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  1. Yesterday
  2. Justie is doing okay. He is a bit unsteady today, but still following everyone around. I can not believe it has been 4 weeks today since Justice's last GM. That was a horrible weekend with him being in status with seizures twice. I thought I would lose him that weekend. I have been fearful of his next seizure, that maybe it will be status again, but the longer he goes without a GM the less scared I am becoming. Tmw we go to MedVet for laser and acupuncture. He will also have a weight done. Carol weighed him last night here and got him at 15.2. That would be amazing if MedVet's scales show the same weight- that would be a 0.7 gain!! I can't wait for his weight results tmw!! His poop still has blood off and on, but again nothing like when he had HGE the end of May, or last Sunday when it was a pretty significant. I am trying not to get too excited that maybe things aren't as bad as his specialists think they are-but boy, I will take the good days and run with them. Thanks angels!!
  3. Last week
  4. Last night Justie was so funny. I accidentally dropped a large glass filled with ice cubes. Becuz all the dogs love ice we put all the ice cubes from the floor in the small water bowl Lucky most often uses. A little while later we heard ice cubes hitting the floor. There was Justie taking the ice cubes out of the bowl and throwing them around the kitchen floor. He loves tossing things around-food and ice. My little stinker. Thanks angels!!
  5. Gosh I wish this heat/humidity would go away, but it won't until Monday. Tmw is supposed to be quite stormy. We all want Justice to be able to go in the big yard since we don't know how much time he has left, but I can't chance it in this heat, even though it would be on a leash. Justie's poop sometimes has blood, and sometimes not. I am guessing though that there is always microscopic blood. He is hanging in there. Stay cool everyone! Thanks angels!
  6. Justie is doing pretty well. He and Sadie were just nuzzling each other-they don't care that the other has medical problems (Sadie went blind with SARD's and also now has Cushings). We are always confusing the deafness and blindness-we will point to things or sign to Sadie, and talk to Justie-then we remind each other which one is blind and which one is deaf. The heat and humidity are still here. UGH!!! Thanks angels!!!
  7. Justie had a really good BD. He had a good brain day, and the last 3 stools yesterday were blood free! Today the blood is back, but not a lot of it. He isn't quite as social as he has been since Monday, and is pacing the last hour, but is doing okay. The heat/humidity are at the oppressive level, but I know many of u have it much worse. But becuz it is so hot Justie can't be in the big yard, in fact probably not until next week. Hi Sue, Of course Justie and I love the schnauzer gif. He did in fact get lots of those cuddles! Thinking of u and all the kids, but especially Otto. hugs! Hi Judy G,Thanks, Justie likes the colorful card and so do I. He had a great BD. It's amazing he is now 15yo-what a trooper! hugs!! Thanks so much angels!!
  8. Happy Birthday, Justice! I hope you have a wonderful day. Judy G.
  10. HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY SWEET JUSTICE!! Justie is having a good day, and I am so happy. He still has a little blood in his stool, but nothing compared to Sunday morning. It kind of feels like Justie is a ticking time bomb becuz I have no idea if he will go into status again with seizures or start bleeding again. Early Sunday morning he was fine and then just as suddenly he was bleeding. Thank God it lessened itself. I just couldn't imagine life without that little boy, and Sunday I wasn't ready for him to leave...but who is ever ready. Justie was so happy to see me come home this afternoon. He always comes to me when I get home, but today he added an excited whining as though saying 'mommy is home! Mommy is home". He is the bestest boy in the world. Thanks so much angels!
  11. Thanks so much Jacki. You, IMOM, the angels and supporters rarely leave my thoughts. For 11 years now with Justice (and always with Tuck too), when Justice gets a pill put in his mouth I think of how grateful I am to u and Magic for making sure the boyz got their meds. I don't think I have ever forgotten to whisper a thank you to you and the angels and volunteers as I am giving seizure meds. I am so grateful too that we got to meet, and most importantly that u got to meet the boyz in person. You mean the world to us. hugs and love
  12. Indeed Kathy, "Every day is a gift"- plus u are all a special gift to us. We are blessed. big hugs!!
  13. 10 days ago Justie weighed 14.5 lbs ( should weigh close to 16). Then a week ago he went to 14.3lbs. Today he is back to 14.5lbs!!! So at least he is heading in the right direction! His internal med specialist wanted me to text him Justie's weight today, even though he and his wife are on a 10th wedding anniversary trip to CA. I told him also abt all the blood in Justie's poop yesterday AM and that he still has some blood but MUCH less. He will probably text me this eve with whether we will stay the course until next Monday's weight or do something different. We are back to hot, humid and stormy. I guess this was the best day this week. Tmw I start pulmonary rehab. I have been on a waiting list, and boy is this a crappy time to be gone 4+ hours twice a week. You have to jump hoops to be accepted (yes, weird to have to be accepted into a rehab program!) so I really need to do this. But I will call home every break we get. At least it's not in Columbus 90 min away-I will be abt 30 min away so can get home if Justie needs me. Thanks ever so much angels. Justice's Felbatol arrived today. I am so grateful u are sticking with us. We are blessed to have u take care of Justie.
  14. Checking in on my boy and his Mom. The two of you rarely leave my thoughts.
  15. Hi Cindy and Justice All of the IMOM Angels and Bridge Kids are with you - filling your home with love for you and Justice. I hope your love will help Justice stay for many more days so you can keep making memories Every day is a gift Scratchy kisses from the Magical Beach Kitties Beauty's Kathy
  16. Earlier
  17. Hi Diana, Thanks so much for taking the time to write abt EPI. Justice has had all GI blood tests-EPI, B12 Cobalamine, etc.. In fact we do them every year in case something has changed. But I REALLY appreciate u posting abt it-it may help someone who is reading ur post and help with their pet. Last night I started reading the very first part 1 posts after coming to this new forum. They were from 2006. As I was reading I remembered that TC would come to Tuckie on a rain cloud and then Tuck and Justie wouldn't be scared of the storms. Also TC, Tabbytha and Catrinka would scratch at the f-word so the boys wouldn't have seizures with the full moon. Kay's kitties helped with that too! So many memories and so many days with laughter outweighing the tears. We have been blessed to have u as a friend, and so many here that have become such good friends. In fact I am thinking abt pasting the post abt Justice to FB becuz many friends post at FB, but not here at IMOM any more, and they would want to know. I am praying the blood in his stool stops and he has gained weight tmw. Could u ask TC and Catrinka to watch over Justie when they can...plus TC can see Tuckie again! Hugs to u and Tabbytha!
  18. Hi Jo, thanks so much for the sweet words and thoughts. You would think that knowing ahead of time that someday, in the not to distant future, I will lose my baby boy it would make this easier. But I find myself, even on the way to an eye doc appt yesterday, thinking abt how it's the last eye doc appt that I will have Justie waiting for me at home. It's really hard for me not to think that way. I watched him in the big yard awhile ago with tears rolling down my cheeks becuz it could be the last time. I had to stop myself and just enjoy seeing him enjoy himself. But that is really hard to do. I am fighting to keep my emotions in check in front to Justie, although today it has really been hard after seeing all the blood in his stool. OK, I am ok now. In a few I will go downstairs and hold Justice and just be in the moment with my little guy! big hugs and kisses to u and Gidget.
  19. Justie seems ok, but he had a lot of blood in his stool this morning. The most he has had since the hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. I am really worried. The good thing is he is taking meds and eating, both of which he stopped with the HGE. He had a walk in his beloved big yard and enjoyed it-I enjoyed seeing him in his big yard. Of course his IMS is in CA this week. He asked me to text him Justie's weight tmw, so I will tell him then abt the blood, which I hope will be gone by that time. Justie has laser and acupuncture tmw. Of course we are all praying his weight is up, even just a little... Thanks so much angels!
  20. Hi Cindy, I don't follow here often, but do check in sometimes. I'm sorry I haven't been supportive enough. One thing you wrote caught my eye. Justice isn't absorbing all the nutrients or calories from his food-hence the continued weight loss. Since increasing his meds isn't going to cause him pain or discomfort I am willing to try. I'm not too familiar with it, but one form of IBD is actually EPI (endocrine pancreatic insufficiency), but a good friend is an expert for cats. It is bloodwork, and I was thinking if not yet tested, next time Justice gets bloodwork, perhaps your vet could check this as well. I can get you in touch with her on FB if you have questions. I'm not sure how much she would know about dogs, but she would certainly have the resources to help you. Please have your vet verify the name of the test for dogs. The fTPI is for felines (they sent Tabbytha's in to be tested as a dog - and the "normal" ranges are very different, as is the blood sample. If it is time for palliative care, I know you will do everything you can for Justice, and always place his needs above yours. I send you cyberhugs, and wish I could give you some real ones. I know when that time comes, it is so very hard. I'm hoping this is just another "blip" in the road, and that Justice sees massive improvement with the increase in the chemo drug. You are an amazing mom. Hugs, and love Diana, Tabbytha, and my angel girls.
  21. Oh sweetie.... like everyone else, my heart is breaking for you. I have to say (and I'm sure everyone else agree) Justice has the best Mom in the entire world,and so did Tucker. It's just so hard knowing the end is near and not be able to do anything about it. ..When my little Max went to the Bridge, I had no idea it would be that day, but he gave me the best gift ever by falling asleep in my arms while laying on my lap. I didn't have to make the decision for him, but it didn't make the loss any easier. You've done so very much for your babies, and now, the best you can do is hold him close and make as many more wonderful memories with him as you can. You both know how much you love each other, and that's what counts. I know I don't post often enough at all, but I do keep up with you both through the IMOM e-mails I get, and I'm grateful for them. Keep your chin up little sister, and give that beautiful little boy love, kisses and belly rubs from Auntie Jo, Gidget and Angels Mike and Max. Peace, Love, Blessings and Prayers.
  22. Justie has been kind of quiet today. He did have some running around time in the small yard becuz the temp is only 79 and humidity is dropping a bit. He had a good time. He is such a sweet little boy. thanks angels!!
  23. Sorry, haven't had WiFi for hours. Justie didn't start out having a good day-he had a lot of body jerking when standing or walking. May have been some kind of seizure activity. But, he was fine this afternoon. He just fell asleep in a doggy bed downstairs. David will bring him up soon to go to bed. Thanks so much angels!
  24. Oh, Kathy, ur thoughtfulness fills my heart. What kind things to say, when u have been a friend who also inspires me. The things u do for kitties is so selfless and shows that u have such a kind, loving heart. You have always shown ur heart to me and the boyz. We love u so much for that. love and hugs!
  25. Thanks so much Judy. I remember Duncan so well- you did amazing things to help ur little boy through his illnesses, tube feedings and then dementia. Justice paces so much. If they had a FitBit for dogs I bet his steps would show he walks a huge amount of miles! I seem to see something almost every day that reminds me of a time before the dementia and the vestibular syndrome. But, as the quote u posted says "Only we know how small a price we pay for what we receive; our grief, no matter how powerful it may be, is an insufficient measure of the joy we have been given." Justice certainly has and still is giving me joy. I love him so much. love and hugs!
  26. Oh, my friend, I am so glad u have been able to meet Justie several times in person. I'm still trying to stay in the present with Justie. It's hard to not let the heartbreak take over now. I especially don't want Justice to see or feel the heartbreak I am feeling. I am though so blessed to have Justie, and so many friends like you. love and hugs!
  27. Dawn u are so right, I do love him with all my heart and soul. I have been beyond blessed to be Justie and Tuck's mom. I have also been blessed to have an IMOM family that has loved and cared for my 2 little boyz. We love u all so much. Big hugs!
  28. Oh I love the schnauzer gif! Thank u! My heart is breaking too. I can't believe I am losing my little boy. I can tell u something I would love, if u have time, is to see some pics of Macy and all the puppers-that will make me smile. we love u too. hugs!
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