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    Your pet has been helped by IMOM. Now what? People with pets in crisis come to IMOM for help. We are happy to have been able to help your pet, with donations from our kind and generous supporters. As you know from reading our financial aid policies, IMOM is only able to help one pet per family, one time. Your pet may need future care, or you may have other pets that could need care. What should you do? The answer is, to plan for emergencies before they happen. We find that many people who apply for help, have some spending they can cut back on. Now is the time to cut back, and save for the future. Restaurants, even fast food places, can be expensive. So can the cup of coffee at an expensive coffee shop. Take a look at your monthly spending, you may see many ways that you can save a few dollars here, and a few dollars there. And those dollars add up. Save your loose change. A big jar of change can add up to several hundred dollars. Boost your credit worthiness. Consider getting a credit card that is used for pet emergencies only. You may need to start with a small limit, that can be raised as your credit worthiness improves. Consider pet insurance. Be sure to read the fine print. Not all pet insurance policies are created equal, and not all are right for all pets and their owners. Develop a good, working relationship with your regular vet. Would your vet be willing to extend you credit in a time of need? If not, it may be time to interview other vets who will work with their clients on payment options. Some emergencies are accidental or unforeseeable. Others are preventable and the result of improper pet care. Be sure to do your homework. And talk with your vet about the appropriate care, diet, health maintenance, etc., your pet should be getting. Plan for your pet’s future needs, before a time of crisis. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same for their pets. Here at IMOM, we know how stressful it is to have a sick pet. The ability to provide for your pet can help lessen that stress. We are glad we were able to help, in your time of need. And we wish you many happy and healthy years with your pet. Warm Regards, The IMOM Volunteers