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Riley needs help with his injured and tender leg

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Riley is the youngest of our fur family and the light of my 14 year old sons life.  Honestly we are not sure what happened he is a pom-a-poo mix and only 14 lbs in weight, and was relaxing on his big pillow with his cuddle buddy and when he stood up he did not want to bear weight on his left paw from the knee(elbow...not sure what you refer to it as . I am from a farm family and have other dogs and so we shaved down the area and inspected for any foreign objects and palpitated the paws and area, it is red and swolled some around the knee/tendon area but does not appear to have any protruding bones or clear breaks that i can see and no bleeding. 

Poor buddy was wincing first day so we were advised to dose with over the counter  Benadryl 1 mg per 1lb of his weight to make him comfortable to sleep and make sure he realxed and stayed off of it and eats well and drinks. So far so good. 

I have been using massage of the upper quadrant that does not seem affected above the area to stimulate the nerves and tendons in case it is in relation to something of the effect of a pinched nerve that will resolve in 24-48, however, if he continues to not bear weight on this leg he will need to be seen.

Unfortunately, I am awaiting an appeal on my disability review hearing on my fibromyalgia and scoliosis issues and had a job offer doing tech here in town for a wonderful place making good money but lost out on it because I am a medical patient, so I am trying hard to find a way to fund the resources to get Riley seen either by job or donation or a loan or working it off, not opposed to that either! He is a joy to the family and we hate to seem him in any pain and would love to know exactly what is causing his issue. Thanks for listing everyone. I enjoying reading about all of your wonderful positive stories! YOUR Angels, and great people all of you for including us in your discussion even if its just a good place to grab good vibes  and in all hopes he heals up. If not we will be taking him to  http://ironmountainanimalhospital.com/      

Thanks for listening

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