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  1. Yesterday
  2. A couple more GM's during the night. Thankfully mild. Justie's poop is looking better-more formed and no noticeable blood. So far no major side effects with the Budesonide- except the typical drinking and peeing more that happens with a steroid. No being in the big yard yet since it's still too hot outside, but maybe later in the week. Tmw we head to MedVet for laser and acupuncture and we'll touch base with Justice's IMS. Thanks so very much angels!
  3. Last week
  4. Heard from Justice's IM specialist last night. He wants to try increasing Justie's Budesonide for a few days and then we'll touch base Monday. Both of us are hoping he can handle the increase without going into iatrogenic (medication induced) Cushings. The increase started today. Justice had a couple mild grand mals again last night, but is doing okay today. Thanks so very much angels!!!
  5. Still grand mal free!!!!! I think the Meclizine (also known as Antivert) is helping Justie's vertigo-at least a little. I texted his IMS abt his intestinal issues, but haven't heard back yet. Not sure there is anything more he can do right now. If he increases the Budesonide Justie will get iatrogenic Cushings more quickly and need to be taken off it totally. If he increases his Chlorambucil (chemo) it may affect his already below normal platelet and red blood cell count. Glad I am not the specialist. He really cares abt Justie and I know this is sad and frustrating for him. Looks like, except to go to Medvet for therapy on Monday, Justie won't be outside much. Just going to be hot and muggy at least thru Tuesday. UGH!!!! But Justie is getting lots of attention while inside...as usual. Thanks angels!!!
  6. No seizures since yesterday abt 3AM!!! Justie does though have worsening intestinal issues as well as more blood-not sure why becuz he has been on the Budesonide. It is hot and humid-set a record high, but the thickness of the air makes it worse. Justie is only allowed out for short periods of time due to the heat. Thanks so much angels!!
  7. The neurologist thinks a combo of vertigo, neck pain and his intestinal issues have caused the seizure clusters since friday. So adding Meclizine and increasing Traumeel. He believes Justie's dementia hasn't worsened and still classifies as mild. So if we can get a handle on his seizures we will be in fine form. No one can believe this little boy is still with us. He is fighting so many medical issues, and yet stays so strong. Thats my Little Prince (one of his nicknames since he was a puppy). Thanks angels!!
  8. I am so glad Justie is seeing the neurologist tmw afternoon. He had more seizures last night. Thankfully, again, most were mild. I hope the neurologist has some answers. Today, Justie is back to being himself. He is just an amazing little boy! Thanks so much angels!
  9. Last night brought more GM seizures. Thankfully all were mild. Justie will see his neurologist on Wednesday. Justie is doing pretty well today. Thanks angels!!!
  10. Earlier
  11. No GM's for abt 38 hours!!! Justie was started on Budesonide yesterday in hopes of getting his **poop alert** mushy poop in check. He is having more blood too. So as much as I hate giving him Budesonide becuz of the side effects, I hope it helps him. Justie happily licked my fingers after I made his Hopping Oats. Thanks so much angels!! Justice's Felbatol arrived yesterday. I can not thank u all enough for still making sure Justice gets this seizure med. We love u all!
  12. Well I am pretty sure I know why Justie has had such a bad few days. Pre-ictal (before seizure) behaviors can go on for a few days before (and after) the actual seizure. Abt 10:30pm last night Justie had a grand mal. He actually made it 11 weeks and 4 days!! What an amazing run he had!🐢 No clusters so far!🍀 Thanks angels!!!
  13. Thankfully no more accidents today. Justie is still doing some circling and pacing. He is still very engaging with everyone, and the neurologist said when things are getting worse with the cognitive dysfunction he will start separating himself from everyone-thank goodness that has not happened. Thanks so very much angels!!
  14. I came home from my rehab this afternoon and came up the stairs to the kitchen. Carol was mopping the floor and looked at me and said "don't ask". Well I wasn't going to ask why she was mopping the floor becuz she said she might do it this week. But her peeved voice and her saying to David-"do u see anymore paw prints" told me what happened. I knew it was Justice. He had 2 poop accidents, and then walked thru it. He is on Carol's "list." Before I left we knew Justie was having a bad brain day-just standing and staring at times. I don't know if it was a brain blip that caused the accidents or maybe the intestinal lymphoma or IBD. He does let u know if he has to go outside, but sometimes no one pays attention (he may be pacing, but starts pacing much faster if he has to go outside). He also sometimes does a whine. But whether Justie didn't give any warning or the humans didn't pay attention is anyone's guess. It certainly did cause a problem. Justie is such a good little boy, and so sweet-he didn't mean to upset everyone... Gotta go. Thanks so much angels!
  15. Justie is doing okay. He is downstairs getting under foot while dinner is being made. When our dinner is over Justie gets an extra meal, so I think his being underfoot is him trying to hurry along whomever is cooking. He does love his food!! Thanks so much angels!!
  16. I think the kitties know there is a loving soul who will feed them and really care abt them. So...can't unsubscribe ! I hope ur regular drop in kitties show up soon. Sounds like the wee LBK is super sweet. Maybe with a little time ur kitty will allow the wee kitty to stay. Again, I am so happy u are okay. hugs and love.
  17. You have no idea how happy I am to hear from u!!! I was so worried, especially seeing where u live on the news. I am thankful the kitties and caretakers survived through the direct hit on Key West. You are such an angel to all the kitties in the neighborhood. You are wonderful. take care of urself...I know u take care of the kitties.
  18. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi All I seem to have signed up for the kitten of the week club - anyone know how to unsubscribe ? I have an LBK - showed up first - and then two weeks ago I came to feed them on a Sunday and very demanding mewing- tiny little black kitten - she is super friendly and loves to help you eat your dinner. She is very good at entertaining herself - I brought her inside for the storm and she is very happy inside. My kitty is not pleased- slash/hiss- Trouble may need a different home The next week I saw one of the black kittys looking at the fence a little orange fuzzball came under and walked up and laid down next to LBK. I called my friend and he added her to his collection. Still missing some of my drop in kitties that come to eat and hang out and have catnip before finishing their rounds. I am leaving food all over the neighborhood so they will be able to eat I could not check in before now due to power being out everywhere. Have to check on my ice cubes for tonight=have someone looking for ice ! Love to you all Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties I
  19. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Good Morning everyone ! We all survived ! Happy to report the Hemingway cats and their caretakers all survived a direct hit in Key West ! I live on Hollywood Beach - the one you saw on the news. The bridge to the beach was closed for two days as the street going over it was under several feet of water. I usually stay and get to spend a few days alone on the beach after the storm (they make you wait to come back until they clean up the storm debris)- just me and the kitties. I fill up the shopping cart with food and plates and go up and down the streets leaving food.) I I have not been able to get back yet- Probably just as well since they would not have let me over the bridge and I have many cats in several locations to feed. It took a few days You probably saw that most of the state is without power. They are busy getting the power back and doing a great job . They are trying to get the power on for the east side of state by Sunday- which is awesome. We were out of power for four-five weeks after WIlma Thank you all for thinking of me ! Happy to see Justice is dong well ! Kathy
  20. Justie is pacing less today. He has been circling the last couple days, but even that has lessened. He is waiting for his dinner-a bit impatiently I might add. Thanks so much angels!!
  21. I am so relieved to hear from u Judy. I wasn't sure where in FL u were at. I kept seeing Hollywood, FL being shown on CNN and I know Kathy lives there-haven't heard anything from her. I pray she came through everything with her babies, as well as u did. I think Tally wonders where the new pool came from! Poor Jazz-being a grouchy pants in a hurricane. Is Tally on Pimobendan (VetMedin)? Justie is on it for his severe heart disease to try and keep him out of CHF. He is also on Amlodipine for his BP. Again, I am so relieved u and ur family are safe.
  22. Judy G. and Janice G (and families) all made it safely through the storm, which turned out to be much better, for us at least, than it could have been. Power out during the storm, but both of us have it back as of yesterday already. Mine was out 18 hours only. The 3 dogs and 2 cats (including Miss Grouchy Pants Jazz, the 20 year old cat) spent the night in the walk in closet with me, Jazz growling at everyone all night. My street flooded, but by the afternoon when I went out to take a picture, it was all gone! I do have Lake Geroni in my back yard. Not sure if you can see, but the little white dog top right is my 14 year old Tally (stroke survivor and now heart failure, but doing super well). No damage and no trees down. I have lots of pine trees and 2 large magnolia trees, but only had a few branches and lots of pine needle in the yard. All in all, I am very fortunate. Thanks for thinking of us. Has anyone heard yet from Kathy? Judy G.
  23. Long day at MedVet. The long and short of it is that the Chlorambucil (chemo med) *may* be causing the low platelets but if we decrease it then the small cell lymphoma and IBD will worsen. So we are rechecking a CBC in 3 weeks and decide what to do. Neither of us want for Justie to backslide to how he was in June becuz he really wasn't doing well. He has gained a pound since June!!!! Thanks so much angels!!
  24. Justie had some time in the big yard yesterday afternoon and again today. What a joy to watch him just being Justice. Tmw we go to MedVet. Justie has an appt with his IMS-we will go over the recent labs and talk abt what to do going forward. Then Justie has laser and acupuncture. A busy day. Thanks so much angels!!
  25. POOP ALERT Justie is a bit whiny today. He has some diarrhea so I think he is having some tummy discomfort. He is on Imodium, pumpkin and a probiotic. Plus he is on something called Rx Clay his IMS added to help firm the stool. Hopefully his stool improves soon. Poor munchkin. Otherwise he is okay. Licked mommy's fingers after I made his Hopping Oats.He has the sweetest lick-like a whisper. Thanks dear angels. Stay safe everyone. I know of a few IMOM friends in FL, but Kathy (magical Beach kitties) I know is in Hollywood, Fl. I'm worried abt her, her own kitties and the ferasl she cares for. I pray they will be safe.
  26. Back to having some noticeable blood in Justie's stool. Justie has been enjoying some lap time with lots of hugs and kisses (I am enjoying it too)!! Thanks angels!!!
  27. Hello, my name is Melissa and my dog is Gator. I really don't know what I'm supposed to say but I really need help for the best dog I've ever known. Gator is five ..he is a Pitt as far as I know but more almost like a bully with a big head and an even bigger heart. I was given gator when he was three months old by nephew ..who insisted I keep him.. I ha recently got divorced and was in the midst of the saddest days of my life ..my brother had passed away at 39 after being sick for years ..I took care of him until he passed and shortly there after my two oldest friends of 30 plus years died two months apart .. so many deaths and my children leaving home to start their life as well as the divorce had left me in a depression that there was no way to come through. Gator saved me is the short story. Though he couldn't talk and I couldn't bark he understood me and I him. I've never been away from him since the day I was blessed with him for the longest four hours. He is the kindest ,loving and gentle creature I've known..now he's sick and I'm at a loss as to how to help him. I applied and received a care credit card but only for 500$ which was almost depleted first visit and got the meds and test that I could afford ..but none were positive . .now he's even worse and needs xrays but I don't have enough to cover all the test they need to do for my boy ..I'm going to little animal clinic on hey 19 in port Richey and it looks like his kidneys are the prob but I don't know for sure ..he's just so uncomfortable at this point I can hardly stand it. Please I'm begging you or anybody to find it in your heart to help my best friend..he surely deserves it. Thank you, Melissa
  28. We have reached our high today of 64 degrees. It's rainy too, so furnace has been on today. No outside play time for Justie. He is having some vestibular problems anyway, so a good day to have rain since I wouldn't have let him go in the big yard. Praying still for our IMOM angels affected by Hurricane Harvey, and now for our IMOM friends in FL and along Irma's path. I know some IMOM angels are definitely in FL so am very worried. Many prayers being sent up often. Thanks so much angels!!
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