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  2. Hi there, I have a 4 y/o blind Aussie who is super friendly and playful with people and other dogs. However, she reacts very strongly when meeting new dogs. This started when she was between 2 and 3 years old. She gets overly excited (particularly if they are moving about quickly, not being still for her to sniff), stops to smell them and then lunges toward them growling and snapping usually around their neck and face. It's embarrassing because she really is friendly and would love to play once she learns their smell and calms down. But understandably the other owner usually is terrified to bring their dog around again thinking she's aggressive despite me explaining her sensitivity due to being blind. She plays well with the dogs she is already familiar with, but I don't know how to train her to calmly greet new dogs now. Anyone have any suggestions? I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: http://handicappedpet.net/helppets/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=17697 whiteboard animation
  3. Hi, I'm developing the website for a NGO, chargeless and I'd like to put a counter, as the one in the image below showing the money raised. It hasn't be connected to a DB or something like that I'll edit the pluging? module? with the new amount from my backend so it can be showed on the web. Any ideas? I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: https://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?f=715&p=3502348 product launch
  4. Yesterday
  5. Poop alert! Justie's poop has been looking so much better the last couple day. It is still soft but formed!!! For 2 days no visible blood, but he had a bit this AM. I have no idea if it's the Chinese Herbs or the increase of Mycophenalate-that's why we never start 2 things at the same time. BUT, at this point I don't care which it was, becuz he will stay on both. His vertigo is much better. Thanks angels!!
  6. Last week
  7. Justie happily licked my fingers after I made Hopping Oats. Lucky will sit and stare at me until I let the kids lick my fingers, but of course Justie gets the fingers with a bit more on them. Stay warm everyone!! Thanks so much angels!!
  8. Justie is a bit dizzy today. The stinker just doesn't want to lie down when he has vertigo, he likes to move and tip over. What a silly boy! Thanks angels!!
  9. We are home from MedVet. They still have a few canine influenza cases, so the extra care they have been taking with Justice continues. Next week he needs labs and they will be drawn at the cancer center. Justie has lost some weight again- 15.1lbs a week ago and 14.7 today. Thanks so much angels!!!!!!!
  10. Justie is having a quiet day. We go to MedVet tmw. Thanks so much angels!!
  11. I showed this to everyone, and though there were tears, it was very much appreciated. Everyone says thank u. hugs!
  12. Justie is hanging with all of us in the family room. We went from Fall to Winter in 2 days and is really cold, so I am being careful with Justie outside becuz he starts shivering. โ˜ƒ๏ธ Thanks angels!!
  13. Oh we posted at the same time!! Thanks Kathy. Some may think it wasn't a big loss becuz Libby was a barn cat-but we saw her every day and she loved being on people's laps and David brushed her every day. She was a sweetie. She was actually abandoned with 2 brothers several years ago. These people had their house foreclosed and moved and just left them. A neighbor asked if we would take them and so the 3 joined our black kitty in the barn. We live abt a mile from their old home and the brothers found their way back there ( another neighbor started watching over them). Libby stayed, and we were so glad. We would have loved to have brought her in the house but 3 in the house are allergic to cats. But she had a warm barn and lots of loving. I know that u totally understand losing a kitty that doesn't live in the house. I know u have lost some feral kitties u care for and it hurts so much. But I just know she and Tuck are gleefully chasing each other around and she is purring like crazy. We had snow this AM. Just too cold too soon!!
  14. Justie was still fast asleep when we left early this AM. I was already in having my tube changed before he got up, so it didn't feel like I was away from him for a really long time- well at least he didn't know I was gone several hours. I miss him every minute I am gone from him. I can't even begin to describe what this baby boy means to me. Justice's IBD seems to be flaring more then usual so I am waiting to hear from his IMS. We'll see what he can come up with... Thanks so much angels!
  15. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    I am sorry to read about Libby. I know she is exploring Rainbow Bridge with Tucker. So hard to lose our babies especially when it happens without any warning I am going to stop wishing for winter (Florida style) - 30 is cold- My hometown was 9 this morning.Yikes Hope all went well today ad Justie is feeling better Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  16. Earlier
  17. Justie is having a vertigo day. He is more off balance then usual. I hate I will be away from him for hours tmw becuz I am having my J-tube changed. I am hoping when I get up at 5:45AM that he will just stay in my room quietly until David gets him later. I can not tell u how happy I will be to get back home to my little boy. The high tmw will be 30 degrees. Brrrrrrrrr. Thanks angels!!!
  18. Justie is doing ok. We are all sad becuz we lost Libby, one of our barn cats. She was so sweet. She just collapsed this morning, and when she was at the vet she told us that Libby basically had no red blood cells-her gums and inside ears were white and her temp was so low it wouldn't even register. We don't know what happened becuz she was fine yesterday. The vet gave a few scenarios, and said she didn't think Libby would even survive any testing. So Libby is now at The Bridge. Tuck loved kitty cats so I'm sure he was there waiting for Libby. Thanks angels!
  19. Everyone has been in Columbus all day. I hope they will be home in the next 90 minutes, but I know they will stop and vote. I ran out to vote while they were gone and Justie was asleep. He is up and about right now-his tummy is still on daylight savings time-in fact Amanda and Lucky's tummies are on DST too. It is cold here, so no pupper wants to go outside for long- I'm with them!! Thanks angels!
  20. One of the tornado's was abt 45 minutes from us. Ohio has had 6 confirmed tornadoes so far from that storm. It was a very powerful storm...and very scary. This morning just getting a mile from home, on the way to Columbus, I had to avoid a few roads due to trees being down. The river was quite high too. When I got close to MedVet there were several roads with "High Water" signs, although by 10:30AM there was no water-thank goodness. Justie did well with his laser and acupuncture, and again his feet never touched the floor or ground. He started the Chinese Herbs with dinner tonight.Right now we are focusing on his hind end weakness and ongoing vertigo-the 2 things that are paramount right now to get some control of- this is the last hope and I am praying these herbs help. You should have heard the laughter with Woody putting up a tray for Ollie-of course Ollie will expect all meals to be there (but I have a feeling u guys won't mind). Of course everyone here wondered why we have never thought of that- I am sure the puppers wonder that too!! Hugs to u all. Thanks so much angels!!!
  21. Were you guys close to the tornado that hit in Ohio? I hope not!! How's Justice doing today? I think Ollie has become more spoiled than ever. This morning, I was eating a piece of pizza on the couch and, of course, he got a piece. When it came time for his lunch, he wouldn't eat and kept running over to the couch. He jumped up and kept looking at Woody. Woody finally put up a tray table and put Ollie's bowl of food on it, and he ate sitting on the couch as content as could be. Such a silly boy!
  22. Justie is doing fine. He actually slept that extra hour, which was really nice. We have strong storms coming soon and lasting thru tmw morning. Justie goes to MedVet tmw and the same precautions will be in place to protect him from canine influenza-his feet will never touch the floor and a room will be on hold for him. We are so blessed. Thanks so very much angels!!
  23. Thankfully Justie has had a quiet day. No more grand mals๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ the extra hour sleep is nice, although I am sure Justie will wake at his usual time and not sleep that extra hour.๐Ÿ™ƒ. But I am with u Kay- I miss the sun already. hugs!!! thanks so very much angels!
  24. Wishing you and Justice a very quiet day. I am so not looking forward to "falling back" this weekend - I miss the sun already :-)
  25. All was fine today until 3:25PM, then the seizures started. Justie is fine now, acts as though nothing happened-thank goodness. Thanks so much angels!!
  26. Justie is snoozing downstairs. I didn't tell u all what happened the night before last. I woke during the night and saw Justie was on the floor beside the bed. I didn't disturb him. Then a couple hours later I woke to Justie's whining. He was stuck part way under the bed-just his butt and back legs in the froggy position were sticking out. I had a heck of a time getting him out becuz his harness had him stuck, but I got him out and he went right back to sleep. Silly boy. Thanks so much angels!
  27. Justie had laser and acupuncture today. I have to say that the staff at MedVet did amazing things to protect Justie today. There is an outbreak of canine influenza being seen at the medical bldg. Justie has rehab in the cancer center bldg and there have been no issues there. But, they didn't want to take any chances since he is immunosuppressed and 15yo. They didn't want him even touching the ground so asked that I not let him out to walk anywhere at MedVet-in fact Paws Park is closed. Where I park at cancer center is a different lot then for the medical bldg. But again they wanted to make sure to protect Justie so they had me pull up to the front and one of the friends we have made that works the front desk came out and took him directly to a room they had on hold for Justie. I parked the car and when I went in his rehab tech did laser in the room instead of back in rehab. After we finished laser and acupuncture I got the car and drove to the front and his acupuncture vet carried him out. His feet never touched the ground. We never saw another dog. Oh and they had him lay on soft mats that came from the bone marrow room and were never out of that room since the outbreak. They want us to do the same routine a minimum of 3 weeks more. It was his acupuncturist, rehab tech and his IMS that came up with how to keep Justie safe before we even got to MedVet!! We are so very blessed to have such loving, skillful and caring specialists and techs looking after Justice! Thanks so much angels for looking after Justie too!!
  28. Justie has had another quiet day. When I got home he was so happy to see me, and I was sure happy to see him. Tmw we go to MedVet for laser and acupuncture. Snow is forecast up here, but for Columbus the forecast is for rain. So guess we'll go thru both snow and rain tmw. Thanks angels!!
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