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    From the album Timber Sanchez

    Timber thanks all of you!!!
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    From the album Rayven

    Rayven sad, torn ACL
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    From the album Simba Walter

    Thanks to the magic of I.M.O.M. support team and the hands of Dr. Fry at Banfield Pet Hospital. May God keep blessing you all and help you to do what you do to help us help our babies when we come into hard times.
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    From the album Sweet Bella

    Bella in her first dress ever! Throw the camera a kiss, there, sweet thang:)

    © kristynLostrowski

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    From the album Rayven

    waiting for affection, and hopefully cookies!
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    From the album More recent picyures of Ebony, hanging on

    You can see without question that Ebony is not well.
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    From the album Penelope

    Penelope loves to run and play on bright sunny days.
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    From the album Joey Roberts

    Posing for a pic at the retirement home's 50's party.
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    From the album Kaori

    This shot I got by mere chance as I was shooting off pictures of her running out back one day when she decided to come right at me and bowl me over.
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    From the album My Darling.. Meet Snuffy!

    itt ook me five years to graduate law school because i lost my leg. i adopted snuffy and she inspired me and made me so happy. she was there when i learned to walk, she literally was there for my irst steps.
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    From the album Blitzen

    This photo was taken 2 weeks before Blitzen became paralyzed, with his sister TinkerBell (Tink) & Grammy. He is improving but he hates his picture taken - we have mostly butt shots - so I have not photographed him since his surgery so he doesn't hurt himself getting out of my line of vision.

    © 2012

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    From the album Chelsea

    My baby doll and I enjoying a rest in the park
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    From the album Cookie

    My vet sent this to me after Cookie died. It's laminated so it will last for a long time. It has Cookie's 7-toed pawprint on it. What a nice thing for my vet to do.