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  2. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi Cindy Sun today and snow tomorrow- crazy winters we are all having these days. At least no hurricanes this time of year- We all know about the journey you are on right now- only those who have had the joy of unconditional love can understand how difficult it is when you have to go forward without your soul mate. You are among friends who know how you are feeling. Remember that Justice and Tucker will always be with you - Angels on Your Shoulders protecting you from the other side. One of the members of the kitty group had a kitty that used to ride on his shoulder when he was driving his motorcycle. A few months after his kitty went to the Rainbow Bridge, he was riding his motorcycle and suddenly felt his kitty on his shoulder and then just avoided an accident- He knows that his kitty came to help avoid a problem. The stories are not always that dramatic- many people have told about help from the other side from their beloved ones. Look up at the sky and find a big fluffy cloud- Justice and Tucker will be watching you from that cloud- running and playing like the young dogs that you first met. One day at a time Cindy- one day you and Justice and Tucker will live in the fourth day where memories bring only smiles and joy and you remember what a wonderful life you gave your babies Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  3. missing my boy terribly, but I guess u all know that. It is actually 60 degrees here. Tmw they forecast snow. Really??? Thanks friends!
  4. Last week
  5. It was nice visiting with Niki, but also kind of hard becuz Mandy and Lucky were getting attention, and it just was so obvious that Justie wasn't there too. Thanks everyone.
  6. It's so sad just having 2 puppers in the house. I am popper-sitting Mandy and Lucky and it's so hard not having Justice too. Tmw the boyz general vet, and one of my best friends, Niki, is coming up to visit from Columbus. It will be good to see her, but also emotional becuz Justie will be on both of our minds. Thanks so much friends!
  7. Hi, Kathy, Every day I still find myself thinking I need to be doing something for Justie. It's such a weird feeling becuz I can be in tears one minute grieving for Justice and then suddenly think there is something I need to be doing for Justie. I miss his presence and his snuggles and kisses. I do hope someday the boyz send me a pupper who needs me, becuz I sure need a pupper. I do hope it's sooner rather then later though! We are warming up even more this weekend! It's only going down to 30 tonight, and then tmw and Sunday the high will be 41 and Monday 51!! At least a few warmer days. love and hugs to u and the kitties!!! Thanks everyone.
  8. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi Cindy and Angels Just letting you know we are thinking of you and hoping you are doing ok. It is very difficult finding the new normal after a loss- even more so when you have so much care giving to do. You find yourself going to get things ready and then remember - and wish you still had all those chores to do. Justice and Tucker may you send you a new furry one to love- mine sent me four kittens on his Bridge day - Another kitty send his Mommy several new kitties to take care of. You will know when it happens- they will send you a sign Good to hear you are warming up. 30 is weather alert day down here in Florida- we are pretty spoiled. Lots of love from Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  9. We took the first Christmas tree down and it was hard becuz i remember so well how when we put it up- it was the first time I saw confusion in Justie's eyes. He had dementia signs for 16 months before I lost him, but that day is the first time he seemed confused and worried. Once I held him he was back to being a little boy who had dementia but took it in stride. The second tree comes down next week. That will be so very hard becuz his ornaments are on it as well as his stocking is still hung. Tmw will actually be 30 degrees!! Thanks friends!!
  10. it doesn't look like ur snow-time will be over yet. Have fun playing.
  11. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi Cindy I just noticed that Isley posted - not sure if you saw it- More soon Kathy
  12. LOL. Yes Justie is good at sending signs-mommy just wasn't putting them all together until I read ur post from yesterday. I would love to read abt other angels and their sending signs to their families. Lucky doesn't really seem to miss Justie, but I think it may be becuz he was with Justie when he went to The Bridge. Mandy seems depressed since Justie has been gone. She does sometimes lay where Justie would and seems to look for him. I hope he sends her some signs he hasn't really left her. You mentioned u talk to ur special angels...I do that too. Right now it's more when I am in tears, but really any time. Since losing Tuck I look out the window every night and tell him Goodnight. Sadly, now I say it to both boyz. Thanks so much Kathy. Thanks everyone!
  13. Isley Tatum - Pit with Addisons

    Hi Isley Good to see you are feeling better. Snow is always fun for dogs - Happy New Year ! Keep in touch Kathy
  14. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi Cindy Who knew dogs wanted to be super heroes ? Justie is really good at sending signs ! He is probably giving lessons at the Rainbow Bridge right now ! I am going to look through my unpacked (three months now) hurricane papers and find the posts from kitty group and Angel On My Shoulders that might help you a bit. One is about Ghost Kitty- who was known as Simon in his earth life who knows lives with his family - the bird and the other cats can see Ghost Kitty clearly - Ghost Kitty makes sure his family knows he is there- he moves things around -even opens the doors as he did before. Hope your weather improves soon- we are due for Florida cold for a few days (40) and no snow. Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  15. tough day. Hi Kathy, it helps hearing others experiences-thanks so much. Before reading ur post I tore a page from my 365 day calendar and there is a picture of a small dog with a superman costume including a cape. After reading ur post I thought DUH! that is a sign from Justice. Justie's integrative medicine doctor who also was his acupuncturist truly fell in love with Justie. 2 Christmas' ago she gave him a PetSmart gift card- so I took him shopping. He passed by toys and treats to go to one thing-a bed that had Superman colors (the red and blue) with the "S" emblem. It was on a bottom shelf and he put his paw in it and tried to pull it towards him. Well needless to say I used the gift card on the bed. Every week I took the bed and Justie for acupuncture. Not only was he known as the Energizer Bunny, but everyone at MedVet called him 'Superman". The day we got home after losing Justiie I turned on the TV and the movie "Superman' was on. I didn't think I could cry any harder, but I did. A few days ago after dinner Nancy and Carol were playing with Lucky and kept saying he was 'superman'-they didn't know the strong attachment to Superman and Justie- and they never called Lucky that before. I haven't been able to take the superman bed out of the back seat of my car and I placed a jacket over it. When I went to get in the car today the jacket wasn't covering the bed anymore. And now the calendar with the dog in the Superman costume...sounds like signs I have been too grief stricken to notice... Thanks Kathy for ur help and the hugs and kitties kisses!
  16. Isley Tatum - Pit with Addisons

    Hi imomers, I'm doing fine have a skin rash and need your help with the meds. Daddy and I along with grandma, daddy' mom, went to the vet last thursday daddy was so weak and needed some grandma, 82 came with, I love her so much anyway the vet said I have a skin rash due to allergies and also my percortion so they gave me antibiotics and medicated shampoo I feel great AGAIN, wish daddy was more stronger and had energy like I still do, can you help him with a kidney? I know you can' but I love him and had to ask So how is everyone doing great I pray. As you know we had a big snow storm here and I had some snow time eating fresh snow is one of my joys. I will stay close to daddy as I do and you stay close to yours Okay? Talk again soon . Isley The Prince of Union square wishing you greatness
  17. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Hi Cindy and Angels Justice and Tucker When you look at the beds, see Justie jumping in and out to find just the right one. I actually put pictures of my Angel Kitty on his favorite spot on his kitty tree and on the bed (after it is made) where he liked to sleep during the day. They are still there and I see him every time I look at them. I talk to my special Angels, especially when I miss them. I know you are going through difficult days right now- I remember looking at baby food and crying in the grocery store- or seeing his favorite foods and going to buy them for him---I am sure others have similar experiences Did Justice send you a sign yet- one of the kittys sends her companion water fowl ! Another one gets three feathers all lined up= We all get different signs from our loved ones Thinking of you and sending you hugs and kitty kisses Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties K
  18. Earlier
  19. Snow has been falling like crazy today. Tears have been falling like crazy today too. Monday's are hard becuz Justie and I always went down to MedVet together. I tried to stay busy today by cleaning my room, but that brought the heartache that I didn't have to move any of Justie's beds on the floor (he had 3-he was like Goldilocks becuz he would go into each bed, and maybe that day it wasn't the one he wanted, so he would climb in another bed. Every time I would think abt taking a bed out he would suddenly lay in that bed more often-my silly boy). Thanks friends.
  20. Back to more snow again tmw. I guess many of us are in the deep freeze again too. I miss snuggling with Justie when he got cold... Thanks so much friends.
  21. I never have been given an ink foot print or clay paw print with any of my puppers. I wish all vet practices would offer to make them. As hard as it was to receive, it is also very special. Thanks Jo for ur thoughts and prayers. hugs
  22. Thanks so much Judy. Before I read ur post, but saw ur name, I immediately thought of Duncan. I know he took a lot of care for a long time. Just dealing with the feeding tube would be so time consuming. But, yes, we would do it all again to have our boys back in our arms. This is the first time since I became an adult that I don't have a dog. When I lost my mini, Higgins, I didn't have a dog- but Tuck was coming in 2 weeks (when he would finally be 8 weeks old), so I knew I would have a puppy soon. I just need someone to need me and I need them. What I really want is my Justie, but of course that can't happen. Gosh I have been so blessed with my boyz. People might wonder how I could be blessed having such special needs puppers since they were young. But their sweetness. personality, courage and silliness taught me abt life in so many ways. I was so lucky... Your words do comfort me. Thank u. hugs.
  23. Hello all. My 18-year-old daughter, Callie, is attending college to become a Veterinarian. Her father passed away in June, 2017 (after 20 years of marriage), at which time she began her animal rescue/rehome. We have consulted with legal avenues, to find we have to pay $1000 to file the paperwork to become a non-profit organization. Please help by donating what you can to the Go Fund Me (https://www.gofundme.com/CalliesCritters) for Callie's Critters. Visit and "LIKE" the page on facebook as well: http://www.facebook.com/calliescritters
  24. ....been thinking so much of you Cindy. My heart is still breaking and crying for you. I know how you seeing the foot print MedVet sent to you. Doc had a print made from Max's tiny foot..I keep it on my dresser and still have a hard time believing he was so tiny and has been gone so long. Please know that even though I don't post often, you are always in my heart. Peace, Love & Blessings Jo, Gidge, Angels Mike & Max
  25. Cindy, I know the feeling. When Duncan was gone, I felt so lost for what to do. He (and my diabetic dog years ago) consumed so much of my time, and my schedule revolved around their meds and Duncan's tube feedings, and when they were gone it seemed I had so much time on my hands (that I didn't want to have). And I still have 3 dogs and a cat to comfort me. Know that I read this forum every day, and think of you and your boys every day. Praying for comfort and peace for you. Judy G
  26. Thanks Kathy, I need all the angels i can get right now. Just can't seem to find my way through this. I know my boyz are watching over me, but my heart just aches that I can't hold and snuggle with them. Justie, being special needs (like Tuck), took so much care that I constantly feel I am supposed to be doing something, and then it breaks my heart remembering. Kathy thanks so much for ur love and kind words. Thanks everyone. Our ice storm has begun so we may lose power
  27. Tucker and Justice Van Allen - part 8

    Sending you lots of love to help you through these difficult days. You are surrounded by love and Angels Kathy and the Magical Beach Kitties
  28. I'm new here and don't know how to reply to others. In looking for financial assistance for my dog, Daisy, I've acquired several good sources. If anyone wants me to send them to them, please let me know. Maybe it will help someone.
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