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  1. Yesterday
  2. 💩looks terrible again. Darn it.
  3. Justie did great with therapy-he got to do everything. Marissa, his rehab therapist, said Justice is so fun to work with becuz he is very food motivated and does anything they ask. She said when he was on the water treadmill yesterday, he kept turning a bit so he could lick her arm (she is in the water with him). He makes everyone smile while doing rehab. That's my boy!! His Internal med specialist came in to talk while we finished with Justie's acupuncture. We started an increase today with his Chlorambucil (the chemo med used for his IBD). If there isn't a noticeable improvement by Thursday he will need to start Budesonide, which we really hope to avoid. We are switching him back to his kibble over a few days. At 6AM he did have a stool that looked the same as it has been looking. I gave the increased chemo and at 10AM David said Justie'sstool was still soft but formed and had some brown in it-it has been yellow/orange. So as long as this keeps up maybe we can keep him off the Budesonide!! He is quite happy to get some kibble again-even a small amount. Thanks angels!!
  4. Last week
  5. Still no kibble for Justie. 🙁 I know when we are in acupuncture the doc will call or go over to his IMS to see what to do abt the continued 💩 issue. He is backintherapy right now. If he isn't overly painful he will have land therapy exercises andwater treadmill along with his usual laser and acupuncture. He will be tired little boy. thanks so much 👼!
  6. Has the vet ever tried Lactulose? Please ask if that is something's mister can have. hoping u canat least call and talk with a vet.
  7. I am SO VERY SAD to read that Mister is NOT going potty...This is EXTREMELY PAINFUL for him and he is suffering. PLEASE see a vet, he needs help...he cannot continue to stay blocked up...he will not survive this
  8. Wishing I could come with good news, but again Mister is backed up very heavily. He rarely has passed a stool and if he has they're like little pebbles. Whenever he tries to go I can see that it is super painful for him because he meows a lot. I feel so bad, I just wish I knew how to help make it better.
  9. Ok I must see sweet Macy as a bunny!!!!
  10. No kibble for Justie. 🙁 💩 is partly unformed. Tmw we go to MedVet. thanks angels!
  11. Yaay for good poop!! Woody had to go to St. Cloud yesterday and I asked him if he'd stop at Petsmart and see if they had any cute t-shirts for Macy. He came home with a whole bunny suit ... front legs, back legs, ears and tail. If I ever figure out how I'm going to actually get it on Macy, I'll take a picture.
  12. 💩 looks pretty good🎉 Its a nice day so Justie and I have been outside longer then usual- no rain yet👍 Thanks angels!
  13. Justie is doing okay. His poop looks a bit better. If his stools are normal by Sunday then I can slowly start adding his kibble. I did get a text that his acupuncturist and IMSdiscussed his weight loss and how many calories for his age he needed to maintain weight on this oatmeal diet. I gave them all the info of how much oatmeal he is getting each meal, and he is actually eating more then should be required to maintain weight. Bur his IMS said to keep giving him the larger amount since he is losing. He will be weighed again Monday. Thanks angels!!
  14. What a long day. The rehab vet said Justie's back is not painful!!! His rightside of neck and right carpus (wrist) are a bit sore but not painful. The carpus may be arthritis. The rehab doc spoke with Justie's neuro and his seizure protocol will remain doubling his med for 2 days after a GM. But we are going to try it with his other seizure drug and hope it helps. She did decide not to put Justice in the water on the treadmill becuz he seemed pretty weak to her (which is why I thought he was in back pain). But he did all the land exercises and she said he really focuses while doing them. Everyone is just in love with him, and have been since he has been going back to rehab for the past 1 1/2 years-but now doing so many therapies in rehab he is there longer and everyone is enjoying his personality.Today I saw his acupuncturist vet taking Justie for a walk outside before his session. She loves that little boy and said she just likes having him with her as much as possible so she wanted to be the one to take him outside. He really loves her too. Justie is napping-he had quite a busy day even without the water treadmill. Thanks angels!!!
  15. Earlier
  16. Poop is improving! Tmw we have a big day at MedVet. Justie will see the rehab doctor who will check his pain level and also talk to justie's neuro. I am hoping his pain has lessened, but worried it hasn't. gorgeous day today in the 50's. But a cold front is coming this eve so high in 30's tmw. Brrrr thanks angels!
  17. The IMS wants to keep Justie on an Oatmeal/potato diet and to call on Wednesday with update. He thinks it's the doubledKeppra he had last Thursday/Friday and this Saturday/Sunday. I hope that's not true becuz that is his seizure protocol-double his Keppra for 2 days after a grand mal. Thankfully he is eating oatmeal just fine. Thanks angels!!
  18. Justie still is having soft with absolutely no form stool.I have a call into Justie's Internal Med specialist. I am hoping sooo much that Justie won't need to go on that nasty "B" word...Budesonide. As some of u may remember it causes Iatrogenic Cushings after he is on it a short time, and then we have to deal with those symptoms-urinating every 1-2 hours (24/7), a buddha belly,hair thinning and lack of sleep causes seizures. But maybe he will do a mouse dose just to get some inflammation down. He has been pacing a lot, but finally has been sleeping for an hour. Back to cleaning my room. UGH! Thanks so very much angels!!
  19. Some good news! I recently had someone come out to my house to check on mister. She gave me some drops that I put in his water that's supposed to help his with his bowel issues. He hasactually begun to have more frequent stools. Nothing as normal, but better than being worse! She can still feel that there is a buildup, but I'm hoping he is on the right track!
  20. I am really worried about Mister...I am afraid that he is really sick...Will be checking in off and on for an update for this week.
  21. I can't believe that now his IBD is flaring. He has had some loose 💩 all week and has been on Imodium but now it's worse. Will call IMS tmw. I took off food and now he is just getting oatmeal for his meals. He is begging for more food right now so his appetite is good👍 Thanks angels!!
  22. Its true Kay, those images will never leave my heart...but it is kind of sad to not have a tangible reminder. But I have been holding Justie and doing food puzzles and making more memories.Just praying Justie gets back to being pain free. hugs!
  23. At 5:30AM Justie vocalized like he only does with GM's, but nothing more happened. His neuro calls it an aborted GM. That's his second this week. We now also believe that the large puddle of urine i found Thursday on a fave bed of all the puppers was most likely from Justie having a GM. No pupper has ever peed in that bed, and with Justie having a GM 12 hours later-well it makes sense he had one on the bed and peed. He was only alone abt 20 minutes-awful timing. His brain is still playing catch up. Much slower recovery then last week. But he is still engaging with everyone and is my little shadow, and of course loves to eat! Thanks angels!!
  24. Sorry to hear about the GM but so glad it stopped at one. I can totally understand your sadness with the ramp - those images of Justice and Tuck racing up it, though, will never leave your heart. Give Justice an extra special gentle hug from his Auntie Kay.
  25. Thankfully Justie only had the 1 GM. The neuro believes it's from the pain, and I know pain can affecthis GM's, but the 4 last week were when he wasn't in pain. He is in pain becuz of those 4 GM's last week. Now this mornings GM though may have been from pain. At any rate, if he is still having GM's next week then a medication change will be made. Today was an emotional day for me. It sounds silly to be upset over the ramp in my room being taken down, but I had to leave the room becuz I couldn't watch the ramp being taken apart or leaving my room. I can visualize Tuck and Justie racing up the ramp, and some evenings I would lay with my hand on the ramp and wish so hard and dream that Tuck would be coming up again. But Justie will never use the ramp again, and no other dog in the house uses it, and it would be a danger to Justie if he got past the barrier I was using to block his access. Plus, if something happened to Justice it would kill me to come home and see that ramp and know I wouldn't have my boyz to climb it again. So it is gone. Justie hasn't been in my room yet to see the empty space. Trying to think of something positive- it certainly made stripping and remaking the bed much easier by not having to move the ramp. I'd rather have to move the ramp though... Thanks so very much angels!
  26. Justie just had a grand mal. I guess now I know why he was acting odd all day- it was pre-ictal (before seizure) behavior. I am just sitting here watching him and praying he doesn't do what he did a week ago and cluster. thanks angels for helping my little boy.
  27. Justie is in a weird mood. He is very antsy. I'm not sure if it's discomfort or just his mood today. He is one silly boy!!! Thanks angels!!
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